Surreptitious Love Ch. 87

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Chapter 87 — Seeing Hanh again

Since Nguyet and I weren’t going to see each other for a while — during which time I was to seduce her somehow — I wrote Mrs. Yen and asked if we couldn’t meet together with Hanh for another bawdy massage. Hanh, my new, blind masseuse-friend worked at her aunt’s massage parlor daily, and I had become curious what things were like there. Somewhat surprisingly, Yen suggested to meet for lunch and then go to Hanh’s aunt’s salon, so I could meet her family. I had actually talked to her aunt the previous week when buying the three vouchers for Mira and Nguyet, but since Hanh and I were going to see each other more regularly — at least that was what I hoped — a formal introduction to her mother was probably a good idea.

Nguyet had told me the previous week that she was concerned about her voracious sexual appetite, and so I had proposed to abstain from sex for a month or two, especially since her young beau Vu, with whom she was having a passionate affair, had gone back to his mountain college where he was studying forestry anyway. To keep Nguyet sexually entertained, however, we had agreed to an intricate role-play, for which we turned the time back five years — to when she still had been a virgin. Nguyet would pretend to be coy, while I was going to send her longing emails to get her to agree to meet me for a sensual rendezvous. Seven years ago, I had madly fallen in love with her and about three years later, she had finally relented. We had started an affair then, which had lasted to this day. I still found our first few months together the most moving and endearing and, thus, wanted to re-live them.

Since Nguyet would definitely rebuke me for several weeks before anything between us was going to happen again, I started my wooing right away. The first message I sent her, she ignored, and to the second she only had a few curt words in reply:

“Mister Ben, I don’t think you should send me messages like this since you’re married.”

Well, she had said that before, before our affair had begun, but it certainly had to be said again to get it out of the way.

To boost Hanh’s aunt’s business, I had bought three vouchers for pussy massages from her, of which two went to Mira for her 25th birthday in a nice envelope, and one was going to Nguyet to keep her somewhat entertained, sexually. I had pretty much ignored Nguyet’s last five birthdays, since birthdays weren’t particularly important in Vietnam anyway, but now I asked her if there wasn’t anything I could do to show my appreciation. I didn’t want the voucher to completely come out of left field. As polite and well-brought-up as Nguyet was, she thanked me again for the gorgeous copy of Leonardo Notebooks that I had given to her six years earlier but then reminded me not to shower her with presents, as that would only harden her stance. A few days later, I still mailed the voucher to her office, since I couldn’t think of anything better.

Nguyet didn’t know, of course, that Hanh was going to massage her snatch, and a few years back she would have vehemently declined. Today, everything was different, as Nguyet had discovered her sexuality and was gladly living a somewhat adventurous life of a single mom. So, she wouldn’t refuse Hanh’s offer to massage her pussy; however, the coy damsel in our role-play couldn’t be frank about what had happened in the massage salon, and I was looking forward to her telling me what Hanh had done to her. Of course, a few days later, after Nguyet had received the voucher in the mail, she wrote me a mock-furious message saying that I need to stop buttering her up. She called the voucher for the massage an ‘affront’, which she would ‘burn, just like all the memories she had of me and her time at the school.’

I loved it. She was passionately denying her interest in sex with me, but the way she was doing it was hot. We kept bantering back and forth almost every day now but, of course, I focused back on the cute, blind masseuse Hanh and my mature friend Yen, who worried me a bit, though: she wasn’t as cheerful as before. Something seemed to bother her, but I knew I needed her to get my foot in the door with Hanh’s family. So, we met for lunch to discuss a few more details about opening the massage parlor up for shenanigans. I still wasn’t sure if I could look forward to a sensual massage after the talk with her aunt, but when I asked Yen, she just nodded and said:

“I’d think so. There aren’t any customers there over lunch …”

Vietnam almost completely shut down every day from 11:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon, because everyone went home for lunch and then took a nap.

