The Beach Bus

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I was a bit dingy from the sun as I climbed up the steps of the bus and worked my way to the back. The bus that would return me to the city was crowded with beach goers and there were no seats left so I stood in the aisle in the swaying mass of bodies, smelling the scent of of seawater and coconut oil as the bus lurched off down the rough dirt track that was the beach road.

After several more stops, the already crowded bus was becoming more like a college fraternity prank as more people got on and I found myself crushed between two pretty young girls in their bikinis; one dark haired with large breasts and the other, a blond sporting a tiny orange bikini beneath a see-through coverup. I was honed and tanned from working construction and a week’s vacation in the surf. The young women, smelling sweetly of oil and girl sweat, eyed me appreciatively and murmured apologetically as they were pressed backwards even more tightly against me as more passengers got on.

The bus started up once more, making its swaying, rumbling way down the beach, the back of the bus very warm from all the perspiring bodies. I had become distinctly aware of the pressure of the darkhaired girl’s glistening firm body against mine just as we hit a large pothole. She lost her footing and I reached around to steady her, my palm with fingers spread against her warm tummy just above the line of her bikini. She tried to turn and smile as I held her on her feet but the crowd was too tight.

By this time I was becoming so aroused by the feel of the her body swaying against mine that as much as I tried to ignore the situation, I soon developed an aching erection which seemed, as the girl was just the right height, to exactly fit into the space between her tanned legs just under her bikinied illegal bahis buttocks.

As the bus lurched and bumped down the road, she became aware of my cock as it pressed between her thighs. She gasped and turned open mouthed, just enough so that I could see a surprised but mischievous smile on her lips and with a laugh she squirmed her well rounded hips and buttocks against me deliciously, causing my cock to strain against the crease formed by her pussy and the thin nylon of her swimsuit.

As the bus resumed its lumbering, jerking progress with the mass of people in the back of the bus crammed tightly shoulder to shouder and hip to hip, her pretty blond friend was pressed into my side and she could just see the the progress of my hand, still palming her friend’s stomach as it moved downward across the darkhaired girl’s oily, sunwarmed skin. The blond girl licked her lips, her jaw slightly dropped in riveted amazement as my fingertips dipped into her buddy’s navel and moved under the bikini bottom to cup the girl’s mound. I heard an intake of breath from the blond as I gently traced and probed her friend’s slit.

The dark haired girl sagged against me and with a shrug and shift of her sandaled feet, the bikini bottom against which my cock had been straining, was suddenly gone and as the bus steadied down to a rhythmic motion, the deep vibration of its powerful engine came up through the floor and seemed to center itself in the very spot where the tip of my rock-hard penis was sliding smoothly back and forth between the girl’s now hot, slippery pussy lips.

She relaxed against me, her lower body slowly undulating; the head of my penis now engaged about an inch deep in her warm, juicy cooze.

It was about that time that the bus hit the railroad illegal bahis siteleri tracks.

The whole crowd fell backward with a collective gasp and the girl arched back against me as the full length of my cock slid deep into her hot slit. Her blond friend pressing against my side got just a glimpse of what was going on and she, having also lost her bikini bottom down in the press of bodies, groaned as she she straddled my hip, and ground her hot, wet pussy against my leg. The girl in front of me, now breathing heavily, was being fucked as much by the bus as by me, and as we got to the worst stretch of road, the bus lurching and rocking from one pothole to the next, my diesel-vibrated cock driving deeper and deeper into her hot juicy puss with each great bounce. As we fucked, I could look down into the face of her pretty, blond friend to my right, her eyes half closed behind dark glasses, and as her lips slightly parted, I felt her hand reach behind me to caress my swollen balls. The dark-haired girl gasped, arched her back and quivered as my hips gyrated and pumped wildly in response.

The press of the crowd was obscuring this action to all but those closest. People in front of us may have known something was going on but were too pressed in to turn around. An older woman to my left gasped in astonishment when the crowd parted just enough so that she could see a flash of the beautiful, now completely naked, dark-haired girl. The girl’s bikini’s top had fallen away to leave her ripe tits bouncing completely bare and I could just see the bikini bottoms which had dropped to her knee. She was bent backward, eyes closed, straining up on tiptoe, one leg lifted, every muscle taut, with my left hand squeezing her heavy, firm breast, her swollen, pink canlı bahis siteleri nipple pinched firmly between my fingers, my right hand spread across her quivering belly with two fingers opening her pussy to stroke her clitoris as the rumbling, lurching bus fucked and pumped my cock deep into her belly on its way down the beach road.

The blond, watching all this, wrapped her leg more firmly around mine and moaned as the beach bus swayed and jiggled.

Pandemonium broke loose as the bus hit an enormous pothole and went onto two wheels. My hand disengaged from the darkhaired girls thick breast and as the bus righted itself I found myself gripping low on the blond’s firm, round buttock with my fingers dipped to the knuckles into her wet pussy from behind.

“Oh! My goodness!”, exclaimed the older woman as the blond yelped and ground her dripping slit against my hand. The bus skidded slightly and the dark haired girl groaned and arched up convulsing as the first gush of my hot come shot into her tight young body, her tits heaving completely into view. Someone in the crowd exclaimed, “Whoa!” The bus driver, trying hard to get the overloaded bus back under control, swerved sharply. The crowd shifted violently. Suddenly the dark-haired girl was gone and I was crushed belly to belly against the blond and as the bus driver applied the brakes I fell forward, my jerking, gushing cock driving deep into her hot pussy. The bus righted itself and I was torn from the blond, shooting a great arc of jizum randomly onto the oblivious nearby passengers and now facing the astonished older woman, the last of my cum spasmed and drooled into her open beach bag.

I sank to the floor in the crowd, completely spent, swooning on the smell of sex, tanning oil and the ocean, half concious until the bus reached the end of the line.

The bus had emptied; I had missed my stop and had to walk sixteen dizzy blocks back to my apartment.

I smelled so good I didn’t wash for two days.

I love the Beach Bus.

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