Tasting Wine and Mom Pt. 03

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It was down to the 3 of them in the garden.

Felicia winked at Aaron then told Beth, “As a good mother I corrected my wayward son, Beth sweetie. He will start spanking again or he will be grounded.”

Bethany found it eminently funny and laughed her big laugh and then turned around and bent forward sticking her cute bum out for a whack.

They all laughed Aaron pointed out his hands were full, wine in one hand appetizers in the other. Felicia lacking sober judgment lifted her friends skirt and slapped her ass. Aaron felt turned on by his mom spanking a woman’s ass. He saw Bethany’s cute black lace panties. It contrasted with her light tan pantyhose. Aarons cock started getting harder. Beth enjoyed the fun and bent all the way over and grabbed her ankles. She liked showing her ass to young men. Like Felicia she worked out and her body was fit. Both of them had good tone from their nose to their toes.

Felicia laughed hard. “I hope we are like twins, ’cause girlfriend you have an awesome butt!”

The wine and pent up desires made her cast caution to the wind. Felicia bent over and flipped her skirt up and tucked it into her waistband. She just thought she was mooning her son. Then she remembered she was exposing her mound with the crotchless pantyhose. She felt very naughty exposing herself to her own son. She did not care. It excited her.

“Come on Love Machine Spank us while you can!” Felicia half begged half commanded.

Aaron was not as intoxicated as his mother and Beth. He was buzzed enough to lose inhibitions. He had been thinking with his cock not his brain for a few hours now. He stepped back, took in the view it reminded him of a party in college when a row of sorority girls showed their asses, only this was more intense. He emptied his hands to spank them both. He could not believe his fortune two tipsy, horny, milfs playing games with him. Wow life is good!!! The fact that one milf was his mother only made his blood hotter.

Felicia was busy telling Bethany that they looked like twins from behind. Aaron slapped Beth on the ass, a light love smack and slapped his mother on the ass again a light love smack. The light in this secluded part of the yard was barely adequate but he could see every detail of his mother’s pretty kitty. His blood surged to his cock. God this is the most freaking awesome thing ever, he thought. And he spanked them politely several times letting his hand linger after each slap.

Several deviant thoughts ran through his head. He wanted their asses in every way. He wanted to feel them against his face and kiss their buns and slide fingers into both of them. He wanted to shove his cock into his mom and into Beth again.

Beth always pressing the envelope asked, “Do you think we feel like twins too, lover boy?”

Aaron accepted the invitation and rubbed their asses. God is this really happening or have I died and gone to heaven? He squeezed their buns and caressed them. He ran his hands down their legs so far his face rubbed their asses he kissed them both. He had a fascination with nylon and liked rubbing his face on a woman clad in pantyhose. He could only dream of a moment like this. The sensations far surpassed any fantasy he allowed himself to have. He wanted to rub his entire body over the 2 beautiful butts.

As Aaron rubbed his face on his mothers’ buns he slowed down to enjoy every millisecond. He felt his mother’s pussy lips graze the corner of his mouth. Aaron felt like a slave to the pleasures of his mother. He had never experienced such intense sensuous foreplay before. With firm hands he felt moms’ legs down to her ankles and back up again to her butt and his cheek rubbed down her leg and against her ass. He turned and rubbed the other side of his face against her nylon clad ass. While turning his head he kissed and blew on his mothers pussy lips. With firm hands again he felt her legs down to her ankles and back up to probe every crevice. Felicia moaned and quivered when he kissed her pussy.

“Yes baby… ooooooohh, Yes baby explore mommy… ohhh god! I Love you baby.” Her pussy was wet with her juices. “You make mommy so happy Aaron.” The emotion was thick in her words and in her movements. She was gyrating her ass trying to rub it all over her son’s face.