Mrs. Yen and I were sitting in a small fish-soup restaurant off the beaten path, as we were both married. While we were waiting for our food, she was studying the menu again, until she started to talk about her daughter Linh, who was a medical student in Hanoi. It had actually been Linh who had jumpstarted our affair: as she had tunalı escort a small handicap because of a stroke she had suffered when she was ten years old, she needed daily massages. And then one day, when Yen was busy, she had asked me to massage her daughter, knowing that we had had sex once before during a chance encounter in Da Nang. The afternoon I was massaging Linh, her mother Yen had come back while Linh and I were still engaged in sex and had joined us.

When we were done eating, Yen apologized, saying that we couldn’t meet at her house anymore. Her husband had gotten suspicious what Hanh was doing there twice a week. He had caught his wife naked with the almost naked young masseuse and decided that he wasn’t going to have such debauchery at his house. That was probably what had turned her mood sour. Of course, I became concerned immediately, racing through my mind what clues I had left at her house.

“Did your husband find my cigarette butts in the ashtray? Or did the neighbors tell him that I had been there a few times?”

She just shook her head.

“No, it’s not about you. Don’t worry …” she laughed and got her phone out of her purse.

Using Google Translate, she told me how he had surprised her and Hanh the previous week. He, apparently, had come into the house fairly quietly, so that they had only heard him when he was right outside the bathroom. It sounded like Yen had put some clothes on blind Hanh in a frenzy, but she herself was standing in front of her husband naked, only holding a towel, which did lead to a rousing sex session in the bedroom next door, however. When she was done telling the story, Mrs. Yen laughed embarrassedly and shook her head. She added that he had been surprised how wet she was between her legs but was still peeved, as he assumed that his wife had had sex with the young masseuse. Which she probably did.

I wanted to tell Yen’s husband that he should have been glad that his wife had been warmed up in such a titillating way but, of course, I was glad that I hadn’t been at their house when he showed up unannounced. I liked the story, though, and suggested to meet in Hanh’s aunt’s massage parlor instead, at least until things cooled down somewhat, but Mrs. Yen only nodded hesitatingly, said ‘maybe’, and suggested we hammer out a few details about our meeting with Hanh’s aunt.

Over the past few months, we had gotten used to each other’s incomplete vocabulary but had reached the point, at least, where we didn’t need a translation program for most conversations any longer. So, Yen was going to translate what Hanh’s aunt said. We agreed not to mention sex with Hanh, as that was an intimate matter between her and me. And Yen. I didn’t want the proprietor to categorically preclude the option, partially since Hanh was living at the house and had her own room upstairs, as far as I knew. And even though she was young and blind: she was 19, clever, and had finished her education. A Don’t-ask-don’t-tell approach would probably be best here.

Eventually, we paid for our soups and drove over to the salon. Hanh’s aunt greeted us in the lobby like our visit was the most natural thing in the world and asked us to go right through to the back, where the living room was. I saw that there was also a massage room right here on the ground floor; perhaps Hanh’s aunt herself showed off her skills there. I heard a bell ring upstairs, which was probably the sign for Hanh to come down. We sat down, and — what I believed was — Hanh’s mother poured us some lukewarm tea. Hanh herself stepped into the room one minute later; she was wearing a cute, blueish house suit. Yen helped the blind girl to find her seat and then also poured her a cup.

While the ladies were talking, I looked at Hanh a little, since she was simply endearing and beautiful. She had her hair pinned-up in the back again, while her longest bangs coming from her temples were framing her lovely face. The way she was attentively following the conversation, one would not instantly have spotted that she was blind. Her simple jacket and pants, which were tailored and looked like PJ’s, were of the same material, and now I saw that there were small red sailing boats printed on it. I abstained from smoking, even though it probably wouldn’t have been a problem.

The ladies had apparently reached the business side of our talk, and I saw Mrs. Yen making stroking-movements in the air, like she was jerking off a dick. Hanh’s aunt laughed and nodded at me — she must have stroked countless dicks in her massage career. Yen confirmed that it was okay if I showed up twice a month, since I had been pivotal in developing the new specialty. The parlor wasn’t officially opened for men, as far as I understood, but I felt tickled that I was genuinely welcomed at their house. My first month was for free, they now added, since I had bought three vouchers, but perhaps I could pay the normal price starting next month? What Hanh and I did upstairs ulus escort was entirely up to her, though, Yen told me after they had deliberated some more. Whatever was fine for Hanh, would be fine for her aunt and mother as well.

