The Buddy Session

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Bree thought it was a simple, but brilliant plan. So much so she now wished it was her idea. The appeal was it was up to her- the effort and reward, the time it took- it could all happen to suit her.

It had started after the Christmas holidays. Bree had bumped into Charlie while shopping for groceries, and noticed how lean and fit he was looking. For her part, she felt overweight, the legacy of two weeks with her boyfriend rained in at a beach resort, with too much good food and drink on hand.

A week later she rang Charlie at work and asked did he have some time for his buddy. It was part of the special friendship they had. Either one could call on the other for a buddy session, confident that anything said or done went no further. They were the rules, and over time the freedom to confide in each other had helped so much neither was about to break them.

Bree was unsure why it worked so well. At 45, Charlie was more than twice her age, yet they could communicate and flirt and solve each other’s problems with unthreatening ease. The idea of a relationship between them never came up. She sometimes wondered why. Perhaps it was because they were not prepared to risk what they had going. In any event she was very comfortable with her boyfriend, and Charlie loved his solitude.

They agreed to meet at Bree’s after work. When Charlie arrived Bree was finishing up in her vegetable garden. They went into her lounge, and she fixed him an orange juice with ice, before dashing into the shower to clean up. When she came out, still drying her hair, Bree was wearing an oversized T-shirt and cargo shorts. Charlie looked up. Bree could look good in anything, he thought to himself. She was tall, perhaps five eleven, and what he called willowly for want of a better word. Definitely not supermodel thin- though she had the face for the job. From previous sessions, he was well past thinking what could possibly be going wrong in her life.

After some idle chat, Bree got around to telling him she was feeling fat, and wanted to lose some weight this year. But she had said the same thing to herself last year, and the year before, and wanted to know how he was able to keep so thin. Charlie protested she didn’t look at all overweight. “You haven’t seen what’s under these baggy clothes” Bree replied.

Charlie thought a moment. ” Why not try this- set yourself a clear goal, and plan to reward yourself when you reach it.”

“I do that each year”, said Bree. “I just can’t stick to it.”

“Well I know of something that might work” said Charlie. “Why not go shopping at the sales for a sexy dress you wouldn’t ordinarily buy. Get it a size or two too small- so that if you keep to your plan, you get to wear it out. And you get to decide when and where.”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure Adam would be too keen on the idea.”

“Don’t be so sure” Charlie replied. “Get him involved in the plan. You might be pleasantly surprised.”

“He’s not that keen on other men looking at me. And I’m not much for giving them an eyeful.”

“But you don’t have to” Charlie argued. “It could be a long dress, perhaps backless, and you could wear nothing underneath. Now if only Adam and you knew, he’d be climbing the walls to get you home.” Bree was pensive for a moment. “I’ll have to think about it. For now your job is to tell me what exercises to do.”

“OK” Charlie answered. Take a STAB test.”


“S-T-A-B. A Stab test.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Charlie?”

“Next time you’ve got your gear off in front of the mirror, check them out. Shoulders, Tummy, Arse, Boobs.” See what needs some work on it. And let me know. Then we can target some exercises to get you into that dress.”

“Its that simple?” wondered Bree.

“Not quite. You will also have to get some basics right- diet and general fitness. illegal bahis But if the fat is sitting somewhere, and there’s some toning to be done, we can sort it out.”

“Mmmm- sounds promising.”

“Oh. And there’s one more thing. You tell me what you decide. So if you bale out, you’re not just letting yourself down.”

“I knew it was too good to be true” Bree laughed, playfully flicking Charlie with the towel. “So when do we get started on the exercises. And I’m promising nothing about the dress yet.”

“Just as soon as you tell me how the STAB test went.”

Bree rose to gather the glasses they had been drinking from. “This is a buddy session, isn’t it,” she called from the kitchen.

“Sure is” Charlie said. ” It’s our secret plan. At least until you tell your boyfriend.”

“So let’s get started now.”

Charlie looked up in time to see Bree strolling towards her bedroom, tossing the T shirt behind her as she went.

Later, the sound of Bree summonsing caused Charlie to stir.

“What do you think?”

“Think about what?” he replied.

“Come and see for yourself.”

Charlie rose and entered her bedroom. Bree was standing in front of a full length mirror, wearing a brief two-piece swim suit he hadn’t seen before.

“Hmmm. Let’s see” he said, doing his best to sound unaffected by the view he was getting. “Shoulders- need to be broader. Bit hunched, don’t you think?”

