Suzie’s Learnings

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Hi guys this is my first post out her. Whatever I post here are my fantasies and I would love for them to become reality. Also request you to please leave comments if you think I should continue writing.


Suzie was very excited, today was her 18th birthday and the day at school had felt so long. In all of chemistry she was dreaming about her birthday party. A party that her dad and two elder brothers had planned for her. She loved her dad and her brothers, and they doted on her. Gave her a lot of expensive gifts.

When she reached home, she saw that the entire house had been decorated in the princess theme her favorite colors and decorations in place. She had chosen her dress and she knew she would look her best today. This was going to be the best birthday ever.


I entered the hall with the flourish of a princess all guests had arrived and since it was my party, I had a grand entry. I was dressed in the beautiful white dress it was tight and a little transparent it showed off all my curves perfectly.

I usually don’t get to wear such clothes, but daddy had let me go with sandy to shop and he had not seen the dress. I had decided since I am 18 now, I could try and make daddy desire me. I wanted to be his. I did not like any of the girls he dated I was much prettier, and I wanted daddy to notice that.

And he did notice, daddy came to me from across the hall and gave me a tight hug ” you have angered daddy babygirl just because it is your birthday does not mean you wont get a good spanking for your behavior enjoy the party as much as you can I am going to punish you later.”

I tried to control the smile on my lips as it is exactly what I wanted. The entire party I was imagining being in daddy’s lap and feeling his hand on my naked bottom. He does not realize but I get wet every time he spanks me, and I have to masturbate after I run to my room.

After the party I went to my room but as soon as I reached my room daddy also came in. “Pumpkin daddy did not expect this behavior from you dear why did you do this? Do you think wearing this short tight dress makes you a grown up? do you know all the guests could see your bra through the dress and half of your ass is hanging out of that dress. I am so disappointed baby.”

I went for sass coz I needed daddy to punish me “daddy I am a grown woman now and I can choose my own dresses, I like this dress it makes me look hot.”

I went and stood in front of the mirror and rubbed my hands on my body showing daddy more of my curves.

Daddy looked really angry now “so you think you’re ataşehir escort a grown woman now?”

Daddy was walking towards me with a look of determination in his eyes “So tell me baby girl, since you’re a grown woman now are you allowed to behave like a slut in front of all my guests? insult my upbringing, and then sass me young lady?”

Daddy was very close to me now, this close he towered over me. “You want to be a slut? Then I will make you a slut. You think you are ready to be an adult? lets see how you feel when you are treated like a bitch, like fuck meat.”

Daddy was so angry, and he was being mean to scare me, to test me I could see it in his eyes he was excited. I could see the desire in his eyes. His desire was turning me on, His cruel words were making my pussy gush. I clenched my pussy tight.

I looked him in the eyes and said, “I am sorry daddy, please daddy, I am so sorry I made a mistake I won’t repeat it again I promise.”

Our play was exciting him his cock making a dent in his pants “No baby girl you will not repeat it again daddy will make sure you don’t.”

Saying this daddy pulled me on his lap and sat with me on my bed. I was anxious and I knew daddy could see my erect nipples through my dress. He looked at them and gave me a very crude smile.

I sat there in his lap anticipating what was to come next. He pushed me on his lap on my stomach, pulled my hair looked me in the eye and said, “baby girl for your punishment daddy is going to spank you 20 times and you are going to say I am sorry daddy I behaved like a slut after each spank am I clear?”

I was panting like a puppy in his lap. “yes daddy” was all I could manage as I felt him lifting my dress above my ass.

As I received my first spank I screamed. It was harsh and I knew it was going to leave a mark on my ass “say you’re sorry you bitch.” daddy yelled.

My pussy gushed as I heard my daddy call me a bitch, coz that was exactly what I wanted to be “I am sorry daddy I behaved like a slut.” I panted.

Daddy did not have mercy on me, each spank was harsher than the previous one. I looked at my daddy in between spanks with tears in my eyes and I saw the satisfaction and lust gleaming in his eyes. I knew I had what I always wanted, and I was going to make sure it remained with me, by doing exactly what daddy wanted always and forever.

After 10 spanks my ass was numb, and my cunt was vibrating. I slowly started rubbing my cunt on daddy’s hard cock. I was pretty much wanton and was shamelessly rubbing on his cock, coating his pants with my wetness.

