Summer Lovin’

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Samantha paused and blew a few stray wisps of brown hair out of her eyes, glancing at the clock.


With an inward groan, she turned back to the seemingly endless task at hand.


Though at this point, she hadn’t even broken out the brushes. Instead, Samantha had spent hours washing, repairing, and sanding the walls in her new kitchen. At that moment, she was crouched down as she taped off the trim.

A clump of hair once again fell into her eyes and, sticking to the slight sheen of sweat there, wouldn’t budge when she huffed at it. Growling, Samantha ripped the tape and pushed her hair back as she sprang up from her position, stalking over to the rotary fan near the sink.

“We don’t need air conditioning, Sam, this is Connecticut,” Samantha groused as she pulled the elastic out of her hair, allowing her long brown curls to tumble freely down her back. She continued to mutter to herself as she lifted her hair and turned towards the fan, allowing the cool air to reach her neck and scalp. “Yea, this may be Connecticut, but it’s still fucking hot in July, NICK. Maybe you wouldn’t have been so dismissive if it had been YOU who would be home doing all of this crap.”

Samantha and her boyfriend Nick had only recently moved to Connecticut. As a high school teacher, Samantha was “enjoying” summer break while he had gone right to work. She filled her days with reading, exercise, and… painting. Or other equally exciting tasks. Nick helped in the evenings and on weekends, of course, but Sam couldn’t stand sitting around when there were things to be done.

So there she was, hot, sweaty, and irritated, cursing Nick, Connecticut, and all of the unpainted walls in the world on a Friday afternoon in July.

And that’s how Nick found her. Sam had been so engrossed in her internal tirade that she didn’t hear him come in and lean against the doorway.

He took a moment to appreciate the view. Sam bent over the sink, braced by her arms, her head hanging low so that the fan would blow through her hair and over her neck. The sunlight streaming through the window caught on the lighter strands of her hair and lent her skin a warm glow. Sam’s slim-fitting pink tank clung to her body and Nick’s eyes traced the outline of her sports bra. But what came next was his favorite. Those cheerleading shorts that were a throwback from college hugged her tight ass and Nick took his time as his eyes travelled down Sam’s long, tanned legs to her bare feet.

“Hello beautiful,” he said softly.

Sam jumped and spun around quickly, a small shriek escaping her lips.

“Nick! You scared the bejesus out of me! What are you doing home early?”

He smiled, enjoying the way her chest rose and fell quickly in response to her fright.

“Oh, well, you know, it’s Friday and we’re off on Monday for the fourth. We didn’t actually do much of anything all day. Some training sessions, a banquet… So, I decided to surprise you.”

Nick slowly straightened; his smile faded when he saw Sam’s honey-brown eyes flash and her lips set in a firm line, wondering what he’d done to piss her off.

“Well, I guess you can go change and help me with the kitchen then?”

“Uh, sure. I’ll go do that,” Nick said as he glanced over his shoulder quizzically, leaving the room. Sam wasn’t usually like this. He shrugged and quickly changed into a t-shirt and some sport shorts.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sam was fuming. On a certain level, she knew she was being unreasonable, but the heat and the exertion and the loneliness of moving to a new place had gotten to her and she was very irritated.

She’d also noticed the bulge in his pants and the look in his bright blue eyes.

“You did nothing all day while I worked my ass off on OUR house and then expect to just get laid? It’s definitely not going to be THAT easy.”

Sam quickly twisted her hair into a ponytail and started taping again, wordlessly handing Nick the second roll when he returned. As they worked silently, Sam felt Nick’s eyes on her occasionally. She perked up a little and decided to play a little game to vent her irritation.

Whenever she spied him looking at her out of the corner of her eye, she would arch her back just a little bit more, thrusting her breasts out and her ass up. When Nick began running his hands through his black hair in aggravation, Sam knew it was starting to get to him.

She giggled a little on the inside, stretching and sighing as she stepped back to admire canlı bahis şirketleri her handiwork. (Both in the kitchen and in Nick’s pants.)

