Technically We’re Estranged Ch. 02

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All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is the continuation of my Technically We’re Estranged series and I suggest reading the first chapter before continuing. TWE is intentionally shorter, and hopefully you enjoy the tease. It includes incest, exhibitionism and voyeurism through the internet, and masturbation.

Stephan gets teased, and teases a little himself, over social networking.

Thanks to Ante_matter for his editing.


When I stumbled across my cousin Mel flashing on a camgirl website, I didn’t look away. I didn’t change girls, I didn’t feel guilty and I definitely did not ignore my hard-on.

I jerked off to her as she got naked, danced sexily to one of our favourite songs from when we were teens and then masturbated herself for my, and a couple hundred others’, pleasure.

Pleasure. She’d certainly given that to me, and all I had wanted to do was call her. We hadn’t spoken in years; not because we disliked each other or had a fight or anything. I moved from Hawaii to Australia and she went the opposite direction, and I was now jealous of Texas because of it.

I sent her a thousand dollars using the site ‘tipping’ mechanisms. I had never tipped a girl before, but for Mel… Well, I didn’t know why she was doing this, but I had the cash. She’d gotten divorced, so maybe she was strapped for funds. Maybe she needed to make rent. Maybe she needed to buy groceries.

Maybe my sexy, blonde bombshell cousin just liked having pervs watch her get off on the internet.

I sent the cash anonymously. She freaked out in her first message to me, and I left her hanging.

Work called and I answered. My secretary Bella had given me a sly smile when I came out of my office and shook Walker’s hand, but that was all. She knew I jerked off in my office when I had dead time in the day, she just didn’t know who I was doing it to now. She was open minded, but I didn’t think she was that open minded.

By the time one meeting ended another rolled in and soon Bella had been gone for hours since the end of the work day. I checked my computer one last time before shutting it down for the evening and found I hadn’t closed my browser. Maximizing it, I was about to close it down when I noticed that little blinking mail icon. I was still logged into the cam site, Mel’s last message to me and my reply still loaded up. I clicked the message and couldn’t help grinning.

Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Kik, whatever that was. Usernames for all of them from Mel. The rest of the message just said, ‘Add me, crazy.’

I had to install half of the apps for the first time before I could add her, and when I did nothing happened. I used the same name on all of them that I was using on the site: OverCsSteve. My anonymous account now had a social media presence.

At home I fooled around with the apps, adding all of the other pornstars and cam girls I had occasionally thought of following but never wanted to have show up on my actual twitter account. Not that I used the thing anyways. Kik turned out to be some basic chatting service that I would need other usernames for; I assumed other cam girls made you pay for theirs so Mel’s username DellaLightful was the sole name on my list in that app.

Just as I was going to sleep my phone beeped at me with a chirp I had never heard before. I checked it and found Snapchat had pushed a notification; I had gotten my first ‘snap.’ My fingers hovered over the buttons on my phone, trying to remember the combination I needed to hit to take a screenshot.

The first thing I did when I installed Snapchat and realized the pictures were time sensitive was google how to save them.

I opened the snap, saw a flash of Mel’s face and clicked the screenshot. She was smiling but was sleepy eyed and obviously tired, the sun just rising in the background over a town out her window. ‘Off to work :),’ the caption read. She was in standard light blue medical scrubs and they complimented her eyes despite her lack of sleep.

She had probably sent it wide to anyone she had given her snapchat info to, but it still made my gut flutter a little bit. I wasn’t the kind of guy who collected selfies from chicks or begged for pictures from them; if I was, my clients probably wouldn’t be my clients. That made this picture special, even if it was on a hundred or more phones across the world. Mel had taken the time to tell me- us- what she was up to. The connection, however tenuous, felt so surreal.

I went to sleep with a smile, memories of Mel from growing up running through my head. Why didn’t I just pick up the phone or send a letter or something seven years ago? I knew the answer was because I had my new life, and she had hers, and we were two college students in new places meeting new people. I’d barely even spoken to my parents that tuzla escort first year, let alone reaching out to cousins or old high school friends.


I didn’t even think to check my phone until I was most of the way through my breakfast, probably because my life didn’t revolve around it. The things I dealt with for work, the things my clients wanted to talk about, weren’t safe for the phone. Face to face was the only way to stay ahead of the authorities and leave no paper trail for their lines of work, so I had to do the same thing.