“That’s OK for you” she retorted. “Look what they have to support.”

He dropped his eyes to see her put her hands under her bikini clad breasts, and lift them. They were larger than expected, much larger, and sporting quite a tan.

“Looks like it didn’t rain all the time you were at the beach” he joked.

Bree laughed. “Don’t go changing the subject.” You wanted to know where the extra weight goes, and now I’m telling you.”

“That’s no real problem, as long as they can look after themselves. We wouldn’t want you tripping over them.”

“No chance of that yet.” She reached behind her back, and unclasped the top of her bikini. As it fell, she shifted her hands to the front, placing them strategically over her nipples. “Now they are on their own. Still holding up OK, don’t you think?”

“Far as I can tell” Charlie said, stumbling a little on his words.

“What about now” she said, dropping her hands and posing for the mirror. Standing behind her, Charlie shared the view of her reflection in the mirror. “Magnificent” he uttered.

“That would be a technical term for not much work needed, Charlie?” she teased.

Refusing to let her see his discomfort, Charlie turned his attention to her tummy, which was devoid of muscle tone. It hung a little over her brief bikini, if anything highlighting the hint of soft dark down that ran down from her navel.

“What’s that you’re keeping there, he asked quickly? “Is there something you haven’t told me?”

“That’s why you are here, arsehole” she joked. “The question is how can I sort it?”

“In time” he said. “Now where are we up to? S,T,B… arse. Turn to your side so we can get a look.”

Bree turned to her side, and then to her back, striking exaggerated poses as a model would. What he could see of her butt was round, and sagged a little. With her narrow hips, it was in danger of becoming a ‘bubble bum’.

“What did you call me?”

She seemed irritated, and Charlie realised he must have uttered the words aloud.

“Bubble bum.” Not the thing to be packing if you want to wear anything briefer.”

“You reckon I wouldn’t get away with this, Mr Perfect?”

She slipped her fingers inside the back of her bikini, and drew them slowly together until the fabric was wedged between her cheeks.

“Now show me what you’ve got.”

“Easy Bree. We’re buddies, remember. No fighting. And that wasn’t part of the plan.”

“But illegal bahis siteleri I wanna see. Show me!”

“Look, I’ll take off my shirt, so we’re even, and then show you the stomach and butt exercises to get you started.”

“But we would still not be even until you are down to your jocks.”

“I mightn’t be wearing any.”

“Guess I’ll have to take that chance” she laughed.

“Put a couple of towels on the floor, while I get ready” Charlie said. He turned his back, and faced the wall as he undid his shirt.

Bree watched. For his age he was in good shape- thin but muscular. With every movement some new muscle tone became apparent. ” God- if I get half like that I’ll be just fine” she said under her breath.

“On the floor, on your back. And you can put your top back on if you like.”

Charlie’s command interrupted her thoughts.

“Bit late for modesty” she countered, stretching out on the large beach towel.

She looked up to see him standing over her, still in his jeans.

“Forgetting something, buddy, aren’t you?”

Bree watched Charlie bend down and remove his shoes and socks. Then he loosened his belt, before easing his jeans over his hips. She watched unashamedly as his naked body was revealed. His toned chest tapered dramatically to a wash-board stomach. Looking lower, she noticed his cock had stirred- less than half mast- but interested and interesting nonetheless. So that explains his reluctance, she thought.

For the next few minutes Charlie showed her a set of exercises to work on for her upper body. When it came to leg lifts, he lay on the floor beside her and had her copy what he was doing. She lifted her legs to about six inches off the floor and tried to hold them there. Almost instantly the pain in her stomach and back was too much and she dropped her legs to the floor.

“That’s too hard,” she protested.

Charlie tried to encourage her. ” Don’t worry, it is at first. Do as much as you can, and repeat it as soon as you recover. You’ll find you can do it longer as you get fitter.”

Bree tried again, and if anything lasted even less.

“You’ve got to be kidding. Can’t you think of something else?”

“Hop up and watch me.”

Bree squatted beside him as Charlie re-positioned himself on the second towel. He lifted his legs off the floor and held them there with ease. “This is working all the lower abdominal muscles” he said. Bree could see the muscle definition in this thighs and groin, his stomach so flat the pubic area was pronounced.

“You can’t have got like that just from these exercises. I don’t even have muscles in those places.”

“Sure you do” he replied. “Here, feel around as I lift my legs, and you will see what I mean.”

