The Babysitter Ch. 06

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I hadn’t heard from Shane in over a week and my anger continued to grow with each day. I felt used. I felt like a mistress. Worst of all, I felt dirty. Yet, part of me wanted to embrace that role. With every minute my feeling about it changed. Shane had me messed up bad.

Alone, in my dorm one night, I felt the need to become the slutty babysitter. I pretty much owned the outfit that the babysitter wore in the porn on Shane’s computer. I needed to remind him that I was his fantasy. I grabbed a pair of very small pink shorts, and a white tank top that wasn’t quite like the one the girl wore. It was more loose, but it fell just under my tits and showed a lot of side boob. I pulled a pair of white soccer sock up above my knees and twisted my hair into pigtails. I smeared cherry Chapstick on my lips, making them an “I just sucked dick” shade of pink. I grabbed my computer and took a bunch of pictures until I got the right shot. My hand was dipped under the shorts barely hiding the fact that my fingers were slipped between my wet pussy lips. My legs were spread and my back arched as I pulled down my shirt showing Shane my breasts. My head hung back slightly with my mouth open in what I hoped he would assume, was a moan.

I laid on my stomach flipping through the pictures I had just taken. I wanted to see the video again. It took me a while but I eventually found it. I looked better than the girl in the video. I watched as the girl begged for her job. I wanted to think Shane had picked this video because the girl looked just like me. I couldn’t stop myself as I reached my hand under my hips and slid it down my shorts. An electric pulse surged through me as I touched my clit. I was wet. I was soaking wet. I moaned as I began to rub myself and watched as the man held the girl’s head tight against the bulge in his pants. She rubbed her face against it and her eyes closed as she moved her lips along the fabric holding back his cock. She dipped her finger under her shorts and moaned as she rubbed herself as well. The man squeezed her tits before he unzipped his pants and placed the head of his cock on her lips. She looked up at him and began to lick the tip of his cock with enthusiasm. I want to be licking Shane’s cock, I thought as I felt myself get hotter. The girl moaned even louder as the man’s cock slid into her mouth. It was more than just good acting, you could tell she needed it. I knew because I felt the same way. I needed Shane’s cock in my mouth. I needed to taste him. Before I even knew what I was doing my fingers had left my clit and were sliding into my mouth. I sucked them and moaned as I began to grind my clit against my bed. I licked the taste of my pussy from my fingers until my clit demanded more. My fingers quickly found their way back under my shorts. I slowly moved two fingers into my pussy and felt myself squeeze around them. I whimpered in pleasure and frustration. I needed Shane and nothing was going to satisfy me like he could. I pressed my hips against my hand and began to rock my body against it. My pussy slid up and down on my fingers and my clit rubbed against my palm, making my body flush and my walls tighten. I watched the video and imaged Shane stroking his cock while thinking about me as he watched the same video. He had to wanted me. He had to fantasized about me, I thought. My head had ducked away from the computer as I pushed my hips harder against the bed, but I was drawn back as I heard the girl speak.

“I’m your little slut Daddy.”

“Fuck me harder Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“I’ll be such a good girl for you Daddy.”

Oh God, I wanted to call Shane “Daddy” as he fucked me. I felt my orgasm build and quickly grabbed my phone. I somehow opened a recording app without taking my eyes off of the computer screen. I pressed record.

“I’m your little slut Daddy.” Saying the words made me even hotter.

“I need your cock Daddy. Mmmmmm. Fuck me Daddy. I promise I’ll be such a good girl for you Daddy. Oh God, Shane, fuck me . . . “

My pussy squeezed and then pulsed around my fingers and hips pushed deeper onto the bed as I came hard, begging Shane to fuck me.

I saved the recording on my phone and sent the picture to my phone, but couldn’t bring myself to send it to Shane.

It wasn’t until around 8:00 pm on a Friday when he finally text me.

Shane: Hey. What are you up to tonight? Nancy and Bobby went away to her sisters and I want to see you.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, I thought. That’s what he decides to say after a week of . . . nothing!?

Me: Sure let’s go out somewhere. You can at least buy me dinner and drinks before you fuck me this time.