At some point, there was another brief debate, after which they let me know not to worry about the pay, since Hanh could practice new things with me, too. The only other issue was that they asked me to please show up during lunch-time, so that no other customers had to wait. In exchange, I offered to quietly advertise their special massages whenever possible and suggested that we produce a code of conduct written in English, with which foreign customers, such as Mira and Carol, could familiarize themselves how to communicate with their blind masseuse and avoid embarrassment. Yen and Hanh’s aunt nodded but then suggested I should discuss this with the young star masseuse herself, since Yen had to go back to her office. So, we all got up and went towards the front door. While I was admiring the interior — everything was tastefully decorated without overdoing it — another thought popped into Hanh’s aunt’s mind.

She discussed something with Yen for a few minutes, before Yen got her phone out again. Perhaps there was another delicate detail? Yes, since Hanh was blind, they wanted me to help with the cleaning. There were various rags, wet wipes, and also kitchen towels upstairs. They probably were imagining cum splashing all over the place. Of course, I promised to do everything to leave the massage room in the state in which I had found it but thought to myself that my liquids would go best inside my young massage-friend’s nimble body anyway. Naturally, I couldn’t bring that up, since it would have sounded like I only wanted to come inside her to save myself from cleaning the room.

While we were talking, I saw that they had added a red arrow with the words ‘dac biet’, meaning ‘special’, to the large advertising poster. I found that discreet enough and thought about other ways to alert the middle-aged women in our town of the new service available. Word-by-mouth was probably best for now, especially since the family wasn’t in financial difficulties, as far as I knew. They were receiving a widow’s pension from Hanh’s deceased father, and the business seemed to be going well. Downstairs, Hanh’s aunt would certainly continue her good work, while her blind niece had found her niche to explore upstairs in her special chamber. When Yen finally said goodbye, Hanh’s aunt and I looked at each other, and she pointed at the red arrow with her chin. I took Hanh’s hand and we walked upstairs.

On the second floor, I looked around, while I slowly undressed. There was everything one would expect in a massage parlor: a proper massage table, of course, which was pretty wide, an air mattress, which was leaning against the wall, a special chair with a kidney-shaped seat (for pussy and dick massages, I presumed, as the ball sack could dangle nicely). I instantly saw myself lying down on the mattress, where Hanh would caress my body with her small, oiled-up boobs. Over on a shelf, there were various bottles and vials, next to which were two stacks of brightly colored towels, rags, and even white underwear in various sizes. Up in the corner was a loudspeaker, below which there was a small stereo system.

Hanh seemed to have expected me to look around, as she had been patiently waiting next to me. She was smiling and appeared to look forward to a titillating sensual hour here alone with me. When she had heard that I was probably done undressing, she pointed at the shower, which was separated from the room by a low, six-inch-high wall. There were two red plastic stools near the drain, on which we would perhaps sit, and so I pulled one of them under the shower head and the other where no water would hit. After I had sat down, I saw the door to her room, which was ajar. I was glad that Hanh’s aunt had already put up a curtain above the middle of the table, as I had suggested, which could separate the customer from Hanh. Even though Hanh was blind, I still felt that some women might not want to see her when she was diving into their treasures.

When Hanh realized that I was sitting, she asked me to get up again and remove the two stools from the shower altogether. Perhaps she wanted to wash my whole body first. When I pecked her forehead, she pursed her lips like she wanted more, and so I also kissed her mouth. She smiled and didn’t flinch when I unbuttoned her jacket. I caressed her body and even put my hand between her legs. I asked myself if she washed other customers fully dressed or what she would wear. Did she wear a special outfit for customers? Without further ado, she now pushed her pants down, and I helped her get them off her ankles. When I stepped over to the shelf to put her clothes there, I heard her taking off her panties behind me, which she then was holding in her extended hand for me to take over ankara escort to where her other clothes were. Her underwear was, of course, still warm, and I absolutely couldn’t resist to quietly take a drag, unsure if I would have done it if she had been able to see.

