The Agency

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So…my previous stories were based on fact. In this story I indulge my erotic fantasies.

Imagine people are matched by some agency to be together for a few months to explore their most erotic desires. The agency screens people to align their interests and then sends them to some tropical island resort where all basic needs are taken care of – food, shelter, health-care are guaranteed. All clients are adults and for various reasons are seeking to begin new chapters of their lives. Couples are paired up and each will have a little bungalow on the beach. There are 8 bungalows scattered about forming a small community of couples all matched for the same purpose. The agency staff people are very professional and nearly invisible. They provide fresh food, laundry, emergency services if the need arises and coordinate occasional entertainment. Over the years the agency has developed a well-tested protocol to aid their clients achieving their goals.

Visitors arrive singly on separate boats and are dropped off alone on little docks in various lagoons about the island. Each hikes alone into the encampment. Jill’s map led her across the height of the island peak to the seaside settlement. Arriving on the island she wore trail shoes, shorts, wide-brimmed hat and a sleeveless shirt. The pack they gave her was surprisingly light as any clothes and supplies needed for her stay would be available at the cottage. Her day pack just contained some water, energy bars, sunscreen and one g-string with the string being a line of pearls. She wondered what lay ahead as she set foot on the island and the small boat departed for the base island some miles away. She followed a narrow path into a lush rainforest and saw that she had a few miles to hike. The spine of the island rose gracefully from the shining sea. It was warm and humid and the thick sweet smell of the tropics hung in the air. The thin fabric of her clothes wicked away her perspiration and she saw the wisdom of this attire. Her shirt was well vented and unbuttoned to allow a light breeze to cool her chest. She soon appreciated why they had her wear no underwear as any would be soaked from her exertion.

At another little lagoon, Sean, her mate arrived with similar instructions. They had never met in person but each had seen the other’s profiles and photos. She wondered how their paths would meet.

Her path led me up a winding ridge. Soon the sea below revealed that the island was located among many in an archipelago linked across the blue expanse. The islands’ lush and dense foliage blazed with hues of green which poked up from the blue expanse.

As she climbed a light breeze stirred the humid air. At a nice viewpoint she stopped and found the water bottle. A few sips and an energy bar renewed her energy. She unbuttoned the shirt entirely and exposed her breasts to the sun. The breeze felt good on her hardening nipples.

The agency had recommended no sex for two months preceding her arrival. She had nearly achieved that goal. A night with an ex-boyfriend had extended with one last tryst. As she stood bare-breasted on the ridge she yearned to meet her new mate. He had received photos of her nude and commented that they were “fantastic”. She sipped more water and poured some on her chest. Her breasts jiggled as she moved about and she secretly wished that he or someone might be watching.

She returned the water bottle to the pack feeling her dangling breasts sway freely as she did. She fashioned her open shirt like a bikini top by tying the tails below her breasts. The thin fabric softly cradled them like a hammock holding ripe mangoes. Her nipples pressed against the fabric tempting her to expose them again to the sun and breeze. The breeze on her bare midriff felt good. Her abs were taut from the exercises suggested by the agency. The agency’s many preparations had brought her to the island at a newfound height of desire.

Her loose fitting shorts were slung low on her hips. At times the breeze fluttered up the loose legs and cooled her simmering mound. She dug in the pack and found the g-string. She wondered if there was a plan for it. She held it in her hand and climbed higher on the trail. The beads felt smooth as they coiled in her fingers.

As she gained elevation she wondered about her mate’s path and how they’d actually meet. The agency staff said they were compatible on all levels. Her arousal and curiosity had been building for months. Soon they would meet. One nude photo of him came to her mind. He was sitting on an armchair with legs spread. His confident expression and his thick dangling member promised endless potential. The beads swung from her fingers as she went higher.

During a series of stops enroute to the base island the agency personnel prepared her for landing on the island. Their hints of erotic possibilities heightened her curiosity. The young nurse who gave her a series of inoculation shots smiled suggestively when she asked why she needed pendik escort so many. She assured that they were only a precaution against any tropical illnesses. She said any side effects would be minor and not unpleasant. This was intriguing and her sly look suggested the treatments would have an erotic edge. It was reassuring that her checkups were thorough and she was declared as having of a clean bill of health. Such was the case for all clients of the agency.

