Sweet Revenge

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Unable to sleep, I put on my robe and head down to the kitchen for a late night snack. As I walk past my parent’s bedroom door, I notice it’s ajar and I hear an unusual sound. Knowing my mother is alone, I’m concerned and peek into the room.

Moonlight is beaming through the bedroom window’s sheer blue drapes, casting a pale blue light on my mother’s figure as she lay on the bed.

Before I have time to ask if she’s alright, I notice my mother’s hand is cupping her breast and her fingers are squeezing her erect nipple. My cock throbs as I realize the sounds are moans of pleasure.

I slip into the room and quietly close the door behind me, watching as my mother’s hand slides down her belly and she slowly spreads open her legs. As she begins to touch her clit, my cock is now bulging under my bathrobe. I loosen the robe’s belt and it falls open, exposing my naked body.

Reaching down, I firmly grasp my erect cock and begin stroking it as I watch my mother fingering her pussy. She moans, “Fuck me harder” and I close my eyes, lean my head back against the bedroom wall and stroke my cock faster.

Unexpectedly, my mother sensually whispers in my ear, “Jeffrey, let Mommy do that for you.”

She drops to her knees and I feel soft lips wrap around the head of my throbbing shaft as she begins licking, sucking, and deep throating my hard cock.

I don’t speak or touch my mother as she totally dominates me, and soon demands, “Jeffrey, feed me your cream, NOW!” I obediently shoot a big load of cum in her mouth, and she savors every drop.

Hearing a voice in the distance, I quickly open my eyes.

There on the bed is my mother…back arched, body shaking, moaning and enjoying an intense orgasm.

Looking down I see my hand, covered with cum, wrapped around my cock. Wiping the cum on my robe, I quickly open the door and quietly leave my parent’s bedroom without my mother ever seeing me.

Breakfast the next morning is awkward, to say the least.

Sitting at the kitchen table, my eyes glancing in every direction but hers, I feel ashamed of what I’d done the night before. My only solace is knowing my mother hadn’t seen me enter her bedroom. And, thank God, she doesn’t know I’d jerked off while watching her masturbate.

“Jeffrey, is there something you’d like to tell me?”

Startled, I look at her and notice she’s staring at me. Just like the moonlight illuminated her naked body, last night, the sunlight casts a glow around her now. My mother looks angelic, and I feel guilty as hell.

“No, Mother,” I lie.

She rises from her chair and stands behind me, placing her hands on my shoulders, as she leans down and tenderly kisses my cheek.

“Jeffrey, I’m happy you’re home for the Christmas holiday, I’ve been so lonely.”

I turn and look into her big brown eyes, filled with tears.

“Mother, I’m glad to be home, too.”

That cruel bastard, how could he do this to my mother? They began dating in high school. He was her first and only, and they’d married when she became pregnant with güvenilir bahis me. Four months ago, after I’d left for college, my father confessed to an affair and said he needed his space to figure out what he wanted. He packed two suitcases and drove off, leaving my mother, after twenty years of marriage.

“Mother, get dressed, we’re going shopping!”

Three hours later, I’m dragging a six foot Christmas tree through the front door. Mom’s behind me carrying bags filled with lights, garland, and decorations.

I put up the tree, hang the lights, and then sit on the carpet and drink eggnog, as mother continues decorating.

She’s a beautiful woman with large perky breasts, a small waist, slender hips, and long shapely legs. Even today, while we were shopping, guys turned to look at her. I assume to many men, she’s a thirty-nine year old sexy MILF. To me, she’s just my mother…but, that was before last night.

Standing high on the ladder, arms raised as she decorates the tree, her dress hikes up exposing black sheer panties that barely cover her toned ass. Hot damn! Hmmm, my father was definitely a fool for leaving her.

Mother looks down, catching me as I’m peeking up her dress.

Smiling, she declares, “Jeffrey, I need you!”

What? Did I hear her right, or is this another figment of my vivid imagination?

“Hurry up here, Jeffrey, it’s time we put the angel on top of the tree.”

“Ohhh, all right, Mom.”

Damn, all this booze and thinking about last night, my cock is hard and throbbing as I climb the ladder and press my body against hers.

We lean forward, placing the angel atop the tree as she slightly spreads her legs apart, allowing my hardness to slide between her inner thighs.

My mind is spinning, I have to know. “Mother, what do you REALLY need?”

She seductively replies, “You, my Son, all of you.”

My dick is rock hard as I reach under my mother’s dress and slide her moist panties down her smooth legs, then push my gym pants to the floor below.

Five feet in the air, as my mother grasps the top of the ladder, I shove my throbbing shaft between her ass cheeks and thrust my swollen cock into her wet pussy. She moans as I pump her with my large cock.

“Mommy, does it feel good?”

“Yes, Son, sooo very good.”

Mom’s moans become louder and she cries out, “Jeffrey, Mommy’s cumming!” Her pussy squeezes my cock, and her hot cum squirts down both our legs, as I shoot my cream deep inside her.

As we descend the ladder, the song ‘Blue Christmas’ by Elvis Presley is playing and we both know…there are going to be no more tears, and this is going to be anything but, a blue Christmas.

It’s been a long day and as we walk toward our bedrooms, I confess, “Mother, I watched you play with your pussy last night.”

As she opens her bedroom door and steps inside, she replies “I know Jeffrey, I saw you stroking your cock and you’re never to be a bad boy and leave my bedroom again, without fucking me.”

Looking up into my eyes, she passionately kisses me. türkçe bahis My mother then takes my hand in hers, as she leads me to my parent’s bed.