I was being irrational. I knew a married man couldn’t take out his college-aged babysitter alone. But I wanted him to know how I felt. I wanted him to know I needed more than being a used mistress only when the time was right for him. But then again I did. I wanted him to use me, to make me his little slut. He had my head completely pendik escort fucked up.

Shane: I’ll open a bottle of wine and we can order from wherever you want.


Me: But I want to go out.

Shane: Morgan, you know I can’t take you out. I wish that I could, but that’s way too risky.

Me: Have a great night Shane. I’m going out.

I didn’t want to go out before, but now I was sure as hell going to paint the town red.

I got dressed in the shortest dress I owned. It was a tight dark green, long sleeved, bodycon dress that just covered my ass. If the length wasn’t slutty enough, the neckline plunged past my tits. A thin rope zig zagged across my chest like a shoelace, keeping the neckline in place. I guess I could have pulled it tight to cover myself a bit more. But I didn’t. My tits looked fake pushed slightly together by the tightness of the dress. And without a bra the slightest breeze made my nipples very visible through the thin material. The only other articles of clothing included the smallest g-string I could find and a pair of very high heels.

Within an hour I was 2 shots in at the bar and working on a beer. I had almost forgotten about Shane while dancing with my friends and flirting with a boy from my Stats class. That was, until I felt my phone buzz.

Shane: Morgan, seriously. Let me come get you. Spend the night with me.

I took another shot. Fuuuuuck that, I thought.

Me: Attachment: 1 Image

Me: Is this what you want Daddy?

I sent the picture I had taken in his office. Shane didn’t say anything. I waited for a while. I drank my beer as I began to feel that perfect combination of tipsy, horny, happy, and bold as fuck. I sent him the voice recording.

Me: Is this what you want to hear Daddy?

Still nothing.

Me: What’s wrong Mr. Miller? Maybe this is what you want.

Me: Attachment : 1 Image

I sent the picture of me dressed as the babysitter. Then, I don’t know why I did it but, I sent him a drop pin of my location. Maybe it was a “come and get me” move. I don’t know, I could always blame the alcohol.

I was furious as fifteen minutes went by and he still hadn’t said anything. Then the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should be embarrassed because I had basically just told him that I invaded his privacy. On top of that I was acting like a psycho. After that I just wanted to make myself feel better.

Tony, the guy from my Stats class was buying me another beer and taking every opportunity to touch me. I got out of the booth and let him slide in when he came back with beers and two shots for each of us.

“You’re the best! Thanks Tony.” I said tilting my head and smiling.

We talked for a bit and it seemed he was inching closer with each hand gesture he made. He was very attractive and had an amazing body, he was even kind of funny. I’d be transferring schools soon. I was leaving State in the fall and would be enrolling in classes upstate at a better more prestigious university. I might as well start distancing myself from Shane, I thought. Even still I couldn’t stop myself from checking my phone over and over again.

“Saluti,” he said raising his shot glass and pushing mine toward me.

“Haha saluti,” I repeated and downed my glass.

I shook it off and immediately checked my phone to see if Shane had text me in the 6 seconds it took me to pick up my glass and drink it.


“So are you expecting to hear from someone or what?” Tony said smiling.

“I’m so sorry. I WAS expecting someone, but it seems they aren’t very interested in me.” I said laughing.

“Who wouldn’t be interested in you!? Maybe you’re just sending the wrong signals.” He said raising an eyebrow.

“Ha! I don’t think so. I think my signals are pretty fucking clear,” I said rolling my eyes.

“How clear.” He had stopped joking around and had put his hand on my knee.

“Very,” I said lowering my voice and looking into his eyes now.

He raised an eyebrow and then smiled before grabbing my phone and opening my messages.

“Toooooony!” I laughed as we fought for the phone, allowing him the opportunity to touch me.

I pulled the phone along with his hands to my chest and tried to steal it back from him. He let me hold his hands against my body as I whined and laughed, begging him to give my phone back. He started to tickle me and being more afraid of one of my tits popping out, I relinquished my phone under duress. Tony had my arms pinned against his chest as he looked at my phone from low behind my back.

I knew the exact moment he saw the picture because his eyes widened and his hand trailed down my chest and reached behind me to cup my ass. My legs had ended up draped over his, and I now faced him in the booth with my back to the rest of the bar.

