Sunset at a Secluded Beach Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Home At Last

Pat and Mike enjoyed the companionship of each other on a secluded Pacific Coast Beach and watched the sun set. However, they stayed longer than planned – it was dark, the tide was coming in, and both were resting from the many wonderful first time sexual pleasures they had shared.

An especially large wave arrived out of the darkness and crashed down on the couple. Their fire was almost out, their flashlight, drinks, chips, and blanket were wet. As the waters receded, they could barely see their clothes being carried out into the deep water. They were wet, their shoes were wet — and both were naked.

Soon they were walking up the narrow twisting path to the small graveled parking lot. But only as they approached the car did both realize that the car keys were in Mike’s pants and his pants had floated off with the receding water.

They kneeled down by the car, both started to shiver as a cool ocean breeze blew over them. The wet blanket was too cool to provide them with any warmth. Headlights of a car traveling on the seldom used highway were visible, the lights got larger as the car approached. Then the red tail lights appeared as the car quickly went past the graveled parking lot — — with out stopping.

“What are we going to do? Pat asked. “I don’t want someone that I know to see me naked. No one actually.”

“I understand. Does any one know we came to this beach? Or when we planned to return? I didn’t tell anyone,” replied Mike. “Over a week ago, I talked casually with the apartment manager where I live. I think I mentioned a future visit to this secluded beach but I did not say anything specific. I have not even seen him these past few days.”

“I told my older sister, Barbara, several days ago that we were dating and coming to this beach but nothing specific. She told me again about the location on this beach where she lost her virginity. Also told me to be careful and take some condoms with me.”

“You said that Barbara and her boyfriend, Carl, had sex on that site — then got married about two years ago. Was she warning you about not getting pregnant or about the waves and the incoming tide?”

“Yes, probably both. She casually mentioned something about getting their clothes wet. I don’t think that they were naked when they ‘did it’ four years ago.”

“As I see it, we have two choices: “One is to stand by the road and wave for help from a passing car or truck. The driver may not stop and just continue on. If the driver stops, we may get help. Or possibly you could be involved in a gang bang with several men. But this section of highway is seldom used.” “The second is to break the car window, then I can get in the car trunk and get some tools and probably start the car. Also, I believe there is an old blanket and some plastic bags in the trunk.” Mike suggested.

“Our sex this evening was very nice. In a few weeks or months, we probably will laugh about getting wet. But, I do not want to be involved in having sex with several men. We could both be hurt or even worst.” Pat said.

“Yes, our sex was pleasing and we will laugh about it between ourselves. But your statement about sex and being hurt also could occur,” said Mike.

I think we have only one option — break the car window. Back in town, one of us can wear the blanket and get to the apartment — probably with out being seen.” Pat said. “Which apartment would be better – mine or yours?”

“Probably your apartment — it is in a more secluded area of the town. Also, your left your keys and purse in the glove compartment of the car. My keys are someplace in the ocean. I will get a rock and break a back window of the car.”

The ocean breeze continued to blow, as some clouds parted both Pat and Mike could see each other in the moonlight visibly shaking. The side back window was broken, Mike was able to reach in and open a front door without cutting himself. Upon opening the trunk, Mike got two small blankets and some hand tools. They were able to ward off the cool ocean breeze, each was wrapped in a small blanket. Finally, Mike was able to start the car.

Neither spoke as Mike drove back to the town.

The trip to Pat’s apartment took about fifteen minutes. Mike drove carefully and within the speed limit. He did not want to attract the attention of any deputy sheriff. At last, both were inside Pat’s apartment. Almost at the same time, the two small blankets dropped to the floor — both were stark naked. But each quickly walked to the bathroom. Warm water splashed on their bodies for many minutes before each helped the other dry off with fluffy pink towels.

“Possibly, I could stay with you tonight. Then in the morning you can go out and buy me some clothes,” suggested Mike.

“I could let you wear some of my clothes — thong panties, bra, a mini skirt, and a revealing blouse.” Pat suggested, as she softly laughed.

“I really do not think that is funny,” responded Mike.

“You like to see me wear revealing clothing. Surely you could wear something canlı bahis şirketaleri revealing,” responded Pat.

“Possibly I need to warm up my cock in your cunt. Would that be revealing enough?”

“You can stay in my apartment tonight and tomorrow morning I will buy you some clothes.”

