Surprise Siblings Ch. 01

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People always say we’re the best couple, the way we interact with each other. Some are starting to think we look alike, it’s funny. We met just at the end of freshman year in college. This shit has to be real.

“Hey you! Think we can get in a quickie before class,” Monique asked, peeking in the kitchen, in one of his shirts.

“I think we have time before class,” Kevin finished his coffee.

Following her up the steps, she lifts the shirt, showing bare ass, with the slightest jiggling. Slipping his hand between her thighs, catching her at his door, all ready rock hard.

“You nasty,” she scolded, “somebody might see.”

“Let’em,” he laughs.

Once inside; he pushes on the bed, digging his face right in her butt, when his tongue finds that hole, she pushes back. His arms slide under her thighs, spreading her cheeks open with his hands. She’s trapped. Waves of sensation wash about her. Taking a brief moment to pull his shorts, finding her flipped over, spread eagle. She was glistening from his saliva, his mouth goes right for the hot button. Trying to suck out every orgasm before classes start. Rubbing her clit with his mouth under vacuum, the pressure pulling one right out. ataşehir escort He loves how she stutters as she cums. He drags his body on top of hers, leading with his tongue, his piece presses against her lips, spreading them as the head meets her clit, where he humps and enjoys a nipple in his mouth.

“Baby please,” she begs, pushing his head in her with a sigh of relief. “Quickie, remember?”

He half smirks, biting down ever so slightly, releasing on her gasp. Their lips lock, he goes in full girth, he could almost feel the air whisking in to her nostrils. Pushing in her hard, dancing his tongue with hers, quickens the pace, she breaks free as her second orgasm hits, gasping for air. Rocking her hard, balls deep, just pushing and pushing, biting his lower lip, squeezing his eyes shut, a slow moan and some cool down pumps.

She looks at him satisfied, yet sullen.

“What’s a matter?”

“I almost came again,” she pouted.

“Save it for later, I probably have another load, too.” He said, pulling out of her, still hard.

“A quickie always sounds like a good idea, till it’s done.”

“Yep,” agreed, looking for his pants.

Later on at lunch, they kadıköy escort meet up with a few friends at the schools buffet restaurant, already at the table chowing down.

“There goes Mr. and Mrs. Inseparable… late as usual,” announced Quinton.

“Oh hush, you know you jealous,” Monique snarked.

“Nope. Single-mingle till these girls act right,” he waved a fork.

“He’ll be spreading seed, till the tree withers and dies,” Kevin laughed.

“I think you jealous I’m out in the field.”

Monique sent both them a look.

“When are y’all ever gonna actually spend summer together, maybe y’all won’t spend so many semesters acting like, y’all been separated for ages,” Britany asked.

“This one; to get the feel of living together,” Kevin answered. “All summer. We’re gonna try and rent an apartment, work, the whole ordeal.”

“It might not be all summer, baby; I think I found my birth-mom and we were talking about spending a week together.”

“I guess we can sacrifice a week together for that news.”

“You think your sex life will survive a week,” Quinton wondered.

“No,” and “yes,” they said in unison.

“Just jack-off to porn, like bostancı escort bayan Quinton does; you’ll be fine,” Britany stated.

“Dry spells be rough,” he replied.

“I’m pretty sure she’ll want to meet you, she knows I have a boyfriend.”

“I won’t be too worried about lack of sex, especially since I owe you that orgasm, still…”

“Never a flaccid moment with you two,” Britany dropped her burger.

“Back to class with you freaks,” Quinton yelled.

Later on; Kevin runs in to Monique and her roommate in the library, some small talk and a few kisses before they move on. He watches both walk away before returning to his work, licking his lips.

“Damn; I want what we started this morning,” she moans.

“Shit, I want some too, the way you always go on. Got me curious,” Bree admitted.

Monique looks at her.


She just stares.

“Just a taste, girl, damn,” she shrugs her shoulders.

“… hmmm…”

“I’m not going to steal him. I might not like it. If I did, I could be like the God-girlfriend-,” she started.

“The what,” she wondered.

“Like a Godmother… if you die or end up in a coma or something; I adopt him as my boyfriend.”

She stares.

“C’mon. I see how he looks at me, I know he’d go for it. Just one time, to make sure I can be his God-girlfriend,” she explained.

“I’m thinking about it, weirdo. We have been thinking about… exploring.”

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