He looked a little shocked. Although I was dressed provocatively now, he had only ever seen me in jeans and a t-shirt in class. I think he had probably thought maltepe escort of me as a good girl. A girl who worked hard in school, played on the soccer team, and studied while working as a babysitter in her free time. He became even bolder as he placed my phone on the table and grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me closer to him.

“Do you like being a bad girl?” He asked seriously, squeezing me and blatantly looking down at my tits before boldly looking in my eyes and demanding an answer.

“You have no idea how bad I can be,” I said giving him a contradictory innocent smile.

Tony raised an eyebrow and moved his hands between my legs.

“How bad?” He asked finding my wet panties and rubbing my pussy through the thin material.

The people around me faded away, my eyelids lowered as I moaned . . . and thought about Shane. Tony leaned forwards and kissed me as his fingers pulled my panties to the side, finally touching my smooth, bare pussy.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said.

My eyes opened, slightly disappointed at seeing Tony instead of Shane but my phone hadn’t buzzed and I needed some type of relief. I nodded my head and took my second shot before heading to his car.

The alcohol hit me just as the cold breeze from night air chilled me. I was feeling amazing. That “fuck it, let’s dance in the street” amazing. I clung to Tony as we laughed and stumbled down the street looking for his car. I could see a few disapproving looks by couples who passed us as Tony held my ass, every once in awhile making my dress hike higher up my leg. I looked the boyfriends, dates, husbands in the eye knowing they wished it was their hand. It made my panties even wetter as their eyes lowered trying to steal a glimpse of tits before passing us.

Then I saw the most disapproving face, stopped directly before us. It was his anger that I recognized even before his face that stopped me in my tracks. My brain focused and I saw an incredibly sexy, well built man in a suit, before realizing it was Shane. He was standing right in front of me looking like he might kill Tony. Tony smiled at him and pulled me closer. All I could do was look down at my shoes and slightly lean away from Tony.

“Take your hands off of her, and walk back to the bar.” Shane was calm and yet authoritative but mostly terrifying.

Tony hesitated for a second and then smiled again. He put his hands up and laughed a little shaking his head.

“You’re a very lucky man,” Tony said backing up and smiling, his hands still raised.

Shane’s hands claimed me as soon as Tony released me. He pulled me into him possessively before grabbing my waist tightly and leading me to his car. I didn’t even look back.

My heart raced as I sat in Shane’s car waiting for him to get in. I was almost shaking I was so nervous and excited. I wanted to jump on him and kiss him and immediately show him how happy I was to see him. I also wanted to slap him for coming in and claiming me like a caveman and dragging me off. At the same time I wanted hide and cry and beg him to forgive me for my actions. Instead I sat in silence as Shane got in the car and drove home without even the smallest glance in my direction.

We pulled into his garage and Shane came around and opened my door barely looking at me as I tried to slink out of his way as he moved toward the house. Inside he threw his keys onto the counter and started on his tie before looking at me.

“Go upstairs and take a shower. You can sleep in the guest room.” He said draping his jacket over the barstool and waking out of the room. Why was he in a suit?

I stood in the kitchen contemplating my feelings and my next move. As it turns out I was mostly pissed and in desperate need of Shane. I tiptoed towards his office and found him sitting at his desk.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked leaning against the door and looking to the floor.

Shane glanced up at me and went back to doing some work on his computer. I took a few steps into the room until I stood in front of his desk.

“Are you mad because I didn’t come over when you asked. Or are you mad that I was talking to that guy, Tony?” I asked innocently.

Again Shane looked up from his work but didn’t answer. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, rubbing the arm rests and staring me down. The silent treatment was pushing every button I had. I wanted him to say something, so I slowly reached under my dress and pulled my panties down, exaggerating every move I made.

“Are you mad that I was going to let him fuck me or because he made me . . . So. Fucking. Wet.” I pronounced each syllable deliberately and then threw my wet panties onto his desk.

He tried not to react but I could see his jaw lock tightly. I came around to the side of his desk and kicked his chair so that he swiveled to face me. I slowly started to pull the rope from my shirt, unlacing the zig-zags that held the neckline of my dress together. He watched, unmoved.

“Do kartal escort you stroke your big cock and think about me while watching your babysitter porn?” I asked pulling the string from its final loop and throwing that at him as well.