With one hand on my back, she ‘pushed’ me over the little separation wall back into the shower. I turned the water on, while she poured some soap into her hands. She reached up to my shoulders, and I turned off the water, so that she wouldn’t get wet while soaping me. Methodically, she went down my upper body and then turned and twisted my dick and balls gently, before she took more soap and rubbed it on my thighs. When she was done with the front, I turned around, so that she could also treat my back and ass. With nimble, quick movements, she reached between my butt cheeks and cheekily squeezed my balls for a split-second.

Now, she asked me to put one stool back here under the shower and then sat down. She motioned that she wanted me to remain standing, and then patiently soaped my glans and my legs again. When she was done, she pointed at the showerhead above me, and I turned the water back on. I rinsed my body after she had stepped out of the reach of the water, until she tapped the seat of the stool again. So, I sat back down, not knowing what was on her mind. She did seem to have a plan, though, and I decided to completely give in to the promises of her deft, dexterous hands. She pulled my foreskin back once more and took a tiny amount of soap again to take utmost care of my rod, to the rhythm of which her small breasts were bobbing endearingly.

I thought about our relationship and how she might see it but concluded that I was way more than customer. We had had sex for the first time about two weeks ago, and so I was touching her body gently now, while she was still taking care of my cock, which was slowly pumping itself up. I wondered how she could actually find a boyfriend, as she couldn’t go on the prowl by herself. Did she have a girlfriend she trusted enough, who would look at guys on social media and recommend one? Or two? Or maybe even her mother or aunt helped her? Downstairs in the living room, I had gotten the impression that they were relatively open women who didn’t mind that their daughter was garnering sensual experience or even had sex in the sheltered atmosphere of the house here. When she noticed that my dick was completely stiff, she asked me to rinse it.

So, I got up and turned the water back on. She handed me a towel and, after allowing a minute or so for me to dry myself, she pointed over to the massage table, while she went over to the shelf and got what she needed. Looking at her tiny, perky butt, I imagined her standing on the shower ledge, letting her ass protrude. Maybe one day, I would take her from behind. I wouldn’t have minded at all if she had gone down to her knees and blown me but then, on the other hand, this room here was completely her realm, and I would just wait for her next moves. Hanh knew what she was doing and what she wanted. When she realized that I was still sitting on the massage table, she asked me to lie down.

Hanh could have washed my dick even longer, I thought, but lying here on the massage table surely meant more sensual pleasures. I didn’t know if Yen had talked to Hanh about the various things I had discussed with her, but Hanh was experienced and trained enough to come up with a few rousing things herself. She poured a little oil into her small yet powerful hands, with which she was measuring my body now, like she wanted to be clear about its dimensions. She wasn’t applying any pressure yet, but when she accidentally hit my half-stiff cock, she smiled, and her eyes rolled upwards. Now she stepped behind my head and began the massage proper. I closed my eyes and gave in to various reveries. Hanh would tell me when she needed me.

I could hear the oil bottle wheeze again; apparently, Hanh taken some more lubrication onto her fingers, with which she circled my nipples now. Women rarely did that to me, I realized, which was a shame. Perhaps it was really the genius of a blind woman, who was sensitive enough to deduce from what she liked best what she should do to others. I was delighted — and so was my dick. When Hanh leaned forward and took one nipple in her mouth, I knew that we had entered a very special realm. The role-play with Nguyet flashed in my mind’s eye — which I was sure would also end well — but this here was two notches hotter. If not more. I placed one hand on Hanh’s back and caressed her gently, before I went further down on her body, squeezed her marvelous butt cheeks for a few seconds, and then got in between them — in some ways like I was blind, too.

While Hanh was still sucking my nipple, she twiddled the other nipple with two fingers. She was already pretty wet between her legs, but her juices weren’t sticky. I traced her labia with my fingertips, but then she let go of my nipple and looked at me, like she wanted to apologize for the disruption. I took my hand out of her butt, and she stepped a foot away towards my hips. She felt my belly and circled it a bit, but when she had reached my cock, she took it in one hand — and then in her mouth.

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