Sunday Morning

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I shifted my weight on the couch and felt the spring jam into my side.

“Ouch!” I said, startled and groggy.

“You ok?” Jace asked me. He was still balled up under the sheets on the floor next to my couch. I could barely see his tangled mop of blonde hair poking out from the top.

“Darn couch is attacking me,” I mused. I attempted to shift the boxers I was wear without being noticed. Lifting my hips off the couch, I lost my balanced and rolled on top of Jace.

“Well Good Morning to you too,” he groaned. Emerging from his cocoon of a bed, Jace turned his baby blues on me. Could it be only last night that we fucked in his bedroom?

“Told you the couch was attacking me, kicked me off of it.”

“Well then, its loss my gain,” he replied, lifting the sheets off of him and pulling me under them. He wrapped one of his well defined arms around my waist and pulled me in close. This is what I love the most. This right here… But why is he doing this? My thoughts would not leave me alone. Not since last night, not since New Years.

“Ah yes, that it is,” and against my better judgment, I snuggled in closer. Pressing myself into him fully; shoulder to shoulder, back to chest, legs intertwined. I could still smell the mix of our scents on his skin. Or was it my own? I couldn’t tell but I wanted to just smell that always. I am a masochist aren’t I? And as that thought passed through my mind, we both heard footsteps on the stairs. I sprung up and back onto the couch and Jace retreated back into his cocoon. Maddy and her boyfriend, James, came down the stairs.

“Hey there sleepy heads!” Maddy chirps.

“Ugh, what are you doing up at…” I look at the clock, “ugh 9am!” I moan.

“James and I are going to run to the college, figure out our books for the semester. Can you two put the blankets and pillows back together for me?”

“Sure, no problem. How long do you think you are going to be out?”

“Between an hour or two. Are you going to be here when I get back?”

“Yeah, I’ll stay till you get back,” answering that I thought about being left alone with Jace in an empty house. Nobody here to hear us, see us. We can’t get caught. We can be loud and as rough and wild as we wanted. I could already feel myself getting excited. My nipples began to poke excitedly through my top, since I was wearing no bra. As Maddy and James got their things and began to leave, I was back to thinking of how I felt last night. I thought about how Jace tossed me around and abused my body by bringing me orgasm time and time again. I practically could taste his lips and tongue still. As soon as Maddy’s car was pulled out of the drive way and up the street, I could feel a pair of warm hands make their way across my abdomen. It was these same hands that mustered noises of ecstasy from my soul. He snaked his hands around my torso and pulled me back down onto his make shift bed and pulled me close.

“I just want to hold you again,” he muttered into my hair.

“Well illegal bahis I don’t mind,” I retorted. I snuggled up to him, wrapping my arms around his and I realized I wasn’t the only one reliving last night. His pick was rock hard and pressing against my lower back as I pressed my body against his. The connection he and I shared was almost scary, or as others like to say two people one brain. His grip on me seems to tighten with every passing moment. The electricity passing between us was suffocating. We both know we should keep our composure but it’s becoming too much. The dam which is our lust was about to break again.

He inhaled the smell of my hair, pressing himself even harder against me. His fingertips are running up and down my sides, tickling and exciting me. I could feel my sex begin to burn and ache for him to give it the attention it yearned for. Our feet and legs intertwined and I began to rub mine seductively against his. His fingers had no mercy against my skin, his nails scratching ever so slightly against my skin. The sensation causes me to arch my back and press my shoulders into his muscular chest. I could feel his heart practically pounding, so hard I began to hope he was losing all control too.

Our breathing rose and grew heavy with passion as our lust was beginning to take control. We were each other’s personal hell. Before I could get a grip of myself, I turned to him and pushed him onto his back. Straddling him, I pressed my lips against his and he met mine with a sexual frenzy that buried any sense of moral being. Sliding myself down onto him, he entangled his hands into my hair, pressing my face even harder into his. I turned my head away from him and he continued to kiss my cheek, neck, shoulders, slightly nipping at my skin as his lips traced my delicate skin which covered my neck. A slight whimper escaped my lips and with that, he took control of me. Flipping me onto my back, my hands locked into his, he brought his mouth back down onto mine. His grip on my hands loosened and I freed them to roam Jace’s body; down his back, gliding across his rippled muscles down to his toned butt. I pressed my hands flat against his ass, gripping it tightly and pulling him into me. I could feel my juices puddle between my legs.

“Oh Alissa,” he groaned into my ear. His hot breath tickled me and my sex responded by throbbing for him. I pressed my hips into his and he began to rock his, grinding himself into me. My chest was heaving, causing my bosom to bounce. Like a trained operative, Jace swiftly removed my top, releasing the only piece of fabric containing my 36 C’s. They sprang free from my tank top, ready for the abuse which was about to be bestowed upon them. My nipples stood firm and proud, like chocolate kisses atop a cream white mountain. Jace slide down, moving his mouth from my neck to my nipples. He attacked them with such ferocity, I nearly came. Sucking, biting, and kneading by breast. As he switches from one nipple to the illegal bahis siteleri other, I let out a moan, an indication of the state I was in.

