Susanna, My Mother

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Dad was going again. Such were the realities of having a job as a corporate salesman – family had always seemed like a secondary interest to him. Mom embraced him tenderly on the doorstep, and then he was gone. But I had problems of my own.

“Mom, can I talk with you later, when I’m back from school?”

“Why, of course.” Mom smiled lovingly, studying me with her green eyes. Her hair is very red and very curly, and there is a lot of it, cascading all the way down to the small of her back. Her name is Susanna, by the way, though of course I never called her that. “There’s always time for a little mother-son talk, you know that, if something’s bothering your mind.”


I was off to school, after a hug from mom. She didn’t usually do that, she could always sense my every feeling. Her breasts were against me, heavy and full and firm, it felt awkward.

School was uneventful, but I hung around the mall with Steve and Joe, and didn’t come back until the evening. I took a shower, and heard the door bang while I was in. I climbed the stairs to my parents’ room, and rushed in after a brief knock, calling: “Mom, are you home?”

“Wait a second…” Mom said, startled. ataşehir escort She looked at me over her shoulder, covering her breasts with her arms, as she was topless, only dressed in white panties. “…I’m not dressed.”

“Sorry.” I muttered, turning away. I only had a bathrobe on myself.

“It’s OK”, she said, and I saw she had put on a white blouse. She didn’t seem to realize how thin the fabric was, though, pointed nipples and dark aureolas not quite hidden underneath.

I sat on the bed, as there was only one chair in the room, beside the desk. Mom moved herself next to me. “You wanted to talk?” she started. I went on about girls and school and friends, all of which were going to hell. Well, not girls really, as I’d never had one at all. Mom listened compassionately and held my hand. Unexpectedly she brought it to her lips, and kissed gently. “Darling…” she whispered. “…I know I could help you. It’s just that…” her green eyes turned at me.

“What? Tell me, mother.” I answered, breathing a little heavily. Still holding my hand, mom sat down on her knees on the floor in front of me.

“Please…” she said, reaching for the belt of my robe. “…Let kadıköy escort me help you.” I gasped as my mother pulled the robe off me. I was naked.

“Uh…” I bit my lip. Mom pulled her blouse over her head, her heavy but firmly round breasts jiggling. I had never seen them. They were very beautiful, like every other part of her, though I knew it wasn’t quite right to think so. I opened my legs to give mom more room beause I knew what she was going to do, even though both of us felt wrong talking about it.

A gentle hand caught my shaft, another one cupping the balls. “All right?” mom asked.

“Yes, mother” I sighed, and she started to stroke me, kissing my chest, going down.

Mom teased my had cock with her tongue, playfully twirling it around. She kissed the tip once, then again. “Mom, please…” I moaned, and finally her rosy lips opened and the warm, wet comfort of my mother’s mouth slid around my tender flesh.

It was the kind of blowjob which could only be given by one’s own mother; caring and gentle. Red curls bounced on my thighs and mom’s back as her head bobbed on my lap. “Mm. Mm. Sclp. Slrp” she exalted. I brushed locks of hair away from her bostancı escort bayan face; she looked angelic, eyes closed, lips wrapped around my cock. Feeling my touch, mom looked me in the eyes, and at that moment a burning jolt started from my balls and flew through my shaft. Mom’s eyes widened, turned huge and round and green, and she gagged: “Gluck – ackk!” trying to flinch away, but my hand at the back of her head kept her close.

“Swallow it, mom” I softly whispered, ejaculating into her quivering throat.

“Glck. Gkk. Gulk. Glck” she answered. It didn’t go down easily. Mom kept her eyes open during the entire affair, staring blankly as her hand pumped rhythmically. It felt so safe to come this way, seeing the spurts of semen only as twitches in your own mother’s throat.

Finally I sighed and mom raised her head, cheeks still bulging from the weight of the final mouthful of my warm sperm. A little had oozed from the corner of her lips as a thick white stream, but most of it was safe. She covered her mouth with her hand and seemed a bit dizzy, complaining: “Mmb, mmlb.”

I caressed her cheek with my fingers, and apologized: “Sorry, mom.”

She swallowed wetly and answered: “It’s all right, don’t worry.”

I smiled at my mother, and she embraced me tenderly, and finally I felt the touch of her naked breasts against me.

“Feel better now?” she whispered into my ear.

“Yes, yes… Thank you, mother.”

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