“OK, it looks like we’re done.”

Nick smiled. “Finally,” he thought to himself as he approached Sam, pulling her into his arms and leaning down to kiss her. But his lips had only barely brushed hers when she pushed him away.

“The paint stuff is in the basement.”

“I thought we could take a break… You know…” Nick wiggled his eyebrows at Sam, hoping to make her soften up to him with humor, but to no avail. She just looked at him stonily and replied, “We really need to finish this.”

“Sheesh… Ok…” Nick set off for the basement.

While he was gathering the items needed for painting to begin, Sam quickly shed her cheerleading shorts and tank top, leaving her in only a grey sports bra and pink hipster panties.

When Nick arrived back upstairs and saw her leaning innocently against the counter, he unceremoniously dropped everything on the table and started towards her.

“Ah ah ah…” She said, smiling and wagging her finger. “We’re not done. You got to sit in a nice air-conditioned office all day doing nothing while I worked my ass off in this heat. It’s time for you to do your part.”

Nick groaned as his frustration mounted. “That’s what this is about? Ugh. Fine. Let’s get it over with.”

Sam’s mood steadily improved and she was thoroughly enjoying herself as she pranced around in her underwear, teasing Nick, who found himself becoming more tense the longer she played her little game.

“Nick, honey?” Sam cooed.

“What?” Nick scowled as he turned to see Sam with an innocent look on her face.

“Can you get me some water? I’m parched.” Sam smiled brightly, flashing straight, white teeth.

“You’re right there, can’t you… Ugh. Fine.” Nick got a glass and filled it with chilled water.

“Thanks hon.” Sam continued to smile, but Nick found it irritating more than anything as he turned back to his wall. After a few minutes he realized that Sam hadn’t resumed her work and he glanced at her.

She stared at him hungrily, with her glass in her right hand and he stood up. That’s when she brought the glass to her lips and drank deeply. Nick watched her head lean back and the muscles in her throat work to swallow the water. Couldn’t help but think about something else he’d like for her to be swallowing.

Suddenly he was parched too. Their eyes met across the kitchen.

Sam grinned and ran her tongue around the rim of the glass to catch a few stray drops before putting it on the counter. Still staring into Nick’s eyes, she ran her hand up and down the glass. With the condensation beaded up on it, her hand slid easily, and she twisted it a bit to make sure he noticed.

Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she stroked the glass, knowing she was thinking about wrapping her hand around his throbbing cock. Then she took her hand and slid it down her flat abdomen, before moving to her inner thigh, where she pretended to have an itch.

He’d had enough. Nick threw his paintbrush onto his plastic drop cloth and stood up.

Sam’s eyes flashed again. “Nick, what are you doing? We’re not done yet.”


“Nick, if we don’t finish this now, we have to put all of this stuff away and then waste our Saturday doing it. I, for one, would like to not do that.”

With a roll of his eyes and an aggravated sigh, Nick turned back to painting, again.

Sam couldn’t remember the last time she’d enjoyed something so much. Teasing Nick was a huge turn-on. She had so much power; she’d never even realized. She was already so wet that her underwear had become sticky and uncomfortable. For a moment she considered allowing Nick to fuck her but decided against it. She was having too much fun tormenting him.

Smugly, Sam reached up on her tiptoes as she painted over the door. Then looked to see him staring at her with raw lust in his face and a clenched jaw.

At that moment, Sam noticed that she needed more paint and smirked as she sashayed over to Nick, making sure to bend over nice and deep and spread her legs as she dipped her brush into the bucket. She really hadn’t thought that Nick would do anything. She was in control and he would do as she said.

Nick had had enough. Sam was within reach; he grabbed her hips in both hands and jerked her round ass into contact with his hard cock, moving them in a tight circle.

Sam gasped, her soaking canlı kaçak iddaa wet pussy clenching from Nick’s aggressive move, but she wasn’t ready to give up her power-trip. She tried to stand up and said, “Nick! I said-“

Nick pushed her back down roughly, and stated matter-of-factly, “I don’t care what you said. We’re fucking.”