I stopped getting pat downs at every meeting when I got Lucky Lewiston off of a murder charge. Criminal law was fun to prosecute, but it was even more fun to defend when half the criminal organizations across Australia have you on retainer. It did have its restrictions though; no matter how many times the Boss’s son offers to take you partying, you do not go.

Three notifications waiting for me. That was more than I got in some weeks. I opened them up one at a time.

The first picture on snapchat Mel was in some sort of public restroom alone. It was obviously sometime later in the day for her and she was bright eyed and goofy, her long blonde hair back in a braid as she took the picture with one hand and lifted her scrubs top with the other to flash her tits in the mirror. She had her cute tongue sticking out and there was a glint of mischief in her eyes.

The counter wound down and the next picture appeared. This one I knew was her again, but it didn’t have her face. Instead, she had pulled the front of her scrubs and her thong out from her body and taken a picture down her pants, the flash illuminating everything perfectly. Her sexy mound was being tugged out by the stretching fabric and I wondered if I was imagining the little glisten of wet spot on her panties. This picture had the caption, ‘Just for you ;).’

Just for me? Just for her high tippers? It was quite possible she’d sent this one wide just like the others and put on the caption to make every one of her followers feel special. My critical mind analyzed the possibilities, at the marketing ploys involved and the fact that we’d exchanged brief messages at best.

The picture was gone before I thought to screenshot it. Fuck. That one was a keeper.

The last pending notification wasn’t snapchat, it was Kik, about a half hour old and waiting for a response.

DellaLightful: Did you like it?

‘Wow,’ I wrote back. ‘What a sight to wake up to.’

Maybe she did send me it specifically. Could you mass message on Kik? I really had no idea.

I got a message back as I was driving to the office. My commute isn’t great since I live on the outskirts of Melbourne and my office, while wonderfully appointed and handily located for my clients, means driving through nearly half the city. I checked it once I was in my parking space in the rear alley behind the building, the rolling chain fence secured behind me.

DellaLightful: Just waking up? You aren’t some lazy millionaire are you?

I grinned and replied, and she quickly responded as well.

OverCsSteve: No, well at least not yet. I’m in the South Pacific working, so my clock is different. 15 hours ahead. You’re talking into the future.

DellaLightful: Ooh, wow that’s cool. Anywhere nice and warm?

OverCsSteve: Australia. Beaches everywhere 🙂

DellaLightful: Fuck you, so jealous. I miss surfing 🙁

OverCsSteve: 🙁 🙁 I love surfing. How do you go without?

DellaLightful: Agh, you bastard. I need a vacation now 😛

OverCsSteve: Well, I miss American food. Aussie’s aren’t bad, but still.

DellaLightful: Wanna trade houses for a week? You can get fat on texas BBQ and I can surf all day.

OverCsSteve: Tempting, but a vacation alone isn’t as much fun.

DellaLightful: Truth. I have family out there though, maybe I could visit them.

OverCsSteve: Sure, leave me high and dry in Texas 😛

DellaLightful: I’m sure I could get some friends to entertain you 😉

OverCsSteve: :O

When I walked off the elevator into my lobby Bella took one look at me and blurted out, “You got some, didn’t you?”

“Um, no,” I said, smiling guiltily.

She gave me a considering look, pursing her lips. “I don’t believe you.”

“Bella, I haven’t had sex in… a long time.” I realized I was coming up on almost a year without a female encounter. Sure, I’d dated a few girls but it hadn’t gotten that far, and my associations scared off a lot of nice potentials. I tried to avoid the ones who were attracted because of them; I don’t stick my dick in crazy.

“Well, not with anyone else at least,” Bella said with a wink as I walked by her to my office.

I gave her a surprised look over my shoulder as the door automatically closed behind me. Bella was always sexy and flirtatious, but was rarely so forward that she mentioned my daily… tuzla escort bayan activities.

Work, work, work. Briefs needed reading, arguments needed writing. Money needed transferring. Meetings and check ins rolled through my office as criminal elements parked in my private parking area, rode my elevator and hit on my secretary. Through it all I got three more pictures from Mel, just sexy teases of some cleavage mostly that she was sending to all her contacts.

