Terri and Anthony Ch. 01

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Terri had been out with a few girlfriends celebrating a friend’s fortieth birthday. Slightly embarrassed, she stumbled out of the taxi into the house late that night intoxicated in a way she had never been around her children.

“Mom?” Anthony said with some concern hearing his mother stumble on the stairs.

“Sorry, Anthony,” she said with a slurred non-whisper as she tried to compose herself. “Am I being too loud?”

“No,” he said with a little amusement as he helped his mother climb the stairs and into her room. He had just exited the rooms of his younger siblings after checking on them before finding his mother on the stairs. “Angela and Aaron are still asleep. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said with an uncontrolled giggle. “Lisa’s party got a little out of control. I’m sorry. You shouldn’t be seeing me like this.”

“It’s fine. You deserve a night out every once in a while.”

“You’re such a good kid.” Terri pulled her son into a hug. As she embraced him, she was keenly aware of his tight, wiry body. Anthony wasn’t an athlete but he had been blessed with lean genes from each of his parents. As they separated, she noticed for the first time how handsome he was.

Anthony had inherited the olive, Mediterranean tone of his father and his mother’s green eyes. His thick, straight, caramel blonde hair hung nearly to his shoulders. All the same length, he usually tied his bangs back in a half-tail or tucked the locks behind his ears. He had a few wispy, dark blonde hairs on his upper lip and some lighter colored hairs on his chin that the family enjoyed teasing him about but he grew with pride. Overall, he looked younger than his eighteen years. It was something his father had counseled him on as Domenic had been a late bloomer himself. However, it was easy for Terri and her husband to see the man Anthony would develop into.

“You’re really handsome.” She immediately knew she wouldn’t have given him a second look if it hadn’t been for the stripper that was hired for the party and the fact that Domenic had been away on business for nearly two weeks.

“Thanks,” Anthony said hesitantly.

“Seriously,” Terri said. “Why do you think all those girls call you?”

Anthony blushed. He did always have a steady girlfriend along with a few biding their time, waiting for him to break up. And while he and his parents were open and honest about sex, this felt like it was a conversation that could easily go in a direction it shouldn’t. “I’m going back to bed now. You sleep in tomorrow. I’ll take care of breakfast for Angie and Aaron. Have a good night.”

Terri grabbed his arm before he got too far. “Is your horny, drunk mother embarrassing you? I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Mom.” Anthony gently tried to pull out of her grasp but her grip was too tight. “But I think you need some sleep.”

“I also need to get fucked,” she said directly. “Do you know how to use that thing?”


“What?” She stepped in closer to him and ran her free hand over his bare chest. Like the rest of him, it was practically hairless. As she spoke, she slowly moved it down to his boxers and began to knead his covered dick which quickly responded. “I know what you’re packing. Hard not to notice. We’ve seen you walking to the bathroom in the morning. That tent is very noticeable. Believe me, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Even your father is a bit jealous.”

“Okay,” Anthony said seriously. “I need to go. Mom, you’re drunk and I don’t want you to regret this tomorrow or think I’m taking advantage of you.”

“That doesn’t exactly sound like a no,” Terri said as she continued to stroke Anthony’s concealed, growing erection.

“Mom,” Anthony pleaded. “Please?”

“What? Don’t you think I’m as pretty as those girls you date?”

At five feet nine inches, Terri was three inches taller than Anthony and kartal escort despite being twenty-one years older than he was, she looked like she could have been his older sister. Her natural brown hair had been tinted auburn and hung loosely just below her shoulders. Unlike Anthony and his father who were naturally bronzed, she spent a good amount of time out in the sun to get a similar color on her pale skin. Though she didn’t have a regular routine, she tried to do little things to keep her body lean and in shape. Her breasts, though they were not as perky as they had been years ago, were larger than most women’s her size but not overwhelmingly so. Combined with the swell of her hips, she had a silhouette that she knew her friends envied.

Anthony didn’t want to answer her question. His friends had often commented on how hot his mother was, and if she hadn’t been his mother, he probably would have agreed. He muttered, “I don’t believe this.”

“I know your friends think I’m pretty.” Terri stepped closer to her son and pressed her lips to his neck while she maneuvered her hand into the fly of his boxers to stroke him directly. “Please Anthony? Just once?”

“We can’t, Mom.”

“We shouldn’t,” she corrected with a smile. “But we definitely can.”

