Teacher and Student Pt. 04

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He grasps my face in his hands and we kiss deeply. He holds me in place and forces my lips to part and pushes his tongue inside. I swirl my tongue around his. “Mm..Sophie” he breathes and breaks the kiss. “I want you.”

“Sir, we can’t until after school.” I remind him as he begins kissing my neck and squeezes my ass and breasts. It sends chills down my body.

“I can’t wait that long. I want you right now.” He says and begins unbuttoning my blouse.

I want him too. It’s our lunch period right now. I have lunch right before his class.I don’t think I can sit through another class, let alone HIS class.

“Mmm Mr. Bell, I want you too.” I whisper as he opens my shirt and squeezes my bra. He guides his thumbs over my nipples and they harden against the fabric. I whine and squirm, and grip the edge of the desk.

He picks me up and sits me on top of the desk. One hand goes up my skirt, and another hand takes a handful of my hair and pulls my head back. He gives me a series of tongueful kisses. He breaks away and pulls the cups of my bra down and begins licking and sucking my nipples. His fingers touch the wet crotch of my panties and gently massages my pussy.

I moan out and grip the back of his shirt in my fists and tremble.

“Sir, lunch will dismiss any minute now.” I say warningly, my breathing is heavy. Doing this during school is a lot more intense than after school.

“Sophie…” He whispers as he licks my right nipple. Shivers dance up my spine. “Do me a favor?”

“Yes sir?” I sigh dreamily. High off of how he’s making me feel.

“Suck me.”

“I really want to but I can’t, sir. We really don’t have the time.” I start to rebutting my blouse, but he has his face against my breasts kissing them.

“You could do it.. During class… Under my desk.” His fingers are inside my pussy at this point making me moan and twitch. I don’t know what to say, but before I can even answer, the lunch dismissal bell rings.

We scramble off of the desk and we both attempt at the same time to fix my attire. My bra and my left breast is still exposed as we hear the doorknob turn.

Mr. Bell quickly pushes me into a crouching illegal bahis position and ushers me under his desk and kicks my backpack underneath with me.

Just in the nick of time.

Mr. Bell takes his seat and sits as close to his desk and shoves his legs underneath as far as he possibly can to keep me as hidden as possible.

My heart is racing as my class files into the room.

The desk has a wooden backing, thankfully. It goes all the way to the floor. So from where the class sits, I cannot be seen.

As quietly as I can, I try to get comfortable. Class is an hour long.

Mr. Bell gives the class a surprisingly confident welcome just like normal. After he waits for the class to get settled in, he begins teaching. I see light from the smartboard. He’s definitely going to use that today to avoid getting up.

After a few minutes, and my breathing regulates. My shirt is still open, and my nipples are still really hard.

He takes attendance. I hear him say aloud. “No Sophie today.”

I look up into his crotch and see his cock bulging through his pants. I smile wickedly and carefully raise up on my knees.

I place my hand on it gently just to give him a heads-up. His body tenses immediately which makes me smile. I reach up and quietly unfasten his jeans. I reach into his boxers and pull out his cock. I pull them down over his balls too.

I kiss them immediately as I stroke the shaft in my hand.

His voice doesn’t waver surprisingly. I’m careful to not allow my lips to make smacking sounds as I kiss his balls gently.

I begin licking them, one after the other… As I stroke firmly.

His voice quivers just a little when I swirl my tongue around them. He clears his throat, and somehow summons the strength to remain calm and collected.

My cheeks are burning. My pussy is dripping. My heart is pounding hard in my ears as I perform oral on my teacher while he teaches. This is so so so scary, and stupid, and risky, and wrong. I know. I know. I know what your thinking.

But fuck why do I love it so much.

Why does it excite me so fucking much.

He puts his hand under the desk and pushes on the illegal bahis siteleri back of my head.. Forcing my face into his balls and cock.. and rubs my face into his crotch. I happily let him.

After a minute of that, he pulls on the back of my hair, pulling me back.. And he pushes his cock into my mouth. I squeeze his thighs and let him thrust a few times into my mouth.

He lets go and I begin pushing it in and pulling it out… Being slow and careful not to make any noise. His cock is rock hard in my mouth, and covered with veins. It’s so warm and big.

I think to yesterday when this beautiful cock was deep inside my pussy.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so horny thinking about it. I had to use my toys, but even then they couldn’t satisfy me like his did on this desktop yesterday evening.

I stroke the shaft as I pull back… And push back down. Achingly slow. I think of his tongue on my nipples earlier. I think of his fingers in my pussy.

I think of everything I can to make the clock tick.

I raise up on my knees a little higher and take my breasts and press them around the shaft as I suck the head.

He twitches, and dismisses the class to work for the rest of the period.

I feel his fingers run through my hair…

The volume in the class increases after his lecture is over. He would have asked the class to quiet down if it were any other day. Now I can be a little faster.

So, I speed up significantly, and sure enough, the blow job sounds are drowned out. I drop my breasts and fuck my face fast. He squirms in his chair. He shoves his hands under the desk, one grabs the back of my hair and pulls back, and faces me toward a scrap of paper he’s holding with “I’m close” scrawled on it.

I happily suck him faster… He takes my head and forces it up and down.

He erupts in my mouth suddenly, it spills over. He pulls out and releases the rest onto my breasts and both of us go limp.

I rub his cum in and stroke his cock in my hand as he explains the homework assignment for the class. I kiss the shaft and smiles as it gets hard again.

I lick the slit at the top over and canlı bahis siteleri over… trying to make him squirm. He squeezes the back of my neck.

Then at last the dismissal bell rings.

I give his cock deep kisses as they leave.

When I hear the door shut and the room falls silent.

I start to crawl out, but he stops me immediately.

The door swings open again, and a pair of footsteps walk in. A familiar voice begins talking, and the owner of the voice and footsteps pulls a chair up and starts talking, and Mr. Bell carries on with the conversation. My teacher pushes my face into his crotch again, and rubs his cock over me: I close my eyes as it passes back and forth. He eases it back into my mouth and I quietly suck it as the men talk.

Then, I suddenly remember who that voice belongs to.

The assistant principal.

My cheeks burn red hot as I stop with mouthful of my teachers cock.

Mr. Bell squeezes my neck reassuringly, and I continue slowly and carefully to please him.

I feel his veins puff out… And my eyes widen. His leg shakes a little.

I hear the chair skid against the floor and the ap starts to leave. He’s halfway to the door when Mr. Bell fills my mouth again, pulls out and sprays my chest another time.

I freeze in place and hoping with all my might he didn’t hear.

The ap continues talking normally… Mr. Bell still rubs my face into his crotch.

I hear the door open, and the footsteps exit the room, and the door shuts back.

The room is silent again.

Mr. Bell gets up, and locks it, returns and sits back into his chair.

“Get your sexy ass out here this instant.” He demands. I obey.

Once I see his bright, happy face, I can’t help but catch his contagious smile. He pulls me up and kisses me hard.

He sits me onto the desk and pushes me onto my back, pushes my panties aside and forces his cock deep inside me. I cry out and look up into his eyes as he pounds me.

“You were so fucking good.” He breathes. His eyes on my cum-covered breasts. I call out and run my hands up and down his chest and squeezes his shoulders.

“I loved that so much, sir.” I whine. The desk creaks.

“I did too. Fuck your body is so gorgeous.” He starts rubbing my clit which forces me onto another platform of pleasure.

I cum hard all over his cock in no time. He collapses on top of me, and kisses me hard.

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