He obviously wasn’t shocked that I knew the type of porn he watch but my words did seem to rattle him a little. I knelt down and crawled towards him until I was between his legs. I rubbed his thighs and stared up at him until I found his cock. He was hard despite his anger. He looked even more pissed off when I smiled. Even through his stubborn, military resolve, I had an effect on him and he hated the fact that I knew and liked it. I rubbed his cock through his pants teasingly and felt his entire body tense. The rope from my shirt that was wrapped tightly around his hand made a stretching sound as his fists hardened. While still on my knees I backed up and straightened. I looked directly at him as I pulled the neckline of my dress apart, showing him how hard my nipples were.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I didn’t mean to make you mad.” I said innocently as I pinched my hard nipple.

“I’ll be such a good girl, Daddy. Please let me make you cum,” I moaned the words.

His jaw set again but I saw his cock twitch beneath his pants. Yet still he sat, unmoved. His silence created an overwhelming desire in me to have his cock in my mouth. If I couldn’t get him to speak to me, I could at least make him moan. He let me unhook his belt and undo his pants. His cock sprang from his boxers and I leaned in to lick it. Quickly, Shane grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. He could see how bad I needed to suck him and he smiled.

“Beg for it,” he demanded.

I stared at him expressionless. Could I beg him? I contemplated MAKING him let me instead, but the desire was too much and my body forced me to concede.

“Please can I suck your cock,” I asked in a moan and dipped my head again to taste him.

He grabbed my face harder this time and forced me to look at him again.

“Beg better.”

My pussy dripped down my leg and I was compelled to close my eyes as a wave of heat coursed through me.

“Please Daddy. Let me taste you,” I could only whisper the words now.

I wanted to squeeze my legs together just to satisfy the throb that was becoming unbearable, yet didn’t want to give him that satisfaction. But it was in vain because when he released my face he pinched my nipple hard and I moaned loudly, arching my back, clearly begging for more.

I looked at him as if asking permission once again before I leaned down and licked his cock. I moaned in relief and ecstasy. Then licked it again and again getting his cock wet with my spit. Finally, I opened my mouth and took him in. I sucked him like he was the best thing I had ever tasted. I took in more and more of his cock in and out of my mouth licking him each time he left my lips. He let me do this for a while, satisfying my need until he grabbed the back of my head and forced himself into my throat. I slightly gagged and he let me catch my breath before doing it again and again. I tried to hide the need to catch my breath and moaned each time my head came up. Finally my throat opened and he bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I became completely entranced as I Imagined him cumming in my mouth. I felt his hands on my wrist and yet continued to suck him. It wasn’t until I felt a burn of pressure around them that I finally stopped. Shane had tied my wrists together with the rope from my shirt. I didn’t have more than a second to process what was going on before he lifted me and bent me over his desk. His body held me down as he tied the other end to a decorative knob on the other side.

“Shane what-” Before I could finish he pulled my dress up and spanked my ass hard, making me yelp in pain.

“Shane!” He hit me again this time harder so that my body slid slightly on the table.

My clit rubbed against the smooth wood and I moaned, finally feeling some relief from the throb he had created. By the third smack I was whimpering, begging for the pain and the pleasure. I tried to spread my legs so that my clit would hit harder against the desk but Shane stopped me. He pulled my hips back further, lifting my ass into the air thus showing him my pussy. He began to rub two fingers up and down my pussy lips making me wiggle my ass in an attempt to get more. When his fingers finally slipped inside me I let out a low throaty breath and almost started to cry. It wasn’t enough but it was so incredibly good. He fucked me with his fingers and rubbed my inside. I could feel his hand covered in my pussy juice, I could feel my nipples drag across the table and harden to the point of pain, and I could feel an orgasm quickly building. Shane abruptly stopped, removing his hand and leaving me begging.

I heard fabric rustling behind me but couldn’t tell what was happening. Then Shane plunged into me completely.

“Aghhhhh!! Oh god, Daddy yes!” I screamed the words in pure lust.

I heard him groan and he pulled away before impaling me again resulting in another guttural scream.

“Nobody fucks this pussy but me, do you understand?” He growled, pushing into me again even harder

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