He slid a hand between their bodies to adjust his shorts and then cupped her bottom, lightly stroking over it and flitting across Sam’s wet slit.

“Ooohhh…” Sam’s body shook slightly, and she moaned, wriggling back towards Nick’s fingers.

“You like that?” Nick asked as he continued to squeeze and stroke Sam’s ass.

“Mmmmm…” Sam murmured, then turned around in shock when Nick slapped her, hard, on her bottom. “Whaaa?”

“I said, ‘Do… you… like… that?'” Nick punctuated each word with a squeeze, pulling apart her pussy lips, knowing it would drive her wild.

Embarrassed, Sam whispered in a rush, “Yes. Yes, I like it.”

Nick’s hand stilled, and he said, “What do you like Sam? I’ll have to stop if you don’t tell me.”

“Nick! You know! I don’t want to say it!”


Sam suddenly felt the warmth behind her disappear and straightened as Nick retreated back towards his wall. Her entire body pulsed with desire. All she could think about was having Nick pumping inside her.

“Nick… come back… I’m sorry… I… ” Sam blushed furiously; Nick turned back to her as she stammered, “I… I like it when you squeeze and slap my ass. Please… I-“

Her last words were cut off as Nick pushed her forcefully against an unpainted wall, crushing his lips to hers. Sam responded feverishly, cradling his head between her hands as their tongues sparred. Then Nick took her hands and pushed them gently down to her sides, holding her wrists firmly against her thighs.

Sam strained against Nick, legs twitching, pushing forward as he pulled back, exciting her by licking and nipping at her lips. He moved to her neck, sucking, licking, biting before moving to her mouth again.

Nick released her straining arms and grabbed her hips again, grinding his dick hard against her pelvis before roughly pushing her underwear down. He grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing, the tips of his fingers teasing her cunt.

“Mmmm… You’re so wet…”

Her hands now free, Sam reached for Nick’s penis, pushing at his shorts before he grabbed her wrists again. Her eyes found his and she whimpered as he raised her arms above her head.

“Nick… Please…”

“No Sam, we’re doing this my way. Keep your hands here.” She obeyed as Nick slowly pulled her sports bra up over her head, allowing her firm round breasts to bounce free. Sam started to wriggle out of it before he stopped her. “No. Stop. If you move your arms, we’re going go back to painting. Do you want that?”

Sam’s head fell back as she felt his words like an electric shock all over her body.


“No! I won’t move!”

“Very good.” Nick lowered his hands to her breasts, grabbing them both, pulling and pinching on her already swollen nipples. Sam’s whole body shook, and she moved up and down on the wall slightly, insane with need.

Nick stood back and pulled his shirt over his head, admiring the vision before him. Something wasn’t right though… He reached and pulled the elastic out of Sam’s hair, causing it to fall down messily around her shoulders.

“Sam… I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more beautiful.” Her eyes opened, and she stared at him in surprise. “Here you are in our new kitchen, panties around your ankles, helpless, begging for me to fuck you. I could eat you alive.”

Nick underlined every word with a squeeze and bite along Sam’s neck, pushing her to a fever pitch. She started making little noises, pleading with him with her eyes and then her lips, “Nick… What are you waiting for???”

He didn’t respond as he bent down, pushing Sam’s legs apart with a jerk until they met the resistance of her panties, still around her ankles.

Sam looked down at him standing with his face on level with her pussy and moaned when he blew air softly on her slightly parted lips.


Nick’s hands slid up, cupping the backs of Sam’s calves, flitting her thighs, before finally settling on the crease below her butt. His fingertips rested there but didn’t apply any pressure to her aching vagina. Sam reacted to the teasing by throwing her head back and arching her hips towards Nick’s mouth, sliding down canlı kaçak bahis a bit in an attempt to fuck herself on his fingers.

“You like that? … Sam?”