“The kadıköy escort spankings are getting the slut wet I see.” daddy put his finger in my cunt. “Princess, Princess, Princess, … I had so many plans for your future I wanted you to be a good girl and go to college, but I guess you want to be a slut. So, daddy’s princess gets what she wants. You’re going to be my slut from now, is that clear pumpkin?”

“Yes, daddy I have always dreamed of being your girl daddy I hate all your girlfriends I want to be your daddy, please make me yours.”

Daddy pulled my head back from his lap looked me in the eye and kissed me hard and rough his tongue was in my mouth he was biting my lips I could taste some blood, but I was happy daddy was going to make me his, I will be his only girl.

The next 10 spanks were harsh and fast daddy did not make me repeat my apology he just spanked me super hard and fast.

Then he pulled me by my hair, made me sit in his lap, took my boobs in his hands, started pinching my nipples and said “ok babygirl if this is what you want daddy will make you his slut, but remember one thing baby you belong to daddy now and he can do whatever he wants with your body. This entire body belongs to me. So, strip and show daddy his property.”

I got up from his lap and stripped out of my dress and white lace bra my tits pretty much fell out of my bra. Daddy crocked his finger and called me to sit on his lap. “This cunt,” he said and rubbed it with three fingers “is mine. These tits,” he tugged my nipples hard “belong to me, and I will use them as I please. Are you sure you want this sweetheart?”

“yes daddy!!” is all I could say. As soon as these words were out of my mouth daddy started sucking my tits three of his fingers were on my clit and he thrust his thumb in pussy he was sucking my boobs and biting my nipple hard.

I was screaming very loudly. Somewhere in my haze I realized I was screaming so hard because I wanted my brothers to hear me too. But I knew we had a very big house and each of us had a floor to themselves. So, my brothers would never know that their baby sister now belonged to her daddy.

Daddy licked the bruise his teeth left on my nipples and It felt like I was in heaven. My daddy loved me, and he was going to make me his slut.

Then daddy pushed me down on my knees on the floor “this is where a slut belongs baby on her knees and this how you will greet me every day at the door when I am back from office ok?” I nodded. “Go ahead and open my pants baby get the cock that you want so much out and start sucking it.” bostancı escort bayan

I pulled his zipper down and got to his cock finally I was going to see the object of all my fantasies I was eager I had never sucked a cock but I did practice a lot on banana so I put everything I knew into use and started sucking daddy’s cock vigorously “am I doing good sir?”

“oh, my slut you’re so enthusiastic I love it baby. yes … lick the head…ummmm yes put your hands on my balls squeeze them baby …from now this is the only candy you’re getting you whore … fuck you suck cock so well … oh god yes baby.” he grabbed my head and pulled me on his cock.

I was gagging but he kept on putting all of his hard 7 inches in my mouth and it was going to my throat “take deep breaths baby you need to learn to take all of daddy pumpkin. Daddy will teach you well, he is going to make you his well-trained whore. You will become the best cocksucker ever. go ahead and touch yourself babygirl you have earned the right to cum keep playing with your pussy while sucking daddy.”

Daddy was also tugging at my nipples it was sending pleasure to my cunt, and I was leaking “yes baby yes keep playing with your cunt, daddy is going to use you so well… my baby girl is a whore… fuck yes you suck cock good princess, daddy is going to make you suck so many cocks baby and you can’t even say no. Daddy Is first going to involve both your brothers in your training.”

I moaned at this. And Daddy slapped my face “So you like the idea huh? That is the sign of a good slut. Why should your brothers go out looking for pussy when one is available right here at home? You do have three holes don’t you princess?”

Daddy gripped my hair tightly and started face fucking me. He was moaning and saying “You will get all the cocks that you need baby. You can fuck your brothers and anybody else daddy asks you to. But only after daddy permits you to. daddy will share you with all his friends and use you to get new business … daddy has a lot planned for you baby.”

I was gushing “ugh … ugh… Ugh!!” “I see you like the idea baby oh I am so proud of my slut you’re going to make me the proudest daddy ever…yes baby keep going at it baby daddy is going to cum… Yes, baby girl … keep your mouth open yes just like that ahhhhh I am cumming oh fuck your so good … yes baby keep on swallowing daddy will be done in a while… good girl keep on swallowing.” daddy was grunting and caressing my face while pulling my hair with his other hand. Hearing daddy moan made me moan on his cock and I came so hard

It took daddy a few minutes to cum in my mouth he pulled his cock back took my hair and cleaned his cock with my hair. “you’re a good slut baby girl and daddy is happy he got a hot beautiful whore to be his. Now go to sleep daddy will start your training from tomorrow.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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