Aaron felt Beth’s legs up and down, firm and gentle, exploring every inch. He was kneeling, they could be porn stars he could be paying homage to their perfect asses and legs. Kissing, nibbling, caressing, squeezing. He bursa escort was perfecting a wondrous sexual art. Some times his tongue would dart between their thighs and lick their juices. Sometimes his fingers would probe his mother or press fabric into Beth. This fun went on for several minutes no one wanted to stop.

Felicia told Beth that she had an unfair advantage. Felicia only had crotchless pantyhose to wear tonight. Beth was in disbelief and had to see for her self. She stood up and twisted to see. Felicia’s exposed mound looked like art under the party lights; Surrounded by silky blue fabric. He mons puffed out and looked like it needed kisses or spanked or penetrated. It glistened under the golden lights beckoning to be played with.

“OMG Girl friend.” You certainly know how to entice a guy. She reached over and touched Felicia’s pussy lips showing between her thighs. She added, “Or entice a horny girl friend.” She laughed.

Beth deftly spread Felicia’s lips and blew on them. Felicia legs and ass shook. Aaron now had his hand up Beth’s skirt and a hand on his mom’s hip caressing both. He was in a very blissful place. Then he watched Bethany’s fingers disappear inside his mother.

“Woo! Hoo!” Felicia cried. “Is some one fingering me or is my imagination over active?” She laughed and giggled. She felt more alive then ever, she felt happy, full of fun and full of raging hormones. All she wanted now was sexual pleasure it did not matter how or with whom. Nothing mattered except reaching a climax.

All Aaron could do was watch and feel their butts while Beth started fingering Felicia. God it looked so luscious seeing a woman’s fingers go deep inside his mother. His mouth watered and his cock throbbed. He knelt and worshiped the moment. He squeezed the nylon clad ass of his mother. Loving the feel of the mesh fabric over a fit ass.

Felicia completely caught up in taboo pleasures giggled and said, “I hope that’s you in side me Aaron because I’m not really Bi. Well at least you don’t know if I am or not.”

Wow his hands were filled with pleasure his nose was filled with the musky scent of sex, making him hunger for climax, and now his ears were filled with words so wrong and sweet he would never forget them. His mother was telling him its ok to go into her pussy.

Beth smiled and got a devilish look and took Aarons hand and stuffed 2 of his fingers into his mother’s pussy.

She leaned in to whisper into his ear, “You should try to get back into your mommy Aaron. It is one of life’s finest pleasures.”

Like a witch casting a spell she set his mind on getting into his mother every way possible.

It was almost too much for him, his cock throbbed incredibly hard it almost hurt and felt like it would just explode. In younger days his cock might have exploded to soon. He started fingering his mother. She grabbed her son’s wrist forcing him to stand and walk with his fingers inside her. She took several steps and leaned against a tree. When she stopped Aarons momentum forced all his fingers deep into his mother.

“Oooohhh God!” Felicia cried in rapture.

A light came on in the house next door. Felicia, Beth and Aaron all looked and realized they were having their exploits in public.

A pleasure fantastic! Felicia thought, sex in public was a Thrill! Having her son put fingers inside her multiplied the sensations. This was far beyond any previous pleasures in her life!

This was soooo incredibly wrong but some how the sexiest thing she ever did.

She moaned in a completely sexy voice asked Aaron, “Does it feel good to be inside mommy again?”

Bethany looked Aaron in the eyes, she had ravenous hunger burning in her eyes. Beth pulled down her own pantyhose and panties and took Aarons other hand and pressed his fingers to her love slit. She leaned in for a kiss. She held his head and kissed him hard on the lips. She searched for his tongue and started to suck his tongue when he explored her sweet mouth. He fingered his mother deep and let Beth suck his tongue and nibbled his lips.

Aaron wanted these pleasures to last for ever.

Time twisted. Moments felt like hours and it all seemed to go by to quickly. Sometimes it felt like time itself exploded then it felt like it stopped. His thoughts swirled.

