The Brat Ch. 02

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Thanks for all your messages of support, especially to my lady ‘advisor’. You know who you are. Couldn’t have done it without you!


Looking down upon his step daughter, Bob felt a wave of enormous satisfaction. He saw how eager she was to please him & how much she wanted to learn. She had gained a confident fire in her eyes now that she realised her potential in leather, boots and more importantly, the power of servitude.

‘Come Lily. I need a drink’ he said, pulling his trousers & shirt back on. ‘And you need to clean yourself up!’ he continued, laughing.

‘Yes daddy.’ She replied.

He walked over to his bed and rummaged through the box that laid upon it. The box that contained all of his wife’s fetish clothes and toys. Reaching hold of a few objects, he passed them onto his waiting step daughter.

‘Here – wear these.’ He said handing her a long loose fitting leather skirt that came to just below the knee, and a tight white crop t-shirt that barely covered her developing breasts. ‘And you can keep your mothers underwear on along with her boots.’ He finished, referring to the black lacy stockings and suspenders she had acquired from her mothers collection.

He reached back into the box and pulled out a small black cone shaped object. Walking back over to her, watching how she was dressing herself and the leather skirt that she wriggled into draped itself around her shapely legs in a frilly fashion.

‘Bend over and lift up your skirt.’ He said.

‘Yes daddy.’ She replied, complying instantly.

Admiring her arse, he squeezed something from a tube across the middle of her cheeks and started to massage it in. Rubbing his finger back and forth slowly, edging closer to her arsehole he heard her groan softly.

‘You like that do you?’ he asked.

‘Yes Daddy.’ She replied, wallowing in the sensations emanating from her post orgasm come down.

He worked his finger around the rim of her hole, slowly and gently scooping some of the lube inside her.

As she groaned louder, he took a hold of the black butt plug and slowly worked it around the outside of her hole. Hearing her groans turn into squeals, he felt her shift as she reached out and grabbed a bed post.

‘This is only the beginning…’ he whispered, causing her to arch her back in anticipation.

‘Oh daddy!’ she groaned and the black plug was worked into her now pulsating arse hole.

‘Oh daddy, yes daddy! Yes!’ she cried as he inserted it further, deeper. Twisting the now lubricated rim causing the friction to sensate & pulse throughout her.

He pushed it up to the hilt with a pop and stood back to admire his handy work. As he gazed, he saw the flat end snugly protruding from her now widened bottom.

‘Now, you are to keep that in. Let it work on you for a while.’ He said, admiring the way her eyes were still rolling from the new found sensations of an anal intrusion.

He passed her a pair of her mothers lacy black panties and told her to put them on. Pulling them up over her boots, they glided up snugly into place covering her pussy and the butt plug. She then readjusted her skirt and stood subserviently.

‘Now, you are to keep that in do you understand?’ he questioned.

‘Yes daddy!’ she replied enthusiastically, wriggling every now and again at the slightest cause of movement or friction.

He led her out of the bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen.

‘I think I would like a nice scotch please Lily’ he asked.

‘Yes daddy.’ She said, and walked towards the cupboard where the glasses were.

As she walked she felt her arse cheeks squeezing the plug in and out, giving herself a fingering motion in the hole. The more she tried to slow it down, the harder her hole naturally clamped against it and aggravated her sensations.

It was no good, she walked as slow as she could but every little movement – especially as she was wearing her mothers chunky four inch heels which naturally gave her bottom a wiggle on their own.

She reached the cupboard and took out a glass. Walking back over to the unit, she received the same sensations. As she tip toed up to reach the bottle, she felt the plug almost slide out of her, causing her hole to expand. She let out a little shriek, knowing full well that if it fell out she would be punished.

Pouring a reasonable measure into the glass, she handed it to Bob who, knowing exactly what was happening, smiled.

‘Everything ok Lily?’ he asked mockingly.

‘Er, yes Daddy. It’s just… Just takes some getting used to.’ She answered.

‘Yes, it will. But it will be worth it…’ he finished.

Knocking back his drink, he walked out of the kitchen and stood in the doorway to the living room. He turned and beckoned her to come towards him.

She walked to him and he reached out, putting his hands on her shoulders, eased her onto her knees. He took hold of her lead and led her into the living room.

As she crawled into the centre of the room, Bob quietly & slowly circled her. Watching every little squirm etlik escort she made. He then sat on the sofa, leant back and crossed his legs. Still watching her every move in case she flinched or grimaced.

Lily watched as his eyes burnt into hers. The sensation to relax the pressure on her arse was now building up intensely. She wanted to expel the plug, and then draw it back in to give herself another shot of pleasure. But she knew, he was watching.