Later at the spa treatment at the last stop before the island she enjoyed a massage and final preparation. The young attendant who expertly waxed her mons offered that she appeared ready for the island. Was she was reacting to her excited questions about the program, or did she too notice that her labia were unusually lush and succulent? Might this be due to the shots Jill wondered at the time? Had the contraceptives added benefits?

On the ridge her thoughts were racing. She slipped her hand under the waistband of the shorts and felt her slick excitement. It seemed she had never been so aroused. The attendants’ advice to not wear bra or panties for this hike seemed odd at the time but now made sense. She was soaked.

Hiking upwards she admired the lush foliage and without thinking tugged at the loose knot tying her shirt over her breasts. The knot released and the shirt fell open to just cover them. The thin draping fabric flapped in the light breeze. She tossed the drapes aside and let the sun fall again on her full breasts. At 34C she knew they were perfect for her frame. She had worked to maintain her figure and looked younger than her age. Despite the warmth her nipples were rock hard and jutting happily atop her firm breasts. She climbed upwards and felt the wet warmth between her legs with each step. She wished that she’d encounter her mate on the trail. She knew her appearance revealed her burning desire.

The sound of falling water grew louder and she came upon a small side trail leading to a narrow gorge. The trail went to a small pool beneath a cascade. The chance to rest invited her to stop. Might this be where they meet? Her burning desire for her companion overcame all modesty. She disrobed and cast her clothes beside her pack that she lodged on the bank of the pool.

The exertion of the climb made her perspire such that her skin glistened in the tropical light. Her flushed appearance revealed to any watching the erotic urges erupting within. Completely at ease she stood nude by the pool. Her tight nipples and swollen labia proclaimed her thoughts.

She’d seen no one since leaving the dock. The idea of now being seen rose as a major turn on and she hoped his eyes followed her. Did his hike bring Sean into the dense brush by the pool? She stretched her arms overhead and stood with legs spread. Bending forward she touched the ground and held her legs straight to stretch. Anyone behind would enjoy a full view of her mostly bald mound and open lips. Thoughts of her mate watching from a perch in the brush filled her head. She welcomed the chance to now be seen in such full readiness. Her 5’6 body had an even and all-over tan from some sessions in a tanning booth. Her skin was smooth from gentle spa treatments. A braided ponytail pulled her auburn hair back to fall between her shoulder blades. The idea of being seen excited her. She felt her round ass and imagined his hands gripping her as he lowered her to her knees. Touching between her legs revealed how much the idea turned her on. Her labia were swollen, glistening and slick. Waxing had removed every trace of her pubes save for subtle landing strip. The attendant had left a soft inviting mound. She resisted the strong temptation to play. She’d save her first island orgasm for him.

She waded into the pool. The water was warm and soothing. She stopped at the depth where the water just touched her slick flowering lips. They protruded visibly below her smooth swollen pussy. She crouched and a touch of the water caused her to pause. Her senses seemed heightened. She felt the warm water lapping at her labia like wet kisses. She bent her knees slightly to lower on the wet ripples. Erotic thoughts flashed through her head. She imagined dipping like this over his soft lips as his tongue explored her creamy folds.

She stood and touched her swollen slit with two fingers. Unable to resist the temptation she slipped them inside. Her pussy was creamy, tight and hot. She imagined him exploring every wet bit of her. She removed her fingers and brought them to her lips tasting her readiness. The flavor was pure erotica perhaps heightened by the scene around her. She savored the promise that his cream would be delicious and imagined how their flavors would blend.

The nude photos of him in his dossier came to mind. He was certainly sexy and handsome. He looked a bit older than her. It was apparent he exercised regularly. She contemplated how sexy he looked in those nude photos. His gaze was strong maltepe escort and confident. His flaccid but thick cock hung heavily. From her first sight of it she wanted it.

