Summer Vacation

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My Son, Tim, was home for summer after his first year away at college. I was glad to have him home. As a stay at home mom the days could get quite boring. He brought with him a mountain of laundry that needed to be washed and I was busying myself with that as he slept in on his first day home. As I folded the first load of laundry I could hear the shower running and knew Tim was finally awake.

I thought I would put Tim’s clean clothes away while he was in the shower and so entered his room carrying the laundry basket. I must not have been paying attention because once inside his room I didn’t hear the shower and Tim was standing in front of me completely naked towel drying his hair. I was a bit flustered but not too much so to notice what a good-looking man my son had grown into – and what a terrific body. I have always enjoyed looking at men’s bodies and my son was quite a specimen. Lean but well muscled.

“Oh I’m sorry Tim, I was just going to put your clothes away.” I said.

Tim was startled but recovered quickly and said “Hi Mom, thanks for doing my laundry, we can put them in the dresser here.”

He stood in front of the dresser and mirror combing his hair. I was standing behind and just to the side of my son and had a perfect view of his tight rear end and, in the mirror, his large penis hanging between his legs. After finishing his hair he moved to open the top drawer of the dresser and helped me put away clothes. He seemed perfectly at ease being naked in front of me and I glanced at his impressive penis as I bent to put clothing into the drawer. Tim continued to make small talk as though nothing were out of the ordinary.

He picked up a pair of jeans from the bed and slid them on as he faced me – no underwear; I wondered when Tim had stopped wearing underwear. Pulling them up over his hips his penis dangled from the fly. My son paused a moment like this before tucking his penis into has pants and zipping the fly. It was almost as though he was giving me the opportunity to see his penis – was my son exposing himself to me? He finished dressing and said he had some errands to run but that he would be home for lunch and we could talk some more then. After Tim left I was in a bit of a daze thinking about his body and how comfortable he had been nude in front of me.

The next illegal bahis few days passed normally. Although I did find myself stealing glances at him in his tight jeans and t-shirts as I mentally pictured his naked body. Things changed the next morning when I was having a leisurely cup of coffee and reading the paper at the kitchen table as Tim came in from a run. He opened the refrigerator and got a bottle of water and sat down at the table with me and took a few sips from the bottle.

“Well, I better go shower.” Tim informed me.

He left the room. A minute of so later I looked up from my paper to see Tim entering the kitchen naked. I could do nothing but stare as my son walked toward me with his penis swinging from side to side.

He said, “Forgot my water bottle.” as he picked it up off the table.

He turned and walked out of the kitchen affording me a great view of his muscular butt. This time I definitely had to take care of the dampness between my legs and went to my bedroom to masturbate. I fantasized about Tim’s body and what it would be like to have sex with him. His naked body was definitely turning me on. It also made me wonder just how far he would go. How far would I go? I wondered what he would do if he caught glimpses of me naked. The more I thought about it the more the idea appealed to me. I exercise every day and look quite good for a woman approaching 40 years old. I decided I would take the opportunity to let my son see some of me as well.

By the next morning I had a plan. When Tim came in from his run that morning I would let him see me nude. I was naked and waiting when I heard the front door open. I new Tim would walk down the hall toward his bedroom. I was already in the hall walking toward the cabinet where we keep bath towels. When he saw me he stopped short and I could see he was taking in all of my nakedness.

“Oops, I forgot my towel.” I said with a smile.

As I pulled a towel from the shelf and covered my front with feigned modesty I turned and walked back toward my bedroom giving him an unobstructed view of my ass.

Tim called after me “Mom, you look great!”

“Thank you dear” was all I could say with my heart beating a mile a minute.

As soon as I got in the shower I used my favorite setting on the handheld attachment to illegal bahis siteleri bring myself to a wonderful orgasm. I realized that I was thoroughly enjoying this teasing and wanted to do more. The guilt I thought might be present wasn’t – this was too exciting.

That afternoon I wanted to push the game a bit further. I suggested to Tim that we lounge by the pool and get some sun. It was a beautiful summer day and I told him he needed to work on his tan after spending so much time in classes at college. He agreed and we set up lounge chairs by the pool.

I told him “I hope you don’t mind but I’m used to sunning topless – don’t want tan lines you know.”

Tim replied with a grin: “That’s fine, I’ve seen your boobs before remember.”

“Yes I do remember,” I said with a big grin.

I unhooked my top and tossed it onto a nearby chair. Tim very openly looked my breasts over and I could feel my nipples harden. I wondered if he would notice that. I was really getting turned on now sitting here topless in front of my son. I was daydreaming about his body and wanted to see it again. I was getting bolder by the second as various scenarios ran through my naughty mind. I finally threw caution to the wind and just blurted out: “Tim, why don’t you take off you swimsuit? You have a great body and I’d like to see it again.”

A sly smile spread across my son’s face as he responded with a shrug “Sure I’d be happy to Mom”.

With that he lifted his hips off the lounge and slid his suit down to his ankles and kicked it on to the same chair where my top lay. Tim then stood up and slowly turned around displaying his body for me.

With a laugh he said, “Here’s my body – only one I got.”

“You do keep yourself in shape” was all I could muster as I feasted my eyes on his body.

His penis dangled between his legs and I found myself wondering what my son’s cock would look like erect. He plopped himself down on his lounge again with a satisfied smile and his cock draped over his thigh. I was definitely beyond the point of no return now.

“You know you also have a very nice cock there,” I said as I stared at it.

This had the desired effect as my son’s cock began to swell ever so slightly at first and then it began to harden, rising from his thigh until it was fully canlı bahis siteleri engorged pointing skyward.

“That’s quite a hardon you have there, need any help with it?” I said in a sultry voice.

I couldn’t believe that I just asked my own son if he needed help with his erect cock. Any worries I had about offending Tim quickly vanished as he got up from the lounge and walked toward me with that wonderfully hard dick swaying in front of him. My inhibitions were completely gone now as I sat up on the edge of my lounge. Tim stopped directly in front of me presenting his erection to me. My hands found the back of his thighs and traced their way up and on to his dimpled, muscular ass. My hands moved around to the front of him and my fingers slowly traced the length of his cock. My left hand cupped and fondled his full balls as my right hand encircled his thick dick.

I stroked the length of his shaft slowly rubbing my thumb under the head, which brought a moan from Tim. I looked up at my son as my tongue extended out and licked the head of his dick. The next stroke he thrusted a bit further into my mouth. I squeezed his shaft and tasted the drop of precum and it was my turn to moan. Tim reached down and softly hefted one of my breasts and gently pinched my nipple.

We were in a rhythm now as I held his balls, stoked his shaft and encircled the head and shaft of his dick with my tongue and lips. I could feel him tensing and knew he would come soon. I wanted to see his cum and feel it on my skin as much as I wanted to taste it. With a loud moan the first spurt of my son’s orgasm flooded over my tongue and down my throat. I quickly pulled him from my mouth as the next spurt of cum hit my chest. One blast followed another as his warm cum splashed against my tan skin. I couldn’t believe how much cum there was. My chest was coated as I ran the head of his cock over my chest and hard nipples as he moaned louder and louder.

Tim pulled me up from my sitting position and bent down and took my breast to his mouth running his tongue across my hard nipple. He then did the same to my other breast. He was actually licking his own cum from my nipple – a thought that very much excited me. He then stood and kissed me deeply as his tongue explored my mouth. I could taste his cum in that kiss. I could feel his once again hard cock pressing into my tummy and reached in between us. His dick was hard again and coated with cum. I slid my hand back and forth his slippery penis.

“Let’s go inside” I said, “I need you to fuck me.” And did he ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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