She wanted it. He wanted her to have it, but only on his terms. And she knew it.

‘So what are we going to do about this situation? You know your mother is going to telephone tonight to see how things are.’ He said.

‘Erm, I don’t know Daddy.’ She answered, suddenly remembering her mother.

Jane was visiting her own sick mother and had no idea what had transpired over the last 24 hours. Lily knew her mother would be ashamed of her behaviour. She wondered if she ever really understood her mother. On the outside, Jane was pretty average. Still attractive for her age and still lean and slim. Clearly, Lily had no idea about her mothers dress sense, toys or ‘special’ wardrobe. The most outrageous thing she had ever seen her mother wear was to a fancy dress party some years ago, and that was a catwoman outfit with five inch stiletto heeled shoes. Certainly not every day wear.

Or was it?

Looking back on all her thoughts, Lily now added certain things up. She remembered her mother being quite submissive to Bob, or at least that’s how it all seemed now. She never argued with him, pretty much always did as she was told and certainly made every effort to please him.

He did have that way about him.

‘Here’s what I think. We’ll see how your mother is tonight when she calls and how long she will be away for before we decide anything. You are bound now, that much is for sure.’ He said.

‘Yes Daddy. I agree.’ She answered.

He motioned for her to join him on the sofa, and cuddling up to him she felt quite content – all the while still feeling the plug shift every now and again in her bottom which turned her on immensely. She reached around, snuggling into her step father, and put her hand up under his t-shirt onto his bare chest.

Knowing that he liked her long painted nails, she delicately scraped, teased and stroked him causing him to sigh a sigh of contentedness.

It was about 9pm when the phone rang.

‘Lily, answer that will you?’ Bob said.

‘Yes Daddy.’ She replied and stood up to walk across the room.

As she stood, the plug shifted again causing her knees to buckle and swoon. Coupled with the heeled boots she was wearing, this almost caused her to lose her balance. Reaching the phone she could see her mothers mobile number on the dial.

‘It’s mum. Would you like me to answer daddy?’ she asked.

‘Yes. And remember, be nice!’ he ordered.

‘Hi mum.’ She said.

‘Oh hi darling. How are things?’ Jane asked.

‘fine, just fine. Good actually. How’s nana?’ she continued.

‘She’s on the mend. Your aunt is here now too so I’m sure between us everything will be ok.’ Jane answered.

‘That’s good. Do you want to speak to Dad?’ Lily asked.

‘Sorry? Oh, yes please darling.’ Jane answered, startled.

‘Ok, I’ll pass you over. Love you mum.’ Lily said, walking the phone over to Bob – still sat on the sofa smiling at her sexy little wiggle in her tall boots.

As she reached him the centre of the room, he beckoned her down onto her knees before he got up and walked over to her.

Smiling down at her young face, looking deep into her eyes he started the conversation with his wife.

‘Hello Dear.’ Bob said.

‘Hello honey. All sounds good there. What’s with the Dad thing?’ Jane asked.

‘Oh you know. We’ve had our little chat and laid a few ground rules and sorted some things out. I have to say it’s been lovely. The change is amazing.’ He answered.

‘Wow. That’s good to hear. You do have a way with words don’t you?’ she laughed.

‘It’s been said before…’ he said, laughing back at her.

He walked over to the coat rack in the corner of the room while still talking away to his wife. As he got to rack, he reached into the coat pockets of his wife’s long coat which was hung up and pulled out a pair of her leather gloves. Still chatting away, he walked back over to where Lily was still on her knees tentatively looking up at him. Handing her the gloves, he beckoned her to put them on.

Next he stood her up and removed her panties before sitting her back down, minding that the skirt was lifted up and to the side and that the plug remained tightly rammed into her bottom. He grabbed one of her gloved hands and placed it on her own pussy, inciting her to start playing with herself.

in-between the ‘Yes Dear’ & the ‘I’m not sure Dear’ on the phone to his wife, Bob knelt down beside his step-daughter whom was dressed in her mothers black stockings, lacy suspender belt, frilly long leather skirt and OTK black leather chunky heeled boots. Couple with etlik escort bayan this, she had her mothers black leather gloves on and was rubbing her pussy with them, whilst having one of her mothers butt plugs in he bottom.

He reached down to his trousers and unzipped his flies. Pulling his cock out, Lily reached up with her pussy juice covered fingers and wrapped them around his cock. She slowly wanked him back and forth as he spoke on the phone.

‘Well, are you sure dear?’ Bob asked.