“Thank you, Pat. I appreciate that.”

“After our experiences earlier this evening, I just want to cuddle and be close to you,” said Pat. “I probably will fall asleep quickly.”

“Let’s get something to eat first. You rest and I will fix some food. Anything that you would like?” Mike asked.

“Just warm up a can of soup for me,” responded Pat.

“That and some crackers sounds good,” said Mike.

The simple late evening meal of soup, crackers, and hot tea was soon prepared and consumed. Pat was wearing her heavy housecoat. Mike had put on a cotton sweat shirt and wrapped a large towel around his waist.

Soon both were cuddling together in the double bed covered with a pink sheet and a heavy pink blanket. Kisses were exchanged, tongues touched and explored deeply. Pat rubbed Mike’s chest but soon her hand was grasping a slightly erect penis. Mike’s hand was around the back of her neck and touching the top of her breast, his other hand was gently rubbing her pubic hair and pussy lips.

“I will long remember out first time and our other experiences, this evening.”

“Yes. So will I. But let’s not tell anyone about our other experiences. And I think our first time should be known only by us.”

“I agree.”

Cuddling continued — but gradually stopped as Pat fell asleep. Mike fell asleep a few minutes later.


Mike woke up and reached out to touch Pat but her side of the bed was empty. In a minute or so, Mike got out of bed and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. Pat was already sitting on the toilet.

“Would you like a quickie?” One asked.

“Yes. That would be enjoyable.”

Back in bed, Pat reached down and fondled Mike’s penis and balls for several minutes. Gradually his penis grew. She bent over — licked his shaft and engulfed the cock head and several inches of his shaft in her mouth. In several minutes of head bobbing, his cock became very hard. She opened a condom and placed it on the tip of his cock. The condom was partway unrolled with her mouth, but she finished the unrolling with her fingers. Some lubricant was placed on the condom, Mike’s manhood was ready for action.

Pat got on her back, spread her legs, and elevated her ass with a pillow. Mike got between her legs, his erection within inches of her pussy lips. He moved forward, and rubbed his condom covered cock on her clitoris for several minutes.

“Oh, Baby. I love you rubbing my clit with your cock.”

Mike pushed his cock a little lower, his hard cock head easily pushed her lips apart and entered her cunt. Inch by inch, the shaft followed — as deep as possible. Then he pulled partway out, only to penetrate again. In, then partway out. Again and again, Pat’s moist treasure was explored. He bent over her — licking and sucking her teats and mounds of female flesh for several minutes. Initially his deep thrusts were gentle and slow — but soon Mike was thrusting into Pat’s body fast and hard.

“Yes, yes. Fuck me harder. Much harder.”

Mike’s thrusts became even faster and harder. His cock started to throb slightly. Pat’s body started to shake. Then her body started to quiver and jerk as Mike continued to ram and pound her cunt. With every penetration, his cock deeply explored her cunt.

“Yes. Yes. I believe my orgasm is starting. Fuck me harder.”

Mike continued fucking Pat as fast and hard as he could. In a few minutes, a wave of motion started deep in Pat’s cunt and spread through her body. Mike’s cock was throbbing even more as he continued thrusting in her cunt. Then a second, less intense, wave of motion spread through Pat’s body. Her orgasm was over.

Like a piston rod operates in a well lubricated cylinder, Mike was moving his rod in her cylinder. His cock grew slightly, then exploded. His ‘cum’ shot out into the tip of the latex condom in several bursts. Mike’s ejaculation was over.

“Oh, Mike that was wonderful.”

“Yes. Thank you very much for the pleasure you gave me,” replied Mike.

“And we stayed dry — no ocean wave crashed down on us.”

Both softly laughed. Separately, each thought about their recent first time experiences.

Mike rolled off her body. They kissed and cuddled for many minutes. Both were completely naked — covered only with a pink sheet and a heavy pink blanket. Mike fell asleep first. Pat continued to fondle his flaccid penis until she fell asleep.


It was early morning. Mike got out of bed and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. As he walked back to bed in the dark room he bumped into Pat. She was going to the bathroom.

“Sorry. I did not see you. When you get back to bed, would you like a quickie? Mike said.

“Yes. canlı kaçak iddaa A quick quickie,” replied Pat.

Before climbing back into bed, Pat turned on a dim light in the corner of the bedroom.

