Systems Engineer Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

A holiday with extras

The sight of my growing cock delighted her even more. I saw her eyes widen, driving her brows up. When I looked to her breasts her little rosebuds were taking form. I stood as she got to me, extending my arms in the offer of a hug.

She brought her body to mine, pushing my cock down and between her legs, as she stood on tiptoe. She clasped my cock tight as we kissed. Our lips caressing and sucking each other before our tongues entwined as I caressed her neck and back.

“I’ll have to give you another quickie,” she whispered in my ear as she broke our kiss. “I’ve got to get back to work.”

She was pushing me back to the bed. I sat as my calves touched, and she crouched, pushing my knees apart. She reached in and grabbed it around the root, bending forward to take the head and rub it across her lips, then let her tongue snake out and started brushing the tip.

Her hand started stroking me. I moved my hand over hers and brought it further up the shaft, then held on to it as she resumed her ministrations. I pushed her hand faster as she started squeezing my head with her lips, the thrill increasing by the second.

She had it in her mouth and was stroking the underside. I squeezed her hand as my frantic pumping increased. The sight of her looking into my eyes as she pleasure me was pushing my lust for completion and the ultimate release.

As my hips started jerking she held just the tip in her mouth. I watched her gulp the first load down as a second, feebler spurt followed. I’d not had three orgasms in a day since the first few days with my old girlfriend.

She was sucking and licking at the last dribble, the increased sensitivity enhancing the pleasurable afterglow of the release itself. She stood and I could see how moist she was, the musky aroma awakening my salivary ducts.

She held me off as I reached to pull her to me.

“No, really, we have to go and eat. I’ve got to get things up and running. I’ve only got half an hour.”

I pushed myself up and let her lead the way. We walked down at a brisk pace, her sandals slapping the walkway. Within minutes we were joining the back of the queue.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but the cops want to take two of the servers. I’m having to transfer all the essentials across,” she said in a hushed voice.

“Their probably just fishing,” I whispered back.

“I don’t know. They’ve had an FBI man here as well, I hear.”

“Oh, yeah? Who saw his badge?”

“I don’t know. I just heard gossip, you know, from our security guards.”

“Take it with a pinch of salt.”


“Sorry, it’s a colloquialism; believe it when you see it. Make any more sense?”

“I know that Jason has been charged with thirteen counts so far.”

I began to put the food on the tray, finding a nice size steak, with peas and mashed potatoes. We took our food to the table up in the corner. Just Jackie was there. As Jane hurried through her meal I talked to Jackie.

She asked me about myself and what England was like as a place to live, saying that one of her uncle’s had served in the USAF over there. Jane was soon standing and giving me a light kiss as she said sorry for rushing off.

I continued talking inconsequential’s as Jacinth joined us, and then Jo came.

“Hi,” she exclaimed as she placed her tray down next to me.

I was sat hugging my second cup of coffee. Here seemed the only other safe place from my cabin.

Jo ate and joined in the conversation as Jackie went up and got me more coffee. My English circadian illegal bahis time was bedtime so I was glad of it .

As Jacinth and Jackie finished up their coffee and left together Jo moved her chair closer.

“Would you like to come for a swim later?”

As a former (unremarkable) member of the uni swim team it was the perfect bait.

“Yes, that sounds fine. I’d be glad to come,” I replied.

I’d been meaning to find time for at least a weekly swim to help pull me back into shape. And there was her shape to admire too.

She took a last mouthful and picked up her tray. I picked up my cup and followed as we shoved the things on the ‘dirty’ belt and left. She led me through into the hotel proper and up a flight of stairs. There, in front, was a wide pool with lots of people lounging around it.

“I always like to come as a pair,” she informed me. “Usually with Jane.”

My walk home had taught me that lesson as well. Looking around, I saw only same sex couples with some mixed groups.

“It must have cost a fortune to build this place,” I commented.

We were walking over to some loungers that looked vacant, the little table in between standing bare.

“It’s due for redevelopment soon. He bought it out from a luxury wilderness outfit liquidation. He wants to add more rooms and tennis courts and things.”

“I imagine it’s gorgeous here in full summer,” I went on, making conversation as we sat.

