The Book Ch. 01

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Alice Scott was the 35 years old wife of the vicar of St. Aden’s, a parish on the edge of a northern English market town. Her husband, Edwin was 40 years old and in the early years of their ten-year marriage, he had excited her with his near heretical approach to his work. He came from a long line of clerics and as he matured, was metamorphosing into the archetypal country vicar. Gone had his enthusiasm for the unconventional mould-breaking pastoral care – which had not gone down well with the church hierarchy – that had probably scuppered his potential for promotion. He had retreated into the conventional ways of administering to the parish; he was just going through the motions.

Alice on the other hand was still fired with that initial excitement and was getting increasingly frustrated at Edwin’s lack of fire. This had begun to affect their enjoyment of the private parts of the marriage. Poor Edwin was loosing his libido and Alice was finding that hers was getting stronger. She was a faithful partner to her man and had never even thought of, never mind looked at another. She was however, aware that something was missing from her life, particularly her sex life. She knew that something had to be done.

What she did was what many intelligent women had done in her situation, she looked for a distraction and she found it at the local library. They had wanted an assistant librarian to fill in for the incumbent’s maternity leave. She had a degree in English Literature and walked straight into the job. Edwin was not comfortable with the situation, he had got used to her always being at home and found the vicarage uncomfortable in her absence. The extra income on top of his meagre stipend helped their stretched finances and he was somewhat mollified after a few weeks into the job.

The distraction worked. Their home life if not their love life became more comfortable. The widening of Alice’s social circle outside of the claustrophobic world of the church’s close knit community had given her extra energy. She was again enjoying the simple act of living. They would have animated discussions about their respective days over dinner each evening. The worries that Alice had had about their love life had for the while at least been relegated to the deeper recesses of her mind. This being helped by Edwin’s positive responses to her occasional requests for lovemaking, but it was she initiating the act, he was becoming almost timid toward her.

Over the weeks at the library, Alice became friendly with the head librarian, Diane. Diane was a tall statuesque brunette. She always dressed to work in expensive business two-piece suits, sometimes with trousers, usually a skirt always knee length. Her hair was always in a bun or French pleat (“its more practical for work”) and she invariably wore heels – very high (to Alice) heels. Alice was in awe of this imposing woman. She could not afford to dress so well, usually coming to work in blouse and jeans or slacks, occasionally a skirt.

What Alice was not yet aware of was that Diane, although married to a Doctor who practised in the next town was decidedly bisexual. Moreover, she was strongly attracted to Alice, who in her naivety had not picked up on the subtle seduction that Diane was attempting. Diane was a hedonist and the possibility of making love to a vicar’s wife was acting like an aphrodisiac.

Diane slowly worked her charm on Alice like a cat stalking its prey. They started having lunch once a week at the local pub. On these days Diane would wear a shorter skirt and her blouse would invariably exhibit more cleavage than usual. She would sit so that Alice was able to see her legs and was constantly opening and closing them, trying to attract Alice’s attention.

Alice, blissfully unaware of the trap she was drifting into, enjoyed the company of this entrancing woman. She arranged for Diane and her doctor husband to have dinner with Edwin and her at the vicarage. Alice enjoyed cooking and could be quite inventive with her menus. The evening was a splendid success with the four of them becoming firm friends.

One of the jobs that had to be done at the library was to read through and pass books for general readership. The library management delegated this to the branches to spread the load. The few books considered unsuitable, usually because of sexual content were referred back for a committee decision. About five or six books had been sent to Diane for this purpose and one was by an author that Diane particularly enjoyed reading. It was lesbian erotica and Diane saw the chance of accelerating her seduction of Alice. She scanned the book and was sure it would stimulate what she knew to be a sexy, but frustrated woman. She slipped it between two of the others and as they left work on the Friday evening she asked Alice to read them over the following week and let know if she had a problem with them.

Alice had taken the books without a second glance. She had performed this task for Diane before and now and then, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she could enjoy the odd gem amongst what to her was mainly dross. That night while Edwin was attending a confirmation class. She read the first book and within thirty minutes had become bored with the poor plot. She quickly scanned the rest of the book and not finding any contravening material, leaned over to exchange the book for that which Diane had laid as bait.

