The Barn

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She stood at the gate, breathing deeply of the scents surrounding her at the corral. Her body shuddered deeply as the hay scent filled her, taking her to when she was lying in it on her back, feeling the prickliness of it sticking into her skin as he had taken her so hard and so deep. She had worn those marks for days. She opened her eyes and looked down to see the glistening wetness on her thighs just below the tight mini skirt she wore. She opened the gate and as she moved toward him in the center with the stallion he was working to train for the race, shivers moved down her spine at his physical presence.

He sensed her coming as he breathed, he smelled her light perfume. He blew out like a stallion does when he does not want his harness or bit placed on him. He turned, looking at her sexy legs moving slowly to him as his eyes traveled to see the glistening of the wetness on her thighs. His cock responded, becoming as hard as steel. He growled low in his throat, displeased at how he reacts so quickly to her. He made his way to her, only to pass with a hard slap to her firm rump.

She turned with a cry and followed when she heard his low growl. Her nipples tightened so hard, the feeling moved to her pussy, making it contract hard. She cried out softly, keeping pace following him to the barn. She made her way in, as he moved behind her to close and lock the barn door. She cried out when his hand grabbed her hair in his fist, slamming her body into the wall, kissing her roughly. She could only react and kiss him back, both just as needy for the other.

He broke off, dragging her by the hair to the middle of the barn, standing her there as he placed illegal bahis her arms above her head into cuffs that were attached to chains and a pulley in the ceiling. He tightened the chains to have her on her feet, as he stripped her of her skirt, top and boots. He brought her to him, roughly abusing her mouth as he kissed her long and deep. He broke off again, smiling.

She watched him walk off, grab the brush and move to the stallion in his stall. She watched him for a long time brushing the coat of the stallion, wishing it was she he was brushing so pleasurably like that. Her body was responding to his brushing, it felt like the bristles of the brush were moving over her skin, with a light caress, then more of a harsh brushing as electric currents flowed across her skin, shocking her all over. She gasped, crying out as her body flooded with release, making her squirm in her cuffs.

He heard her cry out, looked up to see her wetness flowing down her thighs. He growled, stepped away from the stallion, closed his stall door, moving at a slow pace as he ripped his shirt over his head, unzipped his jeans letting them slide down and kicked his boots off all in a few seconds. All she could hear as he was making his way to her was his growling. She looked over shivering in fear. She knew she was not allowed to cum, until permission was granted.

Her fear rose another notch when she saw him grab the cane off the wall. She could not say anything her throat was just too dry and tight. His walk around her became the prowl of a wolf, as he leaned in and said with a low growl in his voice, “you did not have permission slut.” Then she felt the first sting of illegal bahis siteleri the cane land on her backside. She could not help but yelp, feeling it sting her skin as another landed on her ass. She squirmed in place as he kept bringing the cane down, screaming as the pain raced throughout her. She made a loud gasping sound as he came in front to flay her breast with the cane. She could not count how many times he laid the cane across her skin. Her mind went into that deep haze of pain and pleasure. He stopped and rubbed her body in oil that made his cock hard and throbbing aching to be inside her. He slowed his rubbing to soft caresses as he made his way around her body. He soothed the pain from the cane as he kissed his way down her spine to her ass. He cupped her cheeks with his broad hand, squeezing as he heard her soft moans of pleasure.

He growled more deeply than before, moving as he placed the spreader bar between her thighs, opening her to him. She was such a gorgeous woman with her long pussy lips, hanging, needing to be licked, bit on and he loved how they caressed his cock when he was in her adding sensations to the sensations that were already there. He moved his hand between her ass cheeks and placed a finger on her rim, moving it around to get her juice on and inside of her. His mind was filled with erotic pictures of his cock deep inside her ass, taking, owning as he did on a regular basis. His breath left his lungs making it difficult to breath in, as his arousal pounded in his brain and his body.

She felt his breath on her back, soothing as he played with her ass. It felt so good to feel his finger moving around the rim, canlı bahis siteleri to slip inside every so often to make her loose for him. Her body quivered in need as her pussy dripped with wetness. He knew she was ready as he watched her pussy drip onto her thighs. He moved his fingers to hold her ass cheeks open as he placed the head of his cock at her rim. He quivered as he pushed the head in and her cry left her body. He was a big man, and knew he stretched her wide when he moved inside of her. He growled deep and in one hard push of his hips, shoved his cock up deep into her bowels. The scream he expected came quickly as he stayed deep in her not moving.

She was full inside. Then she felt his fingers move and start playing with her clit. She felt her muscles in her ass contract around his cock, milking him as he took it out to the head and pushed back in deeply. Her body craved his cock in her ass as she felt her body opening and welcoming him more. She pushed back on her hips as her cries matched the sound of his body slapping hers as he fucked her. His impending orgasm, shuddered his body hard, as sweat rolled down his chest and his veins swollen with blood, engorging his cock as he thrust harder into her bowels. She screamed out begging to cum as his orgasm was forced out flooding her bowels as he told her to cum now.

She slung her head back as she screamed out with her orgasm just before the force of it caused her to black out. She came to a few minutes later blinking to get the sweat from her eyes. She smiled when she saw him looking at her. He smiled and handed her some water to drink through a straw. He let her drink, then reached up releasing the tightness of the chains, slowly dropping her arms, as he uncuffed her to have her fall into his arms. He held her close, then took her to the bundle of hay, laying her down with her head on his lap. “Good Girl” was all that was said.

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