She slipped deeper into the pool and swam to the falls on the opposite bank. She floated and washed in the bubbling water. The pool was crystal clear. From above her nude form contrasted with the shimmering blue backdrop. Was he above on the hills spying his mate exhibiting herself? She swam back to where she entered and walked out onto the little patch of soft grass. She dripped beads of liquid that splattered the leafy ground. There was no rush to dress so she stayed nude and lingered on the bank.

Nude she explored the edge of the pool and enjoyed the soft touch of the foliage as it brushed against her bare skin. Water droplets beaded her body. More thoughts flooded her mind. She cupped her bare breasts and hefted them as if presenting them to him. She imagined she was on her knees and his hot cock nestled between them…..then he spewed hot droplets. A moan escaped her lips revealing her desires.

He was not erect in any of the photos. His soft shaft looked thick and the plum-like knob proudly capped his cock. “His cock” she whispered to no one. The words tumbled from her mouth. She now craved it. She explored more of the bank of the pool with hot drops streaking her skin. Wet beads glistened on her nipples. She used the g-string beads to tickle them. Her inner thighs were streaked from the hot dew ebbing from her pulsing vagina. The moist air would not dry her. Would he enjoy watching her rinse his seed from her tits should they return to this pool? She smiled and knew she’d find out.

Constant images of sex flooded her thoughts. She was tempted to call his name. Was this because of the scene, or were her desires somehow released by all the preparations? Whatever the causes, she now burned with relentless cravings.

Burning desire centered between her legs and spread throughout her body. Her nipples remained rock hard. Her mouth watered and she licked her lips. The sensation of his slick knob pulsing in her mouth was so real she blinked and swallowed hard with the pleasant thought of hot cream exploding from the pulsing tip. She nearly choked as it brought back memories of more than a few such happy occurrences. A flood of erotic images crowded her thoughts. She pictured her ex-boyfriend. The image blurred and Sean’s photo of him seated legs apart on the chair focused her thoughts on the promises ahead. She swallowed hard.

She returned to her clothes and debated going forward nude. He might come across her like Tarzan finding Jane. She was totally ready to be bent across some fallen tree and taken hard.

The idea was appealing but he did not spring from the bush…cock engorged and eager. She was undeterred and lingered to enjoy her exhibitionism. If they did not meet on the trail she knew they would return to the pool and play out that fantasy.

She toyed with the pearl g-string and slipped it on. The thin cord hugged her hips. The string of smooth pearls descended from a small front triangle of sheer mesh fabric and the pearls looped securely between her legs. She adjusted it so the string passed between her engorged slick lips. A pearl rested softly on hers. The pearl string rose up between her ass cheeks to meet the cord around her waist. She easily pictured herself as Jane in her official costume for the bush and beach. She reached down and felt the slick pearls nested between her lips. She slipped on the trail shoes and stuffed her shorts and shirt in the pack. It was light and easily carried by slinging one strap over her shoulder. The bag hung free off her side as she set out like Jane on the path to meet her man.

She trekked onwards with the pearls providing a constant reminder of her arousal. She would do him now in an instant she thought. No need for niceties or tender advances. This Jane would match Tarzan for animal lust. Her breasts jiggled as she walked. Her toned arms grazed them as she stroke up the path.

She crested the hill and began the descent down the far side of the island. Below appeared a crescent beach with small bungalows spaced along the tree line. Her pace quickened. The pearls tingled between her swollen lips. She saw windsurfers riding the waves beyond the break and knew others might be about.

Somewhat reluctantly she stopped and wiggled on her shorts. They were quite short and exposed her slender legs. The shorts laced in front forming a V that extended to her crotch. She loosened the laces leaving them wide open at the top and closing as the V neared her slit. She then rolled the top as a cinched band. Much of her taut belly was now exposed and the g-string looped about her bare waist. The sheer front patch of the g-string was visible under the loose laces. Her garb revealed how expertly she was waxed. She loved being topless and reluctantly donned the shirt. It immediately kartal escort felt restricting so she only buttoned one to fasten it closed just above her belly button. Her nipples tingled and refused to soften. Maybe this was permanent she contemplated thinking again of the side effects of the shots. She descended the trail quickly now. The g-string provided a constant reminder of her arousal. Her stride made her top flutter open and closed revealing flashes of her firm breasts.