She had come across lesbian literature carrying out this task before, but those books had been romance novels not erotica. This as she was to find out, was a whole different ball game. The first couple of chapters were innocuous enough, establishing the theme and introducing some of the characters. However, the way this was written was different and Alice found herself being drawn in to the story in the way that any good writing does.

It concerned the wife of a diplomat who was being sent to Washington. Apart from the skill of the author, the parallels of the diplomat and wife’s relationship with her own marriage soon had her enthralled. Once settled in the American capital, the wife’s frustrations begin to surface, her husband is either a workaholic or he has a mistress. Either way up, he is never to be seen at home. At an embassy party she meets a high-ranking lady Senator who recognises the lady’s problem and successfully attempts a seduction. Alice is only half into the seduction scene when she realises what she is reading and puts the book down. ‘That is for the banned box’ she mused as she got up to make herself a drink. Her lunches in the pub have given her a taste for dry white whine and she now kept a bottle in the fridge.

As she stood in the kitchen pouring the wine into a glass, she realised that her panties were soaked. ‘Oh my God’ she thought, ‘I’m aroused! It can’t be the book, can it?’ She walked back into the lounge and stood by her chair staring at the book. It looked so innocuous led there with its plain cover, just like the first couple of chapters. But that seduction and the foul language were something that she had never come across before. Most of the “foul” words she had never – in her sheltered life – seen or heard before.

She slowly sat down and sipped her drink, all the while her eyes never left the book. She was about to pick up the third book when the phone rang. It was Edwin telling her that a parishioner had died and that he should go and visit the grieving widow before coming home. She returned to her seat and picked up the third book, opened it and started to read. She read the first sentence three times before she realised she was rerunning the seduction scene in her mind.

She returned to the offending book, found the seduction scene and started reading again. “Tit, arse, pussy, clit, cunt, fuck” the dirty words jumped of the page at her and boosted the arousal she was already feeling. The things that the Senator was doing to the diplomat’s consenting wife were so wicked, but excited her no end. The thought crossed her mind that there was more to sex than Edwin had been able to manage. Her own “pussy” was now burning with need, she could resist the urge to touch herself no longer.

At a convenient break in the activities in the book, she put it down stood and removed her sodden panties. The strong musky aroma that was released further stimulated her. She sat down again and thumbed through the book to the next hot tract. Mary the Senator and Carol the wife are again in bed, but this time Mary has a dildo with which to ravish the willing Carol. Later, the roles are reversed and Carol has her chance to return the favour. The author’s lurid description of the “fucking” soon had Alice with her skirt round her waist and her fingers massaging her clitoris.

The frustration of years of inadequate sex boiled over and she orgasmed. Never before had she experience anything like this. This was mind-blowingly good. She wanted this again. She picked up the book and her discarded nickers and went to their bedroom, undressed and went for a shower. As the spray cascaded down over her body, she tried to analyse why masturbating; an activity she had always been taught to consider degenerate and moreover, stimulated by a lesbian story, had given her more pleasure than she had ever managed to achieve in bed with her husband. She left the shower stall without an answer.

She dried herself and returned to the bedroom. As she walked to the wardrobe, she caught sight of her naked form in the full-length door mirror. She stopped and studied the image. She was 5′ 9″ tall, with short black wavy hair. Still childless, her bosom – ‘tits’ she thought – was a reasonable 38B and still quite firm, it had not suffered the ravages of nursing. She weighed them in her hands, her nipples sprang to attention. ‘Now why have I never noticed that before?’ she gripped each between finger and thumb and gasped at the shock waves that radiated through her body.

Her tummy was slightly rounded güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and her bum – ‘ass’ she thought’ – nice and firm. Her hands wandered over her body as if to confirm her appraisal. She enjoyed the feel of the contact, it felt so erotic. ‘Now’ she thought as she looked down at her groin, ‘what if I shaved that lot off?’ The black hair over her vagina did not cover a big area, but it was thick. She still shaved her armpits much to her mother’s disgust, but to Alice it had started as a small token of teenage rebellion. ‘I wonder what my pussy, no my cunt would look like bald. I like that word – cunt – there’s something so earthy about it rather like fuck.’ She still had that rebellious streak.

