Teaching Professor Mahoney Ch. 02

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I quite enjoy teaching my Herbology class especially Lara Simpkin. Well it’s more like she teaches me. Our relationship is a dangerous one. She holds a power over me ever since the other afternoon. The bell rings for the start of class. I stand leaning on my desk at the front of the room. It’s a theatre room. Each row of seats are elevated above the one in front. The class slowly filters in; there are about fifteen students in all. Among them is Lara. She winks at me from the door.

“Okay everyone, write down what I have written on the board and read chapters three through seven please.” I say once everyone is settled into their seats. The sounds of pens on paper filled the room. I sit at my desk to mark the tests from the previous day. Lara’s is the third from the top. She has drawn miniscule pictures around the edges of it. I look up at her. She sat in the back row so that no one could see her unless they turned around. She stared down at me and ran her tongue over her luscious lips. I could feel the blood rush to my groin. I look away quickly and study the rest of the class working. All the girls were beautiful but none of them as hot as Lara. Lara knew she was hot and so did all the boys and half the girls in the school.

Today she wore a super short black mini skirt, black knee high boots and a tiny black boob tube. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, and it flowed over one shoulder. She fingered her orange locks with her right hand. Her left scribbled notes in her notebook. Her legs seductively uncrossed when she noticed me watching her. She pulled her lollipop out of her mouth and ran her tongue around the edges of it. My groin heated more and I looked away again. I cleared my throat. “Um, Lara, can I see you in my office please, to discuss your, uh, test results.” The class looked back to their books as Lara stood. I opened my door and held it for her. She purposely brushed her hand against me as she passed me in the doorway. I closed my ataşehir escort bayan eyes then quickly turned to look at the class. They all had their eyes on their books still.

I shut the door and locked it silently behind us. I kept the shutters on the door closed purposefully. Sometimes I would have to relieve myself here if I knew I couldn’t get to the bathroom unseen. I sat at my desk and she took a seat across from me. “Now, Lara we have to be very careful. I could get fired from what we did last week and you would be expelled. I think it best if we put it behind us.” Her eyes burned into me, my crotch felt on fire as she looked at me. I swallowed. “We’re lucky no one heard us or knocked on the door.” I stopped remembering the incident. While I talked to her my cock still grew hard.

“Professor, I know you liked it. Your body told me it did. Why are you trying to deny the both of us the pleasure I know we both crave, the attention we both need?” She watched me. I eyed her back, my eyes slipping to her cleavage for a moment. She placed her hand over mine on the table. “Jake? I know it’s a risk but I don’t care. You are the reason I took this class. I will stop if you want because I don’t want you to lose your job. I wouldn’t be able to keep taking the class if you left.” She removed her hand. “I’m eighteen. They can’t stop us. I’m old enough to make my own decisions.” She stood. “I will go back to my seat now.” I stood to let her out. Her gaze flickered down me. “You may want to fix that first though.” She said pointing at my crotch smiling. My eyes shot down the front of me. I had forgotten how horny I had got as she talked. I nodded blushing. “I can show myself out.”

I sat back at my desk while she went back to her seat. Soon a knock at my door snapped me back to reality. I looked up and scooted my chair in, still not having got rid of my erection. A head poked inside the door. Short black hair framed the face. “Uh… yes Julie?”

“Professor escort kadıöy the class was wondering if we could leave as we’ve all finished?” I nodded she left. I heard the rustling of papers and other objects. The door clicked closed behind them. I stood and walked out into the class. Lara still sat at her desk still writing the information on the board. I quickly went back into my office. My erection got bigger. I’d have to release it soon. And in here. Finally I heard the class door click closed. I unzipped my pants and started to pump myself into a spare sock I kept hidden in the secret drawer. I heard a creak at the door to my office and looked up. Lara stood watching me. I stopped and stood up. The sock slipped off me. Lara stepped inside and locked the door behind her back.

“Lara, I-” my sentence was cut short as she closed the distance between us and planted a kiss over my mouth cutting off any more words. One hand held my head to hers and the other quickly trailed its way down my chest and stomach to enclose my cock. Heat spread from her hands. I almost lost it with that touch. She slipped her skirt and panties off in one movement. She pulled her boob tube down around her waist. She pressed her body into me. I felt my back hit the office wall. With her boots on she was as tall as me. She pulled me down to the floor with her and sat on my legs. Like previously she mouth fucked me to the edge. Then she moved herself over me and began to ride me. Her tight pussy felt so good. I couldn’t help it. I was trapped.

I rolled over so I was on top. I kept pumping into her. She held me in place by circling her legs around my ass. She pulled me back into her harder and harder. I tried to hold off. I didn’t want to cum in her again. I tried to pull out and reached for the sock that fell. “No.” she said and pulled me back inside her. “Don’t you know it’s rude to pull out before the girl is finished?” I again tried to pull away. maltepe escort She rolled us over and still rode me, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I exploded into her cunt. She came a second later riding me until I fell limp. She pulled away and started to pull her clothes back on. “I’m sorry Jake. I had to do it one last time. You had me too worked up to stop right now. I will change classes tomorrow.”

I gasped for breath. “Have you told any of your friends?” She shook her head. “Then you don’t have to leave my class.” My body still called for her. I could feel the pulsing growing in my penis again. I quickly zipped my pants closed. “Please stay. Lara, I do want you so badly, but I still don’t know why you chose me over the many students you could have. I do want this to continue but if it does we have to be careful. We can both get in trouble from it. No one is to know. Don’t even put it in your diary because someone may read it.” I looked at her. she smiled at me. “You said my body told you I like what you did. Well you’re wrong.” Her smile faltered. “It craves it.” She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. My cock grew hard again and pressed into her as she kissed me.

Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. And again she stripped off and undid my pants. I sucked her nipples that were still hard. She sat me in my chair and sat on the ground in front of me. Her mouth sucked on me, I began to thrust inside her mouth as she mouth fucked me. “Lara…” I moaned I ecstasy. She stood and straddled me again. this chair didn’t have armrest like the one in the classroom. She bounced up and down in my lap. again her tight walls got me to the edge faster. “Oh GOD!”

“Oh, Jake. Oh, Jake. Oh JAKE.” She came in my lap spilling onto my pants. This caused me to burst into her again. we moaned in pleasure. A bell rang. End of class. She dressed and kissed my face. She then ran out unlocking the doors. I was a mess. I opened my bag and pulled out my track pants. I groaned at them being the only pants I had. I quickly changed and took off my shirt and tie and pulled on my t-shirt so it wouldn’t look too conspicuous. I checked myself to make sure I wasn’t still in need of release and walked out as my other class entered the room.

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