Around one in the afternoon, just as Bella was bringing in my late lunch, I got another bingle from my phone. She gave me another one of her ‘I don’t believe you’ looks and left, swishing her pretty behind a little extra in my direction.

I immediately hit the screenshot buttons on this one. She must have been at home now because she was in a house bathroom in just a bra. She was licking her lips and holding up her thong, a bright green with a dark green wet spot clearly visible on the front. ‘Don’t tip tonight, you gave me too much already.’

I was drooling just a little bit and wiped my mouth. This one she definitely wouldn’t have sent to anyone else. Don’t tip? She was trying to make money doing this. Shaking my head, I sent her a response on Kik.

OverCsSteve: We’ll see.

DellaLightful: You better not. I’ll feel beholden to you.

OverCsSteve: What’s wrong with a sugar daddy?

DellaLightful: Are you really that old?

OverCsSteve: Ok, sugar… cousin?

DellaLightful: You are a goof.

When I sent the cousin comment my heart pumped a few extra times. It was risky and stupid, but she didn’t seem to make the leap.

One last picture came through, just before 2 pm, of her mooning in a mirror. ‘About to go online. No Pants party?’ It had obviously gone wide.

I didn’t have any meetings for the next three hours. I’d asked Bella to keep that time slot clear a few times nearly a year ago and once she had realized what I was doing she’d done it regularly. I had no idea what she did during those three hours, and honestly I didn’t really care. She could be off shopping or taking a long lunch or something. Fuck, she could be masturbating right along with me at her desk on the other side of the wall.

I quickly brought up the cam site and logged in before searching through the models and finding Mel. There were already about fifty or so people in the room; either they happened to be near a computer like I was or she kept a pretty regular schedule and they had already been waiting. They were also already raving about the fact that my cousin had nothing on but a football jersey.

She looked gorgeous. It was an NFL jersey, which I hadn’t followed in years since just about every sport except American football and ice hockey were popular in Australia. Her hair was up in a high ponytail, leaving her face with two little streaks of blue and red paint on each high cheek open.

“-gameday, but I figured I’d hang out with you guys for a bit before I go out. Maybe work out some energy, if you know what I mean. I don’t feel like getting picked up by some dude at the bar tonight. All the lovin’ I need is from you guys.”

HardDeployment: Id pick you up in a second

4nr4rchy: Can we see ass again?

Fucksluts: I play football, is that hot to you?

HardDeployment: Treat you right to. nice dinner before I love you all night long

FootsieTooToes: Feet?

Alphabetacal: How much fr prvt?

Just like the last time, I wished a quick death on every other person in the chat room. Instead of dwelling on my hate for these people, I decided to try my best to ignore them and instead typed to Mel.

OverCsSteve: Hey fantastic, you look great.

It took a moment for Mel to notice the message, but when she did her eyes got big and she squealed giddily, a sound I had heard dozens of times before but I had never been so happy about. It used to mean she had spotted one of her friends unexpectedly.

“Oh my god,” she said, “OverCs speaks! How are you?”

OverCsSteve: I’m good, just taking a midday siesta to see you.

That chat room had blown up a bit during our quick exchange.

Choober54: Who’s this? Never seen him before.

FootsieTooToes: Feet?

Phreakout: wtf y he get big welcome?

“OverCs, it’s like,” she looked at a clock and wiggled her fingers while counting, “It’s like just after 2 pm there. Go back to work, you’ll get in trouble!”

OverCsSteve: I work for myself, it’s all good. No clients coming in, you have all my attention.

Phreakout: Oh, nw she ignores us.

Choober54: I feel slighted. I think we should see ass for this.

“Guys,” Mel said, rolling hey eyes, “Be quiet, I’m not ignoring you. OverC’s is crazy, he sent me my biggest tip ever. It’s why I’m like ten ranks higher than when I logged off last night.”

I couldn’t help smiling and feeling a little proud, my intention had escort tuzla been to help her out if she needed it financially. Camming success was a happy bonus.

Choober54: Oh yeah? Bet I can beat him.

Choober54 has tipped 3,000 tokens. ‘Beaat that nigga.’

