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After dinner Charlene and Max went to the casino and gambled for a while. Charlene loved the blackjack tables, finding it easy to win back her own money. So many different people, it was fun to watch the diverse group moving from table to table, weaving in and out amongst the rows of slots, laughing or moaning with each bet.

Max suggested they go up to the top floor and have drinks and dance. Charlene laughed and hugged him, thrilled with his romantic idea. They were alone on the elevator ride up. Max pulled Charlene against him and began to kiss her. His hands roamed her body, relishing her smooth, full curves. As the sound of the bell announced their arrival to the top floor she giggled and pushed him away. The doors slid open to several people waiting for a ride down and she felt herself blush, hoping she didn’t look too disheveled.

Max spotted an empty booth that faced the windows and quickly guided her to it before someone else took it. The view was spectacular; the moonlight spilled across the snowcapped mountains and skimmed along the lake. The setting was very romantic. A waitress took their order then Max invited Charlene to dance a fast song. Then the singer crooned a love song and they danced in each other’s arms. Max pulled her close to feel the length of her body, from shoulders to thighs, pressed to him. He enjoyed how she swayed so sensuously against him. Charlene was acutely aware of his hand on her back, slowly sliding down to her ass. His right leg was seductively rubbing between her legs, against her mons.

When the song ended they went back to their table and talked and flirted as they sipped their drinks. She placed her hand under the table on Max’s groin and teased him through his pants. She felt his hand lightly sliding up and down her thigh. His cock hardened under her touch and she smiled, wondering how he was going to get up and walk out. Charlene excused herself to the ladies room to give him a moment to calm down. When she returned she slid in next to him and placed her black lace panties in his hand. Max grinned and looked down at her panties, smoothing the lace between his fingers.

“Let’s go home,” he told her as he tucked her panties into his jacket pocket. He took her hand and kissed her palm as he helped her out of the booth.

As Charlene got into the car her dress slid up and Max got a glance at her smooth thigh and ass cheek. He reached down and fondled her breasts as he kissed her, then closed the door. On the drive home she leaned over and tickled his ear with her tongue. His hand traveled up her leg and he played with her garter strap, dipping his fingers underneath the edge of her stocking. She unhooked his belt then opened his pants, sliding her hand down to his cock. She pulled it out and stroked it for a few moments. Leaning over, she kissed the crown of his dick, nibbled the ridge, and very lightly sucked. His penis came to life, inflating like a hard balloon. She pulled him deeper into her mouth, sucking and gliding up and down the shaft. It was as if she was pulling and coaxing the blood into the tissues of his cock.

“Mmmm”, Charlene moaned, “You are so delicious.” She pushed her fingers down to tease and play with his balls. She couldn’t help but smile as she noticed he was now driving withboth hands on the wheel. She loved the hardness and texture of his cock. She licked and sucked it as if it were her favorite candy. She stroked it with her mouth, pausing to tease the little opening with the tip of her tongue, tasting a salty little dewdrop. As she sucked on the crown she slid her hand up and down his shaft, feeling the thickness, the heat, from his meaty cock. She rubbed the head all over her face. “Oh, I can’t wait until I have this in my pussy, filling me up, and feel your balls slam against me with each thrust.”

She quickly returned his rod to her hungry mouth. Charlene sucked in earnest now and rapidly pumped the lower part of his shaft with the tight grip of her soft hand. Max’s heart raced with excitement. The hot, soft flesh of her tongue and cheeks were seducing his body to orgasm. He sped down the dark road towards home caught between trying to stay focused on driving and letting go to come. But he was finding it difficult escort kartal to keep his mind separate from his body. He had to keep himself in check as the closer he got to climaxing, the faster he seemed to drive. Max groaned loudly, tightly gripped the steering wheel and pushed his hips up. Heat surged through his loins and his stomach tightened as he felt his cum shoot up through is cock and burst into her luscious mouth. She moaned with satisfaction when she felt his dick jerk between her lips and pump his hot, milky sperm onto her tongue. Max laughed softly as he regained some composure. He placed a hand on her head and lovingly stroked her soft hair. She licked him clean then laid her head in his lap for the rest of the drive home.

“God, Charlene, you’re incredible. You drive me crazy,” Max said as he helped his lover out of the car and pulled her close. He held the back of her head and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He reached down and roughly squeezed her breast. Then he let her go and escorted her into the house. Once in their bedroom Charlene turned on a soft light by the bed. Max stood behind her tickling her neck and upper shoulders with his fingertips, kissing and nibbling along the way. The only sounds were their deep breathing and the zipper of her dress as he slowly pulled it down to the small of her back. From behind her Max pushed the dress off her shoulders and reached to her front to cup her breasts, feeling them through her silky black slip. With one hand he reached down between her legs to stroke and tease her naked pussy. She could feel his hot, ragged breath on her neck. He reached back, sliding his hand over the silk across her ass, following the shape of her buttocks.