‘Yes, I think so. Sandra is here now too, and quite frankly its all too much. Mum is getting on fine, the home help call in every couple of hours too.’ Jane said.

‘Ok, as long as you are sure.’ Bob said.

‘Yes I’m sure. I’ll probably be home just after tea time.’ She said.

‘Ok, that’s fine. I’ll save you something to eat.’ He answered.

‘Thanks honey. Oh, and by the way… I’ll need to get some things out of my system tomorrow night. It will be good to be back home with you.’ She said.

‘Oh yes? Making the rules up now are you?’ Bob mocked.

‘Oh no Sir! We both know you’re in charge Sir!’ Jane answered teasingly.

‘That’s better my little slut.’ He replied laughing.

‘Oh I have missed you Sir.’ She said.

‘Not to worry, you’ll be home tomorrow. And we can have a play. You never know, I might even have a surprise for you…’ he said, looking at Lily who was still slowly wanking him back and forth as he spoke on the phone.

‘Do you want another word for Lily before you go?’ he asked.

‘Yes ok then, quickly.’ Jane replied.

‘Hi Mum.’ Lily said.

‘Hello honey. Looks like I’ll be back tomorrow evening. Are you going out or will you be there?’ Jane asked.

Before Lily could answer, Bob reached over to her with his own hand and gently took a grip on the butt plug. Seeing this caused Lily to freeze.

‘Lily? Are you there?’ Jane asked.

‘Err, yess. I’m here mum. Sssorry.’ She said, her breath quickening as she felt the but plug rotating inside her bottom.

‘I said will you be there?’ Jane asked again.

‘Hmmm, yes I should be here. I’m not 100% sure yet.’ She answered, struggling with all her might not to howl and scream at the ecstasy she felt grinding along her arse hole.

‘Oh, ok. Well I’ll see you soon then honey.’ Jane said.

‘Ok mum. Take care.’ Lily answered quickly before passing the phone back to Bob. She cast him a devious smile as he continued to rotate the plug, seeing the pleasure and anxiety on his daughters face.

‘Hello Dear. So we’ll see you tomorrow?’ he asked.

‘Yes Sir. Love you.’ Jane answered.

‘Love you too. Safe journey.’ Bob said.

‘Thank you. I’ll text you. Bye.’ Jane said.

‘Bye Dear.’ Bob said, and hung up.

He stood up and towered over Lily who was staring up at him with big wanting eyes.

‘Please Daddy. Please give it to me, I need you.’ She begged, feeling the effects of the plug – stirring up emotions and feelings inside her. Demanding that she go all out to fulfil her bodies orders.

‘Stand up. Follow me.’ He said.

He walked out of the room and up the stairs. She followed quickly, arriving in his bedroom right behind him.

‘Remove your skirt, t-shirt and boots.’ He hissed.

‘Yes daddy.’ She replied and started to undress. Inside she was disappointed as she wanted to keep her mothers boots on. They made her feel sexy. While she was pulling the last boot off, she noticed her step-father remove something from the closet.

Completing her task, she stood only wearing her stockings, suspender belt & gloves awaiting his next orders.

‘Put these on’ he growled, handing her another pair of boots.

‘Yes daddy!’ she answered excitedly as she took hold of the boots.

She hadn’t seen this pair before. They wear thigh high leather with a six inch heel and a very pointy toe.

As she pushed one foot in, it snugly fell into place locking in around her ankle. She reached down to pull on the zipper, and as she pulled it up her leg became encased in the softest, but tightest leather. Repeating the process with the other boot, she now stood tall – ever so tall, in her mothers boots.

Bob stood and admired. He then walked over and stood behind her. Suddenly she felt something being fitted over her head. Realising it was her mothers hood, she breathed deeply as she felt the leather aroma fill her nostrils. Bob pulled the strings so that the leather hood tightly shaped to her head and tied them off.

He then added a body harness, which had long leather straps pulled tight around her body. Adding to this, he fixed a long black plume to the top of her hood in the style of a pony tail.

He took a hold of her leash and led her to stand in front of the floor length mirror in the room.

Gazing at herself Lily couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy she looked and felt. Glancing down at the boots, she felt her pussy pang a twitch as she saw the light reflecting off of the slight creases and wrinkles in the leather. Her heels accentuated escort etlik her legs, making her bottom stick out even more. Her suspender straps were taught, causing her stockings to loop up in arches around her thighs adding to the affect.

Stood right beside her, Bob also admired the look. He turned her to face him and smiled at her.

‘How do you feel?’ he asked.