I raised an eyebrow and Mel smiled, calling out her thanks. Each token was worth about 10 cents to a model, so that had been a $300 tip. Pretty rich, except that I’d tipped 10,000 tokens last night.

“Sorry, Choober,” Mel said, “You get to stare at the pussy, but you didn’t get anywhere close to OverCs.”

The chat room cheered as Mel stood from her chair, her abdomen coming into view but her upper torso and head disappearing off camera. She teased us a bit, slowly lifting the long football jersey up to reveal more and more thigh, until finally she lifted it up to her belly button.

Mel had a pretty impressive camel toe, with these plump, just slightly flushed lips and the hint of her clit hood peeking out from between. More, even with her legs together there was a small triangle gap just below her pussy from her fantastic fitness.

I was already hard and unzipped my fly as she spread her legs a bit and teased her fingers down her bald pubic mound and fed them through her lips, massaging the skin for about a minute before she sat down again. The pussy was gone but her wicked smile was back as she brought her hand up and sucked her fingers into her mouth one at a time, blue eyes locked to the camera.

“Fuck, Mel,” I moaned, even though she couldn’t hear me.

“Alright, here’s the rule. OverCs isn’t allowed to tip tonight guys, so if he does make sure you boo him a lot.”

The chat room liked this idea, I just rolled my eyes and unconsciously stroked my dick, staring at my cousin’s beautiful face. To be quite honest, I’d jerked off to her probably dozens of times in high school, but it had never been to her face. I hadn’t appreciated her beauty at that point, her high cheekbones and bright eyes and full mouth had taken a back seat to boobs and ass.

Her show went on. She sang along with her music. She laughed at people’s jokes, flirting incessantly. Low tips got a moon, her full lower lips just hinting from between her butt cheeks unless she really bent over. Bigger tips got titty flashes, her boobs perfect and perky in every way. There was just the faintest hint of a scar underneath along the crease between breast and torso to speak to her boob job; they did say Texan plastic surgeons were the best.

After about forty minutes the tip count to her first masturbation show had dwindled. “Is OverCs still here?” She asked suddenly, reaching to her computer to scroll through the names in her room, which had exploded to around 800 people. I hadn’t typed anything else this entire time, instead just sitting back with her cam on full screen so I could ignore the chat room as much as possible.

OverCsSteve: I’m here, just enjoying you.

“Ok,” she said, smiling at the camera. “I wanted to make sure. You should talk more.”

OverCsSteve: With you, any time you want.

“Just not in the chat?” She made a pouty, puppy dog face. I’d learned to resist it years ago.

OverCsSteve: Yeah.

“Ok, well feel free to talk. You’re fun.”

Soon after the jersey was off and Mel had a flesh-toned floppy dildo in hand. The last remnants of the count burned out quickly as she grinned like a devil in between suckling on the head, licking at the shaft or putting the whole thing in between her tits.

“Fuck, yes,” she said as the final tip knocked the count to 0. “I’m so horny.” She rearranged her layout, taking her cam down from it’s perch and moving her rolling chair aside from her desk so that she was on the floor, the camera looking down at her body splayed out. Her back arched out when she played the tip of the dildo over her pussy, which was clearly blooming with arousal, pushing her tits out and tightening her belly.

It was strange, the fact that with everything on display I wanted to kiss Mel’s belly the most, just explore all of the bits of her that weren’t so sexual. Her legs, long and athletic. Her arms, her shoulders. I wanted to kiss her neck and her forehead and the tip of her nose.

I also wanted to stick my dick in her, which I was also clearly imagining as she fed the dildo into her pussy, slowly stroking. Her little moans were still getting picked up by her mic, teasing through me as I stroked myself. What I wouldn’t give to be in that room, I thought to myself before realizing if I was there, this would definitely not be happening.

The chat was running hot, the regulars and randoms typing their filth for all, and I guess especially her, to see. Not that she was looking at it, Mel had her eyes closed tight as she panted and moaned. One hand was feeding the dildo in and out and she had the other one working her clit, her little writhing movements sending her tits wobbling enticingly. She spread her legs wider as if begging an imagined partner to pound her deeper.

“Fuck, fuck, so good. Pound me,” She started moaning. “Pound that dick into me so good.”

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