I wake to the sound of ringing and reach for the cell phone on the nightstand. My mother lunges for the phone, knocking it out of my hand. “Jeffrey, it’s your father’s ringtone.”

Oh my God, that was close! “Sorry Mom, I was sound asleep and thought it was my phone.”

I look at the alarm clock and see it’s half past six. “Mother, does Dad call you every morning?”

“No, Jeffrey, we haven’t spoken since he left four months ago.”

“Mom, maybe it’s important and you should call him back.”

“Absolutely not, I’m in no mood to speak to him!” Then with a naughty giggle, she says, “Besides, his cock is MUCH smaller than yours and unlike you, he never fucked me all night long.”

“Well, Mother, let’s see what else I do that Dad never did.”

I push her back against the pillows, and slide one under her ass, raising her insatiable kitty up in the air. With her long legs now spread wide apart, I begin licking her clit and tongue fucking her tasty pussy.

“Sorry, Jeffrey, but as incredible as this feels, you’ll have to come up with something a little more unique.”

“Shut up, Mother, or I’ll fuck your virgin asshole!”

“You wouldn’t dare fuck my naughty place.” She rolls onto her stomach and raises her ass, as she teasingly looks back at me.

I spread her ass cheeks open and begin to moisten and prime her asshole with my tongue.

She gasps, “Oh my God, Jeffrey, this is definitely unique.”

I grasp my throbbing shaft, as I slowly and gently ease the head of my cock into her virgin territory.

“Mommy, do you like my big cock now?” And I begin pumping her tight asshole, fast and hard.

Soon she begs me, “Please cream my ass, Jeffrey, I’m cumming.”

As I unleash a big load inside my mother’s ass, her pussy squirts like a geyser, flooding the sheets with her sweet cum.

“Jeffrey, you’re VERY naughty!” she purrs, as I pull my drained cock from her cum soaked ass.

“Yes, we both are,” I reply, as I lovingly kiss my mother’s smiling face.

She glances at the alarm clock, and gasps, “Oh my, it’s almost eight o’clock and I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet,” and she bounces out of bed and heads for the shower.

As I’m laying there, smelling the sweet scent of her womanhood on the sheets and pillows, my phone rings.

“Hello Dad, I’ve never been better!” smugly replying, as I lick my mother’s pussy juice off my lower lip. “Yes, me too, so why don’t you stop by around nine o’clock.” Then I quickly add, “By the way, I may be busy and not hear the doorbell, so I’ll leave the front door unlocked.”

As I drag myself out of my parent’s bed and walk down the hallway to my room, I begin thinking what an interesting day lies ahead, to say the least.

As sunset arrives, so does mom. Her arms are loaded with packages, and she immediately heads toward the Christmas tree. As she walks briskly past me, she asks, “So, Jeffrey, güvenilir bahis siteleri what did you do today?”

“Oh, I had breakfast with someone, but you don’t need to tell me what you’ve been doing all day.” I laughed, knowing mom’s a shopaholic when it comes to Christmas.

With a seductive smile and a twinkle in her eye, she coyly says, “Jeffrey, I’m going to take a relaxing bath and change into something fun and festive, that I bought today.”

As she walks past me, she notices the huge bulge in my pants. Stopping to kiss me, her fingertip outlines my cock and she whispers in my ear, “I see Santa’s ready to stuff my stocking tonight.” She giggles and continues walking toward the bedroom, her hips swaying back and forth. I am mesmerized by her playful sexuality and know, this will be the best Christmas, ever!

Before heading to my room, I grab a handful of pillows off the sofa and place them on the floor in front of the fireplace. I can only imagine how beautiful my mother will look with the glow of the fire and the Christmas tree lights, illuminating her face and body. My cock throbs, as I walk to my bedroom.

On my bed is a shopping bag. I look inside and pull out a Santa outfit. Mind you, it’s not your typical department store version. My mother had obviously stopped at the adult boutique and picked this out. WOW, this was a first for me…but if ‘Naughty Santa’ is who she wants, ‘Naughty Santa’ is who she’s going to get.

After taking a warm shower, I dry off and get dressed.

My mother giggles as I enter the living room dressed in a mistletoe thong, white beard and wig, and a bright red Santa Claus hat. I stop and stare at her. She’s sitting amongst the pillows, in sexy red lingerie, with a big smile on her face. She’s never looked more gorgeous.

I sit beside her, not wanting to break this magical spell…but I must know, and so I ask, “Mother, do you miss Dad?”

“Yes, Jeffrey, I did when he first left me.” Her voice filled with such sadness and bitterness, I had never heard before, made me despise him even more.

“Mother, do you wish he were here with us this Christmas?” I ask, wondering if I want the truth.

She sighs, and replies, “No, the sorrow that once filled my heart has transformed, and all I feel now is malice towards your father.” She kisses my lips and says, “I know it’s wrong, Jeffrey, but my true Christmas wish is your father knowing how much passion you’ve brought into my life.”

Well, then, “Come here naughty Ms. Claus and slide down Santa’s chimney.”

My beautiful mother straddles my lap and sensuously kisses me while I unclasp her red lace bra, exposing her succulent breasts.

She leans over, so her erect pink nipples are barely touching my lips. “Santa, would you like milk and a warm cookie?” My mother sticks her nipple in my mouth as her wet pussy slides down my thick shaft, until I’m deep inside her.

“Milk my titty, Son, while I milk your cock with my insatiable cunt,” and she begins humping me like a wild animal.

The grandfather clock strikes nine, and I turn my head to see the front door opening.

With a smug grin on my face, I begin singing…
“Oh, what sweet revenge it will be
When Daddy walks in and sees
Mommy fucking Santa Claus, tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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