Taking Jenn’s Mom Ch. 06

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thank you all for your votes and support. Please keep comments coming. This chapter marks the end of this series – beginning with ‘Helping Jenn Move.’ I’m a little surprised at ending myself. Hopefully you like it and we’ll move onto the next series.



The next few weeks were tumultuous to say the least. Jenn was nearly ready to have the baby – due at any time. Her belly was the enormous distended dome of someone who looks like they’re going to spit out triplets. She had been having some pretty heavy contractions lately as well.

Her former case-worker had authorized some occasional assistance with late-term prenatal care. This entailed a visiting nurse coming to the apartment occasionally to check up on her and to act as a midwife should the moment arise. She didn’t do much and Jenn was feeling fine and looking forward to giving birth to our child.

Sandra wasn’t much further behind her but she was very busy helping Jenn out. Her own belly was like a neat tight basketball. Unlike Jenn, Sandra kept her figure very well through a combination of diet and exercise.

The bed was big enough for the three of us to share. Sleeping was still an issue though as Jenn’s size and condition made it difficult to get comfortable. Additionally, both girls were still a bundle of hormones and at any given time during the day or night one or both of them would be acting on ways to decrease their sexual cravings. I sometimes worried that making love with one or both of them, particularly Jenn, would set set the birthing process in motion.

My job was taking a lot of my time as well. Well not necessarily my job per se, but rather someone at my job.

About three weeks ago Meg, a lovely girl I work with, and I went out for dinner and drinks. To make a longish story short, I wasn’t entirely honest about my relationship status, for what should be obvious reasons. After dinner, we kissed and made love in her car. Meg was indeed my friend and I had definitely thought about her in a sexual way, but this was a case where my little head did the thinking and life was becoming complicated.

You see, Meg was also a virgin. Hard to believe that at thirty-five she had never been with another man, but with taking care of her disabled mother and her job, she’d never quite found the right guy. Unfortunately, she thought I was the right guy.

This would have been great under any other circumstances. Meg was a pure innocent soul. She was kind and beautiful and I was way too unworthy of her affection. Hiding my secret life was difficult, though. I did nothing to distance myself from her because I didn’t want to lose her, but the closer we became, the more she wanted our lives to be connected. As it should be for normal people, but there were things about me she should never know.

I extended myself to her wishes as much as I could. I went to visit her mother at their house. She was a kind woman in a wheelchair who was very proud that her daughter now had a ‘boyfriend.’ She hoped she’d be seeing more of me.

I remember Meg taking me downstairs to show me the memorabilia of her life on one of these visits. We looked through photo albums of her and her mum. One thing became very clear – Meg was very much alone. As bad as I felt staying with her, I felt worse thinking about the conversation telling her I was leaving. Not to mention, I would still have to see her at work every day.

Meg was also so willing to give herself to me in every way – perhaps making up for lost time. On one of the visits to her house, we were making love in her bed. It was only the third time we’d ever been together – and only the third time she’d had a man inside her – when she moved off of me and got down on all fours. Reaching into her nightstand she fumbled around and pulled out a small tube of Wet Silk which she blindly handed to me.

“In case you want to have sex with me anally,” she said.

I resisted, in perhaps the one time I could be accused of being considerate.

This was typical of Meg. She was always only concerned about my happiness no matter how little I offered her or how quickly I left her to get back to the girls. She was happy with the smallest piece.

One crisp spring day, Meg and I were out having lunch. We were talking about nothing in particular when my phone rang. It was Sandra. I didn’t dare answer it in front of Meg so I let it go to voicemail.

My phone kept vibrating however. I excused myself to use the bathroom and tried to call Sandra back. There was no answer and when I heard the voicemail, it was a jumble of blips and scratches. I emerged to see Meg on her own cell in conversation.

“So you’re going to meet them there? Ae the police going or will the security staff be enough?” she asked.

“Thanks so much for taking this over. I owe you….Yes, I’ll definitely call you later to see how things made out,” she concluded and joined me back at the table.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Oh, remember that case I was bursa escort telling you about where the kids might have to be removed?” she replied.

I did remember.

