Swimsuit Fantasy

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Writers Note: This is my first submission to Literotica. I’d be very interested in feedback from the people who read this.


They had been online friends for almost a year. They met in the game rooms and enjoyed passin’ the time with each other. Aside from chatting about day to day happenings, they enjoyed swapping stories of their sexual adventures. After some shameless flirting and near misses, they finally decided to get together to see if the sex would be as hot and exciting as they thought it would be.

She picked him up at the airport. After a few social pleasantries, they drove straight to the hotel. Dinner would have to wait. The clothes were already coming off before the door had even latched behind them. And sure enough, it was hot and heavy as each had imagined. This put him to sleep with a smile on his face. She let him nap for a while, to let him rest after the flight and the good lovin’ they just shared. She had remembered their discussions online and the fantasy he wanted to try. She came prepared and ready to make his wish come true.

He started to awake from her hands touching him. It was more than just touching. It was caressing and a sincere effort to connect with him. With his eyes still closed and still being half asleep, he managed a faint “woo hoo” when she started to pay attention to his cock. She took time to notice what made his manhood “his” manhood. She cradled his balls and took notice how their hairless skin felt on her fingertips. Her fingers also ran through the patch on top. The hair trimmed shortly, it was more running her fingers across it than through it. She smiled as she thought of his effort to make himself desirable for her.

When he finally opened his eyes all the way, he saw her sitting on the bed between his legs. He was already fully hard. He was quite surprised to see her wearing a swimsuit. The puzzled look on his face let her know that he needed a reminder of what was about to happen. She leaned over to kiss him softly. Then she whispered, “This is your fantasy. I have been waiting to try this ever since you told me about it.”

She stood up to let him have a full look at her in her swimsuit. She walked around a little, twisted and twirled for him to get a full view of her. As requested, she wore something that she felt sexy wearing. It was a black and aqua blue bikini. The top fastened halter style and the bottoms were standard bikini. She leaned over to let him peek down the top. She used her upper arms to give her tits a squeeze for some bonus cleavage. The black bottoms fit her body well. They weren’t skimpy. But, still anyone seeing her wear the suit would know there would be some grooming needed to wear it. And that thought triggered a lil’ twitch down below–a twitch that she most certainly noticed.

She sat back down on the bed between his legs. She looked him and said, “I see you like my swimsuit. I am glad it meets with your approval.”

His response was a very mumbled “It sure does.” By now, he knew what was about to happen and he wasn’t sure if he could stay patient for the whole fantasy to happen. Again, she cradled his balls and started devoting her entire attention to those parts that made him a man. Her hands caressed and fondled his cock and balls until she was ready for the next step.

She leaned over and licked the tip of his cock while still holding his balls in her hands. She flicked her tongue around the tip while giving gentle squeezes down below. With her tongue, she traced down one side of the big vein on the underside of his cock. She traced up the other side as she came back to the tip of it. Then slowly, she put his cock in her mouth. She lowered her whole mouth on it slowly, swirling her tongue all over the kartal escort bayan part inside her mouth as she started to take all of him in. She was able to get all of him in her mouth. All the while, her hands still worked his balls giving them rubs and squeezes timed with the motion of her mouth. She started to bob up and down on his cock. She loved how he felt in her mouth. He didn’t push it into her nor did he push her head down on it. He allowed her to set the pace. She continued to bob and started to add some suction to the sensations she gave him. Occasionally she looked up and saw he was clearly in heaven and she knew that he was going to be a very happy man.

Then abruptly, she stopped sucking. Her hands stopped moving on his balls. She lifted her mouth off his cock. She crawled up next to him and whispered in his ear, “I’m ready for the next part.” That brought an instant smile to his face.

She slid his legs back together and she sat on his thighs facing him. There he saw her, still wearing the swimsuit and still looking so amazing. The only thing that was different was the very noticeable nipples poking through her top. She looked down and gave him a wink. She pulled her suit aside and he could see her pussy. There was no hair to obscure the view. Her lips were swollen and she was ready to ride.

