The Candle Ch. 02

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Lisa lay on her side in the middle of the bed. Blankets pushed down to the foot of the bed and her toes tucked under them. The sheets were in a tangle and had the appearance of the sea after a storm. Her dark eyes closed and her hand resting on her hip while her other hand lay upturned with fingers curled near her cheek. Jeff entered the bedroom first from the bathroom door and Katie followed quietly. The sight of Lisa made them think she was fast asleep so they made their way past the bed and to the doorway.

‘Let her sleep, you wore her out I think Kate.’ He said softly.

‘Lets go into the livingroom for a bit.’

Katie looked once at Lisa and felt her heart throbbing all of a sudden. Jeff’s words still ringing loudly in her ear.

‘Do you want us to make love to you tonight’ repeated over and over in her mind. She had no answer to that. What do you say to your own brother when he says something like that? Lisa stirred but slept still. Katie touched Jeff’s shoulder and prodded him out the bedroom door and into the hallway. Downstairs they sat on the sofa together. Each wrapped in a bath towel and saying nothing in the darkness.

‘Katie, you okay?’ he finally asked and reached one hand to place it onto of hers. His fingers clasped around her hand and held it firmly and reassuringly. She looked over at his face and saw the smile growing there.

‘What!’ she said. ‘Why are you smiling at me like that?’

He squeezed her small hand and turned it in his to hold it better. Her fingers wrapping upwards and over his. She felt that crazy sensation again. The one that overwhelmed her earlier and made her actually touch and kiss her own brother’s cock.

‘Katie, you still haven’t answered my question.’ He smiled.

Katie had hoped he had forgotten he ever said anything.

‘I know…I, well I don’t know how to answer that honestly Jeff sweetie. It might be really weird for both of us and I am afraid about what could happen afterwards. I love you so much but….’ She sighed and felt her body heat up and tremble all at once.

Jeff pulled himself closer to her and put an arm around his sister’s shoulders. Still clasping her by the hand he kissed her forehead gently and held his lips to her skin for a long moment. Katie let out an audible sigh.

‘I love you to Sis, why don’t you tell me alittle about your fantasy.’ He asked and stroked her hair slowly and enjoyed the feel of her thick waves under his palm. She settled into his body and nothing felt better to her than having her hair caressed. He knew this and knew that she would relax soon enough if he touched her this way.

‘Well, um…’ she hesitated.

‘Go on…how bad could it be?’ he laughed and kissed her temple, which made her moan.

‘It’s nothing strange, well not stranger than having sex fantasies about your own brother. I just think about how it would feel to have you inside of me. You have a great cock Jeff! Oh god…did I say that out loud?’ she smiled and felt better having said anything.

‘Thanks.’ He said in a soft laughing way.

‘You would come into my room at night and sneak into my bed and make me touch you until you got hard. I loved that image and then you would make love to me in different ways. That is basically it, really.’ Katie finished with a sigh.

‘That’s not too bad. Was I nice to you or did I do it rough, sort of force myself on you?’

‘No, never. In my dreams you were always soft and your body was warm and gentle against mine. It was a sensual fantasy.’ She said and felt his hand closing once or twice etlik escort tightly around hers. Jeff held her for a long time in the dark without a word. Katie started to feel nervous again. Had she said too much already?

Then she felt her hand lifting of her thigh where it had been resting in his for so long. He moved it to his leg and let it go.

‘Katie, I want you to touch me.’ He said to her and hugged her close.

‘Are you, um are you sure about this Jeff?’ she whispered.

He kissed her head and guided her hand back and forth on his leg and to the hem of the bath towel.

‘Only you and I will have to know. Our little secret. Lisa doesn’t even have to know. Though she is pretty wild and I doubt this would freak her out at all. Touch me.’

Katie felt herself start to shake and tears filling the corner of her eyes. His lips brushed her cheek and he nuzzled softly at her face. His breath warm and inviting on he skin. He felt her body tremble and this aroused him more than he could have imagined. Her fingers twitched on his thigh but didn’t make a move.

