Sweet Indulgence

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It began as an innocent date to re-spark their relationship.

He had set up a romantic picnic dinner by the river for her. He knew he had to have everything ready for the date when she arrived home in order for it to be a romantic surprise.

She was driving home and got the text beep on her phone. She was surprised at the proposal on the screen. “Meet me at home where I will pamper you with sweet indulgence” it said. She pulled over and fixed her make up, tossled her hair up to make sure that she looked good for the love of her life. Their lives were so busy with work and kids that there was hardly a chance for them to get away for any kind of a date! The thought of such a thing excited her!

He greeted her at the door and welcomed her in. Then he told her to go upstairs and slip into something summery as they were going to be heading out in a couple of minutes. He gave her a slow kiss as he stared into her eyes. Their lips parted and she floated upstairs and put a black dress on and made sure to wear a slinky pair of panties…the black ones that he liked so much!

When she came down again, she couldn’t find him. She called his name and got no response! Did he take off…had she been that long getting ready??

“Ding-dong”. She went to the door to find her love standing there greeting her with a white lily. “Something sweet for you…it’s scent reminded me of the purfume you used to wear.” Her heart melted at his memory of their earlier dates! A tear came to her eye. He gently placed his hand on her cheek and said “…and you look kartal escort bayan as beautiful now as you did when I first picked you up.”

She grabbed for her purse, a smile in her heart and they got in the car for their escape date.

Once in the car, he handed her a black handkerchief and asked her to tie it over her eyes. He said he wanted everything to be a surprise for her. Excitedly, she tied it and sat back to enjoy the evening. It seemed like they drove for a long while but she felt the car come to a stop and heard his door shut. He told her to stay there and he would come back for her. She didn’t want to ruin his surprise so she did as instructed.

A couple of minutes passed and she heard his footsteps. He opened her door, grabbed for her arm and led her down what seemed to be a set of windy stairs to a warm breezy piece of grass. “Can I take this off yet?” she begged? “I will take care of it for you” he mysteriously whispered in her ear. His voice rang through her body as she felt his soft hands on the back of her neck. She leaned her head to the side as his tongue grazed her neck and he undid the ties. She stood still and opened up her eyes to the wonderful view in front of her. The sunset hung over what seemed to be an endless stream in front of them. The warm air whispered past their bodies as he put his arms around her waist and gave her a gentle hug. She turned around and noticed the blanket on the ground. Cradled in it were two tealight candles, a bottle of their favourite wine and a picnic basket. “Surprise!”

The escort maltepe thought of what it took him to plan this on his own was overwhelming. She had never felt this much love from anyone. She grabbed for his body and gave him a kiss…passionate and meaningful!

After several glasses of wine and romantic toasts between the two of them, it was time for some excitement. He started by bringing out their erotic novel and reading her a couple of chapters. She could tell of his excitement by the bulge in his shorts and was actually rather turned on herself. Her nipples were erect and showing through her dress. She leaned into him and laid her head on his chest. He stopped reading as her hand caressed down to his waist and under his shirt. She played with his nipples and lifted her dress up over her knees as if to give him a little show of gratitude. He playfully moved and turned on his side so as to lift her legs apart a bit further. They kissed and as he pulled away to put the book down, he caught a glimpse of the damp panties that peeked out. “Should I continue?” he questioned. She looked around to see if there was anyone around that could see them but was reassured when she figured out that he had positioned them in a spot that nobody could see…how convenient!

He lowered himself down to her aching groin and gently pushed her panties aside with his teeth. Her pussy rose up to meet his lips as he played ring around the rosy with her clit. Her cunt was more than ready for his hard cock when he finally unleashed pendik escort it from his shorts. He rubbed the head of it up and down her moist lips and then without warning, thrust it into her. She undid the top of her dress and flipped him onto his back. She held his hands and rode his cock in the open air exposing her hard nipples to the park around them. He couldn’t take it anmore…his cock needed to cum with or without her! He grabbed her tits and groaned “ride my cock baby!”. She started to ride it deeper into her cunt with his every word. She could tell that’s how he wanted it. He moaned and shuddered as his cum filled her still aching pussy. He took her hips and sat her back onto the blanket. Somewhat confused, her pouty lips questioned why she couldn’t finish up riding him. “I want to lick the cum from your pussy”…he demanded.

He pushed her tits back and spread her legs widely. Her panties were cum soaked so he just tore them off of her and threw them aside. She couldn’t take the sexual tension between them. She grabbed the back of his head and said “then lick me…suck my clit and taste my sweet offering”. He took her up on the offer and ate her pussy for what seemed like hours. She let him suck her cum with each orgasm and soon, his cock grew hard again. Flipping her over on all fours, he thrust his rock hard dick into her ass and pulled her hair back. Her tits were touching the grass with every fuck inside of her. She let go again and her cum sqirted all down onto the ground. He let out a wild roar and started jerking his cock off while the head kept fucking her ass. His warm squirt was felt on her ass as she pushed it against his balls.

As they lay there partially clad in each others arms, sun setting in the distance, they agreed to go on more much needed escapes for more sweet indulgence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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