Teacher by Day, Dancer by Night Ch. 02

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Catherine Bentley adjusted the straps of her red v-neck tank top and looked in the mirror. Her tight gray pants emphasized her round ass and long legs. She brushed her blonde hair and tied it back in a loose ponytail. As she studied her reflection, her mind began to stray to the events of the coming evening. Her hands slipped down from her hair to cup her breasts, massaging them as she imagined the look on the face of Jason, the student teacher she was training, when he saw her tonight. Her fingers slipped underneath the waistband of her pants and she caressed her pussy through her thong panties, her lips parting in a quiet moan as she traced the patch of wetness there. As she fingered herself, her eyes fell on the clock and she removed her hand with a sigh of frustration, realizing that she’d be late for her rendezvous with Jason if she didn’t leave.

Meanwhile, in his apartment across town, Jason eyed the clock every few seconds, anxious to meet Catherine, nearly driven to distraction wondering what the “something special” she had planned for him was. He had been hard all day thinking about it, and the friction of his cock against his boxers and jeans was making him crazy. In an effort to relax and not appear too eager to see her, he changed positions on his couch, unzipped his jeans, and let his thick cock spring free, grabbing it in his fist and beginning to stroke. He let his head rest back on the sofa and moaned softly as he let his hand slide over his shaft slowly. Just as he was beginning to increase his pace, the phone rang, shrilly interrupting him. He picked up, coming out of his pleasured state, and growled, “Hello?”

Catherine’s low, sexy voice resonated from the other end of the line. “Why, hello there, tiger! Is my sexy man ready for his surprise? His kitty is ready whenever he is!” Jason groaned under his breath at her sultry tone and tried to will his erection away, finally managing to say, “I’m on my way right now!”

Catherine murmured, “Good – I can’t wait to see you, Jason!” and with a small moan for his benefit, hung up the receiver, smiling to herself.

Jason jumped into his Sentra and found himself racing to the club where she worked, plucking at invisible fuzz on his black ribbed turtleneck, wanting to look good and make Catherine want him as much as he wanted her. As he pulled into a parking space at the club and put his car into park, his mind was wandering, wondering what his special surprise was going to be. He forced himself to enter the building slowly, trying not to appear too eager, and when he approached the desk the attendant said, “Ah, you must be Mr. Michaels – if you’d just take that door to your right, you’ll find all the arrangements have been made for your arrival.”

Jason hurried to the door, pushing it open and finding the club’s backstage area, filled with gorgeous, scantily-clad women, all of whom seemed to know him. “Oh, Jason,” they all cooed, “Just go through that door and you’ll find what you want.”

Jason could hardly contain his excitement as he picked up his pace and went through the door the girls had pointed to. The room he entered was dim, but the lighting was perfect to see what was at the other end of the room – his Catherine, dressed in a red tank top and curve-hugging gray pants with tall boots, making her legs look longer and sexier than ever. She leaned against what he thought was a table, and, shooting him a sexy look, motioned with her index finger for him to come to her.

He approached her, swallowing hard, wondering why he was so nervous, but all such thoughts were erased from his mind when she ran her fingernails down his chest and told him to get comfortable. The furniture he had thought was a table was a bed, soft mattress about waist high off the ground. Jason sat on it, and was watching Catherine intently, when suddenly music filtered into the room. The song was Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave 4 U,” the same song he had first seen her dance to. Just the memory of that night was enough to make Jason’s cock stir in his pants, and when Catherine began to dance he couldn’t remove his eyes from her body.

She began to undulate her hips to the music, swaying and keeping eye contact with Jason, passion and lust burning between them. She moved her hands to the waist of her pants and slowly undid them, giving Jason a peek of the lacy, see-through red panties she had on, then sliding the material over her hips and down her long legs. She moved to a pole that had been set in the middle of the room and began to grind into it, swaying her hips as if she were grinding with him. Jason’s cock was pressing against the zipper of his jeans as he watched this beauty dance privately for him. She ran her hands over her breasts as she danced, letting her fingers come to rest at the hem of her tank top, then seductively pulled off the flimsy material, leaving her only in her red lace panties.