She slid herself down onto his cock. She was so wet it slipped right in. She let out a soft moan as she felt his cock fill her up. She started to move. Not up and down just yet. But, more side to side and front to back. The grinding motion really let her know how deep he was inside her. He reached up to start playing with her tits. They looked amazing in that halter-top. He tried to reach inside to feel a nipple. “No” she said. “You have to feel ’em through the suit. Your rules.”

With that she started to change to motion to up and down. She started to ride him faster. By now, her pussy was extremely wet. There was a slurping type sound that came from her pussy with each time she lifted up on him. His was breathing heavy and she knew that her efforts would soon be worth the time. She watched the variety of faces and grimmaces he made as she rode him. Each changing face showed how much he was enjoying her ride. Then she stopped all motion and waited.

She looked down at his face to make eye contact. When their eyes met, she just she just lifted one eyebrow. He knew the question. And he gave her the answer she wanted—”yes.” She lifted off his cock and let it flop around a little.

After spreading his legs back open, she knelt between them. This time, there was no teasing. Before he could blink, she cradled his balls and already had his cock back in her mouth. She knew he was close and she wanted to enjoy every sensation she could. The mixed smells and tastes from the both of them made her even wetter. She was worried she might cum right there. She could feel his cock getting even stiffer as she tasted the first drops to ooze from his cock. She squeezed his balls and kept sucking harder.

His heavy breathing had changed. It was now loud moaning. She had full control of him and he knew it. The only word he could muster was a raspy “yes.” With that, he came. She hung on for the ride as his hips flexed with each pulse. She was able to keep her mouth snugly on him for his entire orgasm. She stayed down there for a little bit. She really wanted to savor the taste of him and the satisfaction of a job well done.

As he speculated when he told her of this fantasy, his knees were shaking. She had never seen a guy respond like this before. Again, she took satisfaction in pleasing her man. She laid down next to him. He was still speechless. She smiled and told him, “you’ve got escort maltepe two minutes to catch your breath.” Then she gave him a wink.

While he laid there basking in the euphoria of his orgasm, she stood up, spun around a few times, and started to remove her swimsuit. She reached around to untie the knot on her back. What once were a pair of hammocks for the boobies were now drapes hiding a pair of tits that wanted some attention. She reached up for the knot behind her neck. The top fell to the floor. He could now see the nipples that had been pressing so hard to be freed. She cupped each tit and gave ’em a jiggle. She knew he’d like that. The smile on his face confirmed that.

She turned around to show off her ass. The swimsuit bottoms framed it so well. It really complimented the curves of her ass, waist, and hips. She wiggled and slid it down until all he could see was her bare ass. As she turned around, she put her hands on her hips. There she stood, fully naked. Without a word she told him, “This is my body and I am ready for the second half of this fantasy.”

With that she climbed back onto the bed. She crawled up next to him. She put her nose to his nose and looked him straight in the eyes. “I have so been looking forward to feeling what your tongue and lips can do to me.”

By now, he had regained his breath and his swagger was coming back. Without blinking, he replied “You know the rules. In order to get it, you have to say how you want it.”

Her response caught him off guard. “Oh I know. And it’s going to be a buffet for you tonight.”

The hotel’s king size bed gave them plenty of room to move around. She moved to the exact center and got up on all fours. She leaned down to press her tits into the sheets making her ass aim upward. She turned her head to him, “I want you to eat me. Kiss and lick all over my pussy.” He didn’t need a second invitation. Or was it a command?

Either way, he was going to taste her pretty damn soon. He knelt between her legs to admire the curves of her ass, waist, and hips. If there was something about a woman that made her a woman, it was these curves and he relished the view he had back there.

He leaned in to get his face, more importantly his mouth, close to the object of his desire. She was still quite revved up from the blowjob and ride she had just done. He lips glistened from her juices and her clit wasn’t hiding anymore. It was ready for the taking. He teased her first running his finger tips along her slit and all around her clit. She purred and the softness and care she showed her womanly parts. Then, he leaned in enough to give a lick right at the opening of her pussy. Her lips parted wide and his tongue swirled all around the opening.

