Thank You

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You have been so good to me. So amazing. I wish you were here so I could thank you. Really thank you. I think first I would just give you a light kiss on your lips — just lips to lips, gentle and soft. I would give you a trail of these soft kisses across your cheek until I could whisper in your ear. “Please take off your clothes,” I would breathe in your ear. “Let me thank you.”

I would stand back and watch you as you undressed, stepping closer every now and then to give a little kiss to various parts of your body. When your shoulder became visible I would stop you so that I could lick your collarbone. Trail my tongue across your skin. Falling back I would let you get your shirt off before licking and nibbling on your nipples. Just your nipples. My hands would skim across your firm belly. Backing away I would allow you to take off your pants. Your small, toned butt would need to be touched and held. Your thighs would need small kisses. Finally you would be standing before me completely nude.

“Get on the bed I want to taste you.” I would watch you get escort ataşehir on the bed and lay down on your back. I would look at your sexy body and then trail my fingertips over you. Gently fluttering my fingers all over your body. Always just missing your pussy. Then I would lean down and flick each nipple with my tongue. Just a quick lick across the top. Then I would go up and trail kisses from your face, down your body, until I’m at your pussy. Then I would push your legs apart firmly, authoritatively so that you are open to me, ready for my mouth, tongue, and lips. I would breathe in your tantalizing scent. Your smell that is so intoxicating. So delicious. Leaning in, I would give your pussy a small kiss.

“Don’t move,” I would tell you. Kneeling over you, I would place one hand on your stomach and placing just one finger of my other hand on your pussy lips. I would barely push my finger into you — just enough to get a little wetness. With a Cheshire smile, I would stand up and bring my finger to my mouth to taste you. Oh I know how good kadıköy escort you would taste. Just thinking of your flavor, your taste, I want to do more than just thank you. So much more. Now that I have put the wetness from your pussy in mouth I would be very uncomfortable in my own clothes. They would have to all come off. Naked and aroused, I would come back to kiss you again. These kisses would be more demanding, more possessive.

“You taste so good,” I would breathe into your mouth. “I love the smell and taste of you. May I please eat your beautiful pussy?” I would ask you after a few hard kisses. After you say yes, and you would say yes, I would kiss more firmly down your body. Now I would give more attention to your breasts. One hand would tease and fondle a breast while I lick and suck on the other. I would switch back and forth, getting your nipples hard and excited.

Next I would trail licks and kisses down your stomach until I was back at your pussy. I would be kneeling between your spread legs, your pussy open and ready for me maltepe escort bayan and I would lean down and breathe in your intoxicating aroma.

“You smell so damn good,” I would whisper up at you, before giving a long lick from bottom all the way to your clit. Then I would gently start licking and sucking on your pussy. As you start to respond to me I would get more intense and harder in my licks and kisses and tonguing- and when you really need your clit sucked on hard…I would step back, spread your legs even further apart and push my cock into you, filling you as deep as I can. I would stop moving and just hold myself there. And then slowly pull almost all the way out. And then push ever so slowly back in. All the way in. I would build up momentum, pushing your legs even further apart, towards your head so that I have complete and full access to the deepest part of your pussy. And then after building up so that I have a nice hard rhythm going, I would pull out, but still making sure your legs are spread apart. I would quickly go back to eating you out — but this time not gentle. Pushing my tongue deep inside of you. Long, hard tongue lashings. Flicking your clit with my tongue. Sucking your clit into my mouth and nipping it. Eating you until you cum hard.

Then I would crawl up, give you a nice kiss. “Thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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