Jason’s cock was throbbing by ataşehir escort bayan now, begging to be released from the confines of his pants, but Catherine wasn’t through with his torture. She slowly walked toward him, swaying her hips to the music, and stopped right in front of him. She trailed her hands down her body once again and murmured, “I want to give you your own private lap dance, sexy – may I?”

He moaned and nodded, and she laughed softly, taking his inability to speak as a sure sign that he wanted her to continue. She climbed up on the bed with him and faced him, putting one knee on either side of his legs. Jason could smell the scent of her perfume mixed with the scent of her arousal at performing for him. Her hands moved to cup her tits, and she bent her head slightly, raising one nipple to her lips and extending her tongue to taste it gently, looking into his eyes all the while.

Catherine lowered her hands to Jason’s waist, sliding them up under his sweater and lifting it over his head as she began to grind her panty-covered crotch into his lap. Once Jason’s sweater had joined her clothes on the floor, Catherine captured his lips with hers, caressing his mouth with hers as she swayed for him. Her fingers traveled up and down his chest, making goose bumps stand out all over his body, and she moved her lips to caress his ears, sliding her tongue lightly around the shell and tracing a path over his jawbone down to his neck.

She let her fingers trail over Jason’s chest and stomach, down to the waistband of his pants, slipping the button through the buttonhole and undoing the zipper, then sliding her crotch over him as she knelt on the floor, pulling his pants off and tossing them, along with his shoes and socks, to the floor. She climbed back on his lap, taking his boxer-covered shaft in her hands and stroking it upward, loving the feel of how hard, long, and thick he was. She continued stroking him, grinding her barely-covered pussy into the head of his shaft as she did, rubbing her clit with his cock, causing her tits to sway in front of his face. Jason captured one nipple with his lips, caressing it with his tongue and moaning around it as he felt her wetness through her lace panties and his boxers.

Catherine stood up in front of Jason, one leg on each side of his legs, and he looked up at her. She hooked her fingers in the sides of her panties and slowly slid them down, exposing her neatly shaved, bare pussy to his hungry eyes. She let the lacy thong slide all the way down her long legs, then bent to pick it up, tantalizing him with her tits, and then picked the flimsy garment up, making sure to pass it under his nose so he could smell her scent. She then lowered herself back to his lap, fingering the edge of his boxers, and said, “I think we should get rid of these, don’t you?”

Jason moaned his agreement, thrusting his hips up in an attempt to make contact with her fingers. She slipped her hands under the boxers and pulled them down, carefully avoiding where he wanted her to touch. She gasped as his cock came into view, fully erect, bigger than anything she’d ever seen. Catherine couldn’t believe that he could be even bigger than the day before, considering how hard he’d cum inside of her and in her mouth. She kissed his soft lips, asking, “What does my sexy tiger want?”

He growled in frustration, moaning, “Please, touch my cock, stroke it! I want to feel your fingers around me!”

Catherine moaned softly upon hearing these words and put her hand over his cock, marveling at how she couldn’t close her hand around it. She cooed in his ear, “My, what a big, hard, tiger we have here!”

She stroked him up and down gently with one hand while she maneuvered them into a different position on the bed. She pushed Jason back, making him lie down, and said, “Let’s give this sexy tiger what he needs!”

She began to stroke him harder, moving one hand down to massage his balls as she rubbed her fingers over the sensitive area just below the base of his cock. She bent down and began to lick his balls, bringing her hands up to stroke him in a hand-over-hand motion. She sucked on his balls one at a time, because they were too big and heavy with cum to take both at once, and rubbed the thumb of one hand over the tip of his shaft as the other hand stroked him into a frenzy.

Jason was bucking his hips to her rhythm, moaning louder and louder as she sucked his balls. He couldn’t believe how sexy she was – she was helping him fulfill every one of his fantasies. He had never been with a woman before her, and it blew his mind to see her sucking his balls and jerking him off. Just thinking about this and watching her was bringing him closer to the edge, and when she moved one hand off his cock to press into the extremely sensitive area between his balls and his ass, he reached the point of no return.

His growls grew even more animalistic escort kadıöy and tiger-like as he barely managed to say, “Oh, Catherine, I’m almost there, I’m about to cum!”