Anthony watched his mother drop to her knees and lower his shorts in the process. He groaned as she took his cock into her mouth and began sucking. For a few minutes, he stood motionless in combined shock and disbelief as he watched her. From the moment he had been engulfed by her, he was already experiencing a better blow job than any he had gotten from his girlfriends. Hesitantly, he put his hand on his mother’s head and began to thrust into her.

Terri pulled off momentarily but continued to stroke him. “That’s definitely a mouthful. See? Not so bad, is it?”

“It’s great,” Anthony said around a deep, steadying breath.

“I could suck on this all night but I remember what teenage boys were like. I want you to fuck me, Anthony. Can I keep sucking you or should we move to that?”

Anthony closed his eyes and sighed. He knew he should just run back to his room and lock the door until morning but his cock and balls were now in charge. “Let’s fuck.”

“Good.” Terri got to her feet and pulled Anthony to the bed with her. After barely taking the time to remove her panties from under her skirt, she laid back and guided Anthony between her legs. She felt him tentatively press into her and part of her was grateful for his hesitance. While her husband’s dick was not small, Anthony was already thicker and longer than he was and she experienced some discomfort as he entered her. She let out a soft, pained moan then said, “That is bigger than I thought.”

Anthony began to pull back out. “Sorry. I should’ve known. A lot of girls are afraid of it and it takes me a while to talk them into fucking.”

Terri hooked her legs around his thighs to hold him in place. “I didn’t say stop. Girls might not like it, but women do. And this one wants to feel all of your big dick.”

“It’s not that big,” Anthony said with mock humility as he balanced himself on his hands and resumed pushing deeper into his mother. He knew he was larger than most guys his age and hearing that he was larger than his father was a bit of a surprise. As he felt her tight pussy spread around him, he was happy she hadn’t let him stop.

“Trust me, it is,” Terri insisted. She knew Domenic was just over nine inches long and about five around and estimated Anthony to have at least another half-inch in length and an equally proportional increase in girth. “And you haven’t even finished growing yet.

“I know,” Anthony said with a blush.

“Shit.” Terri let out a gasp from feeling her son fully sheath himself inside her. “Anthony, you are going to make women very happy with that.”

“You’re maltepe escort bayan just saying that,” Anthony said as he began to move his hips slowly.

“No, I’m not. Oh, that’s good. Fuck me. Just like that.”

They lapsed into silence as Anthony continued his steady rhythm. Though she was tight around him, it wasn’t the same type of grip the girls he had been with had. His mother’s pussy was snug yet pliable, like the perfect pair of jeans that moved and shifted with him yet hugged him close. Even her wetness was pleasantly different. Instead of the dripping moisture he was used to, she seemed to produce just the right amount of lubricant to facilitate their coupling without being excessive.

Hearing his mother’s moans become louder, he looked down at her in the throes of ecstasy. Over the years he had often heard her make similar noises with his father and part of him was proud that he had the same effect on her even as he acknowledged he shouldn’t even be in this position. After an especially loud moan from her, he dropped his body to press against hers so he could speak into her ear while he continued to hump her with slower, more deliberate strokes.

“Mom, you have to be quieter. The door’s still open. If Angie and Aaron wake up they’re going to see us.”

“Sorry,” Terri said still a little too loudly. “You feel so good inside me. Do I feel good to you?”

“Yes,” Anthony said intensely.

“Will you come with me? I’m so close.”

“I will. And I’ll pull out. I’m good at doing that.”

“No, Anthony,” she said as she wrapped her arms around his narrow back and began to pepper his neck and face with kisses. “I want you to come inside me.”

Hearing his mother say that pushed him closer to the edge and his rhythm stuttered while he tried to control himself. “I’m not wearing a condom or anything.”

“I don’t care. I want to feel that big dick of yours shoot inside me.” She pushed on his shoulders and began to move her hips against his, urging him to move faster. As she reached down to work her clit, she said, “I’m so close, Anthony. So close, baby.”

