Teasing Mother in Law

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I’m a fairly educated man, in my late 30’s and have a four-year degree with a major in business and a minor in psychology. However, there are plenty of things that I just don’t understand about human nature and the reason we do things. My story is completely true, and may not have the ending that so many stories do, but again, it is a true story.

Even at my current age, I still get an amazing thrill out of seeing a woman’s naked body. Like many of you I am sure, an exposed breast or nipple slip gets me excited. I can recall many of the more memorable ones from my life, and they are still fond memories.

I remember when I was working in a store and a nice-looking woman was looking at items in the display case in front of me and she crouched down to see something better. Well, I got to see something better too. Her blouse was a bit loose and when she bent forward a bit I could see through the top of the case and through the front of the case right down her top. She gave me a perfect shot of two beautiful tits, including her nipples.

I remember wondering if she had any idea what had happened. If she did, she never acted embarrassed, and I wondered if it had been done on purpose, or it was just a lucky accident for me.

Who knows. When I was about eighteen, I was laying in bed stroking my dick a bit one evening. I slept in a bedroom off of a family room in the lower part of our house. While my thoughts drifted to the tits on my friends at the local swimming pool, I heard my slightly older sister open the door to the family room and walk down the stairs.

My bedroom door was open, and the light shone in a bit from the hallway. I quickly arranged myself a bit and turned my head so it would look as though I was asleep. My semi-erect cock was fully exposed, and my heart suddenly felt like it was going to explode from my chest.

She walked down to my room and took a step inside while saying, “Steve, are you awake?”

I don’t know what she wanted, but I tried to remain still and peeked through my eyelids a bit and saw that she was just standing there. It probably wasn’t more than a few seconds, but it was wildly exciting. She left and nothing came of it, but that one incident of exposing myself was great whacking material for years.

Even though I am older, I still think about that, and I still love it when I get a shot of some exposed skin. It seems natural to me, and I don’t worry about it, I just enjoy it.

I’m married now, and have been for about ten years. My wife Laura is great, no real problems, and our sex life is good. However, I still like to take a peek at porn, and still get excited by this and that. I also have a fond memory of when my mother-in-law came to live with us.

She was 52 at the time, having lost her job and we figured she would live with us a few months. Carol had always been nice and friendly to me, and I enjoyed her company. She did tend to spend a lot of time in her long, one-piece pajamas which were less than flattering, but when she got dressed up she looked nice.

Laura kept telling me to be nice to her mom. She would say, “Tell Carol she looks nice,” and “Tell her hair is pretty, she is really lonely and depressed right now.”

Well, I was honestly trying to be nice, and I kept telling her these things, trying to boost her ego. I knew she craved attention, and was lonely. She almost never went out. We did get into a bridge club, which she loved.

She would take a shower and then put on a little terry-cloth wrap and do her makeup for an hour or two, getting ready. I also noticed that the wrap was very short, and she had nice legs for an older lady. But hey, this was my mother in law.

My wife and I worked the same hours, and were together most of the time. Carol was alone a lot, and I knew she was lonely, but what could we do?

One day I got home a little early and was getting a snack in the kitchen when I heard Carol call from her bedroom. I went to see what she wanted, and saw that she was sitting on the floor looking at some photo albums.

I said “hello,” and she said, “Hi, Steve, come over and take a look at this.”

I walked over and saw some old photos of when she was in her twenties, sitting around a pool. She looked pretty hot, and I noticed she had a very nice set of tits. I looked up at her and she glanced at me, then back down at the photo album. I also noticed that her blouse was puckered up a bit, and I had a perfect shot of her right tit, including her fully exposed nipple. The areola was big, with a nice-sized nipple.

“Well, what do you think?” my mother in law asked.

“Very nice,” I said, not sure what else to add. We chatted for a minute, and then I left the room. I wondered if she had any idea that tuzla escort her breast was exposed. It could have been an accident, but she was looking down towards the photo album, how could she miss it?

Maybe she just wanted some attention. I wasn’t sure. However, the next week I was given a special start time at work, and had to get up at 4:30 am to beat the traffic to my job for the day.

I stumbled out of my bedroom and went to use the main bath so I wouldn’t wake my wife. I got a hot shower and was thinking about Carol’s tits while I washed. I wondered what it would be like to expose myself to her, and after my shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist ready to head downstairs to get dressed when I thought I heard Carol’s TV going.

The shower must have woke her, and I adjusted the towel very lightly around my waist and watched it drop t the floor in the mirror and pretended she was watching. I got quite a pounding in my chest, and actually walked out of the bath with my towel very loose.

Strangely enough, when I walked out, Carol called me to her room, Saying, “come in her and see this thing on TV,” so I walked slowly and carefully next door and said, “Hi, what’s up?”

When she directed me to the TV, I turned sharply and the towel fell to the floor. I looked pretty good, being pretty excited by not really semi-erect. Carol said, “Oh, my,” and looked away fairly quickly, but when I picked up my towel and put it back around my waist I realized she was now facing the full-length closet mirrors — so she still had a complete view of me.

I apologized, and she was very sweet, saying “don’t worry, it’ll be our secret, things like this happen.”

