Summer Break Ch. 02

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Dildo Ride

I woke up in the morning with a large hard on. Still naked from the night before I went into the bathroom trying hard not to make any noise so I wouldn’t wake Candice up. I shaved and showered and left the bathroom naked still sporting a hard on. Going in the bedroom I thought I should have maybe put on a robe, but my thoughts were on the night before. Candice was awake and she looked directly at my cock as I entered the room. I tried to pretend that it was any other morning, but my cock was totally engorged and I wanted to pull down the covers and start fucking my daughter again as we did last night. I sat on the bed and dressed slowly hoping she would jump me. I guess cooler heads prevailed and I made it out of the room dressed with my cock straining against my slacks.

“Cya Candy… I love you” I said walking away.

“Have a good day Daddy.” Candice said quietly.

Hot, horney, and worried my day at work went by in a blur. I am sure I screwed up everything I touched at work that day. Mondays were bad enough, but a Monday after fucking your teenage daughter was even worse. I was so horney thinking about how she felt as I entered her pussy. Candice was so beautiful and I also wondered if I was totally out of my mind. What the fuck was I going to do if she told someone…?

I hurried home after work nervous to what I would find. I told myself I would end it, but I was so fucking horney if she let me I would fuck her all she wanted. I was worried that after thinking about it out of the heat of the moment she may have spoken with a friend or even worse her mother. Many scenario’s ran through my head.

“Hi Daddy!” Candice cheered as I walked in the door of the apartment.

I was glad not to find her crying on the couch, but I still did not know if I was out of the woods.

“Hi baby how was your day?” I said pretending like it was any other time returning home.

“I made you dinner.” Candy said as I turned into the kitchen.

“Wow this is something new I didn’t even know you could cook. What did you make Candy?” I said thinking this illegal bahis was a good turn of events and it eased my mind a bit.

“Pork chops and frozen peas don’t get too excited Daddy. I wanted to thank you for being so nice to me last night.” Candice said.

“Oh yeah Candice we should talk about that. I loved what we did last night, but we need to think about what happened. I think we went a bit too far.” I said honestly

“Daddy don’t worry it is our secret and I will only tell if you don’t fuck me some more.” Candice said and she laugh so hard she nearly fell over.

“Candice… Jesus this is serious you don’t need to make a joke of it. On top of that I am still your Father little girl and I say when I am going to fuck you.” I added sternly and then we both laughed so hard tears came rolling down.

Candy came over and gave me a big hug leaning back she looked up at me looking for a kiss. I kissed her tenderly pressing my growing cock against her belly so she knew how I felt.

We made it through dinner and decided to go get a movie. I quiet frankly didn’t care what we got I was interested in what was going to happen that night as I wanted to fuck her little body again. We arrived home and Candy went into the bedroom. I hoped she was going to come out in her blue sheer panties again, but what she wore was almost as good. White panties with red piping around the outside made her ass look incredible. Her pussy lips were clearly parted by the material. On top she wore a muscle shirt that was cut off below her tits and it was easy to tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Honey you look good enough to eat.” I said to Candy without thinking.

“Daddy we just got a movie don’t you want to watch it?” Candy said smiling back at me as she bent over to slip in the DVD.

“Candy honestly I don’t care about the movie. If I had what I wanted you would come over here and take out my cock and start sucking on it.” I said pushing my dick harder against my pants so she could see my erection.

“Daddy if you want me to suck it just take it out.” Candy illegal bahis siteleri said and she started over to the couch.

Trying not to get to excited hearing exactly what I wanted to hear from her I took out my cock and as she slid over onto the couch. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her down to my cock. Her mouth opened and surrounded my erection as I pushed her head down onto my stiffness.

“Oh yeah Candy just suck it. Oh my good baby that’s it just the head.” I said in lust.

I started to buck upwards into her mouth and although she was totally inexperienced at giving head the excitement of my petite little daughter sucking on my dick made up for it. Looking at her back down to her ass while she tried to bob up and down was a sight alright. She tried to go fast and to take it in deeper causing her to choke and it was all good. I actually liked feeling her gag on my dick it excited me. I wanted to jamb her head down to make it happen again.

“Honey that is so good just suck … on the … head I am going to… cum” I said still bucking and oh shit it felt good.

I grabbed my cock holding it just as I came. I expected her to back off, but she let it spray up into her mouth and all over her face. Sitting back onto the floor her face was dripping with my cum and she looked right at me and licked some off her lips. She was so sexy I couldn’t stand it.

“Candy you are so good thank you. I want to eat you out so go get cleaned up so you can cum all over my face.” I said taking off my socks and slacks.

Candy immediately went to the bathroom and came back clean in a few seconds. Rushing back to the couch she pulled her panties down and sat on the edge.

“Perfect spread them a bit little girl let me lick your little pussy.” I said pushing her legs apart.

Candy had a great little pussy. It was a pleasure to be down there licking her juices. Still having just thin hair she could get away without shaving and her lips where just light pink and her gash was narrow. Her clit was a small bud in-between the folds and canlı bahis siteleri you had to press the folds of her lips apart to get at it.

“Daddy… oh my… god… Daddy that is so good… keep doing that.” Candy said and then she exploded pressing her legs against my ears as she had an orgasm.

I didn’t back off she was going to cum again before I released her. I slowed my rhythm so she could enjoy building to the next one. She was so clean and young I could have spent all night there.

“Daddy this is great keep sucking it. I love this Daddy… you are going to make me come again.” Candy was moaning now.

Candy had a series of small orgasms before she totally exploded.

“OMG… OMG… Daddy…” Candice said falling back onto the couch in a heap.

Seeing her sitting there with her pussy dripping and a halter top on with her tits pushing out was too much and she was not going to get time to recover. I grabbed her and easily spun her onto her front leaning her over the couch. I entered her from behind stabbing my hard dick up into her soaking pussy. At first she didn’t react too much, but after a few minutes of stroking into her she was fucking me back. Taking my daughter doggy style was so hot. She clutched a pillow and had another orgasm as I rammed my dick into her all the way. Putting my hands on her tiny waist and jamming her back onto my prick was unreal. Her hole was so hot and wet I felt so good. I could get deep enough I wanted to make my dick come out her mouth she made me so hot.

“Jesus baby I am going to cum.” I said warning her.

“Daddy do it on my face… wait do it on my face I want to watch.” Candy said moving up off my cock and then down onto the floor to position herself for my orgasm.

I withdrew and stroked my cock 2 inches from her face while she smiled. I came and the first 2 shots hit her forehead and flew across her hair. The third sprayed into her cheek and the forth shot went right into her mouth and she closed it. I sprayed a little more on her mouth and then a saw her swallow the shot that landed inside her mouth and I couldn’t believe it. That was so hot my daughter just drank some of my cum.

I sat on the couch looking at her and I was amazed at what we did and what had just happened.

Chapter 3 will be coming shortly…

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