The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 05

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Kristanna was deep in thought, her eyes closed. Everything was quiet in her bedroom, Father Falon was most likely deep in sleep at this point. Three sudden knocks came from the window, breaking her concentration. Startled, Kristanna opened her eyes. The molten glow of her horns and tail was reflected from the furniture, the only light source in the room. A candle-holder, pillow and a wooden box that was casually hovering above her bed fell, bouncing on the mattress. Kristanna scuffed at her interrupted practice. Who could be knocking on her window at this hour?

Standing up, Kristanna looked carefully through the small glass. She was only able to see a silhouette of someone running away from the church. Seemed like a teenager, they carried a skateboard. She looked down at the edge of the window and saw a cell phone had been left there. As she picked it up the phone vibrated. The name on the screen spelled “Mom”. Kristanna recognized that this was Vanessa’s phone, so this had to be Margaret calling, “Hey, Sister Morgan. Sorry for the unusual methods, but we couldn’t approach the church at this hour and you don’t have a cellphone so… Are you up for some “lessons” tonight?”

Kristanna shook her head, this had to be Vanessa’s idea. But however inconvenient these plans were, Kristanna felt hungrier for sex than she had felt in a long time. For the past few days, she had been obsessed with her training, leaving Margaret and Vanessa on their own for a while. Using the telekinetic powers had a cost on her energy. Especially as she was new to them, and like anything new she was wasting energy for sure, still figuring out how to optimize and get the ability to be second nature. The result was that she craved sex for real this time, not only for her sustenance but to replenish what she was burning with her newfound powers.

“Where are you?” the demoness inquired with a whisper.

“Two blocks away from the church, in the market’s parking lot.”

“The parking lot?”

“Hmm… it’s hard to explain… we…” shuffling noises filled the line as the phone seemed to have been yanked out of Margaret’s hands.

“Are you coming or not?” Vanessa cut straight to the point, one of the things Kristanna admired in her.

“Yeah, sure. Give me a few minutes to get ready,” Kristanna whispered back, looking at her room. She organized everything quickly and got dressed. It wasn’t very hard to sneak out of the church at night. Kristanna confirmed Father Falon’s was in his bedroom with her aura version and simply walked out, being as silent as possible.

The market was dark at night, they didn’t have any lights in this area. It was an old building, tracing way back in North Jefferson’s history. The parking lot was paved with old cobblestone, there were several trees to offer shade to the cars during the day. But at night it could get pretty dark. Perfect for kids who wanted to make out, or for businesswomen and their daughters sporting massive cocks and engaging in incestuous relationships.

The front lights of Margaret’s car blinked twice, signaling their location as they saw Kristanna approach. She discreetly walked to the car parked under a tree, barely visible to a regular person. Vanessa walked out, she still had her white latex outfit, dick and balls hanging out. Her torso was no longer swollen with cum, she seemed to have been able to get rid of most of it.

“There you are, my favorite nun! Come to the back with me, we got something in the trunk for you”

Kristanna followed the girl, Margaret waved with a faint smile from inside the car. The nun could smell the cum on their bodies from a mile away, these two had been fucking. After the changes that Kristanna’s cum had caused on their bodies, the mother and daughter just couldn’t get enough of each other. They had gotten extremely messy too, no vanilla sex between these two, just the good stuff.

Vanessa opened the trunk and as the light came on it shined upon a big cardboard box. The blonde girl quickly opened it, revealing several pieces of a black and white latex outfit, “We got this for you, from Sorcha’s. It kinda matches ours in color but it’s your own thing. You can change if you don’t like it, of course. My mom says she will get you anything you want.”

Kristanna took a moment to look at the outfit, it seemed to be big enough to fit her, even if it would take a while to put on, “Why meeting at this shady parking lot? Why aren’t we at your house?” she inquired.

“Coming here was just quicker. Mom wanted to feel more comfortable with herself in public. You know, after you changed us she barely leaves the house anymore. Neighbors are talking, judging her new looks. You know how it is. But I told her that isn’t healthy, she can’t live her entire life in fear of other people’s judgments! So I took her on an adventure! More precisely, a dark alley at the glades. I didn’t want to drive THAT far, but she wouldn’t accept us doing anything downtown so…”

“You had sex with Margareth in public?” etlik escort Kristanna was surprised by the speed and intensity with which those two progressed. Even for Vanessa that was exotic.

