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I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Angel Love (a Volunteer Editor) for graciously and competently taking on the task of editing this submission to Literotica. I’m blessed as she’s agreed to edit all my submissions! For any of you out there, who are the least bit hesitant about submitting a story, get in communication with Angel Love as you’ll get all the help and encouragement you need to become successful submitting stories for publication in Literotica.

The day was one of those glorious fall days when the sky was a cloudless azure blue. The leaves had changed but not yet fallen, their bright colors contrasting with the brilliant green of the evergreens interspersed. The temperature was in the low fifties, sweater weather.

Becky felt good today. Her daughter, Chelsey, was away at Portland State for her freshman year, majoring in Computer Science. Chelsey was Becky’s best friend. They were extremely close, confiding in each other as only a mom and daughter can. Becky and Don had only the one child, and Don had too often insinuated that was Becky’s fault, that he had always wanted more children. Becky had verified with her Gynecologist that she was still capable of conceiving, so it must have been Don who wasn’t capable of impregnating her. However, she refused to throw that in his face and just accepted the situation as it was.

Her capacity for love seemed endless, yet Don had still insisted on their divorce, preferring his paramour, ten years her junior, or so he said. The fact of the matter was that he had committed so many crimes against her and withheld so many of them from her that he had to try to make her look smaller in order that the order of magnitude of his crimes would look smaller and he would appear to be justified in leaving her. Well now, that was his problem – he’d have to live with himself and that wouldn’t be pretty. He had been gone now for about four months. At first, Becky was very hurt and lonely. But, now Chelsey was coming home for a few days and Becky’s spirit soared.

Becky was just eighteen when she had Chelsey. Last summer when Chelsey turned eighteen, the two were often mistaken for sisters when they were out together. Since Don left, Becky had taken to the Health Club more than she used to. It passed the time and helped her to improve her confidence in herself as she, after three months of daily workouts, received many an admiring look from a lot of the younger crowd there. Not just glances, but looks! While this was good for her self-esteem, she was in no way prepared to venture any new relationship. It was just too close to her previous rejection, that hurtful, agony filled rejection.

Becky had firmed up, getting rid of the results of overeating when she and Don were going through the divorce. Now, she had those urges under control. Physically, she felt better than she had ever felt.

She was happy and excited today. Chelsey would be arriving home that afternoon to be with her during Chelsey’s mid-semester break. It was only for a few days, but to Becky, it was thrilling. These would be precious days which she could nurture in her mind, indeed, treasure in her mind for the weeks before Chelsey would come to her again. She hadn’t seen Chelsey since mid-September and she’d missed her very much.

Chelsey had always been such a happy child, bringing sparkle and brightness everywhere she was. It was that same Chelsey who continued to wave, smiling happily at Becky until the car taking her to Portland State drove out of sight that September morn. Becky had sorely missed her in the lonely days that followed. It was easy for her to rationalize that Don had simply turned into a horny, cheating asshole, and that she didn’t want him around anymore. But the reality was that she still missed the presence of another person in the house, someone she could look after and communicate with.

Becky’s anticipation built all morning; she paced every so often to look out the front window, across the lawn to the street. She went about the house, straightening up this and that for the hundredth time. She went back to Chelsey’s room to be sure everything was in order. Chelsey’s favorite stuffed animals were on her bed, covering her pillows. Her shoes were placed neatly on the floor of her closet. All her things had been cleaned and carefully put away in their proper place. As Becky looked at these things and touched them, she was constantly reminded of her dearest friend.

Becky’s heart swelled as she fought off the tears welling up. These were tears of love and positive emotion. That tingling feeling of warmth and electricity flooded through her body. Sure, she had called Chelsey almost every morning before her first class of the day, but while that was very comforting to Becky, she hadn’t been able to hug Chelsey and kiss her gently on the cheek and run her fingertips gently down her arms to take up her hands and squeeze them tenderly – you know, things moms liked to do to assure their child there was deep and abiding love between the child and kartal escort their mom.

Becky, perhaps more than anything else, had missed these tender moments. Chelsey had always responded happily to these professions of love and joy. She hugged her mom back with complete abandon, holding tightly to Becky and sighing with joy. “I love you so much, mommy,” Becky could hear her say in her sweet, earnest voice.