Hovering over his mother again, Anthony paused for a moment to tuck his hair behind his ears then began to hammer his hips against hers. In time with the slapping of their flesh, he heard her moans get louder. When she didn’t respond to his pleas to be quiet, he covered her mouth with one of his hands. Her cries increased in intensity until they cut off suddenly in orgasm. As his mother’s pussy began to pulse around him, Anthony let out a surprised cry of his own. He had never felt anything like it and didn’t know what to do but couldn’t stop his hips. A few thrusts later, he let out a gasp as he slammed his hips against hers, burying himself fully. His dick swelled and began to unload inside her. Without the thrusting movement, he felt the competing, asynchronous throbbing of their joined genitals which enhanced his own orgasm. It felt like nothing he had experienced before. While he usually used condoms when with his girlfriend, they occasionally did it without one but he always pulled out just before either of the came so he had never felt a pussy convulsing around his bare dick. For as good as sex felt before, he now knew why people were always doing it without a condom and risking pregnancy and disease.

“That was so good,” Terri said lazily as they basked in their afterglow. “You just made your mother very happy.”

“I’m kinda feeling great myself.” Anthony pulled out and began to climb off the bed but was stopped when his mother grabbed his arm.

“Stay with me tonight.”

“Are you sure?” he asked as he laid back down.

“Just hold me and go to sleep.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Anthony said as he spooned himself behind his mother. As they drifted off to sleep, he was very aware of the fact that he was still escort pendik naked and that his slick, softening dick was pressed against his mother’s bare ass.

Terri woke with a headache the likes of which she had not felt since her early twenties. With a groan, she stumbled out of bed and into the ensuite bathroom. While she waited for the water in the shower to warm, she took a few pills to deal with the pounding in her head. Under the water as she washed herself, she was surprised to feel the residue and lingering rawness of sex between her legs. Because Domenic wasn’t due back home for another week, her heart skipped a beat at the fact that he apparently had come home early. Even after nearly twenty-five years of marriage, she still loved and liked him as much as she had when they were first dating.

After dressing in shorts and a t-shirt, she made her way downstairs, following the scent of breakfast. When she entered the kitchen, she saw her three children talking around the table.

“Where’s your father?” she asked expecting to see him there.

“In Denver,” Angie said slowly. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just thought—” Terri broke off as she met Anthony’s eyes. Starting with a trickle of memory, the events of last night rapidly came back to her in a flood. “No.”

“Mom,” Anthony said gently. “It’s okay. You had a rough night. It’s fine.”

“No.” Terri shook her head and covered her mouth as hysteria threatened to take hold. “No, no, no. Anthony. Baby. I’m so sorry.”

Anthony got up and pulled his mother out of the room. “Mom, calm down.”

Terri began to cry. She couldn’t believe she had talked her son into fucking her.

Anthony guided her back upstairs and to her room. After closing the door, he got to his knees in front of where he had sat her on the edge of the bed. In a sharp, serious tone, he said deliberately, “Mom. Calm down. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not. It wasn’t right. We should never have—”

“You’re right,” he cut her off. Though he couldn’t be sure, he suspected that his siblings had their ears to the door and were listening. “But we did. And we really shouldn’t talk about it with the other kids around. But I’ll just say I’m okay. I’m not upset and I’m not going to be scarred. If anything, I’m kinda glad it happened.”

Terri looked at him with a mix of shock and disgust. “What?”

“I mean, I think it’s probably something we both thought about—I know I did—but never would’ve done. Now, it’s happened and all we can do is move on. I love you and you’ll always be my mother. That’s not going to change. It was a one-time thing that doesn’t have to define us.” Anthony gave a smirk. “At least now I know I have the coolest, best mother in the world.”

“I’m not proud of that,” Terri said angrily.

“I know and I understand. And that’s why you’re the best. You’re not trying to deny it or hide it. You’re sorry and I accept that. I know if things had been different, it never would’ve happened but it did and we just have to make the best of it.”

Terri stared at her oldest child trying to find a way to express herself. “Anthony. Thank you,” was all she could come up with.

“No problem. Anytime,” he said with a wink.

Terri started to respond to that but Anthony talked over her.

“I’m going to go back downstairs. We’re fine so you hang out here and take a nap. Get some rest and come back down when you feel better.”

As he touched the doorknob, he heard soft scurrying on the other side. He moved back toward the bed and said softly, “They were out there. So if they ask, we’ll just say we got into a big fight after you got back home because I had left my towel on the floor again. You were drunk and said some things you shouldn’t have and now we’re cool. Okay?”

Terri felt tears welling up in her eyes again. “You are the best son ever. How did I get so lucky?”

“I’m the lucky one.” Anthony kissed his mother on her forehead then left the room.

Terri climbed back into bed. As she pulled back the top sheet, she felt a renewed twinge of guilt upon seeing a sizeable sex stain on the bottom sheet.

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