The Afternoon

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They got into the car still basking in the glow of the fitting. They were quiet, awed and awkward. She had taken the train, hating to drive in the city. His car was only a few years old but not very chic. He started to open the sunroof then looking at her hair thought better of it.

They pulled into the flow of traffic and meandered north out of the crowded city to a suburban area. They had not discussed the after shopping activities but he was hungry as much for her as for food. In fact he was definitely more hungry for her than food. It had been two years since his last sexual encounter. It had been very disappointing and proof of both the downward spiral of his marriage and the upward spiral of his age: He hadn’t been able to get it up; even with Viagra. He was 48 and had given up on ever having a sex life. His wife was divorcing him in part because of that. He didn’t mind.

But as he drove he realized that he had a budding erection much as he had experienced during their conversations over the last few weeks. It surprised and delighted him but he was doubtful that it would hold out. He was worried, but knew that he wanted her.

They stopped at a Target and went shopping. They touched as they walked the aisles choosing hummus, grapes, cheeses, raspberries, pita, a bottle of red wine. They smiled like kids on their way to the prom, still riding the warmth of their time in the Corset Shoppe. They checked out and headed for the hotel he had selected, one of the extended stay variety with a kitchenette and even a small balcony. He had checked in earlier and made sure he had water, juice, tea and utensils; the bathroom was clean as well as the bedding.

The closer they got to the hotel the more excited he became and the more nervous. This beautiful woman had invited him to the fitting and the events of that visit were seared in his mind. He saw her and watched her and felt filled by her excitement. The fact that she came when she was instructed to was miraculous to him. He had seen her through the fishnet and lovely as it was, it was in the way. He wondered what she wore under the dress.

They arrived at the hotel just after two and entered the room. She was talkative now, making conversation to cover her anxiety. She had been without sexual contact for almost a year and the thought of this handsome man in front her made her canlı bahis weak. Her husband had been a regular and competent lover, but not adventurous. It was rare for them to do anything unusual and he would never give her instructions or be spontaneous. Often she had dressed up for him in a corset and stockings but he didn’t seem to like it and she eventually stopped. It had been years since she put on a half bra, crotchless panties, and thigh highs. But today they seemed to be the right choice.

As soon as they were in the room, she took off her shoes and moved around looking at the room. It met her requirements. He was standing by the closet and reached out both hands to her. She expected a hug and moved closer instead, he took her hands in his and began to pray. She was torn. She loved his prayer but she wanted to touch more than his hands, she wanted to feel his skin and his chest pressed against her. After all she had touched his hands before. She wanted more. He prayed for them and when he released her hands she pulled him to her not so much in a sexual move but more in one of deep appreciation. She put her arms around him and was happy. He felt the swell of her breasts, the warmth of her breath on his cheek, the fullness of her body and was comfortable. She had always been a place of comfort for him, now she was becoming a safe place to land. He could stay here forever but he wanted more. He stepped back and led her to what passed for a couch. This was certainly not your normal interaction between members of the church. Not between a Pastor and a woman of God.

They sat and he confessed that he was nervous, he didn’t know how to behave. He wasn’t in the habit of being in hotel rooms with women at all let alone for sex. She kept smiling and covering her face with her hands much like a teenager out for the first time with her boyfriend. He told her she was beautiful and she closed her eyes and giggled. He reached for the ashtray next to her and as he did she raised her face to his as it passed by. Their lips met. He was gentle giving her angel kisses on her lips and cheeks careful not to move too fast. After a moment she opened her mouth slightly and her tongue stabbed at him encouraging him to fully kiss her. He did.

Their tongues danced the dance of love for a little bit and he pulled back and returned to the angel kisses which both bahis siteleri delighted and frustrated her. She wanted more. He remembered something she said and put his hands in her hair and began to pull her head back she moaned and he kissed her. Hard, Driving, His tongue flicking hers with power. He licked her teeth, the roof of her mouth and then bit her lip as he found her natural hair and pulled it tight from her scalp very slowly. She moaned and he was hooked.

The kiss eventually ended and she stood up and walked to the bathroom talking, more relaxed now, less nervous but more anxious for the rest of what would happen. When she returned, she had removed her hair piece and was even more beautiful than he had realized.

While she was out of the room he had moved to the bed and was laying on it fully dressed when she returned. She lay next to him and he reached out to hold her. As they embraced there was no longer need, nor room for words. What had to be said needed to be said with the sense of touch. He kissed her exposed neck and nipped very gently, enough to cause sensation but not so much as to cause pain. He was excited now, no longer able to back away or slow down: he desired her and wanted to see and touch every part of her body. She felt so good in his arms that he forgot his fears of erection problems and just enjoyed touching her exposed skin.

He pulled her dress up above her to waist and saw her body covered in stockings, and the crotchless panties. A shot ran through him as his erection twitched. He ran his hands along her sex, touching her lips gently and noticing the wetness. He ran his fingers from the middle of her opening on the left to the bottom of her vagina, then up the other side until they were where her pubic hair would be if she hadn’t shaved. He circled around her clit for a moment and then began to massage her pelvis and thighs. She loved his touch but was disappointed that he hadn’t touched her clit. Suddenly he shifted position, spread her legs and moved his head to her sex and lightly blew on her lips. She shuddered and pulled her legs up slightly. Again he moved suddenly and she felt his tongue pry open her lips and delve into her body. She moaned and then began to shudder when she felt him take her clit into his mouth and suck. He returned to licking her pussy and plunging his tongue in and out and reached bahis şirketleri his tongue up to her clit and began to lick and blow on it. She raised her hips from the bed and squeezed her legs together at the same time, all the while moaning a moan that set his body on fire. She was exploding having orgasm after orgasm until she was just lost in them.

He began to ease off of her and letting her come down. When she had a few moments to recover he had her sit up and began to undress her. He removed her dress and her bra and let her lay back down. He found himself harder than he had been for ten years. He spread her legs and placed himself at her entrance, pausing momentarily just to look at her. Her eyes were hungry and satisfied at the same time. They told him she wanted him. She smiled and he slowly thrust into her. It was simply: wonderful.

He had thought he might go soft at the moment of penetration but he actually found himself getting harder. He took a full 30 seconds to penetrate her. She was tight but moist, more oily than watery; just right for him to feel the friction around him. Halfway in, he felt her hands on his back. Her nails dug in and a mewling yearning sound came from her lips as she broke the skin and scratched him. She thrust her hips at him and he moved all the way into her. His only thought, “I’m finally home.”

He began to thrust upward and forward feeling her clench him inside of her. She continued to dig into his back with her nails and continued to make the most beautiful moans, almost a groan, that he had ever heard. He pulled back out until only his head remained at her opening and then thrust back in faster and harder. He watched her shake her head back and forth sweating out the work of the hot comb or flat iron she had so meticulously used that morning.

Her body shook with another orgasm and her eyes went to that vacant place that could only be filled by him. She called his name and when she did, he lost it. He began to drive into her body and quickly reached the point of no return where he said one word: Eva! It was a shout of joy, ecstasy, love and lust all rolled into one triumphant exclamation. Even after he stopped it reverberated in the small room just as his orgasm reverberated throughout his body and his mind. He continued to thrust, but the power was gone just the need to continue. Her body had clamped down on him and wouldn’t let go. They reverberated through each other.

They lay together afterwards, each heaving, their souls satisfied, their minds adrift. Each wondering what they would do next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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