“Oh, yes. Clear blue, sunny evenings, lying out on a boat in the quiet, the waves gently rocking you. You can smoke a spliff out there and be anywhere you want.”

A waiter came up, the tray and his manner marking him out despite the lack of a uniform. Jo ordered a vodka and fresh orange juice while I favoured a wine and asked for a medium white.

“Have you got a girlfriend? I don’t see a ring.” she asked as the waiter left with our order.

“Well spotted,” I commended her. “No, I don’t have a current,” I continued, knowing where she was going with this.

“Are you fucking Jane?”

I nodded.

“Do you want to fuck me as well? I’m tired of men faking it.”

“Can I ask Jane first if she minds?”

“She won’t. I’ve shared men with her lots of times.”

“At my place, I take it?” I asked.

“Ah ha, mine’s shared.”

“Mind if I have a swim first?”

“I’ll sit here and watch, ok?”

I stood and walked to the pool’s edge, diving in and swimming for the far end. After three lengths my layoff caught up with me. I climbed out at the far end. I could only guess the number of eyes that followed me back; I was looking straight ahead after the first few steps.

She stood and handed me my wine, holding hers and her bag in the other as we turned and walked back across to the stairs. The nearer we got, the harder my cock got. The sole guy we passed did a double take when he realized the erection I was sporting.

She took hold of it as we entered, walking me across to the bed.

“Lay down?” she asked me.

I eased myself onto the bed. She followed behind without releasing her hold, straddling me across the hips. She bent forward and started to massage her fanny with my cock, pressing the head and spreading her juices up and around her clit.

I reached out and took her firm nipples, pulling and twisting them as she stroked herself on my cock.

“Oh, that feels nice. I can’t wait for it to fill me. I haven’t had a big one like yours in months.”

As she said it she moved forward and pushed the head into her entrance, slowly easing herself down until it was fully inside her.

“Oh, that’s so good.”

She illegal bahis siteleri squirmed, leaning forward to place her hands on my ribs then she began to bounce. Slowly building the tempo, words came tumbling from her.

“Yes… Oh, yes…. Ohhh…. Oh, yes…. Jebus.”

My cock was beginning to feel the punishment of her wild ride. My balls were aching by the time she had her first orgasm, giving only brief pause before pounding against me again.

As the second orgasm swept through her and she let herself lay on me, my cock began to lose its rigidity. As she pushed herself back up my abused cock slipped out.

“Oh,” she murmured softly and let her weight fall back onto me.

She put her hands up around my neck and pulled our heads together, giving me a passionate kiss, her tongue diving straight in and massaging mine. I pulled my hands free of the breasts now pressed against me and wrapped my arms around her.

As she finished the kiss I put my mouth to her ear.

“Sorry, I guess I’m a bit below par. Jane had first dibs and it’s been a long day. I’ll do better next time,” I whispered.

“It was still fun, but I’ll take you up on that promise. A boat trip tomorrow evening sound good? I know a place on the other shore that’s nice.”

“I’ll put it in my diary.”

She gave a quick laugh and slipped to the side of me, snuggling close with a hand cradling my balls.

I felt my shoulder being shaken. As I opened my eyes her face loomed large in mine.

“See you tomorrow, lover boy.” With that, she gave me a soft kiss and turned and left.

Jane came into my room not long after Jo left. I’d almost fallen back asleep and it took a moment to register her presence. I turned to see her approach.

“Jane, you all finished?” I said sleepily.

“Did you fuck her?” her voice had an edge that brought me wide awake.

“Yes,” I said in a matter of fact voice, casually easing my way to sitting on the edge.

“She’s not fair. I knew she would.”

“Did I do wrong?” I inquired, reaching my arms to her. “She said it’d be alright ’cause you shared.”

“Not everyone. Sometimes they can be special. Oh, never mind. I’d just thought….”

“Hey, you’re nicer than her. Do you want me to say no more?”

“No, you’d better not. You can be extra nice to me instead.”

She said this as my arms enfolded her. She half sat on my knees, her body pressed to mine as she leaned in to kiss me. I felt like a schoolboy with a crush with the thrill I got from hugging and holding her. I also felt the soreness of my cock as it attempted to respond.

