The Aquarium

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We have been traveling all morning and part of the afternoon. We decide to stop at the next hotel and just relax. So we pull into a very nice-looking hotel, with a huge pool.

We check in and go to our room, unpack and change into our suits. We walk to the pool together, holding hands and laughing. This has been the nicest trip so far. We travel well together, both with no sense of time restrictions or itineraries. We enter the pool area and notice that the lounges are mostly empty. We start to sit on the chairs, but quickly realize it is too hot to sunbathe. So we enter the pool, holding hands as we slowly descend the steps.

My suit is black with a brightly-flowered skirt attached. The top has a criss-cross design that allows you to view my tanned breasts. The skirt swirls around my hips as I walk and floats up as we enter the water. We walk in side by side until it is too deep, for me that is just under the 5′ mark, then you continue to walk as I hold onto your shoulders and move behind you. When we reach the deepest end of the pool, we stop and you turn around. My back is to the wall and you are in front of me, holding me loosely. We look around. There are very few people here, too early for check-ins, too late for staying-over guests. We have the pool almost to ourselves. You slip your hands under my arms to support me and move closer.

We talk about our travel plans, where we have been, where we still have to go. We watch the few people still in the pool area. They are so engrossed in their magazines or books…we are virtually alone. The water is moving slowly, little waves lapping against us. You are directly in front of me now and I see that look in your eyes. A look, I am sure, that is mirrored in mine. We have been unable to get enough of each other, even after those first frenzied days. I want you NOW and I see that you want me. I smile into your beautiful eyes. I keep thinking of the surprise I have for you, the one that I am waiting for you to find.

I am giggly and sizzly. The sun is dazzling, as is your presence in my life. We turn sideways, holding the pool edge with one hand, touching each other with our free ones. I touch your face, run my fingers in your hair, down your neck, over your shoulder and down your arm. Our fingers interlock and we smile at each other again. You reach around my waist pendik escort to pull me closer and place your hand on my hip. “Now,” I think, “now he will find it.”

I am touching your dear face, running my fingers over your lips, your cheeks, your eyes. I move my hands to your strong shoulders and hold there as I kiss your eyes, nose and mouth. I linger at that little curve beneath your lower lip, my mouth fits perfectly there. You start caressing my face and move down my body slowly, your hand leaving a hot trail in the cool water. Your lovely fingers slip down my leg and up my soft inner thigh and move against my aching central point. Your insistent fingers probe further and you find my surprise…an opening in my suit, right THERE, just where you might like to find one. You grin and slowly rub your finger inside the suit, touching my curlies and moving deeper. You find my swollen lips and massage me there.

My eyes drift closed and I hold my breath. The look of delight on your face made all the time spent altering the suit worth it. Your immediate grasp of the possibilities pleases me. You slowly slip another finger inside me. Your cool finger plumbs my hot depths. Yes, this is why I altered the suit, the thought of being in a pool with you, in just these circumstances. Activity continues around us, people walking to the restaurant for lunch, talking, reading, laughing together. I am sinking into a world of tactile pleasure. Your fingers are joined by another. I am full of you. Your talented thumb finds my clit and makes it hard and wanton. I am pressing myself against your hand, enjoying the feelings you are creating in me. My hand now moves down your chest, lingering for a moment on your right nipple, feeling it stiffen under my fingers. Moving down your tummy, to your suit, I keep thinking that I just need to know, to touch. My hand cups your cock, finding it hard and straight. We smile at each other and move a little closer, talking and laughing as before.

But now your fingers are insistently moving inside me, mapping out all my little nooks, all my special spots.

You press closer to me, leaning down to kiss me, pressing my back against the swimming pool wall. I place my hands on your shoulders as your fingers continue to move inside me. We look around as we talk, smiling and nodding at the others sitting maltepe escort around the pool. You remove your hand and I almost cry out trying to stop you. I feel a rush of cool water against my exposed pussy. I move my hands to your head, burying my fingers in your hair and pulling your face to mine. I need to touch you, taste your mouth, feel your lips on mine. Your hand returns to the water. I wait, expecting to feel your very insistent fingers entering me, but, no, it the head of your cock, pressing into my curlies.