Becky knew it was lunch time, but she was too excited to eat much. She made herself a light salad of three kinds of lettuce, some small ripe olives and a dressing of extra virgin olive oil and good balsamic vinegar. She sprinkled a few crumbs of bleu cheese over it, adding a couple of twists of the pepper grinder. She ate the first few bites with gusto – it was good. But she soon began to think of Chelsey again and her interest flagged in her meal, toying with the bits of bleu cheese with her fork. She speared an olive and then dropped the fork in the dish.

She pushed the salad away from her and resting her chin on her palms, her elbows on the table thought dreamily of the many, many good times she and Chelsey had had together – the movies they had gone to – “Aladdin”, “Cinderella”, and “Fantasia”…Chelsey had howled at the hippos in their tutus.

Becky’s reminiscing wandered to more intimate moments – that time when Chelsey was about six when she had come into the bathroom to find Becky changing her Kotex pad and, alarmed, asked Becky why she was bleeding. She had thoughtfully explained what was happening and that someday Chelsey would bleed, too, just like mommy. And that this was normal and not to be alarmed about. Chelsey had not been turned away by Becky’s explanations, but had stood up straight and proudly exclaimed that some day she would be just like mommy.

Such open and thoroughly honest moments between them had amply prepared Chelsey for the physical changes she would undergo as her body ripened into womanhood. As a result, Chelsey was a very stable young lady, in no way unsure of herself or of the emotions which lashed her as her hormones began to course through her young, blossoming body.

Chelsey freely invited Becky to examine her budding breasts and sore, sensitive nipples when she eventually began to have her menstrual periods. She proudly showed Becky her first pubic hair and confessed she’d had a fantastic feeling “down there” which spread throughout her whole body when she had played with “that little nub” at the top of her lips.

Inasmuch as Becky frequently masturbated, she found it easy to talk to Chelsey about it. She showed Chelsey how to use her fingers and even showed Chelsey her vibrator and dildo, inviting Chelsey to borrow them any time she wanted to. On Chelsey’s sixteenth birthday, Becky got her a few “secret” presents which her dad never knew about. She got Chelsey her own vibrator and dildo, as well as a vibrating butt plug. Chelsey was very appreciative and made no secret of how much she used them and the pleasure they brought her.

Becky, thinking of all these things, began to get wet. Not so much from thinking of her own use of these toys, but, she realized with a start, from the thought of Chelsey using them. For a moment, Becky wondered what it would be like to watch Chelsey using them to bring herself to an orgasm. She had a picture of Chelsey twisting and thrusting her hips up and down as she moaned the joy of her climax, holding the vibrator to her lovely, sweet pussy.

Becky moaned herself and felt her hand rubbing hard against her mound. Oh God, she thought, what am I doing? What am I thinking of? This is wrong! Chelsey’s my daughter! Born of my womb…Then it dawned on her that she was partly responsible for any orgasms which Chelsey had achieved from the use of these toys. After all, had Becky not given them to Chelsey for that very purpose!

Becky got up from the table, scraped the salad she hadn’t eaten into the disposal, turned on the cold water and flipped the switch. The grinder buzzed, shaking the sink and counter-top. Then, its vibrations smoothed out and she shut it and the water off. Putting her salad dish and the fork into the dishwasher, she went out to the front hall again and peered out the spy hole in the front door at the street, wishing Chelsey were there. Much to her surprise and joy, there was a car pulling up at the curb.

Becky threw the door open wide and stepped out onto the front stoop. She pulled her unbuttoned cardigan closed and strode out toward the street. Chelsey opened the rear passenger side door of the car, swung her levi-clad legs around and stood, waving excitedly at Becky.

“Mom!” Chelsey squealed with glee. “Mom!” she shouted again as she ran to Becky and threw her arms around her, hugging her tightly.

“Oh it’s so good to see you, darling,” Becky crooned, holding Chelsey’s face in her hands and kissing her full on the lips. Chelsey returned the kiss and stroked her mom’s back and shoulders.

“I have to get my bag,” Chelsey said maltepe escort bayan as she turned back to the car. Her school mate had opened the trunk and lifted Chelsey’s bag out. She handed it to her as Chelsey approached her.

“Thanks so much for the lift, Barbara. You said to be ready at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon?”

“Yeah, that’ll give us plenty of time in case we run into any glitches,” Barbara stated. “Can’t really tell about these old cars.”