Max grasped her arm and turned her to face him. Tilting her chin up, he softly kissed her then look down into her sparkling eyes. His eyes traveled over her face and body, drinking in her beauty. One slim strap of her slip hung loose off her shoulder, the soft swell of her breasts stretched the top of her slip, her skin looked smooth and creamy against the black silk. He brushed his fingertips along the edge of the slip, giving her goose bumps, and she sighed softly. Then he embraced her, holding her close. As her head rested on his chest the soft sounds of his heart and breathing relaxed her.

“Lay down on the bed. I’ll be right back, my love.” Max left the room as she reclined on the bed, leaning back against the large, soft pillows. He came back with a bucket of ice, a bottle of wine, and a glass. He poured some wine and handed the glass to her. Charlene sipped her wine as she watched him light several candles around the room. He came back to the bed, turned out the light and caressed her face. His fingers traced down across her chest and down her arm. He took the wine glass and set it on the bedside table. With his other hand he removed his tie and tossed it on the pillow next to her, then unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, letting it drop to the floor. Max climbed onto the bed, kneeling above her and pulled his belt off. He lowered himself over her and kissed her deeply, plunging his tongue into her hot mouth. He leaned back and smiled as he took her right hand and tied it to the bedpost with his belt. Charlene moaned in protest and tried to pull away but he held her fast. He tied her left hand to the other post using his tie, with slipknots that he could easily release, later.

The aroma from the candles scented the air with gardenia and the glow was softly comforting. Not used to being restrained, Charlene slowed her breathing, trying to relax. Max moved down to her feet and removed her high-heeled sandals, and gently rubbed her feet. He ran his hands slowly up her legs, feeling their shape and the smoothness of her stockings. He slid his hands on her hips and across her mons, taking pleasure from the curves of her body beneath her slinky slip. He slowly slid the bottom of the slip up her thighs, savoring the feel, and leaned down to kiss along the edges of her stockings. He pushed her slip up past her hips and ass and ran his hand over her torso, enjoying her soft, fragrant skin. Max moved down to lie between her legs. She could feel his kisses on the insides of maltepe escort her thighs, causing her skin to tingle and make the juices in her vagina flow.

The tip of his tongue lightly caressed her vulva. Charlene took a sharp breath. She pushed her pelvis toward his face but he only teased her with the tip of his tongue. He loved sliding his hands over her slip, feeling the contours of her body. He reached up and grabbed her left breast, rubbing through the slip and bra. Then he crept up her body, pushing the slip up, kissing and licking her skin as he went. Charlene moaned and squirmed beneath him. When he reached her breasts he stopped and leaned back, just looking into her eyes. He flashed her a mischievous smile and grasped the slip in his two hands ripping it up the middle, exposing her. “Don’t worry, love, I’ll by you a new one, or as many as I rip off your sweet body!” He laughed and reached down to grab each breast. Pushing them up, he buried his face down into her cleavage, kissing and sucking. Then he unfastened the front hook of her bra to reveal her full, round tits. For a few moments he massaged her breasts and teased her nipples between his thumbs and fingers, at times pinching quite painfully.

Max laid down next to her, just pressing his body down the length of hers, one arm and one leg possessively flung across her body. He luxuriated in feeling the warmth and softness of her flesh and breathing in her scent. He reached back toward the ice bucket and picked out an ice cube. Still on his side, propping himself up on one elbow, he slowly swirled the ice from her ear down her throat. As he moved it across her chest and to her nipples she gasped and pulled on her wrist bindings. Her nipples became flushed and hard as pebbles. He tickled one nipple with the ice while sucking on the other. He brought the ice up to her lips, it was just a little chip, and let her take it in her mouth to suck on. He slipped his fingers into her mouth and she licked and sucked on them.

He moved down to nibble on her breasts, while his wandering fingers found her pussy and teased her clit. Charlene moved her hips up, inviting him in. He circled the outside of her vagina, not quite going all the way in. She pushed her hips up higher, trying to coax his fingers farther inside. He whispered in her ear, “Oh, I think you might be too tight for me, too small. I want to sink my hard, hungry cock all the way in, but I’m not sure if you can take it. Mmmmm? What do you think? Maybe I should just fuck your beautiful tits instead. But your mouth is so delicious, it’s hard to decide.”

Charlene moaned and pushed her pelvis harder against his hand. “Max…please suck my pussy. I need your tongue in my cunt, I need to feel your tongue fuck me. Oh, please!” she whimpered and arched her back.

His fingers traced up her sides as he moved back between her legs, sending shivers throughout her body. She felt his hot breath on her thighs. He reached over for another piece of ice and lightly glided it across her lower belly, right above her mons, then slid it down on her inner thighs. As he rubbed the ice on her clit she jerked her hips back in surprise, a soft cry escaped her. Then she felt the contrast of his hot tongue teasing the lips of her vulva. She moaned and squirmed, trying to push her pussy closer to his mouth. Max’s hands were on either side of her hips. “Have you been a good girl? Do you deserve me to lick you and suck you? Do you want that?”