As our kiss got more passionate I brought my arm to the side of me, and lowered us back, onto the bed. As our kiss finished I brought my hand to the back of her head and pulled her into my shoulder.

As we lay quietly together, I asked her, “Are you finished for the night?”

“Yes, it’s all up and ready for tomorrow, though it’ll be really slow without those two servers.”

“Do you want to stay with me tonight?”

“I was going to. I’ve been waiting for Jo to leave.”

“I’m too fucked to do anything much. My cock’s complaining that it’s being abused. I’d like to give you a tongue job though. I only got a taste last time,” I said, moving my hand to her breast.

“We can just sleep if you want,” she told me.

“Oh, ok. It was just a thought.” The nipple I was playing with was getting aroused, firming up in my fingers.

“Turn over, then, if you want to sleep,” I told her. “Let me spoon you.”

With my arms both under and over her I cupped a breast canlı bahis siteleri in each hand and held her tight against me. In a short time I was asleep.

I woke in the morning with her cuddled up to me and gently stroking my back and kissing my neck.

“Morning, sleepy head,” she greeted me as I stirred.

“Jane,” I mumbled sleepily.

She drew her nails down my back, making me shiver with delight.

“What time is it?” I asked as she brought her face to mine.

“Breakfast in half an hour,” she replied. “It’s about quarter to seven.”

“I need a shower. You wanna wash my back again?” I asked, before kissing her on the nose.

“I want to stay here warm and cosy with you.”

“We can come back to bed after. I feel all yucky and I need to pee.”

She moved back, freeing me. I rolled over on the bed, twisting my feet out over the edge. She followed, wrapping her arms around my chest as she came behind me. I felt her hot breath on my shoulder as she licked me.

I half turned and we kissed over my shoulder.

“Come on,” I urged her. “Let’s make a fresh start to the new day.”

I stood as she reluctantly released me, turning to take her hand.

“I want to hold it when you pee,” she said.

“Come on, then,” I replied with a chuckle.

She took my proffered hand and walked to the bathroom with me, leaning around me as I stood at the toilet. She took hold of my cock and I put my hand over hers to pull the foreskin back. As the amber liquid splashed into the bowl she giggled like a little schoolgirl.

“What do you call it? The last English guy called it his todger. I love that name; it gave it character.”

She milked the last drops out and gave it a shake.

“When I was little I called it my ‘Willie,’ I suppose I generally use ‘cock’ nowadays but there’s lots of names for it. My favourite is ‘Beef Bayonet,'”

“Oh, I’ve never heard that one,” she exclaimed, taking a moment to think, then declaring, “I like that one, too.”

I laughed again, thinking of all the other names I’d heard it called.

“Do you want to see how I pee as a boy?” she asked.

She moved me aside and arched her hips, opening her legs. I stood to the side watching as she pulled her lips apart with her fingertips and let go a stream of her own water.

When she was done she bent forward and grabbed a handful of toilet paper. Her round ass looked so delicious. I reached to it and began caressing her soft skin. She stood back up and with her free hand pulled my arm to her waist.

She threw the paper in and flushed, turning to put her arm over my shoulder, pulling my head to hers.

As she moved her lips to mine, I asked, “So, you gonna do my back or what?”

She kissed me as the giggle at my words broke, having only a second or two of contact as our bodies caught up and pressed together.

“Oh, you,” she protested lightly. “Come on, then, ‘let’s start the day,'”

After we’d showered and dried we had a ten minute walk to the cafeteria to be among the first to breakfast. We were near finished when Jake came in and came over.

“Janey, everything ok?”

“More than ok, bro,” she replied, gleefully letting the smile curl her lips. “You’ve met Jonathan?”

“He’s wearing my sandals,” he replied. “You’ve got a nice one there, the size of him.”

I’m sure I blushed; I felt the flush to my cheek.

Jane laughed. “You’re just jealous this time.”

She turned to me. “Jake’s my brother. He got me the job here, said it’d keep me safe from men.”

It was my turn to laugh, which came out more of a snicker as I tried to suppress it.

Jake seemed caught for a smart reply. “Makes the occasional one like a treat, then.”

Then he turned to me. “Nice to see you’ve picked the best.”

I thought of Jo and of our promised boat ride later.

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