The Best Machinist in the East

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“Hey Henry! How’s the best machinist in the east?”

“What do you want?” Henry asked with a smile. It was a game they always played. Typically, Tara would have some small item for the plant’s machinist to fix or make for the lab and she’d always said that it’s easier to attract flies with honey than vinegar. Hence the flattery.

“Here’s a card to sign. John is retiring next week.”

Henry grabbed the card from Tara and then grabbed her hand.

“Whoa gal! Those could be dangerous!”

Tara laughed and said “I guess I should shorten my nails, they are getting a tad long.”

“A tad? Them things are a quarter inch long!”

“Yeah, yeah. Just sign the card, will you?”

Henry signed the card, provided twenty dollars for the gift and Tara went on her way, gathering more signatures and gifts for the soon to be retiree.

* * * * *

That same afternoon, Henry was required to go repair a hydraulic pressure system. Tom, the new supervisor was hanging around the system where Henry was working, trying to be helpful but really getting in Henry’s way and on his nerves.

Tom was not well liked. He was arrogant and pushy. His so-called help had already cost Henry two gaskets. The gaskets were hand made by Henry and he only had one more made and only enough material to make one more. He was trying to get the hydraulic system back together but the way the system was, the gasket had to stay up below the upper part while Henry ramped up the bottom part. It was not possible to simply lay the gasket on top of the bottom piece and the gasket kept falling and then getting caught crooked between the two metal parts, ruining it. They had tried a few different methods of holding the gasket up but it just didn’t work.

Henry asked his supervisor “Can we please take this whole thing apart and take it to the shop where I could do this upside down and get it done right?”

“No, we’re doing this here and I promised it would be done by the end of the day. Taking this apart will take too long. Now what if….” and Tom kept talking, insisting they try it his way even though it had failed before.

Soon, the third gasket was ruined. Henry stood up and said “Boss, we have two choices. I just have enough material to make one more gasket. We either take this apart and take it to the shop or you go get Tara.”


“Yes, Tara. Tell her I said she’s the best helper in the east and that I need her help.”

“Tara. The girl in the lab. She won’t be any help! A girl like that won’t want to get her hands dirty!”

“Listen, do you want this job done or not?”

“Yes, but…”

Henry cut him off.

“It’s Tara or it’s the shop. It’s close to quitting time for me and if you want me to stay OT, you’ll have to do it my way. Go get Tara, tell her I said she’s the best helper in the east and tell her to meet me in the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shop. She shows up, I finish the job, otherwise, you can do it!” With that, Henry left.

Meanwhile, Cecil, the maintenance manager had arrived and had overheard the last bit of the conversation.

“Cecil, did you hear that? This guy thinks he can set conditions!”

Cecil quietly said “Do it. Go get Tara before she leaves.”

“You’re serious! You’re going to bend to his blackmail?”

“Listen Tom, Henry has been at this plant for 20 years and if he says Tara can help, I trust him. Now go get her before she leaves!” Cecil had started quietly and had raised his voice towards the end.

“All right, all right, I’ll go get the little helper” the supervisor said with much contempt.

Tom went up to the lab and asked Tara to come help. After he repeated what Henry had said, Tara grabbed the safety gear she knew she’d need and she went to the maintenance shop.

Once there, Henry smiled at her. “How’s the best helper in the east?”

Tara smiled and played along “What do you want?”

Henry turned to Tara “You willing to lose one or two of you precious nails?”

“If that’s what it takes.”

“You remember how you had to hold that gasket for the press in the lab? This one is very similar only a bit bigger so you might need both hands.”


Henry finished the gasket and took Tara into the plant. Once at the proper location, they found Tom and Cecil still there. Henry addressed Cecil: “Think we can work in peace?”

Understanding that Henry didn’t want Tom around, Cecil took Tom aside and said “Let’s give them space. There’s pressure enough without us standing over them.” Tom tried to protest but Cecil insisted and took Tom away.

As Henry showed Tara where he needed her to hold the gasket, she had to bend down in an awkward position but then again, so was he. Then, as they were working slowly but surely, he said “Do you have any idea how distracting it is that I can see right down your blouse this way?”

“Hmmmm. Probably as distracting as me thinking of what we could do about it if you weren’t married.”

Henry laughed. “Good point!”

“Okay, okay. Now, we’re almost there. As soon as you feel the metal against your nails, tell me.”

Within seconds, Tara felt the metal push against her nails. “Now.”

Henry stopped and said “Okay, I’m going to set up to give it one last turn and when I start pushing, pull your nails out. Ready?”


Henry gave the last turn and Tara felt the metal push further against her nails and pulled them out just in time to not leave them behind. Henry finished off tightening the hydraulic system. Then he tested it with some pressure and when satisfied that it was fine, he stood and said “I knew that with the best helper in the east, we’d güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri get this done!”

“Will you stick around to help me put this all together?”