“YES! Shock treatment, am I right? After fucking in public what else could she be ashamed of? But it didn’t work so well, no one was there in the end, just some randos walking around. So I thought we should go to a real party, you know? And no party is real if you are not in it, Sister Morgan! So we came to pick you up and bring your new outfit. What do you say?”

Kristanna smiled wickedly, Vanessa always appealed to flattery to persuade, she saw right through it. Kristanna hadn’t been to a party in over a year. The last one was before all this when she was still in high school and living with the Smiths. Even before she went to the Camp of Blessing. “What kind of party would allow us to go in “dressed” like this?”

Vanessa simply smiled wickedly, “Let me worry about it, sister! You will see when we get there. Come on, I’ll help you get dressed! That thing is pretty tight and hard to put on!” As the blonde girl went through the latex pieces in the box with Kristanna she casually mentioned. “By the way, we need to get you a phone asap. How come I couldn’t just text you? It’s the twenty-first century! Everyone has a phone!”

The demoness laughed as she took off her habit and the pantyhose containing her massive cock and balls. Under the dim light provided by the trunk, it took them several minutes and a lot of squeezing to get Kristanna dressed. She wore white latex stockings that wrapped perfectly around her thick muscled thighs. It was a nun-themed outfit but entirely made of latex. Stamped on the front of the white stockings was a black cross, going all the way down from her thigh to her shins. Vanessa found a pair of perfect black ankle boots with bullet high heels to match it. The boots were adorned with small silver beads and also a small cross on the side, imitating a rosary wrapped around her ankle.

The top of the outfit was also white like the stockings. The latex wrapped around her torso like a second skin. It was cut similarly to a swimsuit, but it had a big “boob window” exposing the inner part of Kristanna’s breasts. It reminded Kristanna of Power Girl’s outfit, one of the few superheroes she remembered. However, as it approached her waistline the suit became looser and it did not go under her crotch like a regular swimsuit. Instead, it continued flowing down, both the front and back cascaded loosely, forming a loincloth resembling an Asian-style dress. The loincloth went all the way past Kristanna’s knees. The outfit had a discrete white strapped around Kristanna’s torso, passing right under her breasts and around her ribcage and tied around her back. It kept the latex skin-tight to her abdomen while the bottom was much looser. In the front, there were two straps cleverly placed on the underside of the loincloth. They worked like handles to keep the hanging latex on top of her hanging cock.

The headpiece was made of a more firm, white rubber. It was like a helmet and a neckpiece fused. There was a hole for Kristanna’s face in the front, for her ears on the side, and also for her hair on the top and back. Her neck was completely concealed, like in a nun habit, but her hair could fall back freely. A white band covered the top half of her forehead, like a tiara.

Lastly, she had black latex veil, it could be attached on top and the sides of her helmet, imitating a nun’s veil perfectly as it fell on her back, covering her hair. Vanessa also helped Kristanna wear white long gloves. They were black on the hands and wrists, white above that. Similarly to her white stockings, they had a black cross stamped on them, beginning on the back of Kristanna’s arm and ending close to her biceps on the outer side.

That outfit did not hide Kristanna’s cock or balls in the least, that didn’t even seem to be the point. Her crotch was fully exposed, and as she walked, the loincloth on the back would wave and shake with the movement of her ass and the wind. Her member wiggled freely in front of her with each of her steps, her thighs shifted the huge balls up and down inside her dangling scrotum. The latex casually rested on top of her cock, outlining it perfectly. Even if she had an erection, it would remain covered as the straps under the loincloth wrapped around it.

She looked ravishing in that outfit, a mix of a lewd superhero and latex nun. Vanessa licked her lips as she admired how it complimented Kristanna’s curves and muscles. The white contrasted beautifully with Kristanna’s dark chocolate skin, “You look ready, let’s go!”