“Well, it sure ran well today and was very comfortable. By the way, you’re a good driver. I felt very safe with you.” Barbara beamed. “In any case, I’ll be ready. And again, thanks. It’s very kind of you to include me.”

“No prob. Have fun now. And I’ll see you Sunday,” said Barbara as she got into the car. Chelsey carried her bag up the walk as the car pulled away.

Chelsey was in heaven. She was, again, with her best friend, her mom. Much as she found it easy to befriend others, her mom was the fountain of her joy in life, the anchor of all that was good in Chelsey’s eyes. She had seen her father (Don never was “dad”, a term of affection, he was “father”, someone you were forced to respect) commit crime after crime against her mom. And her mom had consistently “turned the other cheek”, not in some submissive way, but one in which you sensed she really understood him and accepted him for who he was. Well, now that source of turmoil and heartache in the home was gone for good and Chelsey felt free! She wanted to whoop with joy as she went through the doorway into the warmth of her mom’s home.

“Do you want to put your bag in your room, honey?” Becky asked. “And, oh, yeah. Are you hungry?”

Chelsey just stood there, beaming at Becky. Chelsey’s eyes suddenly moistened with emotion. She dropped her bag and reached out her arms to Becky and they drew tenderly together. “Oh, mom. I’ve missed you so. God, it’s good to feel your arms around me again.”

“Honey, is there something wrong?” Becky asked, anxiously, stroking the back of Chelsey’s neck and head.

“Oh, no. On the contrary. I’m home, with the one person in the entire world that I truly love.” Becky understood and tenderly hugged Chelsey to her.

“Hey, sweetie. Let’s get your things back to your room. Do you want something to eat?” Becky asked again.

“Golly, mom. Come to think of it, I’m starved!” Chelsey picked up her bag and went to her room.

She stopped as she went in and swept it with her eyes. All her things were as she remembered them, neatly placed and clean. It looked as if she’d only been gone overnight. It was almost as if her room was a shrine to her, a place where Becky could go and feel her presence, close by. Chelsey’s emotion for her mom flooded over her again and she felt joyous and oh, so happy.

“Mom!” she called out, “You’re wonderful! Did you know that? I just love my room. You keep it so nice, just as you always have.”

“Thank you, darling!” Becky basked in her daughter’s appreciation. “What would you like to have for lunch?” Becky called back.

“If it’s not too much trouble, a BLT would be fantastic!” Chelsey responded.

“Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, coming right up,” Becky called back, just as Chelsey emerged into the kitchen. “Oh, didn’t mean to shout,” Becky’s voice trailed off. They embraced each other again.

“I’ll get the bacon going,” said Chelsey, stroking her fingertips along Becky’s jaw to her lips. Becky kissed Chelsey’s fingers as they passed over her lips.

“Good, fry up enough for at least four sandwiches. All of a sudden, I’ve developed a hunger myself. And I’ll slice the tomatoes, get the lettuce ready and spread the mayo on the bread,” Becky said, smiling warmly at her daughter.

The smell of the thick bacon frying was a strong reminder to Chelsey of home. This was her favorite meal and she only had it at home. No restaurant could ever match her mom’s cooking. The two of them couldn’t seem to get enough of the vision of the other. They just kept looking up at each other as they worked, smiling and even breaking into laughter as they realized what they both were doing. That level of happiness which can only come from within permeated their mutual space.

“Mom,” Chelsey stated. “You look great! Guess you’ve continued your exercise program, eh. Well, if you ask me, the results are fantastic! Mmmmm, what a bod!” she giggled.

“Thanks honey. I must admit I’ve been getting a lot of looks from those young studs down at the club, Gosh, I even had a woman look me up and down and lick her lips as if I were something to eat,” Becky said, blushing slightly.

“Well, she was right, mom,” Chelsey sighed. “You do look good enough to eat.”

Chelsey’s thoughts raced back to that night with her dorm mate after they’d been together about a month. It was the first time Chelsey had ever known a woman. She had found the experience extremely exciting, experiencing the soft feel of another woman making gentle love to her and her returning escort pendik the caresses in kind. She had already known the clumsy, crude advances of a need-filled male toward the end of her senior year in high school. But this incident with her college dorm mate was totally different, so much more satisfying to her. She idly wondered how her mom would feel under her touch.

