The Bet Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Sweet prickled the back of my neck. I bunched the thick mess of curls in my fist and fanned the skin. Luke would be here in 10 minutes.

My stomach rolled in a nervous flutter sending a jolt of desire to my nipples, tightening them to points. God, I wanted Luke, stretched out naked on my bed, thighs bunching and hands tugging at my hair until it burned.

I threw my head back, arching my neck and running a palm down my throat. My fingers spread wide and cupped one breast, teasing the bud until it puckered beneath my dress. I should take it off, open the door naked and watch him fall to his knees.

My thighs quivered, and I knew I wouldn’t last long once he touched me.

I dropped my hair and smoothed the dress down. It was staying. I wasn’t going to make this easy for him.

My body ached to give up control, let him walk in here and take over. His hands looked sure, his eyes disarming. The cocky smirk gave off a confidence that he knew exactly how to pleasure a woman or a man. He didn’t discriminate. Always grinning that sexy smile and describing sex as sex no matter who he fucked.

Warmth pooled between my thighs. Would Luke let me watch him fuck a guy? Swallow another man’s cock the way I planned to deep throat his?

My eyes widened, and my back stiffened. That would mean another night with Luke.


Tonight was a one-time thing. Luke wasn’t what I needed.

My eyes flicked to the empty walls, the paint faded in squares where frames used to hang.

My chest pinched for a moment then clenched tight, hardening beneath my ribs. I didn’t need anyone.

I walked to the kitchen, popped the top off a bottle of wine and watched the decadent red splash into the glass.

My body wanted Luke, and I planned to take everything from him tonight. No waiting, no shy, nervous Avril. She died one heartbreak ago.

A new body filled the void every night since but none had tantalized my fantasies like Luke.

The guy who had his pick of pussy, waiting for him to unzip his fly so that they could take turns riding his fat cock. Watching him sweat, knowing he wanted my cunt and couldn’t have it made me want to savor every moment until he did.

I slicked open my phone. I need you.

Those three words sent a gush of sticky heat to my panties.

A knock rapped against my door. Once, confident that I would be listening, expecting, waiting.

I dropped the phone to the bench and pressed the glass to my lips and grinned. Luke would be begging to touch me before I let him.

I walked the to the illegal bahis door, glass hanging from my fingertips and resting against my thigh.

The door clicked open.

Luke stood before me, hair a shaggy mess and green eyes soft. He had changed, a white button-down shirt, rolled at the sleeves and new jeans.

My eyes dropped to his crotch. Did he make a mess while forfeiting the bet?

My lips twitched.

His thighs bunched and he was moving, one foot then the other until he was inches from my body.

My head flicked up, and my eyes widened. A slight gasp burst from my lips.

One hand reached behind him, closing the door and locking it without taking his eyes from mine. The green was sparking now, a shimmer of lust hazing the softness from moments before.

The fresh scent of soap and woodsy aftershave washed over me, curling my toes.

Heat sizzled beneath my skin, threatening to flush from cream to red and expose my bodies need for him.

He reached for the glass, brushing my fingertips. A current zap from my finger to my cunt, swelling the eager little bud on top.

The glass slipped from my fingers, and he lifted it to his mouth. Lips parted, and his head tilted back, throat bobbing slowly like he was savoring every taste.

The inner line of his bottom lip stained a dark red.

I wanted to lean over and lick it clean. I bit my lip and held still. Luke didn’t need to know how much I wanted him.

His tongue darted out, sliding across the same spot.

I bit my lip to hold in the rush of breath panting from my lungs.

Luke studied me, brows arching and lips curling at the side like he was waiting for something.

Did he expect me to jump on him? My stomach spasmed at the thought, and my thighs twitched, ready to wrap around him.

My lips mimicked his. Luke would be waiting a long time.

I won the bet. I dictated the terms, and I wasn’t about to let him know that my body was wound tight, ready to ignite at his first touch.

I spun on my heel and walked back to the kitchen, my hips swinging a little more than usual.

Heat engulfed my back, his warmth wrapped around me, his hard cock nestled against my ass. I bit my lips and held back the moan.

My nipples strained against the dress. The tips were hard and desperate for one touch, a stroke, to be twisted and pinched to the point of pain. My back was desperate to arch against him, but I held my body still. My head tilted to the side, brow arched in his direction. “Someone’s eager.”

Luke grabbed my hips with both illegal bahis siteleri hands, the glass forgotten on the side table by the door. His fingers bit into my skin and spun me toward him.

I gasped and flattened my palms against his chest.