“Well I handed that back to the colleague who referred it to me. She’s heading to the hospital now to remove a newborn from its mother. Pretty hairy stuff. I just can’t do the taking babies from their mother thing again. I think I’m going to do more of helping the disabled now. I’m more cut out for that anyway,” she said with a relieved smile.

“Really, what brought this on?” I asked.

“I guess that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. There are always dangers in social work and that goes for any division of it but child welfare is probably the most dangerous,” she started.

“You’re worried about your safety? You’re a tough girl Meg,” I offered.

“Well, I know that. I used to work in the child welfare division, I think because I was letting clients act as substitutes for things I didn’t have in my own life. I guess since you and I have ‘been together,’ I feel like I don’t have to substitute anymore.”

I was about to let myself feel like a heel when my phone vibrated again. It was Sandra. I excused myself to take it.

Sandra’s voice was cutting out but I could clearly hear the words ‘Jenn’ and ‘baby.’

I stated slowly and calmly that I’d meet her at the hospital, hoping she’d understand through the static. I went to Meg and said I needed to get to the hospital for a client and asked if she’d drive me back to my car. I left a twenty on the table and we walked out.

On the way back to the office, Meg said, “I’d like us to be able to finish our talk. There was more I’ve got to tell you.”

“Yeah, me too. I’ve got some stuff to talk to you about too,” I replied.

“Nothing bad, I hope?” she said, a look of panic in her eyes.

“No, no. But it sounded like you wanted a discussion,” I said.

At the stop light, she leaned over to kiss me.

“A discussion. I would like that,” she answered smiling. I leaned over to kiss he soft lips in return until the light turned green.

A horn beeped behind us and Meg pulled forward.

“Hey,” she said, “Did you ever bring that file to your friend?”

Inside my head, I smacked myself. She was speaking of Jenn’s adoptive records. They were actually hidden inside my case and truthfully we’d all been too busy to remember them.

I lied, “Yeah, he was glad to get them. I haven’t spoken him too much though.”

I kissed Meg goodbye, and got into my own car. I immediately called Sandra. This time the call went through.

“Where are you?” she answered impatiently.

“On my way to the hospital, I’m guessing Jenn’s in labor from what I got from your message,” I said.

“She went into labor this morning. I called only around noon, though, when things started to happen.”

“Thanks. What’s going on?” I asked.

“Well that’s just it. They wont tell me anything. They want to speak to the baby’s father. There are police here and social workers. Honey, I’m so scared,” she cried into the phone.

“I’ll be right there. I love you,” I said and hung up the phone. I pulled into the parking lot and ran up to to the maternity ward. The sterile scent of the hospital halls filled my nose as quickly as the screams of a woman screaming during birth filled my ears.

There were two cops guarding the ward. One of them I recognized as a friend of mine from high school. The other was speaking into his radio, “No sign yet of the father.”

I took the opportunity to play dumb. I went up to Dan, the one I recognized. Fortunately, he recognized me as well.

“Hey what brings you here?” he said heartily, grabbing my hand in a meaty shake.

“Actually, I’m lost. I took the stairs out of geriatrics and can’t find my way. Why are you guys here? Criminal babies?” I laughed nervously.

“No. Get this shit though. Those screams you hear – the girl gave birth hours ago. The staff are holding her down because they just took her child. She’s just gone nutso. Apparently she’s part of some commune cult or something. This guy, who no one’s ever seen, has gotten both her and her mother knocked up. They all sleep in the same bed. Orgies and shit go on nightly. Lucky guy, I’d say. Apparently the midwife disagrees and feels that children shouldn’t be allowed there. Social Services seems to be of the same opinion,” he relayed as if he were telling a joke. I wasn’t going to wait around for the punchline.

“Holy Crikey!” I said, “Well, good luck with that. Which way to the lobby elevator?”

“Actually due to the construction, you’ll have to go through maternity. I’ll let you through,” he said. He opened the door and the screams were decibels louder. It closed behind me and the sound of Jenn’s mortal screaming filled my ears. I passed a family room and I saw Sandra sitting cross-legged on a couch. I looked around and saw that all the attention was surrounding the room where the screams were emanating from. I gestured to Sandra bursa escort bayan and she rose. I put my finger over my lips and took her hand, walking her to the elevator hall, out of sight from the authorities.