“Hey, I think the bacon’s ready,” Becky said, handing Chelsey a plate with a piece of paper towel laid on it to absorb the bacon grease.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Chelsey responded, using a fork to pick up the bacon strips and put them on the paper towel.

Becky had the bread for four sandwiches laid out on her big breadboard with the mayo spread and the lettuce and tomato slices in place. Chelsey put the bacon on top of the tomato slices and Becky folded the lettuce covered bread overtop of each, slicing the sandwiches in half. Then, she placed them on a dinner plate, arranging them neatly so that all of the sandwich halves would fit on the one plate. When done, she put the plate on the kitchen table. They sat opposite each other at the table, constantly glancing up at each other and smiling as they attacked their lunch.

When she had consumed four halves, Chelsey asked, “Mom, do you want that last half?” Becky had eaten only three.

“No, honey. I’ve had enough. Why don’t you eat it,” she sighed.

“Goodie!” Chelsey said and proceeded to devour the last of the sandwich halves.

“You weren’t just hungry, honey, you were starved!” Becky said. “Don’t they feed you at that school?”

“Oh, yeah, mom. The food’s very good – obviously not as good as yours – but this morning, we wanted to get going, so we didn’t eat breakfast.” Becky understood and just glowed with the presence of her daughter.

“OK. I’ll not worry about that then,” Becky said, as she and Chelsey went about cleaning up the aftermath of their meal.

“Mom, do you want the bacon grease saved?” Chelsey asked.

“Yeah, the jar is in the fridge. I’ll get it for you.”

After carefully pouring the warm, fluid bacon grease overtop the congealed grease already in the jar, Chelsey put the lid back on and handed the jar to Becky.

They finished their cleanup and sat back down at the kitchen table. They both reached their hands out to each other and folded their fingers together.

“Mom,” Chelsey said gently, looking at Becky with soft eyes, “it’s so good to just be with you, to just sit here like this and hold your hands. You are my best friend, you know. No one else in this whole world means as much to me as you do.”

“Chelsey, honey. I can assure you the feeling is absolutely mutual. If your education weren’t vital, I would covet you close to me always,” her eyes betraying the overwhelming love she had for her daughter.

“Hey, sweetie. What would you like to do this afternoon?” Becky asked.

“Do you want some help in the yard?” Chelsey asked, having noted the light covering of fallen leaves on the front lawn. “I could rake up the leaves while you prune back the iris.”

“Honey, this is your vacation time.” Becky admonished gently.

“No, mom, this is my home, too, and I want to help keep it nice. And I also want to do something that will help you.”

“Well, honey, that would certainly be a help to me and we could still be together while we’re doing it,” Becky sighed. “You’re already dressed for it. I’ll get you some work gloves and change myself, into something more fitting. The rake is hanging on a nail in the garage – you’ll see it. The work gloves are in the top right-hand drawer of the cabinet against the back wall of the garage. I’ll be out as soon as I get changed.” They gently squeezed each other’s hands as they rose from the table.

As Becky slipped her skirt off, running her hands down over her hips and thighs, she imagined Chelsey doing that for her. Again she felt wet, her breathing becoming more rapid, and her heart pounding a little harder. Oh, what am I thinking of? She moaned to herself. She had to admit Chelsey looked gorgeous. Her sweet daughter had matured into a beautiful woman while she was away these past months. While the changes might have gone unnoticed by another, to Becky, they were evident, striking and exciting…

She pulled up her jeans, put on her gardening sneakers and went to the garage to get her snips to prune the spent iris stalks. Chelsey had already raked up all the fallen leaves, between the sidewalk parallel to the street and the street, into a pile. They were safe as there was no wind.

The sky was so lovely, Becky thought. What a perfect day! And on top of that, there was her beloved Chelsey, home with her. She smiled happily.

By the time they were done in the front, side and back yards and all the clippings and leaves had been bagged and stashed next to the garbage cans, the sun had set and the sky was darkening rapidly.

They hugged each other. “That was fun,” Chelsey said. “I love the smells of fall, and the beautiful colors.”

They walked hand in hand into the garage and put their tools away.

Becky turned to Chelsey. “Thank you very much, sweetheart. You’re always such a help to me, sharing in the chores so happily. You really are a joy to be around.”

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