“OOoooh.” Sam gasped as his words triggered spasms inside her pussy. “Yes, yes! I love it. Please… Ohh…”

Nick removed his hands, only to return quickly with one hand as he slipped one finger into her vagina just enough to get it wet and then slid it up to Sam’s clit, spreading her wetness up and then back, causing her to gasp and move her hips.

It didn’t even occur to her to work her way out of her flimsy restraints as she writhed against the wall. As maddening as this was, she knew it would be over if she disobeyed. Sam wasn’t prepared to face the consequences of that decision. And she’d never been so turned on.

Nick continued his feather light stroking and watched Sam grow more frenzied, her breath coming in gasps. Her breasts bounced as she breathed in and out and he moved to take a nipple into his mouth, sucking roughly and pinching the other one. More moaning and gasping.

Nick smiled and grimaced at the same time as he released his hold on Sam’s nipple, scraping it with his teeth as he did. He was very much enjoying teasing Sam until she was senseless but couldn’t wait to fuck her. He slid his shorts down before kneeling in front of her again.

Sam’s wet pussy was right in front of his face and he blew softly again, causing her to shiver uncontrollably and widen her knees as much as she could with her panties impeding her. She wanted so badly to feel his mouth all over her. Sam groaned again as Nick licked her slit, but not deeply enough to penetrate her inner lips.

When his tongue finally nudged her swollen clit, Sam sighed, arching her back. The feeling of Nick’s tongue delighted her. She again tried to slide up and down on the wall to create more pressure. But he wasn’t in a hurry, squeezing the backs of her thigh.

“Nick! Please! Oh God. Fuck me. Now!”

He knew she was getting close and moved one hand to tease the edges of her vagina. The feather touch of his tongue on her clit, the squeezing of her thigh, and the fingertips so close to being inside her pushed Sam over the edge. She shook, gasped, and moaned, hips bucking as Nick finally plunged two fingers inside her cunt. A scream escaped Sam’s lips and she rode them as he continued to flick his tongue over her pussy.

“Don’t stop! Yes! Oh! Oh! Ooohhhhhh…”

Nick didn’t even give her a chance to come down from her high. He turned Sam around and shoved her onto the table, hands still above her head, face against the flat surface. He thrust his dick inside her quick and deep. The table shift slightly on every stroke. His shy little Sam begged him over and over to fuck her harder and faster.

“Please! Yes! Fuck me hard! Oh God, don’t stop!”

Nick fucked her hard and fast and then slow and then fast again. She was so wet that he slid in and out with ease, the walls of her vagina pulling and sucking at his hard cock. It was incredible. The sensation started to take over and he pulled out quickly, spinning Sam around. Nick kissed her roughly, looking straight into her wild eyes, before pushing her down on her knees.

“Suck my dick.”

Sam was now able to bring her arms down in front of her but kept them in her lap as she eagerly swallowed the stiff cock in front of her.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, loving the feeling of him in her mouth. She could taste herself on him and eagerly licked and sucked her wetness off of his dick. Nick’s hips started to jerk as she swirled her tongue around the head of his penis on each stroke before sucking up and down. He grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth like he’d just fucked her tight cunt. On every thrust, he felt the back of her throat tight around his dick.

Nick watched as Sam sucked him off with abandon, occasionally looking up to meet his eyes. Seeing Sam kneeling naked, eyes on his, hair wild around her shoulders while she enthusiastically worked on his cock made him lose control. Nick used his hands to move Sam’s mouth over him faster and faster, groaning and holding her tight against him as he came deep down her throat.

Sam felt the little tremors continue after he let go of her head and slowly licked and sucked every drop of his cum off as he pulled out of her mouth, collapsing back against the counter.

Nick looked down at Sam, sitting on her feet and staring up at him, her brown eyes still heavy with desire. He hauled her up and hugged her to his chest before pulling her out of the kitchen and down the hallway, causing her to nearly trip over her panties as she stumbled after him.

His voice filtered back to her as she followed him, “I’m not done with you yet…”

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