‘Stroke me Kate…You have the softest hands I have ever known…let me feel them.’ He mumbled and touched his mouth to her lower lip and kissed it gently. She tasted sweet and wet. He sucked on her lip more and kissed her fully. His hands caressing her face and hair. Katie fell into his kiss and enjoyed the firmness he was using on her now. The kiss aroused her and she felt more and more able to do what she wanted so badly to do now. Her hand moved on its own. Up his inner thigh and touching his full thick and very erect cock under the towel. He sighed at he initial caress to the tip and then the soft stroke down his shaft to the base of her fingertips only. Up and down she touched him. Still being cautious in her touch. The lightness was amazing to him and he told her softly in her ear to just do it like that for a bit more.

‘You feel so good on me Katie, are you alright?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I’m okay, but…’ she said.

‘But what darling?’ he sighed with pleasure at her constant stroking fingers.

‘Can I take off my towel for you?’ she said.

He leaned back and she stood and let the towel drop to her feet and then walked around the coffee table and sat on the carpet there. Jeff stood and followed her lead and stood over her. Her hands raised up under the towel he wore and rubbed his inner legs up and down. Each time getting closer again to his cock. He pulled the towel free and let her see him standing nude before her eyes. His cock so close her face she gasped. She cupped his balls and rubbed one fingertip just in behind them slowly moving up to his anus and down again. Katie looked at her brother’s thick aroused cock and touched the end with her hand. She held his shaft to her cheek and brushed her face back and forth slow a few times and let her hair brush over the long shaft. Jeff moaned to her and she kissed the tip tentatively then again. Jeff lowered his hands that had been hanging at his sides and touched her hair. Pulling her into his cock and holding her so that she had no escape and only one choice. Katie felt alive and scared to death right then. She stroked her finger up him again and again in the way she discovered he enjoyed and kissed and mouthed over the head of his cock. Still afraid to take it completely yet. She felt his soft stroking on the back of her head and the tug as he clasped a handful of her wavy hair in a fit of ecstasy. Katie let out a groan and he relaxed his hold on her hair.

‘No hun, it’s etlik escort bayan all right. I liked that.’ Katie smiled up at him.

‘Nothing better than a little hair pulling during sex, huh.’ She laughed to make him relax again. Jeff smiled and with his other hand drew her hair in between his fingers. Now had two handfuls of her beautiful hair. He gently tugged her head to one side and then the other and she laughed.

‘Okay you, settle down or I will stop!’ she ordered.

‘I have a better idea Kate, let’s share each other. I am curious at how you might taste.’ He said softly down to her. She touched his legs and moved one hand up over his ass.

‘Oh god Jeff, I am so turned on. You can do anything you want okay.’ She sighed and lay on he side on the floor and he dropped to his knees and admires her long body stretching out before him. He placed a hand on he bent knee and ran it softly down her inner thigh and cupped her pussy. Katie squirmed.


His fingers moving slowly in her damp slit and she opened her legs to his caress.

‘Oooowwwwwwwww’ she moaned and lay her hand on her face. He hair fanned out under her head and she shook alittle, as his fingers rubbed deeper, testing her. He kissed her knee and lifted her leg up and kissed the instep of her foot. She giggled as it tickled. He smiled and kissed up her leg and on her shaven area just above her slit. Katie moaning his name quietly reached down to him and felt his hair in her fingers for the first time. He moved and lay beside her so his cock was close to her lips and he licked long and slow over her exposed belly and thighs. She felt tortured and kissed his cock lightly and cried out softly as he became bolder in his kissing to her sex.

‘Oh sweetheart!’ Katie cried out as his lips pressed firmly over her pussy and his tongue licked her to the core and over her hole. She tried to suck on his head but her own tingling pussy distracted her. Then she found his cock and pulled it in her hand and sucked as much of his shaft as she could. She heard Jeff reply in a deep groaning sound and she repeated her motion on him and felt her own sex being explored. Two fingers moving in and out of her now and he was enjoying her taste and the feel of her body near his.

‘Jeff, honey….’ She whimpered.

‘Will you make love to me, I want it so badly I can’t believe its happening. She asked soft and low.

Jeff released her pussy from his pleasuring and sat up on his knees and looked down at her as she lay open and waiting on the carpet beside him.

