Suspense Ch. 02

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After a few minutes, I carried my bag over and set it on the bed, making sure you felt it against your leg. I opened it and felt inside then removed a few items I would need next, closed it and put it on the floor. I could feel the anxiety as you waited to see what I would do to and with you next.

I sat beside the bed and pulled on my soft leather driving gloves. They were tight on my hands and molded to the shape of my fingers and hand. I rubbed the palm of my right hand against me face to confirm the feel. Perfect.

I rubbed the back of my glove against your left cheek, and felt you pushing slightly against it, welcoming the supple and soft texture. I carressed your cheek and then I climbed on the bed, straddling your chest and I held your head in my hands, raising you up from the pillow. My hands cradled your head and my thumbs pressed against your temples, in gentle massages. I felt you relax under that mellow sensation.

I massaged your cheeks and chin and then moved to your hair, digging my fingers into your thick luxuriant hair, and working my fingers into your scalp. I heard your easy breathing become deeper, yet more paced. I moved down across the scarf that shielded your eyes and I flexed my fingers against the sides of your neck. My thumbs circling down until they pushed up gently under your chin, then moving my hands down to move in slow circles across your chest.

I reached up and squeezed and molded your neck muscles, slowly moving out to your shoulders, then I took your left arm and gripped it with both hands and flexed and plied it as I moved from your shoulder to your elbow and then to your wrist. I pressed my thumb into your palm and worked your fingers back and forth, bending, then straightening them and then moved back down your arm to your shoulders.

I crossed your chest and then massaged your other arm until I was satisfied, then worked my hands back to your neck. I opened my hands and pressed them down on your upper chest and I circled them across your chest above your breasts, I increased the pressure and pushed harder with my finger tips, massaging and breaking down the tension of your muscles until your flesh was a light pink.

Your corset cups restricted my movement and I thought about removing it so I could get to your breasts, but I did not. Instead I rubbed the end of my gloved finger against the nub of your nipples and pressed them down into your breast. By twisting my hand and pressing then releasing I could provoke sighs and groans from your lips. Your writhing motion told me you were becoming more excited by this teasing, so I pressed harder and turned my hand as my finger pushed your nipples into your breasts. Your quiet groans now were loud and coarse and you gasped as I worked on your poor nipples.

Your head was raised as you attempted kartal escort bayan to see what I was inflicting on your nipples. Your responses drove me on to tease you even more mercilessly. My fingers and thumbs gripped your nipples and slid over the short length of them, stroking and then pinching and rolling them. Each motion following another and never leaving your nipples free for even a second. Pinching, pulling, rolling, flicking them on and on in coordinated unison, my fingers were so unrelenting, you tried to break free of your bonds as the sensations intensified.

Soon you gasped and screamed as you shook. I pinched your nipples harder and harder as your mouth flew open in silent trauma. I held your nipples tight as I watched you shake and shudder under an orgasm, and I waited silent and still until you collapsed back down on the bed.

I released you and crawled off of you and went back to the bag. I removed a silver chain with two adjustable clamps attached, one on each end. It was about six inches long. I laid it on your chest and I could see you trying to figure out what the metallic thing was on you. I let you wonder as I dug further into the bag.

I moved the bag out of the way and I leaned over you from the left side of the bed and I lowered my lips to your breast and kissed the top of your globular flesh and then circled your nipple and then flicked and sucked it until it stood up aroused and hard, and I stopped for a moment. I watched as it began to soften after a minute or so and I flicked it with my bare finger. Flick….flick….flick. You moaned with each flick and I saw the nipple stiffen again in resistance to that abuse.

After letting it sag and then rearousing it a couple of times, I was ready. I sucked it hard for a few seconds and when I sensed by your gorans it was at it’s maximum state of arousal, I quickly moved back and placed the spring clamp on the side of it. I released the grips and watched to see how hard it pinched your nipple. You shrieked in surprise at the pressure. I removed it and loosened it just a turn then placed it back on your nipple.

You groaned. I pulled the chain to see if the clamp would come off, but it was securely fastened to your flattened nipple. I walked around the bed and started to excite your other nipple, repeating the same play until I had that nipple in a similar state of arousal, then I attached the clamp to it.

The chain between the clamps had about two inches of slack. I picked the chain up and pulled your nipples until your breasts stretched up out of the corset cups. I could see your nipples stretched up from your breasts under the tension. I released the chain and your breasts flee back into the cups. You sighed at the release. I waited for a moment to let you get a breath and I grabbed escort maltepe the chain again and I tugged it again and again and again. Your head was pushed backwards with your chin up and out as you grimaced under the pain and pressure.