Tara agreed and continued being his helper, handing him the tools he asked for and handing him the nuts and bolts he required, one by one. As they were finishing up, they saw Tom and Cecil coming back. Henry said “We’re done.”

“How?” asked the supervisor.

“Don’t ask questions and you won’t get lies. We’re done and we’re going home.”

With that, Henry picked up his tools, handed some to Tara and started towards the shop. Tara followed him in silence. After they’d put the tools away, Henry took off his coveralls, opened his locker to put away his coveralls and grabbed a bottle of hand cleaner and said “Come with me.”

Knowing there was barely anyone left at the plant and that Tara was probably the only woman left at this later hour, he led her into the ladies’ small locker room and to the sinks in the back. There, he said “This is the best hand cleaner around. It takes all the grease out.”

He then proceeded to wash both his and her hands with the hand cleaner. After he was finished washing their hands and both were drying their hands with paper towels, he asked “You never heard, did you?”

“Hear what?”

“Stacey left me three months ago. She went back to Toronto.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I’m not. Things weren’t going well at all.”

“That sucks.”

“Well, it’s all in the past now.”

“You okay?”

“Oh I’m fine. Now how about I show you how fine I am?”

“What do you have in mind?” Tara smiled. Henry and her had flirted since she ‘d been hired as the lab supervisor but had never acted on it as she’d been in a relationship and by the time she’d gotten out of it, he’d started dating Stacey. But now that they were both single, she could only imagine the possibilities.

“I’d sure like to see more of what’s under that blouse…” Henry started unbuttoning her blouse as he said that.

“Here? At work?”

“Nobody’s here and nobody would dare come in here!”

Henry finished unbuttoning her blouse and let out an impressed whistle. “Wow, that is one sexy bra!”

He ran his hands up her sides and cupped her breasts, leaning in to kiss her. Tara was amazed at how soft his touch was on her. She responded immediately, raising her hands to his hair and pulling him to her, kissing him back. While Henry caressed her breasts through the fabric of her bra, their tongues danced around each other, teasing, tantalizing.

Henry broke the kiss only to trace a series of kisses from her jaw down her neck and down to her breasts. His hands reached behind her and found the bra’s hooks and undid them. Then, he pushed the bra and the blouse off her shoulders and took them off completely. He then güvenilir bahis şirketleri took one nipple into his mouth, causing Tara to inhale sharply and then moan under his teasing tongue.

Tara felt Henry’s hands to down her back , caressing her skin, lighting it on fire under his touch. Then, she felt him caress her rear end through the fabric of her jeans. Tara busied her own hands pushing up his t-shirt, wanting to feel his skin too.

Henry pulled back long enough to whip his shirt off and then pull on her belt. Together, they undid the fastening of her jeans and pushed them down. The bent down and took off her work boots and pulled the legs of her jeans off her. Then, he pushed her up onto the counter and resumed kissing her. Without her realizing it, Henry had undone his own pants and pushed them down. Pulling her legs up, Henry tilted her body and soon, Tara felt the tip of his cock touch her wet slit. Running her hands down his back, she pulled him forward, telling him with her actions just how much she wanted him. Both of them felt an urgency, an urgency borne of months and months of flirting and repressed desire.

In one slow but steady stroke, he filled her completely. They both broke their kiss to gasp at the sensation. For Tara, it was being stretched by his large cock. For Henry, it was feeling how tight she was around his cock. They stayed immobile for a moment, enjoying the feeling, both feeling like the world was finally right. Then, Henry said “I gotta take you Tara, I want you so much, I just gotta have you.”

He started moving inside her, causing delicious friction and making her moan. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him even closer. Henry moved faster inside her. Not able to kiss and breathe at the same time, he pulled her close and kissed her neck.

Tara, breathing hard herself, whispered “Oh God, this is so good, fuck me hard, baby.”

“I’m sorry for the short preliminaries. I promise to take more time next time and every time after that.”

“Don’t worry, I want this just as bad as you do, just take me. God, take me!”

Henry responded by accelerating his movements and deepening them. He then said “At this speed, I won’t last very long sweetie.”

“Neither will I baby, I’m close, I’m so close.”

Tara moved back just a tad more, changing the angle and soon had Henry’s big cock hitting her g-spot.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Henry held on to her ass, pulling her toward him and pushing her over the edge. Tara groaned her release, squeezing Henry’s cock inside her as she did so. Soon, it was Henry’s turn to groan his release, coming inside her. When he stilled, he held her against her and caressed her back for a few moments.

Before parting, he kissed her tenderly and said “Tell me this doesn’t have to be a one time thing.”

“It can’t. You promised me more preliminaries, remember?”

Smiling, he said “But that’s only if you want me again.”

“Oh yeah, I want you again. How about you come home with me tonight?”

“Just promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“No using those nails on me?”

Tara laughed and promised. “Deal!”

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