As she mused, her hands continued caressing her lower body. She could now recognise the approaching arousal that had surprised her earlier. Her fingers traced her labia, her soft touch increasing the heat that was building up within her. Her lips had become dry so she ran her tongue over them. The sight of her reflection performing such an apparently insignificant act added even further to the heat. ‘I am going to sleep naked tonight’ she decided, ‘that will give Edwin a shock. If it gets him going all the better,’ then aloud “because I want to fuck!”

Saying the word for the first time was like doing anything you’re uncertain about for the first time, there was a sense of relief at the achievement. This naive conservative wife was loosening up. She went through to the bedroom and crawled under the cover and reached for the book. She thumbed through till she found her spot.

Her two heroines, Mary and Carol were now regular lovers, meeting whenever possible mainly at the embassy apartment. With their respective husbands, they also had become a regular foursome on the diplomatic round of parties. Mary had persuaded Carol to dispense with underwear whenever they were together and had introduced her to her personal dressmaker who was an occasional lover. The fitting sessions developed into lesbian orgies. Carol even returned alone for private fittings. All of the gowns, cocktail dresses and everyday wear were cleverly designed for sans underwear and easy access to the erogenous areas. Alice read this with rising excitement, she loved dressmaking!

The sound of the front door alerted the aroused wife to the arrival of her husband. Remembering his mission and cursing her bad luck that he will not be in the mood, she arose, secreted the book, put on her robe and descended to greet him.

She found him sat in his chair removing his shoes. “Oh Alice” he sighed, “I’ve had a very strange experience. Widow Baines tried to seduce me! Her husband was not yet cold and she tried to get at my penis. I was mortified! It took me till now to quiet her down.”

“Are you sure Edwin? I know she has a reputation for being a little risqué, forward even, but I cannot believe she would not do such a thing, especially at this time and even more so with you.” Alice was quietly amused at his apparent discomfort. Before he could respond, she had dropped into good wife mode, asking him if he wanted anything to drink or eat.

“Nothing hot, but I think I will have a whisky.” He rose to help himself.

“No, you stay there, I’ll see to it.” Alice went to the drinks cupboard and poured him a generous shot. “It’s hard enough comforting the grieving without having to put up with that sort of thing.” She said as she helped herself to another glass of wine. “I must admit though, she is a handsome woman.” She handed Edwin his scotch and sat down opposite him. “She is not that old either,” then smiling, “you should be flattered, Edwin.”

“Alice!” He choked, swallowed wrongly and started coughing. Alice jumped up ran over and started slapping his back. As he regained his composure, she moved back to her chair and sat down smiling. “It is not a comic situation Alice and I’m surprised that you would say such a thing.”

“Edwin, lighten up!” Alice was slightly miffed that he should get on his high horse. “That I consider it amusing is because I know you would not contemplate responding to such an advance.” She started laughing.

“Alice darling, don’t make me feel any worse” he gulped another mouthful, “it was extremely embarrassing!”

“You are in the safety of your own home now Edwin.” She lent back in her chair tucking her legs under herself. She had a sip of her wine and continued. “Relax and enjoy your scotch.” She was acutely aware that the action of moving her legs had allowed her robe to open up to the tie displaying a generous amount of her thighs. “Like I said Edwin, take it as a compliment. However missed placed. I’m sure she will be on the phone tomorrow apologising profusely when she realises what she has done.”

He seemed to settle at that and as he looked at his wife, he smiled. “You are right my dear, but it was frightening. The police were still there carrying out their checks. If one of them had walked in and caught us, I would güvenilir bahis şirketleri have been ruined.” She noticed his eyes fall on her displayed legs and she shifted slightly to cause her legs to separate. If he lent forward a little, she was sure he would be able to see her pubes.

“Well they did not and we live to fight another day” she quipped. She moved one leg out from under and let it swing over the other. Throughout the action, his eyes never left her legs. “Would you like another drink my dear? She stood to take his now empty glass.