Later, I pondered her “secret” statement, and thought about my actions all day at work. My wife and I made love that night and I admit I was extra excited about having exposed myself to my wife’s mother, and having seen Carol’s tit earlier.

Carol came into my study on a Saturday a few weeks later with a trash bag in her hands. She was wearing that long dress thing, and walked up right in front of me, opened up the bag and bent over for me to dump my little trash can into the bag.

When she bent over a bit, the top of her pajamas was open just a bit, but even though the opening at the neck was small, the dress-thing was very loose, and I got a chance to look right down into it. I could see her tits, which were a 38-C, and while I couldn’t see her nipples, I could see right down to her bush.

It was dark in the dress, but she had plenty of hair around her pussy. It looked like it was still dark black, which was interesting. I didn’t know at what age pussy hair might start to turn gray, but with Carol, it wasn’t yet.

I said, “Thank you, that was very nice of you,” and she smiled and went back to her cleaning. Now sure, it could all be innocent, but I couldn’t tell. Carol was pretty friendly the next few weeks, and I continued to tell her she looked great, etc. It was like we were playing a little game of chicken, to see how far we could go, and I admit it was exciting.

I never really thought of fucking her, I just wanted to get a feel of her tits. I also thought it would be great to suck on them, but this was a guest in my house, and my mother in law. I couldn’t just ask.

A month or so later, my wife had to go out of town on business for a few days. The first thing I thought about was getting a chance to be alone with Carol. I spent the whole week before wondering what would happen, and plotting to offer a backrub, and maybe get a real shot at her tits.

When my wife left, I had a fitful day at work, thinking of nothing but Carol, and then rushed home to see what might happen. Carol was at her desk when I got there, and I immediately went up and said “hello” and put my hands on her shoulders. I rubbed a little, and when she moaned, I offered to give her a real backrub if she wanted.

She declined, but I persisted, and eventually she agreed to lie on the bed and I gave her a rubdown. Tonight she had on a modest nightgown. She also had on underwear, and while I was rubbing, she reached back and unhooked her bra.

When she reached forward and bent on her side to take the bra off, I actually got a peak at her left breast through the side of her nightgown. Her nipple was long and heavy as it rose above the bed and quickly got covered again.

I told Carol she looked great, and after rubbing her for about half an hour, she sat up and turned around and we chatted for another hour before I said goodnight.

She did look good, and I went to my room and took my pants off. My dick, having been very good and never having gotten erect in front of Carol, was no longer interested in waiting. Just thinking about my mother in law tuzla escort bayan and her breasts got me rock hard and I stroked to a very satisfying orgasm.

The next night was much the same, I convinced Carol that her muscles were very sore from her first massage, and getting a little lighter rub tonight would really help. She agreed and we chatted while I rubbed her back and she talked about herself, her last husband, and we even talked about sex a little.

She took out some Polaroid’s and showed me what her husband liked so much — a couple pictures, naked from the waist up, of her great tits. At one point she even said, “Oh, my nipples are so sensitive, I used to be able to have an orgasm from just rubbing them.”

I was flummoxed, but asked why she wasn’t dating anymore, and told her any man would be happy to be with her, and she said it just wasn’t worth all the trouble and that “men were all jerks.”

Wow, talk about mixed signals. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t take my pants off, but I still wanted to suck on those tits that I could lightly see through her nightgown. I asked if she masturbated, and she said no, “it’s not what I like, I want the whole package.”

Now I was really confused. President Clinton had just said “Oral sex isn’t really cheating or really sex,” and I was thinking great, I just want my mouth on her tits, but she wants the whole package.

Was she saying “alright,” or just giving an opinion. This was my mother in law, and I had to be really careful. She lived with us, and talked to my wife everyday — but I really wanted those tits.

Eventually I went to bed alone, and jerked off again. I was so confused, and still don’t know exactly what was going on, but we were certainly feeling each other out as to what might be all right.

The next night, I came home and Carol had a drink or two and we eventually wound up in her bedroom again so I could rub her shoulders. As I was doing so, the phone rang. I answered it, and it was Linda, Carol’s other daughter, and I handed the phone to Carol.

I continued rubbing her shoulders, and while she was talking to Linda, she took my right hand and pulled it down into her blouse over her breast. I moved my other hand onto her other breast in a criss-cross pattern and squeezed her tits while the buttons on her blouse popped open. Her tits were great, they were large and much softer than my wife’s.

Her nipples got hard quickly, and I massaged them for a minute or so and tweaked them. She moaned a bit, and then got up and hung up the phone. When she did, I could see her full breasts in the mirror before she buttoned up the blouse, and they looked great.

She sat back down and we chatted for a minute, but I got the feeling that was the end of our night. She was sitting far enough away that I couldn’t reach her without being obvious. We joked, and I said, “Well, I guess it wouldn’t be right for me to ask to stay while you got undressed for bed,” and she agreed, so I left.

The next morning I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I got up a little early and went down to Carol’s room. Her door was open, and she was still asleep. I sat down on her bed and put my hand close to her neck, and then rubbed her neck a little and said “good morning.”