Soon, both were cuddling in bed. He played and stroked her pussy lips, then pushed a finger into her cunt. At the same time, Mike was also sucking a teat and a mound of female flesh. She alternated between stroking his balls and caressing the penis head and rim. Soon, her natural moisture started to flow — her cunt became moist. His flaccid penis enlarged and became a hard and erect cock.

Pat opened a condom and placed it on the tip of the cock head. Then she unrolled it with her fingers. Mike’s cock was ready for action: Deep penetration and exploration.

Pat got on her back. Her ass elevated with a firm pillow, her legs spread wide. Mike was between her legs, his condom covered cock close to her womanhood. He rubbed his cock on her clitoris for several minutes, then pushed past her lips. His cock entered her body — the shaft follows — inch by inch. Mike pulled part way out, then in again. His initial gentle and slow thrusts soon changed to fast and hard thrusts.

“Fuck me and suck my teats,” Pat said. “You are heavier and stronger than I am from exercising — use that to fuck me as hard as you can.”

“You are going to get a hard fucking. And a deep fucking.”

“Yes. A hard and deep fucking. Fuck me, Mike. Get you rod operating.”

Mike leaned forward — he sucked her teats while still pumping hard in her cunt. Some of the time his thrusts were soft and gentle, but most of the time the thrusts were hard and fast. Then he started ramming of her cunt — rapid and hard ramming into her womanhood.

“Oh, Mike. I think my orgasm is starting. Continue fucking me — hard.”

Mike continued his hard cunt ramming. A wave of motion started in Pat’s cunt and spread through her body. Mike’s cock started to throb. He pounded her cunt even harder and faster. In several minutes, another, less intense wave moved through Pat’s body. Mike’s cock slightly enlarged, then exploded. He shot his ‘cum’ into the tip of the condom. The two had become as one — both had received sexual satisfaction about the same time. They separated.

“Was that a quick quickie?” Mike asked.

“I was not watching the clock. I was getting pleasure, you were getting pleasure — the time was not really that important,” Pat replied, as she got out of bed and turned off the dim light.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome. And, thank you.”

When she returned to bed, kisses were exchanged. But soon, only their hands were touching. Sleep quickly returned. Both were still naked and covered only with a pink sheet and a heavy pink blanket.


The early morning sun was creeping through the curtains as Pat woke up. Mike, on his back, was still sleeping. Slowly, Pat pulled the sheet and blanket off his body. His penis was flaccid. Pat bent over and lightly stroked his balls and caressed the penis head for a few minutes. Mike did not wake up but his penis became somewhat firmer. She moved closer to his manhood. Her tongue flicked out — tongue tip touched penis tip several times. Then she started licking his penis head. Finally, his penis was completely awake — but Mike continued to sleep.

Pat opened her mouth and engulfed his penis head and rim. Cock sucking started. Head bobbing started as her lips traveled from the penis head down the entire length of his shaft and touched his pubic hair. Her fingers still were stroking his balls. She pulled partway back, then in again. Again, and again — her head moved up and down the entire length of Mike’s manhood. But, in time, her lips could no longer reach the base of his shaft as his organ grew larger.

Pat focused her attention on the cock head, rim, and part of his shaft. His cock was completely awake, Mike moved slightly. But the bare cock blow job continued for many minutes. His cock was bathed with her saliva.

Mike gradually woke up, in a sleepy voice he asked: “How long have you been sucking me?”

“I didn’t really look that close at the clock. Probably between ten and fifteen minutes.”

Mike looked past his bare stomach and saw his erection. Pat’s open mouth was directly above his cock head. “Please continue.”

Again, Pat bobbed her head on his manhood. Up and down. Her attention was focused on caressing his two constant companions with her fingers — and keeping his cock wet with her saliva. Bare cock sucking continued — Mike’s cock started to slightly throb.

Pat said: “It is time for you to give me some pleasure. Please suck my teats and genitals.”

Pat laid down on the bed and spread her legs. Mike played and caressed her mounds of female flesh and sucked the pink teats until they firmed. Then he moved, both of his hands started playing with her breasts and teats. His head was between her legs. Mike’s tongue flicked out several times but soon he was licking her pink treasure. The canlı kaçak bahis roundtrip between her clitoris and cunt lips was made frequently. Her natural moisture flowed and mixed with his saliva — Mike swallowed several times. He continued to eat an early morning breakfast of pink pussy.