The fun was just beginning and all three of them were close to pleasure overload. Aaron was ramming his fingers in both women, in and out in and out. He was thrusting as hard and as bursa escort bayan deep as he could. He felt their juices dripping off his hands. They both moaned and cried in pleasure telling him what a dirty boy he was to finger his mother and Bethany.

Felicia wiggled her ass and thrust back on her son’s fingers. She had a hard orgasm her entire body quivered and her knees got weak. Aaron kissed Beth deep and then she was on her knees. She wanted to fill her mouth with ‘young man cock’ so hard so full of cum. She wanted to suck Aaron again after all these years. Then with devious intent she wanted to stick his cock into his mother’s pussy.

She had his cock in her mouth so quick he could barely catch his breath. He looked down and saw Bethany looking into his eyes, her mouth full of his hard meat. She sucked him harder than she ever had before. Bethany sucked harder than any woman he knew.

His mother grabbed his hand and forced 4 fingers into her pussy and cried out, “Make Mommy cum again Aaron!”

Hearing this, Beth had to stick his cock into his mother for him. It only seemed that she should do the honors. She grabbed Aarons cock and pulled it to the ass of his mother. He saw what might be happening and just let it happen. He was being used by two hot milfs that he loved. He wanted them to use him up.

Beth took the young hard dick and put it between Felicia’s buns and pulled Aarons hand out of his mother. Aaron knew what to do he pressed his throbbing head to his mothers pussy lips. He teased her for a moment rubbing up and down as he pressed it between her lips.

Felicia took a deep breath, she knew an extreme taboo was about to be executed. She let out a primal moan, “Fuck me baby, fuck mommy Aaron!”

Beth pulled Aarons hips and forced his cock deep into his mother.

“Ohhh God!” Aaron cried out as he plunged deep into his mother, deep into a fantasy he loved. Wow his mother’s pussy felt more wonderful than he ever imagined. He savored every inch as he went in. He felt his mother clenching his shaft with her walls. He ground his pelvis hard against his mother’s ass wanting to feel the head of his cock just as deep inside his mother as possible.

“Oh my God! baby you are huge!” His mother cried. She started thrusting back and forth on her boy’s dick. She was working it every way possible. She shimmied her ass and drove him wild. She felt so flush with guilt and burning with lust she felt like she was on fire. Felicia wanted this for years and her son’s dick felt just as great as it looked. She loved young cock as much as Beth. Young, strong, thick and long cocks, so full of cum and able to come again and again. And now her own son is filling her up and is going to fill her up with his cum. Her pussy never felt more loved. God! She would like to have a cock like this every day.

Her toes curled. Felicia had never felt so fulfilled as a woman and a mother at once. Bethany was right this is what she said it would feel like. Beth squeezed Felicia’s breast, she knew that pleased her then she reached under and rubbed her clit. Felicia came so hard her knees gave out this time. Aaron had a hold of her hips and kept her from falling. Felicia wrapped her legs around her son and pressed the tree while he pounded deep into her. She was horizontal in midair. The only thing holding her up was her son’s big dick impaled in her and his strong hands.

Bethany contorted herself to get underneath them and lick both of them. Bethany licked Aarons shaft when he pulled out and licked his balls when he would grind deep into his mother. She licked Felicia’s clit. All the while fingering herself furiously. Bethany came again feeling a sense of delight inside she never felt before. All she wanted in the world is for this love fest to go on for ever and constantly be near orgasm. She loved Felicia and Aaron so much. She knew they would enjoy this forbidden pleasure. She knew they were both tempted just like her son.

They went on for several minutes. Moans of pleasure and screams filled the air. Aaron tried holding out as long as possible and new when he came it would be a hard explosion of cum into his mother’s pussy. He plunged deep and ground into her and filled her with loads of cum. God had he ever felt like this before. This felt so forbidden and so extreme. He bent his knees slightly and let go of his mother’s hips. She pressed hard on the tree wanting to get all of her sons dick wanting to get every drop of him inside her. She was escort bursa suspended in mid air face down legs wrapped around Aaron. Only his young cock was holding her up. She felt like she was moving trough a different universe. Her juices flowed with his.