After a few more tugs, I left you alone. I sat in the chair and watched you silently. You listened for some clue that would tell you what I was preparing next. I let you wonder for a few minutes more.

I got up and went to the foot of the bed and I grabbed your panties and I held the waistband in my hands and I tore it in two, down the left leg. Your head was raised in surprise at this sudden violent move. I ripped your panties apart and pulled the remnants down onto your thighs. I grabbed a pillow, and pushed it under your ass, raising you up in the air, and at an incline.

Your pussy was gaping open. Your lips were folded slightly, after having been stretched apart by the panties which I had pressed between them. I took my fingers and pulled your lips apart, so I could see the pink wetness inside. I bit your inner thigh with quick little nibbles moving from your knee to the crease betwen your legs and your torso, then moved to the other leg.

I ignored your pussy as I bit and kissed and sucked your thighs. Every time my mouth neared your pussy, you shifted as if trying to move it closer for my kisses, but I avoided your needed pussy as I continued to come ever closer. I blew my breath over your parted lips and heard you moan softly at even that slight attention. I blew again and again and each time you responded with a louder moan until you finally burst out and begged.

“Please, kiss me, lick me, eat me….anything at all, but do something……please.”

I pulled back.


You suddenly realized you had disobeyed my instruction. You sank back on the bed. I sat still on the end of the bed, not moving.

I let a few minutes pass to see what you would do. When you remained silent, I moved back to you, but this time, instead of kissing your thighs, I worked two fingers into your still sopping wet pussy. I slowly stroked my fingers in and out and then curled them as if I were searching for your g spot. I felt your hips push back up to me and I knew you were still very aroused from all of the play that had been pushing you closer to the edge.

“Your pussy is so wet, baby. I bet it will feel great around my cock.”

I teased you to see if I could provoke an answer, but you wisely remained quiet. Perhaps you were starting to understand the rules of this game. I smiled to myself as I sped up the pace of my fingers. I pushed them deeper and turned my hand with each stroke and you began to work against my hand, raising your pelvis up to my hands. Your pussy was getting wetter and looser as I jammed my fingers pendik escort into you harder and faster.

You bucked up off of the pillow, throwing your pussy up hard to me, and as I continued thrusting my fingers into you, I took my other hand and felt for your ass. I rubbed against your asshole as I fingered your pussy and soon you clamed down so I could relax your muscles enough to get my finger started into your ass.

You lay still as I slowed my fingering down so I could concentrate on massaging your tight hole. Soon I was able to feel the end of my finger slide into your ass. I held still as I let you get used to the feeling and I stroked my fingers in your pussy a little harder to distract you, then when I fel you relax more, I pushed my finger a little deeper into your ass. You groaned as you felt how deep my finger was. Again, I held still while you aclimated to it. Then I pushed again and soon was able to turn my finger and pull back a little.

As I loosened your ass up, I sped up my fingering of your pussy and then I was able to finger your ass at the same pace as your pussy. I settled into a comfortable position and started to really finger you. My fingers pushed toward each other. My two fingers in your pussy were soaked and your juices ran down your ass, and I used that natural lube on your ass as my finger plunged in and out of your ass.

You groaned and moaned and cooed as I fingered you faster and harder, gauging your reaction to every change in speed and force. I watched your body as you contorted under the pleasure as my fingers charged into you. Fingers curling and turning and probing and slamming and ramming and thrusting into your sweet pussy and tight ass. My cock was wild with need as I smelled your sex scent and saw the red lips that were swollen under my assault, and I marveled at the way your ass held onto my finger as I pulled it back. It seemed to stretch out in an effort to hold my finger inside and when I pushed it back your asshole seemed to suck back in with my finger. It was so tight, I wondered how I would ever be able to get my hard cock up your ass later.

I sped up and my body was sweating as I frantically fingered you. Your moans filled the room and your gutteral cries filled my ears and made my cock throb and jump with desire to join the frantic chaos. And as I drove on you shook and gasped and I felt your contractions as you started to climax, but I kept the same pace and you shook and quivered and bucked up at me as you stayed on that same level of orgasmic explosion. You shook and moaned for at leas two minutes without pause and when you finally fell over the edge, you lay back on the bed exhausted.

I pulled my finger out of you and removed the pillow, allowing you to lie flat on the bed. I kissed your throbbing pussy, just a soft and little lip kiss, and got up off of the bed.

My cock was hard and insistant but I didn’t want to ruin your pussy yet. I wanted you to rest for a few minutes, because I had much more in store for you. I slapped my cock with my hand as I walked to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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