The Beginning

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I’m addicted to oral sex. Actually, to be exact, the joy of spreading a woman’s thighs with my hands and letting my tongue dance over, around and on her clit until every muscle in her body seizes in orgasm. It is beyond me how there are men out there that can’t stand to orally pleasure a woman. Were it not for my wife and her propensity to flirt when we were dating some 30+ years ago, I may never have been introduced to my life-long passion.

As I said, my wife has always been a huge flirt. And she has such a sweet, coy sexy way of talking on the phone, which often got her in trouble in her younger days. Shortly after graduating from high school she went to work in a call center environment where she spent her entire shift on the phone talking to strangers. Thanks to her pert phone personality, she had more than her share of opportunities to flirt and be flirted with. It was just one of these calls that led to her discovering oral sex and, subsequently, my introduction.

Ann (my wife) usually worked the 2-10 shift and I would take here to and from work. However, on this particular day, she was assigned a split shift and had off from 2 until 6 between shifts. I was in college and had morning classes so when she worked a split shift she would drive herself. We would then normally have spent the afternoon together. Not so on this day.

Ann called me when she got off the first shift and told me she was going shopping with some coworkers and wouldn’t see me until after her second shift. It was only later that I found out what “shopping” she meant. She had been flirting all during her first shift with an older man (25 years old – she was 18, almost 19 at the time). The conversations weren’t explicit, but had a definite sexual undercurrent. David (the man) spent the whole shift trying to convince her to meet him to get a coke and more conversation. She finally agreed and met him at a fast-food joint comfortably away from where she worked.

She got to the meet point before him and settled in a booth. During the course of the morning’s flirting, he told her he was about 5′ 10″ and many people said he looked like Neil Diamond (remember, this was 35ish years ago). Ann was only 5′ even and had wonderfully firm legs, a lush derriere and outstanding 36c breasts. She would look up apprehensively every time the door open and, if a single man came in, wondered if that was “him”. Fortunately, none had been thusfar since none had been particular attractive. After what seemed like an eternity, HE walked through the door. She knew pendik escort immediately it was him – from the Neil Diamond description and something about his self-confident aura. David looked around and when his eyes fell on her he likewise knew it was Ann. He strode over and settled in the booth across from her.

David and Ann talked small-talk for awhile and then he suggested they get some drinks and go to a nearby park. Even though Ann knew absolutely nothing about David, she has always been a risk-taker, and coupled with his smooth manner and great looks, ended up leaving with him in his car.

When they got to his car, David was the perfect gentleman and opened the passenger door for her and closed it again after she settled in. Strangely, there was nothing said between them during the short drive to the park, most likely he was bound up inside with anticipation of what he might get and her in anticipation of what might happen. Anyway, when they reached the park, he maneuvered to a somewhat secluded cul-de-sac and parked. Ann was expecting him to be all over her as soon as they parked, but to her surprise and pleasure, he simply turned sideways in the seat so he could look at her while the talked. Ann did the same, but being rather short, tucked one leg up under the other. She had on jeans so there wasn’t any skin or panty shot, but still, her legs formed a perfect V with her covered pussy at the apex.

David spent a lot of time just talking and putting her at ease, gradually doing things like reaching out and twirling her hair and commenting how soft and silky it was. Finally, he just leaned over and softly kissed her neck. Ann tensed and didn’t her head, but he continued kissing and swirling his warm tongue on her neck and shoulder. This is one of Ann’s biggest erogenous zones and it melted her over time. Her head began to tilt giving him greater access to her neck and shoulder and shivers when up and down her body. He’d draw little moist circles on her skin and then nibble at her earlobe. Ann’s breathing began to deepen and David knew the effect he was having even though she never made a sound.

After reaching a state of comfort that she was softened, David took her chin in one and and turned her face and met her lips with his. No trepidation on her part now; she willingly parted her lips and let that same tongue that had brought goose-bumps to her neck slip into her warm mouth. He kissed her with the experience of an older man – sensually. They’re lips broke and he kissed under her chin and down the maltepe escort front of her neck, stopping just above her partially exposed cleavage. His mouth reversed course and worked back up over the same enflamed skin, finally meeting her lips again. This time, while their lips and tongues were inter-locked, David moved one hand to her denim covered thigh and began to caress it. Ann, in response, moved to bring her thighs closer together, but didn’t break the kiss.