My rubbing was innocent, but she took my hand for a second and I thought, “uh oh,” but she then held my hand close to her chest and then rolled over on her side, so my hand was squeezed between her tits.

She sat up and I started rubbing her shoulders. I asked if she wanted a full massage, and she said that would be great. She tuned away and pulled her nightgown over her head and lay facedown on the bed. I grabbed the lotion from her bed stand and worked on her back.

I rubbed down over her back and then even gave a little tub to her ass. There was no complaint, so I worked down her legs, then back up and when I got close to her ass again she actually spread her legs a little so I could rub them up close to her pussy. I was so excited my ears were hot — a very strange sensation. I rubbed up to almost where I could touch her pussy, then moved up over her ass for a minute or two.

I asked if she wanted me to rub her front, and she pulled the nightgown around herself and rolled over. I started at her neck and rubbed her tits, then leaned forward and gave them a little suck. She moaned in approval, and I started thinking about getting my tongue into her pussy.

Her nipples got hard, and I slobbered over them a bit and then went back to rubbing. I worked down her belly and then down her legs. When I worked back up, I eventually pushed aside her nightgown and licked at the top of her public hair. She then surprised my by saying, “No, Steve,” you can’t do that, and escort tuzla clamping her legs together.

“Wait, Carol, I thought that’s what you wanted,” I whined.

“No, you can’t do that,” she said.

Looking back on it, maybe she just wanted to protest a little, and for me to “force” her, but I gave in, and left her bedroom. At work I wondered about the turn of events and was convinced I gave in too easily.

My wife came home that evening and everything was fine. Carol and I got along all right, although I was a little pissed. Eventually I continued telling her she looked great, and rubbed her shoulders when I said good morning. She would even roll over onto my hand if I rubbed by her neck a little — I even grabbed her tit from behind a few times after that while she was standing at the sink or in front of the refrigerator.

A few months later I took off from work early. When I got home, Carol was depressed — and was on her second bottle of wine. She was going to her 35th high school reunion and felt old, and unattractive. I insisted she looked great, and told her to sit down in front of me and I would rub her shoulders.

It took all of ten seconds before she grabbed both my hands and pulled them down into her blouse. I massaged her tits, feeling the nipples get hard and sneak between my fingers. I decided I wanted more, and stood up and took her by the hand to her room.

Once there, I sat her on the bed and got on my knees in front of her and undid her top. I pushed her bra down and started sucking on her tits. Her head leaned back and then forward as I changed tits, almost chewing on the long nipples. The areolas shrunk down to half their size and were very wrinkly.

I knew I had an hour or so before my wife got home, so I stood up and walked over to close the door. When I got back, Carol had buttoned up her blouse. I knelt down and unbuttoned it again and started sucking. I reached down and put my hands up her legs. Her outfit was a little jumpsuit, but I could still get my hands up to her hips. I worked my fingers in and found some pussy hair.

Still sucking a tit, I rubbed my left hand around her pussy lips, which were slippery by now. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy and tried to rub her clit a bit when she pulled my head up and looked closely at me.

“Carol, I just want a little taste, that’s all.”

“That’s all I’ve wanted this whole time,” she said.

Now I was talking about sucking her pussy, that’s all, but she may have been thinking about much more. At any rate, I moved my head down and tried to push the material aside enough to get at her pussy. It was a little tough, and I could barely get my finger in and my tongue on her lips.

I sucked for a minute or two, wondering at my old mother in law’s pussy, and really enjoying the taste. Her lips were tight and small, almost pulled up into her pussy, but the taste was great. I tried to move my finger up onto her “G” spot while I licked, and after a few more minutes I started working her faster, trying to get her to have an orgasm.

However, she was just sitting there, not moving. I didn’t know if she had second thoughts, or the tight jumpsuit was a problem. I stopped and looked up at her.

“Gee, Steve, I don’t know what’s up. Usually I would have been gushing by now,” Carol said.

It sounded like such a contemptuous, condescending statement, as though she was questing my ability to get her off, that it really put me off. I stoked her a little more, but since she was just sitting there, I stopped.

I pulled my finger out of her pussy and adjusted her panties, stood up and walked out of the room. She got up from the bed and closed her door, and I stood next to the laundry room and felt disappointed and stupid. My pants were a bit soaked with pre-cum, so I pulled them off and dropped them in the wash, and turned towards the bathroom.

Carol opened her door right then and said, wait, don’t walk away. I was worried about my wife getting home any minute, and I went into the bathroom but didn’t close the door.

Carol followed me, and when she got in the room, I turned around so had a full view of my now erecting dick and said, “free show.”

She looked down at my dick, and just stood there. After about five or ten seconds I turned around and got a towel and she walked back to her room and closed the door. I stood there pissed off, wondering about what had happened, and then went to my bedroom and jerked off.

After that evening, I grabbed her tits a few times, but she moved out a month later after getting a job in another town. We still get along all right, but I can’t just grab her anymore. What could have been, well, she probably wanted the “whole package” that night — and I might have gone through with it, but I lost my nerve when she questioned why she “wasn’t gushing.” Probably, it all ended for the best. I still have good memories of my mother in law’s tits and pussy. That’s enough.

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