‘Are you sure Katie darling? This is pretty big. No turning back afterwards.’ He said.

‘I know…’

‘I will go get something.’ He said and started to get up.

‘No,cum inside me Jeff.’ She begged,’ or on me’ she smiled.

He lay with her and kissed her softly on the mouth. His tongue parting her already open lips and dancing with her and against her teeth. She sighed heavily at the instant taste of herself on her brother’s lips. He held her leg over his hip and let the tip of his cock brush and rubs against her sex. Not going into her but giving her a chance to back out if she wanted to.

‘I love you so much Jeff, thankyou for tonight. This has been more than I could have dreamed about. You licking me was so erotic I can’t even begin to tell you!’ she laughed and kissed him. He smiles and returned the kiss and then began to enjoy the taste of her neck. The scent of her hair filling his senses and driving him forward to where he never expected to escort etlik be. Lying in the livingroom floor and about to fuck his baby sister.

He pressed his hips into her and she began to whimper as his cock opened her folds and was into her pussy just alittle.

‘Oh, oh oh….oooowwww jefffffff.’ She panted and held him tightly. Her body trembling as she felt her brother entering her. It was like a dream now. What happened after that first penetration? His hand clasping over her breast and fondling the nipple so sweetly and gently as his cock moved an inch at a time into her sex. She cried out at each of his smallest thrusts in a fit of guilty pleasure. He gave her reassuring strokes to her hair and kissed her cheek as she turned her head to one side and looked at the ceiling.

‘Do you want it to stop Katie love?’ he asked as he held his cock in her for a long minute and touched her body instead of thrusting again.

‘Um, no…. Not really, it was so strange at first but I love how you feel in me.’ She sighed and still looked up. His hand caressed her face and she let him kiss her passionately on the mouth and his cock moved hard in her.

‘Oh Jeff! Mmmmmm’

He repeated his firm motions in and out of her and her cries became louder and more passion filled. Katie felt her prickling eyes tear and she began to cry alittle and he stopped.

‘Oh, fuck me…please…just fuck me love.’ She smiled and kissed him. Her hands wrapping around his neck and shoulders as he moved over her. Their bodies twisted and moving from side to side as he thrust deeper into Katie and she responded to his love making with long low moaning and the occasional erotic cry. He touched her face and cradled her head in his hands as his hips moved faster and she began to buck on the floor beside him. Her body reacting totally now to his thrusting and for a brief moment forgot completely that the man loving her so madly now was her older brother. His movements were slow and even and her body replied in kind. Her hands fell to beside her head and she felt the sudden urge to cum.

‘Oh darling brother, I am so close….! Mmnnnnnnnn. Watch me cum for you sweetie.’ She murmured in a breathless way.

Katie opened her eyes to see his face so close to her own now and his breath deep and hard on her cheek as he thrust into her and took her orgasm to the final ripping edge. Katie shook hard and began to whimper loudly to him and he caressed her body inside and out as she came. His cock holding in her and feeling her internal muscles rippling over his shaft. It was almost too much to bear.

‘Kate I am ready toooooo….mmmnnnnnn’ Jeff groaned and pulled from her leaving a long trail of cum from inside her pussy and the rest landing in clouds on her belly. Katie moaned at this and sat up to let some hit her face as he directed it there.

Seeing his baby sister with a little white creamy streak on her lips and chin was almost too strange for him then. He lifted his body up and over hers and kissed her face and cleaned her with his fingers. She wanted to suck on them and he let one after the other enter her mouth and felt her warm tongue caress and lick him.

Katie felt the warm rush over her face and realized she was blushing.

‘I am so happy right now Jeff. God thankyou so much. Will we be okay after this?’ She asked.

‘Better than okay. You are a lovely woman Katie. Thankyou for letting me be with you. It wasn’t as odd as I thought it would be. Watching you climax, was….’ He stopped talking and felt her lips on his chest and cheeks and mouth. They lay together for some time and Katie was stroking his cock to life once again in hopes that they might share alittle more when Lisa stood at the end of the hallway and saw her boyfriend and his sister naked and in a passionate kiss.

‘Did I miss something?’ she said sleepily.

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