She removed her mouth from his balls, tonguing them one last time and cupping them in the hand that was pressing into the soft flesh behind them and cried, “Cum for me, sexy, I want you to cum all over me!”

Her voice saying these naughty things pushed him over the edge and his cock spasmed, his eyes rolling back in his head as he began to cum, pumping load after load of his hot, sticky fluid all over her tits and face.

As his breathing returned to normal and he came down from his orgasm, Jason used his cock to rub his cum into Catherine’s soft skin, loving the way she looked covered in his cream. She helped him, scooping it up on her fingers and tasting it, cleaning herself off. When she had eaten her fill, she looked into his eyes and said, “After all this torture my pussy is dripping wet for you, Jason – and I know just how I want to take care of it.”

She put a pillow under his head, propping him up at a comfortable angle, and slid her body along his, leaving a wet trail from her pussy that he could feel over his cock, incredibly still rock hard, and his stomach, letting him feel how soaked she was. She knelt straddling his head, giving him a breathtaking view of her bare, pink, dripping wet pussy. He pursed his lips and blew, making sure the hot air reached her, and she moaned and squirmed, then lowered herself down over his face, not quite making contact, telling him, “Please tiger, eat my pussy!”

Jason needed no further urging – he hooked his arms over her legs, pulling her down to his face, and spread open her outer lips with his tongue, licking and kissing her slit. He took several nice long licks all the way from her ass to her clit, and already she was moaning and grinding herself into his lips. He looked up and saw her eyes closed, fingers massaging her tits as he ate her. He began to thrust his tongue in and out of her hole, making her even more excited. He could tell that Catherine wanted more, so he brought his hand to her crotch and slid one finger inside of her, moving his lips to plant lots of little kisses over her clit. She was panting now, and he took that as encouragement, adding a second finger, which he could barely slide in. He moaned loudly at the feeling, his cock throbbing, wondering how he had ever fit inside this tiny, tight pussy. Her moans turned into a scream of pleasure as his moan vibrated her most sensitive parts, and knowing she was close, he began to tongue her clit rapidly.

She was now bucking her hips, riding his face, thrusting into him, trying to get his pleasuring lips as close to her as she could. He began to fuck her with his fingers, and just as he felt her walls begin to tighten around them he fit his lips around her clit and sucked it into his mouth. She screamed as she felt this, and she lost control, her pussy clamping down on his fingers and her clit throbbing in his mouth as she flooded his mouth with her cum, bucking her hips as she came all over his face.

He licked up every last bit that he could, and continued to lightly tongue Catherine’s clit as she rode out her orgasm. When it finally began to subside and her screams of pleasure stopped, she relaxed, moving back to sit on his chest so he could breathe, looking at him with eyes smoldering with lust. He smiled up at her, her juices still coating his cheeks and chin, and asked, “Did my sexy kitty enjoy that?”

Catherine moaned, “God, YES! That was amazing!”

Jason smiled again, pleased with himself for being able to bring such pleasure to this goddess, and as she leaned down and kissed him, he could feel his erection throbbing, but he didn’t know what further plans she had. As she broke the kiss, her lips went to his ear and she murmured, “I love being filled with your fingers but what this kitty really needs is to be filled with something a lot bigger!”

Thus saying, Catherine took Jason’s hard shaft into her hand and guided it to her entrance. She moaned as she felt the huge head beginning to push inside of her, and as she lowered herself down his cock stretched her wide. Jason couldn’t stop his moaning as he felt her pussy close around him, so hot, wet, and tight that he could barely keep himself from taking control and pounding her until he came.

She sighed as she came to rest, sitting on his thighs, his entire nine inches buried within her, feeling unbelievably full. She began to rock back and forth on his cock, lightly teasing her clit. Catherine raised herself up till his tip was barely inside of her, then sat down quickly, filling herself again and encasing his cock in her sweet warmth. She stroked him upward with her pussy again, this time tightening her walls to create even more friction as she did. Jason thrust his middle finger into her mouth, letting maltepe escort her suck on it like she was sucking his cock, making him groan. He removed his finger and trailed his hands around, helping her in her rhythm, and pushed the tip of his middle finger against her asshole.