Bree placed her hand on his stomach. He lifted his legs, and she felt the muscles tighten. As he continued the exercises, she moved her hand down his groin to his thighs and back, then up his stomach before moving it down the other side. As she did, it brushed the head of his cock, and left a trail of sticky moisture on his thigh.

“You really do enjoy your exercises” she joked. “Can I try it again.”

Charlie felt relieved at the suggestion.

Bree rose and as she stood beside him, stepped out of her bikini bottoms, before laying down.

“Here, would you hold my legs up when I get tired?” she asked.

Charlie crawled over and sat at her feet. Her legs were fully stretched, and clasped tightly together. He looked along her body. Her dark bush was trimmed at the sides to suit the bikini, but wasn’t cut short, or waxed like lots of the younger ones do. Her heavy breasts had separated, and lay towards her sides.

“Enjoying the view?” she teased.

“I’m here to make it a whole lot better,” he replied with growing confidence.

Bree lifted her legs, and with her canlı bahis siteleri right hand, tried to trace her own abdominal muscle patterns.

Sensing her legs about to drop, Charlie caught them, and held them up in one hand, before placing his other on her stomach. He moved his hand about firmly, stopping occasionally. “Here, here, and here. Keep checking these muscles. This is where you will notice a difference.”

Charlie allowed her legs to drop to the floor.

“It time I’d better be going” he said.

“You’re always in a rush. Lets just lay here a bit,” Bree suggested, patting the towel beside hers.

Obligingly, Chas stretched his naked body alongside hers.

Bree turned and laid her head on his lap, her body coiled in a fetal position and facing away, at right angles to his. Then she reached out, her fingers idling through his pubic hairs. “You can hold me if you like” she offered lazily. Charlie reached out and wrapped an arm over her. With her other hand she took his, placing it decisively on her breast. “Perfect” she whispered.

After what seemed like an hour, Charlie’s voice broke the silence. By now her hand had moved to his cock, and she was stroking it slowly, almost absentmindedly.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

“I was thinking- I don’t want you putting me on a pedestal.”

“It took you this long to think of that?”

“I’m being serious, Charlie. It’s too much to live up to. And I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Listen buddy” he said. “I’m not here to make judgments. These sessions are for us, and the only thing that matters is that we respect them. Which means we are going to get into more trouble keeping things from each other than if we are totally honest.”

“I know that, Charlie. Hell, I’m laying here butt naked with you. And I’m staring at a hard cock. I trust you. You’re the kind of guy who understands no means no?”

“Don’t be so sure, kid” he replied. “I’m a man of mystery.”

“I’m not that bad a judge” Bree replied, increasing the pressure and pace of her hand. “Though I’ve got to say you have been keeping this beauty a bit of a secret.”

“Easy Bree. Those things go off you know. And this one’s been loaded for a long time.”

“I want to, Charlie.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to make you come. Here. Now.”

As if to reinforce the point, Bree moved her hand under his balls, cupping them, pushing everything towards her. Then she resumed her stroking, moving and twisting her hand up and down the full length of his cock, running it over the head to gather the pre-cum as a lubricant.

Charlie moved his hand to her arse, and she shifted her legs, gasping as his hand came into contact with her soaken pussy.

“Told you I was a happy girl” she murmured, as his cock erupted in her hand, shooting its first load across her face and hair. With her eyes and mouth closed, and her head resting in his lap, Bree remained still as load after load from the cock in her hand burnt into her face.

“God, that was awesome!” gasped Charlie, struggling to recover from the best orgasm of his life.

“It’s alright for you” came the reply. “I’m drowning down here.”

Bree turned onto her back, and scooped the cum from her eyes and face, before drawing her fingers into her mouth.

“I think I’ll be needing a shower,” she said, getting to her feet.

“Can I just rest here?” asked Charlie.

“No way” she replied, leaning over to plant a wet kiss on his forehead. “Adam will be home soon. Session’s over.”

“Are you OK with this?” Charlie enquired as he rose and started to dress.

“Sure” she replied, still naked. “After all, what happens in our sessions is our secret.”

“You’d best get moving then. I guess he’ll be wanting his dinner when he gets home.”

“Probably- but he’s going to have to wait.”

“Why?” questioned Charlie.

“I’m going to fuck his brains out first” Bree said naughtily.

As he left her place, Charlie tried to dismiss the pang of jealousy he felt at her words.

To Be Continued…if Bree decides to go with the plan

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