Now your hands are on my shoulders, rubbing my arms. We talk, our faces several inches apart. Our upper bodies are a respectable distance, while our lower halves are nearly joined. Oh, but I feel you there and I want you deep inside me. Maybe if I gently pull you into another kiss… Yes, you slip inside me. I feel your cool, hard cock quickly warming as you glide into my hot, slippery depths. I wrap my legs around you, floating easily to your waist. We just stop all movement and I use my muscles to massage you, welcome you inside me, to let you know how happy I am to have you here. This is so good, having you deep inside me. The sun is warming us. You are making me so excited by your nearness. Even the few people around, not really noticing us…it all adds to the excitement. Soon, the last people go into their rooms or to the restaurant. It is too hot to sun right now.

We look at each other, connected in one very special place, and you start to thrust, moving inside me. The angle of me being slightly above you makes your cock rub against my clit with each stroke. I can feel my orgasm building. You know it too. My eyes are losing focus, I am breathing irregularly, my hands clutching your shoulders. You increase the tempo…moving deeply and smoothly inside me. I am right THERE, and suddenly, I am filled with this heat, this pulsation that I have no control over…you hold me close and whisper in my ear, soothing sounds, sweet voice, as my spasms slow, pulling you deeper all the time.

As my orgasm starts to subside, I feel you swell inside me. You thrust so deeply and just hold it there and I feel you explode within my depths, filling me, warming me. I kiss you gently on the lower lip, sucking it into my mouth. I hold your lovely throbbing cock deep inside me with my muscles, massaging kartal escort you, milking you, pulling you even deeper into me. We stay joined until we have no choice. I lower my legs and just hold you softly on the shoulders, smiling at you. Finally, our breathing becomes more regular. We start toward the steps. You suggest going in to lunch. We dry each other and I pull on my shift and sandals. You put on your shirt and flippies.

We head toward the restaurant, following the signs. As we enter the building, we are surprised to find the restaurant down two floor. We enter the elevator and push G. As the elevator starts to move down, you press the STOP button. I look at you wonderingly. Suddenly, you drop to your knees, lift my dress and place your mouth right at the slit in my suit, licking me deeply with your hot tongue, tasting our mingled juices, making my knees buckle. I am in such an aroused state, so drugged by your presence, that I can feel myself start to come again. The heat shoots up my legs and I feel my clit tighten against your insistent tongue, and I explode on your demanding mouth. You keep your face pressed between my legs until I stop shaking and then you stand up and start the car again.

We exit on the ground floor and look around. A couple passes us, the man is so friendly, the woman is looking very snooty. It is very dark, candles on the tables, a huge aquarium filling one entire wall. As we walk toward a vacant table, I notice the men smiling at me and grinning at you, giving you a thumbs up. Some men even stand pat your back. What a friendly crowd, I think, but then I notice the women are decidedly UNfriendly, frowning at us and seeming very disapproving.

We sit down at our table, study the menus, and place our order and then look around. We are sitting close together, our legs touching, our fingers moving over each other. I can’t get enough of you and you seem to feel the same way. We smile at each other, our eyes locked. You slip your hand under the table, your fingers tracing the soft skin of my inner thigh, moving to that little slit all lined with curlies. My eyes drift closed and my legs fall open. I live for your touch, your warm hands on me, your knowledgeable fingers taking me to such heights. I open my eyes and I turn to you to tell you how much I enjoy you. Then I notice children swimming in the aquarium. Hhhmmmm, children should not be in an aquarium. Then a woman swims by. You follow my gaze and both of us see it at once…the huge aquarium is really a glass wall in the swimming pool, the same wall I was pressed against earlier!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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