“Oh yes, please…please let me feel you suck my pussy. God, I want that so bad!” Her hips were practically gyrating, her cunt just sopping wet! Sheached for his tongue. Charlene pulled hard on her binds, she wanted so badly to touch Max, to grab his head and pull his mouth against her swollen pussy!

Max laughed softly and got off the bed to pull his pants off. Charlene softly whimpered a bit at being denied her pleasure. She watched as he slid his shorts down and saw his stiff, ruddy cock jutting out, big and rigid. “I liked the way you sucked my dick. That was very good. Here, do it some more.” He straddled her again sliding the head of his dick across her lips. She licked his shaft, trying to take him into her mouth but he teased her for a moment, pendik escort bayan then slip it in between her lips. She sucked on him, swirling her tongue around his thick shaft, sucking and nibbling, kissing and sucking some more. His prick felt so fantastic in her mouth!

Then Max moved around so that he could suck on Charlene’s pussy, to experience a complete physical connection with her. He bit and sucked her, teasing her pussy with his tongue. The more he teased her the more vigorously she sucked and bit on his cock. He suddenly pulled away from her and released her right hand from the belt. “Here, I want to watch you play with yourself” he commanded.

Max crawled to the end of the bed and stroked his bulging cock while he watched her finger her pussy…teasing, rubbing, and slipping her fingers into her hot, slick hole. She pushed her hips up and held her legs as wide as possible. Deep moans escaped her throat as she quickly flicked her fingertips across her clit. The pressure began to build within her, oh, God she imagined his long, meaty cock fucking her, stretching her tight cunt. She was so hot, her pussy ached, she was desperate to feel him fuck her! She threw her head back and moaned loudly.

“NO, don’t cum yet! Not until I say so.” His command jerked her back to his reality and he reached up to her other hand to release her. He grabbed her hips and quickly turned her over to lie on her stomach.

“Oh, you think you are so good, but I’m going to show you what good really is.” Max growled as he pulled Charlene’s hips up and knelt behind her. His fingers played all around her clit and then plunged into her pussy, working in and out, so deeply. They both could hear sounds of her juicy cunt as if slurping in his fingers. He drove his fingers in and out of her, watching her hips squirm to meet his thrusts. For a moment he leaned forward to suck on her dripping pussy. She cried out and smashed her pussy against his busy tongue.

“Please fuck me, please let me cum. Max, I want you so bad. Please!” She desperately begged him. She felt a little frantic, aching for his hard, hot shaft inside her. As he straightened and resumed finger fucking her she felt his cock beating against her inner thighs. He pulled her garter belt and released it, letting it snap hard against her ass. Charlene cried out and jerked her hips away.

“Bitch! Stay still!” Max growled at her then slapped her ass with his hand. He snapped her garter again as he shoved his throbbing dick deep into her sopping pussy. She pushed her ass up to meet his thrusts, to take him even deeper. He fucked her sweet, slick cunt with a vengeance!

“Oh God, oh God, you feel so good! Fuck me harder!” She screamed and pushed back against Max. He reached under her to manipulate her clit, rapidly, forcefully.

“Ok baby, come for me, now!” his voice was hoarse and insistent.

Charlene moaned hard and loud, and all she could feel now was the pressure and the force that exploded from her. “Ohhhhh…” she screamed and bucked her hips. And she caught a soft gaspfrom himas he felt her cunt tighten around his shaft. Max could feel her tight pussy spasm with her orgasm flowing through her. She felt her pussy squeezing his cock. She wished it would not stop! Then he began to fuck her again, grunting as he pounded into her. He stopped and turned her around, pulling her into his arms and kissed all over her face, smoothing her hair out of my eyes.

Charlene laid on her back as Max knelt between her legs. He pulled her hips up and impaled her with his huge, throbbing shaft. She cried out as he thrust for a few more moments before he fell on top of her and wrapped his arms and legs around her body. He softly groaned as Charlene felt his cum shooting inside her hot tight, cunt. She found it an exquisite sensation, as she felt with each spasm of his thick cock. The lovers lay there, wrapped in each other’s embrace, savoring the feelings, tingling, hearts beating madly, the feeling was beyond expression, except to hold tightly to each other.

After several minutes they untangled themselves and took a moment to catch their breath. Then Charlene rolled to her side as Max pulled the covers back and they slid under the covers together. They whispered to each other of the fine dinner and dancing they had shared, of the beautiful view. Then Max pulled Charlene closer to snuggle together, cozy under the covers, and he smiled as he wondered how many more times he could bring her to ecstasy before dawn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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