Terminal Sex

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It had been a long time coming, this week long cruise had been in the works for a year. The first phone calls, rediscovering the magic that caused my soul to burn, were a solid base for the long conversations and sexually intense innuendo. The desire to follow them up with action was almost overwhelming, but I held true to my purpose. I needed to seduce your mind first, after that physical seduction was fait accompli. We talked of many things, Gods and Kings… There were of course disagreements, but nothing that was a deal breaker. Which sports team to root for and other such trivia. What unites us is the shared experience of all those years ago.

The first actual meeting was almost a boondoggle. I tried too hard, but you smiled indulgently and laughed when I stammered out of sheer desire. Buoyed by the knowledge that you were amused and not annoyed at my adolescent insecurities I grew into my confidence. By the end of that magical weekend the stage was set for this trip. Fine restaurants and a trip to the theater were only foreplay. My hands were inside your dress almost immediately. It was escort ataşehir my turn to tease and enjoy your discomfiture. It pleased me to see how your skin flushed when I made you orgasm in the taxicab, with the driver glancing into the mirror trying to catch the show. You always enjoy it when I push your boundaries. By the end of the weekend you were a fully realized sexual dynamo. No one could resist your Eros, even if they had wanted.

Then came the sad times, the long weeks of work far away from each other, hoping that no one else would start the fire like I could. Sometimes almost a month would pass before schedules and time zones added up to a deeply satisfying conversation. Eventually though time cleared the obstacles from our path and set our feet on the trail we now walk.

Meeting in Atlanta was a genius move, in one fell swipe it allowed us to present the fiction we were to play for the rest of the world and allowed us to fulfill one of our bucket list fantasies.

As I stride down to the terminal from my plane I scan the crowd. You are relaxing just to one kadıköy escort side of the exiting passengers. I am grateful your flight arrived first, if I had to wait my heart would have exploded. As we sojourn down the terminal towards our connecting flight you have a devilish gleam in your eyes. On the moving sidewalk you lean over and ask me in a husky voice if I remember our “Airport Fantasy”. My immediate rod of steel is all the answer you need. Chuckling deeply you suggest that there is a place not to far away…

Into the family bathroom we sped. Finding a lack of undies and a nice juicy snatch I immediately began by giving your clit a nice long lick and juicy wet kiss. Sucking your clit into my mouth and humming elicited the response I was looking for, a rush of warm wet vaginal juice that covered my chin. Pulling me up by the shirt collar you push me up against the wall, grabbing my cock you slide it down your throat. I can feel your tongue reaching out for my cum, drawing my cock in even deeper and causing me to cum. I feel the anxiety of distance fade to a warm happy sexual maltepe escort bayan glow. After one final long lick you slide my cock, ever hard, into your tight juicy snatch.

Our energy is so intense I wonder that we don’t blow the door off it’s hinges. I step behind you and whisper nasty things into your ear as I thrust deeply inside you. I can feel your pussy clenching down on my cock. I play with your clit as you cum again and again. As a special treat I start playing with your perfect ass. You know what is going to happen and so you lift just a little higher on to your toes. Finally I work my thumb just inside your asshole. The groan and gush that follows justifies all that has passed before. You push your ass back onto my thumb and I can tell you want more. I tease your ass over and over again until your eyes start to roll back in your head and you start to lose control of the muscles in your legs.

We continue to pound each other for an eternity it seems until my phone’s alarm goes off. I had thought we might get crazy in the airport so I set my phone to give plenty of time to make it to our connecting flight. The cruise ship would not wait for us, sexual dynamo or no.

I laugh at the knowing, and the confused, looks that we receive as we leave the bathroom together. As we hustle to the gate I ask “Ever wanted to join the mile high club?”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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