“Jace, you are not playing nice,” I gasped, “you… you’re… oh god that feels so good.” Jace stops and looks up. I take his moment of hesitation to take control again. I turn him back over, the sheets entangling around us. With him on his back, I sat up, my breast firm and round on top of my chest. Jace reached up towards my breast, but I caught his wrist. I pinned them down above his head, my nipples gently gliding over his own.

“Don’t you move now,” I growled to him. I gave him my best seductive look and released his wrist. I inserted my fingers into his waistband, pulling his boxers down. His prick sprang up once released from its entrapment. I could see the precum glistening and knew that he was barely containing himself. Licking off the pre-cum, I grasp the base his member in my hand and begin sucking, stroking him with my tongue. I continue to lick, suck, and tease Jace. After I torment him long enough, I begin gathering speed as I sucked him off. Jace let out a growl deep within his chest and with that, I took his entire prick into my mouth.

“Oh Christ Alissa!” Jace moaned. I continued to manipulate the swollen head of his member, every few movements I taking him all. I began to hum sending vibrations through my mouth and he responded by thrusting his hips towards my face. I continued this, changing from humming to running my tongue up and around his member who was continuously and fiercely worked in and out of my mouth. I massaged his engorged member between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

“Uh… Alissa.. Oh, please. Christ.” I came off him with a pop and smirk his way. Jace pulled my face back towards his and kisses me again. He ran his tongue against the roof of my mouth and tuned me back over onto my back. He slid his hand down my stomach and quickly removed the boxers I was wearing. There we were, naked, smelling of sex, and just getting through the foreplay.

His fingers go back down, running lightly over my skin, stroking my pussy lips softly, teasing me into oblivion. I claw up and down his back, leaving scratch marks, evidence of my lust and passion. Jace’s sensual assault moved to my clit. He slips two fingers, in and out, rubbing my clit with his thumb, little circles, causing me to moaning softly. I lean my head back and close my eyes, concentrating only on how wet my pussy is, how swollen my clit is, and I can hear his breathing change and he starts to move his hand faster. Jace decided he had tempted me long enough and repositioned himself between my legs. I could feel the head of his prick rub against my entrance and I raise my hips, hoping to force him into me, but Jace pulled away.

“Oh no you don’t,” Jace growled. And before I knew it, in one swift motion, he thrusts his entire prick into me; my pussy enveloped and milked his member. It felt even better than canlı bahis siteleri last night and my moan was evident of that.

“Fuck me. Hard. Now!” I whimpered. Jace didn’t need another command. He began to pump himself in and out of me. I raised my hips to meet his every thrust. My animalistic instincts took over and I could not bear it any more. He squeezes my breasts as he pounds his throbbing shaft into my tight, open pussy as I wrap my legs around his waist, closing any gap between us. His grunts and growls mixing with the deep make me drip with my love juices. My sex was beyond throbbing. I could feel that wave build up. My toes began to curl, my hips bucked. I was coming and coming hard. Jace continued to fuck me through my orgasm. The walls of my hole spasm around his throbbing prick. He collapsed on top of me. Slick and wet with sweat and smelling beautiful. I was out of breath, still trying to regain consciousness from the intensity of my orgasm.

“Get on your knees,” Jace ordered. I looked back up at him, he was so intoxicating. I had to obey. He got off of me to allow me to move, and I turned around from him, placing my torso onto the couch, my knees on the floor. Jace parted my legs with his own, his member covered in my juices. He found the entrance to my hole again, it was still wide open and he thrusted himself back into me. His hands on my hips, he controlled the rhythm. With one hand on my hip still, the other made its way up to my breast and pinched and pulled my nipple. His touch made my sex set on fire again. He pumped harder and harder. Both us panting and moaning, his deep from his chest, mine short, loud, and breathless. His hips began gyrating faster and faster, driving me towards an earth-shattering climax.

Jace collapsed on top of mw; our bodies in a sweaty tangle as we both tried to recover from our orgasmic bliss. The feeling of him pressing his chest against my back enticed me, completed me.

We both slid off the couch and fell to the floor, still within each other’s embrace. My hair stuck to my face and Jace went to kiss my shoulder when I turned to look at him. Our eyes met and we knew what happened was wrong, but it felt so right at the same time. There was no explanation as to why our deadly attraction was as intense, but the passion it sparked could not be denied as to be anything less than cosmic. Just like every other time, he kissed my cheeks, lip, eye lids and forehead. He brought my head to his chest and held me tight.

The smell that was created between him and I was burned within mind. Forever to be associated with us and the passion we shared. After a few minutes of holding each other, we knew it was time to make it all seem as if it didn’t happen. We gathered our clothes and got dress. Then we put the living room back together, hiding all evidence of what just occurred. I gathered my belongings and headed for the door. Well can’t say it wasn’t a way to start a Sunday. As I reached for the handle, Jace turned me around and kissed me good bye. It was soft, tender, apologetic.

“Drive safe, ok?” Jace asks.

“Don’t I always? I respond, both of us trying to put back on the mask that hides our lust and passion from one another, as well as the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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