They were so focused on the clothes that they didn’t notice a car parked by the corner. Inside the man who had been following them was sweating, his eyes open wide. He had binoculars and was able to see as Kristanna put on her outfit with the help of Vanessa. Marcus was a pragmatic man. A former detective etlik escort bayan who lost his position. Regardless of his difficult personality, he was good at what he did. A man of facts, objectivity, and dedication. Which is why he was so shocked at what he witnessed. Nothing that he had just seen in those minutes observing Kristanna and Vanessa behind the car could be explained. He had nothing to compare it to, no references or words to describe it. He had seen trans people in his job many times, that much he could understand and have no issues whatsoever. But they were… different. Those bodies, the scale of those cocks and balls…This shouldn’t be possible. “What has Vincent put me up to?” he kept thinking as he watched the two “women” get back in the car.

Margaret began driving. Vanessa was giving her mother directions while looking at the GPS on her phone. They must have driven for at least an hour out of town, this was not even North Jefferson anymore. The remote road continued for several minutes until Margaret stopped at what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. There were cars all around it, loud music came from it, muffled by the thick walls.

“We’re here, time to party!” said Vanessa with unconcealed excitement.

Margaret didn’t seem to share her daughter’s feelings, “Wait, we are walking in there like this? Nothing to cover us up?”

And just as she said that a couple walked out of the warehouse. The metal door closed behind them with a heavy slam. They were wearing classic S&M outfits, the man had leather chaps, and a metal cage wrapped around his exposed penis. The woman wore a full catsuit, with holes only for her breasts. She had only an “X” made of black tape covering her nipples and a military-style hat made of black leather as well as very heavy makeup.

“I guess we will blend right in,” Kristanna commented sarcastically as she opened the door. Vanessa followed, and pulled her mother by the leash, forcing her out of the car.

They walked to the door of the warehouse and knocked. A small window at the eye level opened, a pair of eyes surveyed them. Vanessa grabbed her phone and placed the screen in front of the small window. As the lid closed, the door immediately opened. A tall black man gestured for them to come inside. Kristanna walked by him, the man was huge, but she could stare at him eye-to-eye. The man flinched a bit, used to always staring down at everyone, especially women. He looked down and realized that Kristanna wasn’t just a woman. She winked back as he gasped.

At the parking lot another car pulled over, private detective Marcus picked a discrete spot with a view of the front entrance. He figured this place was selective enough not to take uninvited guests. Since he didn’t want to risk exposing himself trying to go in. He opted for waiting them out instead. With a sigh, Marcus grabbed a thermal bottle and a small cup. As he sipped on the warm coffee he whispered to himself, “Guess it’s stakeout time.”


The music was much louder inside the club, there was a fog in the air, some kind of scented smoke. The place was full, but not crowded. Everything indicated the audience here was well selected, a party like this had to have a lot of discretion and privacy, no doubt. Compared to the shabby outside of the warehouse, the inside was extremely luxurious. Albeit, it still maintained somewhat of a rough, industrial vibe to it. Metal catwalks crossed over their heads. Cages hanged from them with dancers inside dressed in submissive and very exposing outfits, some of them restrained by cuffs, ropes, gags, and other devices. The lighting was scarce, mostly indirect, with the occasional lasers and other stage lights moving according to the music as in many night clubs. They saw a lot of people wearing more than revealing outfits, some were just completely naked, wearing only fishnets and other fetish accessories that didn’t cover up much, if at all.

A few feet away from the entrance a pale brunette stood on a single person stage. She wore a revealing leather outfit and was juggling flaming sticks in some kind of ritualistic dance while a small group watched. Inside one of the hanging cages was a petite woman, completely tied up, gagged and blindfolded. She squirmed helplessly while people underneath laughed and poked at her crotch with long sticks that had cock-shaped vibrators attached to their ends. Others sat by the darker corners on comfortable couches, drinking or having sex without any shame. No one around seemed to be phased by them either, it was a common occurrence.

Vanessa walked through the crowd, followed by Margaret and Kristanna. Several gazes immediately turned to them. Mainly towards Kristanna. The black, amazon nun was visibly taller and bigger than the other two, in every aspect. People stared shamelessly as they walked, all three of them were exceptional in their proportions, unlike anyone else in this place. Margaret was the least escort etlik comfortable, trying (and failing) to cover her gigantic tits with her arms.