Even Beth climaxed again knowing Aaron was filling his mother with cum and her walls were quivering around her boy’s penis. Aaron dropped to his knees with his mother now sprawled out face down. He tried catching his breath as he knelt between her thighs. Felicia was breathing hard too she was thinking about everything they were doing. She had cum multiple times already but wanted more. Taboo pleasure with her son and her girlfriend in a garden where people could watch. This was unreal. She felt like a love goddess. Doing forbidden things for all mortals to see and envy.

Beth rubbed her clit and forced Aaron’s fingers into her again. She came again in the garden. As she climaxed she leaned over and slid her tongue into Felica and started licking and sucking the mingled juices, mother and son juices. When her climax abated she sprawled out on the ground and toppled Aaron.

All three stretched out on the manicured lawn Felicia sandwiched between her son and her best friend. She cried. Her tears were more of ultimate joy and maybe one or two tears of guilt. She felt like years of tension had been released. Beth smiled and felt a wondrous glow inside. She felt great pride for sparking such forbidden pleasure. Aaron had one arm around his mother and was sucking her breast while caressing Bethany. No words could express his feelings, no words could express the intensity in his body and mind. He kissed his mother on the lips sweetly tasting her lips exploring her mouth. Wow even her kisses felt so right. Slowly with gentle hands he explored his mother. He could now take time and look at every inch of her and now touch and caress every inch of her. He felt a hand stroking his wet cock and laughed not knowing whose hand it was.

They lay on the grass for some time exploring each other with kisses and caresses. Aaron watched his mother kiss a woman. He was totally captivated by the erotic fun. When the ladies noticed this they turned up the visuals and slowed down for him to watch. As they kissed and caressed each other they teased him and asked if he liked to watch his mother make out with her best friend. There was little time to talk while they maneuvered into 69 for him to watch. When Bethany stuck her ass in the air while eating his mother he made it a threesome.

He slid into Bethany while she licked and sucked his mother’s pussy. Felicia watched her son’s cock go into her best friend while she tried to lick her clit. She could not wait till she could suck that young cock. Consumed by lust she pulled it out of her friend and licked his shaft and stuck it back into her friend again. Mmmmm pussy juices on her boys lollipop what a treat!!! Aaron pumped a few times then she pulled him out again and bent her head back far enough to kiss and suck his head. She did this repeatedly till Aaron shot another load into his mother this one into her mouth and on her face some shooting as far as her navel. He came hard, one big spurt of cum after another. Felicia smiled a big blissful smile as she was covered with his cum. Then she had her hundredth orgasm, and provided more juices for her girlfriend. Felicia sucked Bethany’s clit till she had her hundredth climax.

They now wanted to exhaust the young man, use him till he was spent. This was their way of making love. So Beth and Felicia took turns licking the nice big cock they found. For a few minutes they made him sit in a chair while they knelt and licked and sucked him. They pretending to be his subordinates, all three enjoyed the roles.

When he could not cum one more time he covered his cock with his hands it was so sensitive any touch was agony now.

He settled into some sweet after play. Aaron made his fingers disappear as often as he could. For several minutes he sucked four titties and played with them as best he could. The after play was rich with the scent of sex. For several minutes they lay together one entangled mass of bodies arms legs. Barely moving just experiencing.

The stars slowly twinkled away, it was nearing sunrise and they were all half stripped or naked and disheveled. Aaron was the first to point out they should get dressed and go. Natural opiates flooding them. They moved as one erotic creature separating long enough to dress and then entangle with each other. They were lost in bliss.

Eventually they found their way to Felicia’s car and made it through the front door of Bethany’s house.

A new and hedonistic chapter had opened up in their lives.

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