His licking changed to a sucking of her clitoris and cunt lips. Then Mike devoted most of his attention to sucking her clitoris. But all the time that he was eating her pink treasure, his hands and fingers were also busy caressing her breasts and teats.

“Have you had enough of my sucking?” Mike asked.

“Not yet. I sucked your cock for over fifteen minutes. So far you are not close to providing me with equal time.”

“You are much better at sucking than I am,” replied Mike.

“Possibly. But you will improve with practice. Please suck my clitoris and cunt some more.”

Mike continued licking and sucking her clitoris and cunt.

Finally, Pat said: “Thank you for the pleasure. Let’s have some intercourse. What position would you like?”

“Let’s do cow girl first. Then missionary until we both receive satisfaction.”

Mike got on his back — his erection pointing toward the ceiling. His head elevated with a pillow — he enjoyed watching his manhood slide in and almost out of her body. Pat faced him and straddled his upper legs. She opened a condom and unrolled it covering his firm hard shaft with the latex.

Holding the base of his manhood with a hand, she positioned her pussy lips directly over his erection. Slowly, she lowered her body and guided his rod past her lips and into her cunt. Mike looked over his stomach. All that he could see was male pubic hair touching neatly trimmed female pubic hair. His condom covered shaft was completely inside her body. He looked up at her breasts, then looked at her face.

Their eyes met, both smiled. Pat was in his saddle — she started to ride his hard horn.

Mike looked again past his stomach and watched his cock appear, then disappear as Pat moved several inches up and back down. But soon, he was watching her mounds of female flesh move up, down, left, and right as Pat rode his horn. Occasionally, their eyes met but most of the time Mike watch her breasts wiggle and jiggle as she rode his cock.

“Oh, Sweetheart. I love you riding me. Ride me faster. I want to see your breasts bounce around.”

Pat moved up and down faster. Her breasts did like-wise.

“Are you enjoying having me in your saddle? Do you like watching my breasts bouncing around?” Pat asked.

“Yes. Definitely yes.”

Possibly I should put on a bra to support my breasts,” Pat suggested, as she laughed softly.

“If your breasts need any support, I will be glad to hold them with my hands.”

Pat leaned forward, a nipple and its breast close to his mouth. “You can support my breasts by sucking me.”

For several minutes, Mike supported her left breast by having it rest on his lips and sucking. Then her right breast received similar support.

Pat moved back and began to ride his hard cock even faster. Mike continued to watch her breasts move in every possible direction. A few times he watched his cock appear, then disappear into her body.

Pat continued her ride for many minutes, but finally said: “This cow girl needs to rest her legs. Let’s go to the missionary position — it is your turn to be active.”

Pat got on her back. She elevated her ass with a firm pillow and spread her legs wide. Mike got between her legs, his condom covered cock within inches of her moist pink treasure

Mike moved forward, his cock head easily separated her lips — then pushed into her cunt. Inch by inch, his shaft followed — as deep as possible. Then he partway pulled out, but in deep again. Again, and again — his shaft enters her body, then was partway pulled out. But his cock head was always inside her moist cunt. Mike penetrated and explored her cunt. Initially his penetrating thrusts were gentle and soft. Then he started alternating the speed and force of his penetrations: slow and easy to fast and hard.

“Oh, Mike. Fuck me harder. I want to have an orgasm.”

Mike began fucking her faster and harder. His thrusts turned to a ramming and pounding of her cunt. Frequently his balls hit her ass on the deep penetrations. Pat’s body started to shake. Pat reached down and started to rub her clitoris vigorously with several fingers. With every penetration, Mike drove into her cunt as deep as possible — his cock started to throb. Her body quivered and jerked. Than a wave of motion started in her cunt and spread through her entire body.

Mike pushed his arms under her legs. The inside of his elbows locked with the back of her knees. He moved slightly forward and lifted her up. He pushed forward — her legs touched her breasts. Every cock penetration was as deep as possible. Again and again, Pat was penetrated and explored. His cock was throbbing harder. Another, less intense, wave of motion spread through Pat’s body. Mike was pounding her cunt as hard and fast as he could. His cock enlarged slightly, then exploded. His ‘cum’ shot into the end of the condom. Pat had her orgasm. Mike had his ejaculation. The two had definitely become as one — connected by a male tube pushed into a female cylinder.

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