At the base of the hill she came upon signs of habitation. The path she followed appeared more trodden than it had been higher on the hill. The foliage was thinner here and a small welcome center appeared as she neared the edge of the beach. It combined as a small country store, recreation center, and reception area. Kayaks were loaded on racks and she half expected to encounter some guests. The scene was empty however and she let herself into the low slung building.

A young woman sat at a table which held reservation packets. She was dressed comfortably in what was the agency’s uniform — a fitted tropical shirt, shorts, and sandals. Her smile greeted the new arrival as an invitation to sit. Her friendliness was comforting and the half-dressed guest sat at the desk. “I’m Amy. Welcome to the island!”

It was hard for Jill to exit the jungle, let go of her erotic reverie and attend to her check-in. Anyone could see she had arrived as a hot mess dripping with dirty desires. The place looked civilized and Jill wanted wanton sex. Amy was charming and did not reveal her appraisal of what the mountain lion dragged in. The girl from the jungle struggled to regain some decorum.

Jill realized that her garb was quite revealing about the time she realized Amy too was revealing her charms. Amy used only a few buttons that strained to secure her thin blouse. That Amy had no reaction to her appearance was reassuring. She must be used to seeing people arrive this way Jill thought as she sat at Amy’s desk. Amy provided her a quick explanation of the layout of the community. Jill had known this from the materials provided earlier and she listened politely. Amy did not need to elaborate and saw Jill’s distraction.

Jill suspected this was the standard orientation. There would be a welcome reception the following evening for new arrivals. Jill scanned the bright beach outside the center. Her eyes followed the curve of the shore and found the windsurfers streaking across the sea.

“Four couples arrive today” Amy advised. Jill returned her gaze to her. Amy smiled patiently and brushed strands of sun-lightened brunette curls from her face. Her bright green eyes twinkled and Jill realized she was quite beautiful.

Jill saw her run her slender finger over the list of guests and then mark a box next to Jill’s name. Amy handed her a small packet of welcome materials that Jill slipped into her bag. Amy’s posture revealed clearly that she was braless. The buttons of her top struggled as her blouse restrained her full breasts as she passed a packet over to Jill. Jill guessed her as at least full C’s.

“Sean has not yet arrived” Amy informed Jill “but is expected sometime during the afternoon.” Jill was sure she knew she burned to meet him.

Jill saw that Amy was observing her simmering sexuality. Did she know she was ready to pounce on him? Jill suspected she was well aware that her sensual arousal was at the point of explosion. It was clearly the point of the entire entry process and Amy must see quite a parade of sex-starved travelers.

As the women chatted, a man entered the building, said “hello” to no one in particular, and proceeded to the store area. Jill watched him appreciatively. Momentarily she thought he might be her partner. The man’s easy demeanor gave the sense that he was totally familiar with the scene and not a new arrival like Jill. He was very fit, tanned, athletic and totally nude save for a cord tied around his waist. He wore sunglasses and carried a cloth satchel. Jill liked that the place was very laid back and such a display was so casually emitted and accepted.

Jill exhaled softly as she admired his sexy physique and gorgeous cock. Semi-hard, his member jutted from his taut belly and arced towards the floor. He had very little body hair trimmed short which struck her as sexy. He quietly gathered some food items, seemingly oblivious to the girls, and put them in his small tote bag.

Turning to gaze into their portion of the center, he realized there were two women sitting in the adjacent reception area. He waved and made no effort to cover his nudity.

Having completed his shopping, he bid hello to Amy, the receptionist. As he did, he recognized that Jill was a new arrival. His face brightened into a wide smile and he walked over to welcome her. “Forgive me” he apologized “I was so intent on getting some fresh fruit.” He swung the bag to show his selections. His cock swayed hypnotically as he did so. “I didn’t realize you are new here.”

“I’m Jill” jungle girl replied and she moved to get up to greet him. His complete nudity and dark tan tore the lid off the dirty desires Jill struggled to hide. Her skin flushed and heat built between her legs.

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