Taking Nic’s Ass

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Nic was the most adorable guy I’d ever met. He was so shy and quiet around girls he liked which was a sharp contrast to how social and animated he was with his platonic friends. If you didn’t know him, from his behavior you’d think he didn’t like the very girls he liked.

I was one of those girls who didn’t know it, and I thought he ignored me because he disliked me. I had such a crush on him at the time, we were both young and Nic was gorgeous in a completely cute way. He had reddish hair, a very nice face, not quite a boyish Leonardo DiCaprio, and not quite a manly Hugh Jackman, but somewhere between. The real catch though was his eyes. I’d never seen eyes so blue, vivid liquid pools the color of a bright azure sea. Those eyes had me staring from across the room many times.

Fast forward 10 years and Nic and I are still close friends, though we never did end up dating. We both at one point or another got up the nerve to say how we felt about the other but always at the wrong time when one or both of us were otherwise attached. As time went on it just seemed we were destined to be friends who would always have attraction simmering under the surface.

One day Nic confessed that he’d fantasized about me fucking him with a strap-on. He was entirely beet red and completely embarrassed as he told me his dirty fantasy.

We never really talked about it again, though once in a while I’d delight in telling him how I wanted to see him on his knees with his pretty little mouth wrapped around my big pink dong. He would be mortified and instantly turned on, but that would be it.

We wouldn’t discuss it again until I decided to be a brat and bring it up again. Nic finally asked me why I brought it up and I told him the idea of pounding his virginal little ass with a thick dildo was a huge turn-on for me. He asked me if I’d ever do it, and I told him I’d have to think about it. But right then I decided I was going to.

I went on a shopping spree on-line (I’m not so brazen as to traipse into an adult store and clean off the shelves) to purchase what I would need. I picked out two harnesses to try, one with no accompanying dong that I could add my favorite to, and the other with a big purple dildo already attached. The best part about the purple one is it had a hollow center in the base of the shaft where a bullet vibe could be easily inserted. I bought a bullet vibe, another more slender vibrating dildo, and a great patent leather outfit that had a cup-less bustier and a matching garter belt. After a stop at Victoria’s Secret for some red piped thigh-high black stockings and a sexy little red G-string I patiently awaited the arrival of my new toys.

Once they arrived I decided I wanted to use the huge pink dong first, and forced it through the anchor ring in the harness I’d bought. It barely fit, with the molded balls cushioned against my sex when I strapped it on. Looking in the mirror I decided it looked good. I just had to try on the outfit! Lacing up the bustier it made my already ample breasts look good enough to eat! Perfectly rounded firm globes, topped by peach colored nipples stood proudly on display, with the black patent leather hugging my curves and the red laces down the front of the bodice adding to the appeal.

Next I slipped on the little red G-string and put on the black patent leather garter belt. I rummaged around to find the stockings I bought and rolled them up my legs so the red piping was perfectly straight in back and the red lace at the top nicely secured to my garter belt.

I looked through my closet for some shoes that would work with the outfit and settled on my 4 inch open toed red pumps. They contrasted all the black very nicely and make my legs look ridiculously long. I love my legs anyway, they’re very toned and nicely muscled, they have a great shape and are definitely one of my assets.

Deciding my outfit was complete, I went to examine my handiwork in my full length mirror. I could scarcely believe the transformation myself, canlı bahis şirketleri I’d gone from classy professional to sex kitten dominatrix, all with an outfit!

My dark auburn hair tumbled over my shoulders in natural waves, my breasts on full display completely naked to the eye, my waist nicely tucked in and accentuated by the bustier that flared out at my hips and ended just brushing the top of my rounded ass. The stockings hugging my legs all the way down to the blood red pumps made for a look that screamed sex. I was ready.

I called Nic that night and told him I’d love to spend an evening just watching a movie if he was free, and we set a date for that Friday night at his place. When Friday came I left work a little early and went home to get ready. I packed all my toys in my bowling bag and dressed in the patent leather outfit. I carefully applied my makeup to accentuate my vivid green eyes and fill pouting lips. After putting on the finishing touch of blood red lipstick, I took one last glance just to make sure I looked perfect, and then slipped on my tan trench coat over the top and headed out the door.

The drive over to Nic’s place was uneventful and I was full of nerves trying to train myself into the confident sexy dominant woman I needed to be tonight. Grabbing my bag I headed up to the door and was greeted as usual with a hug, I held away a little to be sure he couldn’t feel what I was wearing under my coat.

“Nice shoes.” he comments, glancing down at the red pumps and the stocking clad legs visible beneath my coat.