Once in the elevator, Sandra clung to me.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“We’ve got to get out of here. We’re going to a hotel,” I replied.

The elevator landed and we ducked out of the hospital quickly. Sandra’s breathing was labored. She was nearly ready to give birth as well and struggled to keep up with the extra weight.

Once in the car, I explained what Dan had told me. That the assistant they sent Jenn had reported our living situation to Social Services and that they were going to take away the baby. They believed we were part of some cult and that I was its mysterious leader. I explained that they probably were going to try and interfere with our baby next and that we should probably avoid the apartment for a while.

Sandra was sobbing next to me. She couldn’t talk or catch her breath. She clutched her belly to protect our unborn child and gasped and wailed.

I pulled into the Rite-Stay motel. I checked in to the main building, leaving Sandra alone to continue crying. I booked the room for three days. I received the key and drove to room 12. Having no luggage, I only had to contend with Sandy, who immediately curled up into a ball on the bed.

I lay down next to her and she whimpered in silence next to me until we both fell asleep.


We both woke up around six-thirty that evening. Sandra had four missed messages from the hospital. We listened together through speaker phone.

The first was inquiring to Sandra’s whereabouts. The second was Jenn’s shrink looking for information. The third was the hospital – still looking for Sandra. The fourth was the social worker – Carmen – asking Sandra to please call back.

Without calling back we could tell that Jenn had been placed in psychiatric care. Probably a good decision.

“They’re not taking my baby,” Sandra moaned, rocking back and forth, “How long do we have to stay here?”

“I don’t know. I was going to get some stuff from home to tide us over for the next three days. Will you be okay alone? Do you want anything particular?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine. Just get me some outfits for work,” she answered.

“And Honey?”

“Will you grab a bottle of red wine?” she asked.

“Really?” I wondered aloud, thinking of her condition.

“Yeah, I think after today we need it.


I raced home and picked up the stuff. On my way back, Meg called.

“Hey, how’d your thing go?” she asked.

“What thing?” I asked, forgetting my own lie.

“The thing with your client at the hospital. Remember?” she asked.

“Oh fine, fine. No big thing,” I said.

“Carmen called me. Remember that case I told you about. They took the baby away from the mother. The baby’s in foster care right now, the mother is in the psych ward right now. The grandmother just disappeared underneath the hospital staff’s noses.”

“The grandmother? Why would anyone need her?” I asked, keeping my own cards close to my chest.

“Well, here’s the funny thing. The grandmother was also pregnant with the same father’s child. In fact, she’s nearly due herself. Creepy enough but apparently – according to the home-health aide – the daughter, mother and the man were all sleeping together and having threeways every night. Sometimes the aide would walk in and hear the mother and daughter going at it. Not exactly the kind of environment you want a baby brought up in, much less two.”

“Quite so,” I added, pulling into the motel parking lot. I noticed the door to the room open.

“Hey can I call you back?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll be right here.”

I grabbed the bag of clothes and gingerly let the door open wider. The room was dark and silent. I flipped on the light. On the bed, folded neatly in half, was a note. I picked it up expecting to read that Sandra had walked to the store for groceries. Instead, it read:

“Honey. I’m so sorry. I can’t let them take our baby. Don’t call me. Don’t try to find me. It’s not safe here for me. I will always love you. Good-Bye.”

I lay on the bed, pondering.

For the first time in nearly a year, I was without the two people I relied on most for companionship and love. It wasn’t everyone’s idea of love, but it seemed to work for us. We were all looking forward to being a big family, having a house. And really, the sex could have taken a back seat.

My high hopes were dashed. A week ago, I was looking forward to being the father of two new babies. One was now a prisoner of foster care and the other had yet to be born – but was a prisoner of her mother, who was now out on the streets.

I called Sandra’s cell, but it went straight to voice mail. She didn’t have a charger with her. She’d probably get a new phone and change the number. As much attention as escort bursa Sandra gave me, I always got the impression that she didn’t need any man.

I sighed briefly and let the stress of the day, the night, the past month and the past year leave me. I took a mental inventory of how my actions had affected my life. Right now, I was at my lowest point. I had impregnated a mother and daughter. I let the relationship build to such a point that we all depended on it and then when it came crashing down, all we had were pieces.