“I don’t usually have two as you well know, but in the circumstances I think I will.” He handed her his glass. She returned to him having slightly loosened the tie on her robe and topped her own glass up. These further drinks on top of those earlier were giving her some Dutch courage. As she sat down, she made a deliberate fuss of crossing her legs. He must have seen her pubes, he coloured slightly and at last averted his eyes toward the dying fire. “Shall I stoke up the fire my dear?

‘No, me, my dear’ she thought to herself, but said “a little, then we will go to bed after these drinks.” As he sat down again she unfolded her legs. The movement caught his eye, but this time he did not avert them. She sat back, staring into the fire with her legs slightly apart.

“Have you already had a shower dear?” His question brought her out of her deliberate reverie.

“Mm mm” she replied. “we had to shift some old dusty books out of the store today and I felt grubby” she fibbed. She knew she was getting to him, because she usually rejected his overtures once showered.” She smiled at him “but I can always have another.”

He stood and walked toward her, took her now empty glass from her hand and pulled her to her feet. The tie to her robe had now become undone and as she stood, the robe opened. His arms went around her under her robe as he pulled her into his embrace. He kissed her, more passionately than she could ever remember. His tongue invaded her mouth and she willingly accepted it. She relaxed into him, moaning her pleasure.

He broke the kiss. “My darling, lets go to bed. I want you.” It was said urgently and she did not need a second bidding.

“Oh yes Eddie, take me to your bed and fuck me!” Whether what she had said had registered or not, she could not tell as she followed in his wake. He was soon stood before her, naked with a raging erection, Her robe slipped from her shoulders as she licked her lips and dropped to he knees in front of him.

“No Alice, I …”

“Edwin, I want to suck your cock and I am going to, so shut up.” Before he could react, his cock started to disappear in between her lips.

“Oh dear Lord, that feels wonderful. If I had known it was like this I would – ohhh – have let you do this sooner.”

His moaning was music to Alice’s ears. She warmed to her task, moving her head up and down his phallus. She found that far from being an odious task, this was exciting. Maybe it was the novelty, but as her head began to bob up and down faster, she hoped it would take a while to wear off. By now Edwin could feel his advancing climax. “Alice, stop, please, I’m going to come.” For some reason she could not fathom, this news excited her even more and redoubled her efforts applying more suction and using her hands to wank him. “Oh Alice, don’t say I did not warn you.” He took hold of her head and stared to thrust his hips.

The first ejaculation hit the back of her throat, so she drew back in order to taste his offering. Each time his sperm shot into her hot welcoming mouth, he let out a long grunt of pleasure. As his orgasmic convulsions lessened, she savoured the slightly salty taste of his semen by swirling it around the head of his cock in her mouth. As she swallowed it, she knew she would want to do this again.

Edwin fell back onto the bed and still on her knees, she kept him in her mouth, seemingly reluctant to release him. He had softened slightly, but her ministrations soon had him expanding to full hardness again. She lifted her head from him and licked her lips. “Now Reverend Scott” she said climbing onto the bed “fuck your wife!”

He moved between her invitingly spread thighs and leaning down on his elbows and kissed her tenderly, his tongue dancing round her lips as if searching for the remnants of his spend. “Eddie, don’t try to be too tender, I want you to put that wonderful cock in my cunt and fuck me, hard.”

His eyes never left hers as she spoke, neither did they flinch at her words. “I don’t know what caused this change in you dearest Alice, but I believe I approve. We will talk about it some at other time as I believe I have more pressing matters to expedite. She smiled at his humour and sighed as she felt the crown of his cock pushing past her slick labia in to the hot wet tunnel beyond.

“Oh Eddie, yes please, go for it, I want it” her arms went around his neck and pulled his chest down onto her own pressing her breasts. His first movement was painfully slow as he got himself into a position were he could do his horny wife justice. Then, without warning, he started thrusting into her hard, not fast, but every inward thrust was powerful and the impact of his pelvis with hers sent shock waves from her clit right through her body.

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