The Balcony

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After a long day at work, I come home around midnight sore to the bones. I set my various items down and tidy up the house. My better half, I know had a long day and undoubtedly went to bed early, deservedly so. While there were a few things that needed to be put away and somethings clean, I do so, after about twenty minutes I poor myself a small glass of whiskey, enjoy it then head up stairs into our bedroom and kiss her on the forehead and jump in the shower relived to feel the water wash away the days work leaving me refreshed, I exit the shower and towel off, wrap myself in my robe.

Heading downstairs I go to poor another glass, deciding that I should go sit on the balcony and climb the stairs once again taking the bottle with me. Opening and closing the balcony door as quietly as possible still wrapped in my robe, whiskey in hand, I sit and watch the incoming storm roll in. Listening to the distant thunder, a sound that I have loved since my youth enjoying the sights and smells of the oncoming storm, as the storm draws near the thunder is louder now, and the scent of rain is in my face.

I pour another glass as she comes out on the balcony giving me a startle, not realizing that I had left the door open.

“I didn’t know we were expecting a storm.” she says.

“Me neither, but it is nice.” I reply.

“Summer showers are always nice.”

“Agreed, the drink makes it even better.”

“Does it now, drinking the nail polish remover again I see.” she says picking up the bottle

I give a slight chuckle

“I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No the thunder did. How was work?”


“I am sorry, well you are home now so relax and enjoy the storm, I am going to go back in.”

She kisses me and goes back inside.

I sit and watch as it starts to sprinkle. She comes back outside after about half an hour now in her robe and freshly showered.

“I know you said that the drink was nice, but how about some company.”

“Your company will always be better than any amount of drink.”

She leans over and kisses me deeply, the smell of the rain and her body wash create an arousing aroma. Kissing me more deeply my cock starts pendik escort to rise, as her tongue slips past my lips and tangles with mine. She slides her hand down my chest and further still until she parts my robe just enough to reach in and caress my cock.

“Looks like someone is else is liking my kisses.”


“Well then how about we not keep him waiting any longer.”

She kisses me and pulls away, starts kissing down my face into my neck, arousing kisses and teasingly sucks and nibbles as she makes her way down to my chest and positions herself directly in front of me opening my robe as she moves and kisses, stopping at the base of my now throbbing member. She caresses my erection gently stroking just the underside as she opens her robe exposing her beautiful breast to me. The rain starts to quicken as she licks the tip of my dick and gently strokes me planting kisses and licking my precum as it gathers. She pushes my dick forward and licks my balls as she strokes my shaft, taking her time not to rush me the slows her strokes to a crawl and takes one of my testicles into her mouth and suck not to hard but enough to give me pleasure, she release my cock and lets it come to rest on her face as she caresses my other ball treating as such rolling it around as she mouths the other. My moans are more audible and definite as I forget that we live in a complex and are outside. She releases her hand and mouth and swaps balls showing the other the same attentions that she did before. My cock is oozing precum onto her face and I tell her to be careful or she will end up with hair full of come as I can feel my orgasm approaching this only entices her to keep going stronger and releases her hand from my ball and strokes my cock pumping faster as she sucks on my nutsack.

With the tension rising I let her know by my moans that I am close, she hasn’t taken me into her mouth yet and when I start to think that she isn’t going to, she releases her mouth and moves her hand down to the base, pausing briefly to look at me and smile then look at the rain and thunder. With out warning she looks back at my direction and takes my now painfully hard cock into her mouth working maltepe escort as much as she can and pumping the rest. With each bob she takes more and more until she can’t take anymore I feel the tip touch the back of her throat and she lets out a small gag and backs away, catching her breath she dives back in.

“Baby, I am going to cum.” I say, as her pace increases.

“Uh huh.” she muffles with my cock in her mouth.

I can not hold back any longer and let go, cumming hard I can feel my sperm hit the back of her throat as she swallows it all. She keeps a slow hold on my cock as she retrieves all of my semen from my shaft, now fully drained, my body goes limp sitting in my chair the rain pours down and the thunder and lightning are more rampant.

She gets up and starts to head inside, I jump up and grab her by the waist and put her in the chair, kissing her, our tongues intertwining. I break the kisses and start my own decent stopping and loving her breast I take one of her nipples into my mouth and flick my tongue across as I pinch the other lightly at this point she could cut glass and I am in heaven. I flick my tongue across her as she holds my head and grabs my hand, not letting either go. I continue my passionate torture on her breast and when she eases her grip I change switch breast, showing the same care and devotion to the other has I had before. Listening to her soft moans and feeling her acceptance by holding me, my cock begins to harden. I let my go of her breast and leave long slow kisses down to the top of her leg. Laying kisses all along the crease of her leg I work until my face is next to her dripping sex. I can feel the heat that she is generating it is difficult for me to not just dive in, I control myself and proceed with my plan, giving passionate kisses to her lovely lady parts. Now she is gyrating her hips begging me to please her, I hold fast, and lick her mound never parting her vulva.

When I get to the top of her mound I lightly flick her clit and kiss down the other side of her beauty, She moans in pleasure and then in frustration, when I get to the bottom I decide that she is ready and place the tip of my tongue between kartal escort her lips and slide it up till I reach her clit and use all of my tongue to lap at her love button, she starts to moan and her gyrations have become more aggressive, we are matching each others motion as she moves her hips to my lapping. I break the cycle and plant my mouth fully over her clit and suck, she grabs a hold of my head and pulls me further into her I continue my assault and had a little more. My cock raging now, as is the storm, rain and thunder are applauding our efforts. I put a finger into her dripping snatch as use it as a slow piston as I am sucking on her clit, after a few minutes I increase the tempo of my piston and add another finger two now fucking her and my mouth on her clit, I use my finger in a “Cum here” motion to apply pressure to her G spot.

“Baby, I am cumming!”

“Cum for me baby.” I say with a chuckle knowing that she has forgotten that we are outside and would be coy normally. She lets out a loud moan and releases my head looking spent as she lays back, not wanting to let her recover fully, I stand up and kiss her, my cock at full attention in get into position and I push into her deep, her honey hole is heaven for my cock, slow stokes to start out, I love the feel of her and savor every second, the way that she wraps around my cock, I fit insider her perfectly. She wraps her legs around me and pushes me into her deeper applying pressure with her heels and releasing to match my movements. Our joined moans create a beautiful sound with the acoustics of our balcony and the wall of rain that this behind me. If there wasn’t a storm raging I would be concerned that someone would call the management, but today no one was outside save for us. My speed increases as I build up pressure, I latch on to one of her beautiful breast with my mouth and increase my speed until I am pushing myself to my max speed.

“BABY, I AM CUMMING! Cum with me.”

“Yes baby, anything for you.”

“Fill me with your cum!”

We both let go, her legs grip tighter around my waist as I feel my seed hit her cervix. I add a few more strokes and she releases her grip. Both spent we collapse in a heap. After a few minutes she is the fist to speak.

“Now we need another shower.”

“The rain isn’t enough?” I jokingly question.

“No but we can shower together, you know save water.” she says with a wink.

“Works for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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