While still locked in a passionate kiss, David slowly moved his hand up to the top of her jeans, but rather than attack the button and zipper, continued up to the bottom button on her blouse. He paused just long enough to break the kiss and and go back to making love to Ann’s neck. Ann responded by doing nothing to prevent him from unbuttoning her blouse. As he was freeing each button, his mouth and lips traced a warm, moist trail of kisses along her neck to the front until, in perfect timing his lips were kissing the top of her cleavage just as the last of the buttons was undone. The feel of his lips and tongue on her exposed skin was searing. Her beautiful bra-covered breasts were heaving as she breathed.

Rather than clumsily attack her bra and paw at her nipples, David simply kissed over and around what skin was exposed. When the time was right, he reached up and found one of the stiffening buds under her soft bra and gently twirled it between his thumb and finger. The immediate reaction was for Ann to suck in a single breath and hold it like it was going to be her last.

I’m sure David wanted to free her soft breasts from their encumbrance, but instead moved his lips down across the bra and onto the skin beneath the bra. As had been all along, he let his lips and warm tongue melt any inhibitions she had and kissed his way down across her exposed stomach and abdomen to the top of her jeans. Ann let out an almost imperceptible gasp when his fingers left her covered nipple and she did nothing when his fingers released the snap to her jeans. All she could focus on was the sensation of his lips on her skin. However, when David began to unzip her jeans, a bit of reality returned and she moved to cover his hands with hers and try to stop him. She instinctively closed here thighs tight together, but this didn’t deter David. He simply continued unzipping her jeans, dragging her hands with his.

Finally, the zipper was completely down and he had brought the tops of her panties down with it. Ann’s moist pussy was still covered, but David kartal escort expertly let his tongue and lips soften her again. His hands went to the hip tops of her jeans and began to work both the jeans and her white panties down over the hips. It wasn’t the easiest because Ann didn’t raise her hips to assist, and quite the contrary, ground her tush into the car seat to try to impede the progress. But David was unfazed and finally got them down to the top of her thighs leaving her crimson covered mound exposed.

David brought his expert oral skills to bear on the mound and Ann gasped when his tongue parted her folds. And the damn burst when it slid across her clit. Now, Ann furtively through her tush up of the seat and David was able to easily lower her jeans and panties along her thighs, over the knees and down into a heap at her ankles. Ann responded by throwing her thighs wide open giving him full access to her now gushing pussy. David wrapped his lips around her love button and drew it into his warm mouth where he gently suckled it and teased it with his tongue. Ann was now rocking her hips and thrusting up, trying her best to wrap her pussy around something. Her hands clasped his hair on either side of his head and pulled him tight to her. David let her nub slip from his lips and slipped his tongue down her fold, across the opening to her love tunnel, and then teased the soft, stretched skin between her pussy her anus. Ann was in total lust at this point. She was moaning “oh my”, “oh geez”, “ohhhh, don’t stop”, “oh, I can’t stand it”. David returned back up through her gushing pussy and to her clit again, but this time rubbing the flat surface of his tongue up and down on it. When he sensed she was nearing orgasm, he would leave the clit and let his tongue twirl around the entrance to her pussy. This went on for quite some time bringing her closer and closer to orgasm until finally he didn’t release her pert nub and the sweet release of orgasm overtook her. Every muscle in her body shook and her toes curled in her shoes.

David brought her down slowly until she relaxed and he layed there with his face resting between here open legs. Ann, for her part, just stayed there totally exposed without a single care if anyone passed by. Just when she was going to move to try to dress, however, David began to nibble at her upper thighs and she immediately abandoned all thoughts of dressing.

They never had intercourse that afternoon, but David used his oral skills to bring her to 3 more orgasms.

Now, back to the point of the beginning of the story. That was Ann’s first exposure to oral sex and it was so wonderful that she introduced it to me a few days later. I never met David, but I owe him a huge thank you for what he taught Ann and she subsequently taught me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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