“Yeah, I had a formal lunch earlier for work. I thought I’d spice things up a little being as I had to wear such a boring outfit.” I say, trying to make an excuse he’d buy without too much prodding. “Do you mind if I run to the restroom?” I ask; disappearing down the hallway, bag in hand.

“What do you want to watch?” he called after me.

“Surprise me!” I yell back, shutting the bathroom door behind me.

Once inside the bathroom, I set my bag down and took my coat off, hanging it on the back of the door. I open the bag and pull out the big pink dong and harness, and then I grab the strawberry lube I threw in at the last minute and tuck it under the waist of my garter belt. Checking myself in the mirror I’m pretty sure I look smoking hot. I strap on the harness and then take it back off, thinking of a better way to start the night. I head out the door, holding the harness behind my back so Nic won’t see it if he’s looking my way when I come down the hall.

Luckily, he’s turned toward the TV on the other side of the room fiddling with the DVD player. This gives me the perfect opportunity to hide the harness underneath the side couch cushion and plant myself in that corner of the couch, legs slightly spread with one bent at the knee and up on the couch, the other hanging off the edge.

Nic turns around as he starts to say he picked out a movie I’ll like, and mid sentence/mid turn his eyes go big and he drops the remote he was holding right on the floor in front of him. Practicing my best coquettish look, I cock my head at him.

“What’s the matter? Don’t like what you see?” I ask playfully.

“No…no… I like it.” he chokes out, his face looking visibly redder than it was a moment before.

“Well” I say, “you always did say you wanted to get me naked. So why don’t you be a good boy and sit right there on the coffee table and just watch.”

With that I slide the leg that was dangling off the couch up onto the coffee table, effectively spreading my legs completely open and giving Nic a perfect view. I slowly slide my right hand down to my pussy, pulling the small strip of the G-string to the side and sliding my fingers along the length of my slit.

Nic gulps and stares, completely transfixed as his cock becomes instantly hard. Knowing his eyes follow my every move just makes me hotter as I start to pet my clit gently with my fingertips, allowing my head to roll back and my canlı kaçak iddaa eyes to close as I get into the exhibition of the moment. As I start stroking my clit furiously, my pussy lips glistening with my wetness, I slide my left hand down and sink two fingers deep into my pussy. I can hear Nic groan as he watches, my fingers working in tandem, one hand stroking my clit in fast circles, the other thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy.

As I start breathing harder and getting close to cumming, I feel a tentative touch on my thigh and instantly snap my eyes open, fixing Nic with a hard glare.

“No!” I state in a commanding tone as I smack his hand away. “No touching! You are only permitted to watch. Now sit back like a good little slut and enjoy the show,” I say firmly.

I leave Nic agape as I close my eyes and lean back again, pushing myself over the edge and cumming right there on his couch in a screaming orgasm. The thought of what I was about to do just making it hotter and more intense than I’d ever expected.

My breathing returns to normal slowly, and I open my eyes and smirk devilishly at Nic. His throbbing hard cock blatantly obvious, he was too embarrassed to stroke himself while I was showing off for him.

“Aww, poor baby” I taunt, “do you need to cum too?” I ask, affecting my most innocent look.

“Yesss” his hissed out, closing his eyes and blushing furiously. I smirk at the transformation of cool confident Nic to submissive, embarrassed, sexually frustrated Nic.

“Get on your knees” I order. He looks at me blankly for a moment, “NOW!” I shout.

He scrambles down to his knees. I smirk as he looks up at me with uncertainty and reach under the cushion for the strap-on. Nic’s eyes go wide when he sees the huge pink dong attached, measuring 9 inches long and 3 inches across, it was a monster. But I wanted to hear him scream tonight.

“Wh,..wh..what is that for?” he managed to get out.

“It’s for you little pet” I respond, following with “if you speak again without being asked a question, I will make this much more painful than it has to be.”

He immediately shuts his mouth and I grin.

“That’s a good little slut,” I say, “now come suck my big pink cock.”

He moves over toward me, and tentatively slides his tongue out to touch the tip. I close my eyes and moan, entirely turned on by how degraded he looks right now.

“That’s it little slut” I hiss, “take it in your mouth and suck it like you want it. Remember, however wet you get it is how wet it’ll be when I shove it up your ass.”

I hear him intake breath sharply and start sucking my fake cock in earnest. He starts trying to take more in his mouth and I begin thrusting my hips, forcing him to enjoy the face-fucking I’m giving him.

“Stroke your cock for me you little pervert, stroke your cock while you’re sucking this huge dong” I say, “but don’t you DARE cum!” I emphasize.