Adding to that, I was missing two babies – my own two babies – whom I would possibly never see. I cried into the pillow until I couldn’t cry anymore.

I must have nodded off. I was startled awake by the phone. Hoping it was Sandra, I turned it over. It was Meg. I thought about not answering, but my thumb hit accept.

“Hello,” I spoke.

“You never called back. Everything alright?” she inquired.

“Yeah, I guess. What’s up?”

“We never finished talking. What are you doing?” she asked.

“Laying down, we can talk on the phone if you want,” I said.

“I want to see you in person, silly. I could come over,” she said, hopefully.

Meg had never been to my apartment before due to obvious reasons. But being alone in a motel, I guess if she didn’t mind…

“I’m not at home, I’m at the Rite-Stay, room twelve” I answered.

“Why there?” she asked, clearly puzzled.

I stumbled for an excuse, “Bedbugs. I’ll be here for three days.”

“That’s right down the street from my house. I’ll be over in fifteen minutes,” she said and hung up before I could say goodbye.

I lay on the bed, my work case next to me. I didn’t realize it was unfastened and when I nudged it with my foot papers went everywhere.

I scrambled to tidy up the place. Hey, I had a bottle of wine and two glasses all ready. Perhaps a peaceful night snuggled up with Meg would be just the balm my weary soul needed.

I knelt down to sort the files back into my case when the lone manilla envelope stared at me. I had been saving this for Jenn, But she obviously wasn’t going to been in any state to deal with her own adoption issues too soon. I placed the file carefully on top of the leather bag. Given the recent events and the lack of any reading material save Gideon’s bible, it might make for a good view later. I looked at my watch and decided I had time to take a quick shower.

I emerged, refreshed and got into flannel bottoms and a black t-shirt. I poured a glass of the wine and took a sip. The first taste was like an elixir that coated my nerves. I took a second sip and was about to lay down when I heard Meg knock on the door.

I opened the door wide to see her, beautiful and radiant in the light of the motel sign. She was wearing a tan trench-coat and strapped Mary-Janes. She greeted me with a full, heavy, wet, sloppy, tongue-filled kiss.

“I told you I needed to see you in person,” she said stepping up into the room. As she entered, she shut off the main light leaving only the dim light of the hall on. She turned around and laid out some items on the desk opposite the bed. I could see the glow of an iPod and heard a click as she placed it into a set of portable speakers.

The music was soft and relaxing and the little speakers filled the room surprisingly well. She lit a candle which smelled of basil, thyme and lemon. I offered her a glass of wine.

“Maybe just a sip of yours, in a bit,” she said, “I think my mouth is going to be busy with other things.”

She unzipped her coat and let it drop softly to the floor. She was wearing a blue satin whale-boned corset. A small wisp of fabric covered her crotch and her creamy legs were dressed in black thigh-high stockings. Her shoes where like shining ornaments. God, she was beautiful.

“You don’t look like a girl who wants to talk,” I said grabbing her hand.

“Oh we can talk all night, if you want. Maybe talking was just an excuse to be with you. Maybe I want to talk about being with you,” she kissed me, “Maybe when I talk with you I want you to be thinking the same things I’m thinking. Like about how nice it feels to be with each other. Like how much I miss you when we’re not together.”

“I miss you too, honey,” I said. She lay her body next to me and we kissed.

Her lips were glossed and the flavor of berries filled my mouth as our tongues entwined. My hand instinctively reached for her breast and once again her nipples sprang to attention. She unclasped the black lace keeping her girls at bay and when her creamy globes were exposed to me, I plundered her engorged nipples with my tongue.

My cock was turgid with desire now and straining against the flannel of my left leg. Meg reached down and stroked through the cloth, placing a little extra pressure on the vein of my shaft.

“Does it get painful like that?” she asked.

“Well, not exactly painful, but it can feel tight. And if nothing’s done about it…” I answered.

“We’d better do something about it, then,” she said, reaching onto the nightstand. I pulled off my bottoms and took off my shirt in compliance.

She grabbed the tube of Wet Silk and poured it onto my dick, purple and engorged with blood.

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