In between licking around the opening, he would curl his tongue to slide it inside her. It was this that really got her attention. Feeling that warmth with the stubby texture of his tongue was far better than any sex toy she ever tried. She started to breathe heavy and moan in rhythm with his licking. When he would speed up, so would her breathing. And when he paused to catch his own breath, she held her breath waiting for that tongue to resume contact with her body. Kneeling behind her, he could see how much her clit wanted some action, too. But, somehow, the angle just did not work.

On one of his breath catching pauses, he laid down, flipped over and slid underneath her. Now, he could work on her clit. And now, she could start working her clit on him. She started to move and sway and grind with his licking and sucking.

She gently lifted her hips to pull her pussy away from his mouth. She looked back, “It’s time for the second course.” Then, she pushed herself upward until pendik escort she was now sitting on his chest. As he looked up, he saw her tits wobbling back and forth. Her pussy was right in front of his face. She looked down at him “I want to ride your mouth.”

With that said, she scooted forwarded until her pussy was on top of his mouth. He was startled and had to catch his breath. But, when he did his tongue went back to work on her clit and lips. He alternated between spending time sucking on her clit and licking along her lips. By now, her pussy was sopping wet and his face started to show wet spots from her juices seeping out. As she rode him, her hands rubbed and massaged her tits. It turned him on to see her do this to herself, especially from this vantage point. By now, he would have been ready for another orgasm himself. But, this orgasm was about her–making her feel like all the orgasms in the world were just for her.

She even pinched her nipples a few times during those rubs. His hands reached around and started squeezing her ass as she rocked and ground herself into his face. If the room next door had any guests, they’d have no question about what was happening. She was moaning quite loudly and added a few instructions along the way, “Suck that clit harder! Push your tongue inside me!” She also knew she would be coming soon if he didn’t slow down some.

She tried to slow her hips down. While she did, she ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a smile that showed her appreciation for his efforts. She got up to walk across the room. She was surprised she made it without falling. It was her knees that were wobbly now. She made it to the sofa and perched herself so that her ass was just on the edge of the cushion. She ran a finger across her clit and then the lips below, “I want you to kneel here and eat me more.”

He got up to walk over to her. She noticed his cock was fully hard and could have given her an awesome orgasm that way. But, she wanted the fantasy. She wanted his mouth. He knelt on the floor between her legs. He looked up to tease her. “You want me to lick your pussy?”

A twinkle in her eye and three words later, “yes, I do.” He leaned right in to cover her clit with his mouth. He immediately sucked her clit into his mouth. Sucking it in and out, in and out. While it was pulled in, his tongue would slide all over it, rubbing it any way the tongue could push it. His hands reached under to cradle her ass. He loved squeezing her ass as her hips started to rock and buck from the attention he gave her. Her legs slipped onto his shoulders which only gave a better angle at her goods. He was enjoying every second of what he was doing. And she was enjoying everything he was doing to her.

One hand slipped off her tush to move front a little bit. That thumb found her ass. He started to rub circles around the ass’ opening. He looked up to gauge her response. By now, her eyes could only say “please, make me cum.” His finger pushed slowly into her ass while he continued to suck harder on her clit. The free arm wrapped tight around her thigh. It was going to be a rough ride when she came. His thumb pushed further into her ass. He licked faster and harder until she let go a scream that clearly signaled her orgasm. Her hips bucked and thrashed while he held on tight. Her muscles spasms squeezed his thumb out. When her movements stopped, he stopped too.

He lifted his mouth slowly to look up at her. He took a few seconds to really admire how she looked at that moment. He wanted to remember it forever. He lifted himself on the sofa to sit next to her. She slid back so she could nestle in his arms. They kissed softly. He said it was far better than he ever imagined. She agreed. She even joked she had planned one more position to go; but, she just couldn’t hold back any longer. She cuddled tighter into his arms. She could feel his cock poking at her side. It was rock solid.

She leaned back, “Don’t worry. We’ll take care of that in a bit.”

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