She whimpered slightly as he began to slide it into her hole, but once he got past his second knuckle she began to moan and increase her pace, bouncing up and down on his huge cock. Catherine was driven wild at being filled in both holes, and she began to ride Jason harder and harder as he fucked her with his cock and finger. As his finger probed her walls he touched a spot that made her scream, and suddenly, before she even realized what was happening, she was cumming – bouncing on his shaft as her pussy convulsed in pleasure. Jason couldn’t hold back and let out a loud growl as he began to pump his cum into her pussy.

When their orgasms ended Catherine sighed happily and leaned down to catch Jason’s lips in a soft kiss, but he instead grabbed hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and groaning, “Oh no you don’t, I’m not through with you yet!”

She squealed as he pulled out of her and turned her around, then buried his shaft, impossibly even harder, longer, and thicker than before he came, deep inside her pussy, fucking her from behind. He repeatedly impaled her sensitive pussy on his cock, and soon she began to moan again, loving the friction of his huge dick pounding her pussy.

Jason loved to look at her ass as she thrust it back toward him, and he lifted his hand and brought it down hard upon her ass, growling, “This is what naughty kitties like you get!”

Catherine screamed, excited by the spanking, and felt Jason begin to slide his finger into her ass again. As she moaned in pleasure, he slipped another finger in with the first, prying her tight hole open. He leaned over her, letting his tongue tease her ear, and murmured, “I am going to fuck your tight, sexy ass…and you’re going to love it!”

She moaned and nodded her assent, and felt him remove his fingers from her ass, but they were soon replaced by something much bigger – the head of his cock began to spread her ass cheeks as he slid his length into her. She groaned in pain as he pushed into her, and he soon had his entire shaft buried inside of her. When she felt his balls press against her ass, she began to moan, feeling filled in a way she had never felt before. She began to thrust her hips back at him, needing to be fucked.

He began to pump his thick shaft in and out, stretching her ass, moaning at how tight her hole was gripping him. Jason raised his hand and brought it down on her ass, spanking her, growling, “Do you like feeling my cock in your ass, Kitty?”

She screamed, “YES! Yes, tiger!” Catherine reached down and began to play with her clit, moaning, “Oh, this feels so good…”

Jason saw what she was doing and felt his cock harden even more. He reached around, cupping her tits, and moaned, “Let me do it, baby.”

He placed a finger on each side of her clit and began to rub in a circular motion, just the way she liked it as he thrust his huge cock in and out of her ass, increasing his pace more and more. She moaned and thrust her hips back and forth, increasing the pressure of his fingers on her clit and taking his shaft deeper and deeper into her ass.

Suddenly he felt her ass begin to tighten to almost unbearable levels and she screamed, “Oh god, tiger, I’m cumming…!” Her muscles clenched around him as he felt her clit throb between his fingers. She writhed on his cock, cumming hard, squeezing his shaft until he could take it no longer.

Barely able to talk, Jason warned Catherine, “Baby, I’m about to cum…”

Catherine moaned, “I want you to cum on my face! Give your kitten a nice facial, sexy…”

Hearing her words sent Jason over the edge and he began to cum, yelling, “OH! Kitty, turn around!”

He pulled out of her ass and positioned his cock over her face, not needing any more stimulation than her wet lips, open to catch as much of his cum as she could. His cock spasmed again and he began to cum, shooting load after load all over her face and into her mouth. Seeing her covered in his cum made his cock harder, and he came still more, coating her face with his cum.

When the spasms in his cock finally stopped, Jason rubbed his cum into Catherine’s face with his dick. She moaned and looked up into his eyes, full of emotion, saying, “God, tiger, you are amazing!”

She took his cock into her mouth, lovingly cleaning his shaft off as his breathing was returning to normal, and looked up at him, saying, “Tiger, I love you so much! I love the way it makes me feel when we make love. I hope we can do this every day for the rest of our lives.”

He smiled down at the gorgeous woman in front of him, thanking his lucky stars that he found her, and murmured, “That sounds perfect, baby!”

He gathered her up in his arms and kissed her lips softly, smiling at her and saying, “You’re perfect. I love you so much.” He picked her up and carried her to his car, took her home, and gently tucked her into bed, holding her close as they drifted off to sleep.

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