He reaches down and starts slowly stroking his hard dick while he’s sucking my huge pink one. I groan and tangle my fingers in his hair, holding his head steady and fucking his face with my dong.

“You like that you slut?” I ask, “you like feeling thick pink cock shoved down your throat?” I grin.

“Do you know what I’m going to do with this? I’m going to make you bend over this table, then I’m going to get behind you, and I’m going to shove this dong right into your ass and hear you scream in pain as I stretch that virgin ass.”

Telling him what I plan to do is turning me on beyond belief and I think I need to cum again, holding off I remember the little bullet I bought and decide that will be perfect while I’m fucking him.

“Stop!” I say. “Bend your slutty little ass over that table, and don’t move until I get back!” I state firmly as I walk back down the hall to the bathroom.

Grabbing the little bullet vibe, I slip it inside my pussy under the harness and flip it on low. Oh yeah, that’ll do the trick! I walk back out to canlı kaçak bahis the living room to find Nic bent over as instructed, his cute bubble butt pointed at the ceiling. Nic always did have a great ass!

“That’s a good little slut” I say, smacking his ass hard and causing him to yelp. “I’m going to fuck you now, and I want you to scream as loud as you want to when I shove this big dong into your ass. Trust me, you’ll need to. It’s going to hurt like hell” I say, as I position myself behind him.

I grab the lube and decide I’ll be a little nicer, slathering lube over the head of my dong, and then down the shaft. Then squirting some right on Nic’s tight little asshole as I line up my dong.

“Stroke your cock!” I order, knowing it’ll ease the pain just enough to push it into semi-pleasure.

He starts stroking and I rest the fat head of my dong against his little puckered asshole. Slowly I start pushing, watching it slowly push his sphincter open, knowing the real pain is going to come when the head pops in. Resting right on the precipice, right as it’s about to slide through I groan at the sight of his horridly distended little asshole, stretching over my huge dong.

“Take a deep breath now!” I order, as I shove the head fully in with one thrust.

“AHHHHHHHH” he screams, trying to wiggle away from the invading object as I coo at him and tell him he’s a such a good little slut.

I reach down and stroke his cock gently, telling him to relax, the worst part is over. He slowly calms down and I pick up the pace on his cock, feeling him stiffen again I know it’s time to start fucking him. I guide his hand down to his own cock again and slowly push the huge dong deeper into his ass. He gasps but doesn’t try to get away anymore as inch after inch disappears into his tight little asshole.

I watch in awe and suddenly realize why guys love anal so much, the sheer power of invading that one forbidden hole is such a high! I pull the dong almost all the way out and shove in hard, Nic groans in pain but keeps stroking his cock as I start thrusting in and out of his poor abused little ass.

“You like that you slut!” I say, “I know you like it. Tell me you want me to fuck your tight little ass with my big pink cock. Say it!” I demand.

“Please, please fuck my dirty little ass with your big cock” he replies between groans.

“You’re such a little slut!” I hiss.

Slamming my dong deep into his ass, I start a smooth rhythm that has his body rocking back and forth, slowing up when I feel him tensing up, and teasing the head of my dong against his prostate. Then sinking in deep and fucking him hard when he starts relaxing again.

“Don’t you DARE cum without getting permission” I growl, pleased when his hand immediately stops stroking his cock.

He returns to slowly stroking his cock and I keep fucking his ass wildly, turning up the little vibrating egg in my pussy, the force of the thrusts mashing the base of the dong against my clit and almost sending me over the edge.

“Please… Please can I cum” he rasps out. I chuckle.

“Not yet” I say, thrusting into his ass harder, taking long deep strokes.

“Please…please” he groans.

“NO!” I shout, pounding his ass wildly now, thrusting in and out fast and hard.

“I neeeeed to cummmm, pllleasee…I can’t stoop” he whines.

I keep pounding, not responding yet as I start jamming my dong into his ass, jamming my clit into the base and getting close myself. Finally when I know I’m right at the edge I tell him:

“Cum now Slut! Cum for me now!”

That’s all it takes, he screams in orgasm as he explodes all over the floor and his hand. Seeing and hearing his primal release I can’t stop myself, I thrust into his ass one more time and grind my clit into the base of the dong, cumming hard from the sheer excitement of the situation.

Slowly I draw the dong out of Nic’s ass, and lay back on the couch. Nic is still collapsed across the coffee table. I take off the harness and glance over at him.

“If you think you’re done, you’re wrong little slut” I say to him. He looks up at me in bewilderment.

“Get over here and clean me up!” I say, pulling the little egg out of my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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