‘Wonderful Daddy. Just wonderful.’ She replied, not able to take her eyes off of the mirror and her body.

‘And so you should. You have the makings of a perfect slave.’ He said.

‘Yess Daddy. I want to be your slave.’ She hissed a reply back so softly, it slithered off her tongue.

‘And what would you like daddy to do now slave?’ he asked.

‘Please daddy. Anything you want to. Use me. Fulfil me. Fuck me and own me.’ She answered, still admiring herself.

‘Anything I want to eh slave? Get on the bed, Now!’ he barked.

Lily almost threw herself on the bed. As she turned to lay on her back, she watched as her step-father slowly stripped.

‘Tell me what you want my little baby girl.’ He barked.

‘I want you to fuck me daddy. I want you to fuck your little girl and punish her like the naughty little girl that she is.’ Lily cried back in desperation.

‘And why should I give you what YOU want?’ he snarled.

‘Because I’ll be good for you daddy. I promise. I’ll do whatever you want. You own me now. I am your naughty little girl to use how you see fit. This is our secret daddy. I’m your dirty little secret girl. Please daddy. Make me a real woman. Use me.’ She begged.

He walked to the side of the bed and grabbed her leash. Yanking it to the side, he pulled her towards him.

‘Suck.’ He barked at her.

Instantly she bent down to take hold of his now throbbing cock with her mothers leather gloves. The recess in the leather hood around her lips was just wide enough for her to open her mouth fully and take him in. Deeply she pulled him into her, while he wrapped her leash around his hand and pulled her tight.

‘That’s it my naughty little girl. Show daddy what you have learnt.’ He moaned.

‘Yesssss Hmphhh Hmphhh Daddd Hmppppp dddyyyy…’ she garbled in between taking him deep down her throat.

He placed his hands either side of her hood, letting the soft cool leather slide between his fingers. Taking a stronger grip, he now pulled and pushed her head towards him forcing his cock down her throat making her gag.

‘That’s it girl. Suck your daddy.’ He snarled.

Her pace intensified as she found herself getting more and more turned on at the abuse being said to her. Deep inside her, she could feel it welling up. She wanted to please him so much, so that he would allow her the pleasure.

As he felt himself reaching the point where he might cum, Bob snapped her leash back and rolled her onto all fours. Reaching out, he took a grip of the butt plug and slowly rotated it in her arsehole.

‘Ohhhh Daddy…..’ she cried.

‘Does my baby girl like that? Does my baby girl want daddy to stop?’ he mocked.

‘Nooooo daddy, please. Please don’t stop. Please. Your naughty little girl deserves this punishment. Use me daddy. Please, use me.’ She whimpered.

He pulled himself up onto the bed and spun her around again so that she was lying on her back. She glanced up at him and he could see her eyes growing bigger and bigger.

‘Are you ready baby girl. You want daddy to fuck his naughty little leather girl?’ he said grinning.

‘Yessss daddy. Take me. I’m yours and only yours. Your little leather booted girl.’ She answered.

Before she had even finished he slid his cock into her. ‘Shit she was tight’ he thought as he felt his cock penetrate her, sliding tightly against the walls of her pussy. It almost gripping him like a vacuum.

‘Oh daddy… Yesssss…. Daddy…..’ she cried out in pain as the sensations gripped her, ripping through her entire sense of feeling.

As Bob entered her deeper, he felt her pussy walls instinctively clamp around his throbbing cock, yanking him into her like a key fitting a perfect lock. Their bodies now connected in unison, the emotions & sensations now coupling them as one.

He thrust towards her making her scream a cry of ecstasy, his cock impaling her deeper. Slowly, he withdrew his cock allowing her to relax slightly before forcing it home again.

‘Oh fuckkkkkkk daddy, yesssssss, yessssssss, fuckkkkk me daddyyyyyy’ she screamed as she felt surge after surge ripping through her.

‘There my little leather girl’ he cried, again slowly withdrawing before pumping her again. ‘Does my baby girl like daddy’s cock?’ he hissed.

‘Yessss daddy…….. I do………. I do daddy.’ She answered between her panting, sharp, breaths.

‘Turn over girl.’ He ordered.

Instantly she flipped onto all fours, her head burying themselves amongst the pillows. He climbed up behind her and without warning grabbed one of her arse cheeks – squeezing it between his hand.

He positioned himself at her pussy entrance & slowly impaled her again. As he started to pump her, she cried out in unison with his thrusts. Gripping her arse cheeks, spreading them wide to allow for maximum penetration. He could see her fingers scrunching into the duvet, trying to grip on, scrambling for some sort of leverage against him.

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