Vanessa was loving the attention, taking the lead and pulling her mother by the leash. Kristanna walked behind her as if she was their security guard. Most people were just mesmerized by the size of her cum-tanks as they shifted between her muscled thighs with each step she took. A lot of faces showed disbelief, some laughed it off, “This has to be fake, some kind of prop” they whispered.

Despite the exposure and the occasional laugh or “holy fuck” comment she overheard, Kristanna felt at home. They weren’t shaming her, these people were merely surprised, a fair reaction. Walking without having to conceal herself was freeing, to put it mildly. If felt as if this was the way it should have always been. This moment highlighted how deeply Kristanna felt about the fact that she had to hide under the habit and pantyhose all the time. And the reason was… well, it was everyone else. It certainly wasn’t anything Kristanna had done, she was who she was. But “Normal” people couldn’t handle her body.

Since puberty, Kristanna had lived a life of concealment and constant anxiety over her secret being found out. So much so that she just pushed that feeling to the back of her had, normalized it. As a young lady, she couldn’t have known any better. But in this very moment at the club, even if in a limited space, she felt free of that burden. A weight lifted from her shoulders no doubt.

They got to the start of a metal staircase that went up to some sort of VIP area. Two strong big female guards were stopping people from accessing it. As they saw Vanessa, Margaret and Kristanna approach they stepped aside with a nod. But as soon as Vanessa passed they blocked the path again for Margaret and Kristanna, who frowned at the situation then looked at the blonde girl for an explanation.

Vanessa turned to them with a face that said “oops” before she began explaining, “Ahh… I didn’t expect this. I have to go talk to the club owner, she is very reserved. I’ll be quick, you girls can find a spot to hang out here on the ground floor. Go dance! Enjoy the party!” and without further explanation or giving time for anyone to respond, Vanessa handed the other end of Margaret’s leash to Kristanna and rushed up the stairs. Kristanna briefly looked at the security guards, who seemed to have trouble keeping their eyes up. She didn’t like how Vanessa handles this, but she played along. Looking around Kristanna saw a darker corner under the platform opposite the stairs. There were small sofas on the wall that seemed comfortable.

Kristanna pulled Margaret with her and sat down, adjusting her balls and cock to hang from the edge comfortably. Margaret sat next to her, doing the same but much less confidently. Kristanna surveyed the area, just taking in the surroundings. Meanwhile, Margaret had a look of anxiety on her face, the attention they draw wasn’t exactly good for her. Her rising panic was interrupted as she heard Kristanna’s voice.

“You ok with Vanessa being the dominant one in your relationship? I don’t know, doesn’t seem like it fits you”, the demoness was direct and incisive as always. No small talk, no sugar coating.

“Well… it kinda just happened. But to be fair it’s more of a sexual thing only. In daily life she respects me as her mother, I think… She is just excited about all that happened, the changes you put us through and all. It’s a phase,” Margaret didn’t seem to believe her own statements. Vanessa was getting more and more comfortable with her dominant role and things had escalated quickly in the last few days, even outside of sex.

“Right… I remember back when we first met, Margaret. I began to help you because you wanted to learn about sex so you could maybe build up the confidence to approach a neighbor you liked. But now it seems everything has spiraled way beyond that, do you feel it’s getting out of your control?” the demoness looked around, all of those fetish clothing, the cages, the presentation at the small stage. She turned her gaze upon the balcony to see Vanessa greeting a shorter woman, she seemed Asian from a distance, but it was hard to see even for Kristanna. They sat down and out of the demoness’ sight, Kristanna looked back at Margaret, “This place, don’t let it fool you, Margareth. This is like anywhere else out there. There are people, they look at you, they judge. If you can’t be confident here, you will never be confident at home, outside, or with your neighbor.”

“I suppose you’re right. God, it seems like ages ago when we first met… That night at the bathtub. I almost lost sight of it all. You didn’t even want this to happen, I remember I had to drag you into this against you will…”

Kristanna let out a chuckle before she answered, “Nah, that’s not fair. It was my choice all the time, I decided to help you, I don’t deny my responsibility. I wanted to give you what you wanted so you would maybe see it wasn’t all that. But at this point, I think any hopes I had to show you that this path is not righteous are gone. Instead of me bringing you back, you brought me here. And after all that we’ve been through, judging one another would be pointless.”

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