He grinned a wicked smile and dragged his fingers down my thigh and back up. He shifted the edge of my dress and cupped the sticky heat between my legs. “I’m not the only one.”

Two fingers dragged across the wet cotton and sliced between the folds.

Sparks pulsed like lighting, hard and fast, causing my legs to tremble. I gripped his shirt, my breathing heavy.

His hot breath rushed against my lips. “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?”

His tongue flicked out, wetting my bottom lip. The movement slow and seductive, in time with the fingers rubbing back and forth, teasing me.

He pressed two fingers to my entrance and pushed, shoving my panties inside, teasing me beneath the fabric. “Is that sweet little cunt all juicy for me?”

My eyelids fluttered closed, and I couldn’t stop the moan that rolled up my throat.

His chest vibrated beneath my fingers, the chuckle thundering in my ears.

My eyes snapped open and back stiffened. “Are you forgetting who lost the bet?”

He grinned. “Neither one of us is losing tonight.”

He pushed the edge of my panties to the side and shoved two fingers inside, hard and fast.

My spine loosened and my hips convulsed. My body sucked and clenched against his fingers. A rush of relief flowed over me at the same time desperation clawed at me from the inside out. I needed more.

He pulled his wrist back, dragging his fingers out to the tip then piercing me again and again.

My hips started to rock in time, a spark scratching, coils twisting. Pressure built slowly, threatening to ignite.

My clit pulsed, swollen and aching.

As though sensing my thoughts his thumb reached up and flicked.

A jolt of electricity splintered from that spot, rushing to my toes and thundering in my head. “Oh fuck.”

My head threw back, long silky strands dangling down my shoulder, caressing the bare skin. My hips rolled and thrust, riding his fingers as they scissored inside.

“That’s it beautiful. Fuck my fingers. You are so fucking gorgeous. I can’t wait to shove my cock in this tight little hole.” His fingers pumped extra hard, emphasizing his words.

The spark flickered to life, and the coils splintered. The walls of my pussy fluttered and clenched, milking his fingers, hungry for his cum.

I canlı bahis siteleri slumped against his chest as the last of the waves rolled and chuckled. Greedy pussy. He will fill you up soon.

Luke’s breath was hot and ragged against my neck. One hand squeezed my hip as the other slipped from my wet cunt and dragged the soaked panties down my thighs.

He pressed his palm to my bare mound, silky smooth and waiting for him. His tongue licked a wet trail from my neck to my earlobe. “I want to taste you.”

I sucked in a breath as his teeth clamped down on my ear, sending a jolt to my belly. My fingers curled over the edge of the kitchen counter, and my toes bounced. My body landed on the granite bench top with a gentle oomph.

I spread my knees wide and dragged the edge of my dress up my thighs, a sly smile tugged one cheek up.

Luke’s eyes dropped, and a puff of air blew out from his smiling lips.

His hands spread wide against each thigh, hot and rough. Thumbs dragged up the inside stopping inches from where his touch still hummed.

His eyes flicked up to mine, and his hands slid around my thigh, gripped my ass and slid me forward.

I yelped.

He grinned and dropped to his knees.

His tongue flattened and licked one long stroke up.

Heat ripped up my neck and my breast swelled, the weight heavy on my chest.

He flicked and teased my clit, making me squirm beneath him.

My back dropped to the bench top, the cold granite a relief to the fire boiling in my veins.

I ripped the strap of my dress down and exposed the puckered tip beneath. I squeezed the fleshy skin and pinched my nipple, squeezing and twisting until it burned.

A spark shot to my clit and my hips arched.

Luke groaned. The vibration tickled my sensitive lips and tightened the coil deep inside.

His thumbs spread me wide and his tongue thrust, slippery and wet.

My thighs clamped tight around his head. One hand curled in his hair and shoved his face closer.

Hos tongue darted in and out, faster and deeper.

My hips rocked and my back arched.

I stretched and rolled my nipple and gasped.

The coils shattered, and my hips rocked, riding out the waves of relief.

My head lolled from side to side, my body more exhausted than I ever imagined.

And he still hasn’t fucked me.

Luke pushed himself up. The sound of his zipper ripping his jeans apart made my stomach flip.

I pushed myself to my elbows and my eyes sought out what they wanted.

His hands split the v wider, and his jeans clattered to the floor.

His cock sat up stiff and ready. The purple head was swollen, and a tiny drop pooled on top.

I sucked in a breath and felt the moisture pool in the back of my throat.

Time to make him beg.

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