Suddenly I C Pt. 02

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Bra Less

Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

All characters depicted in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are aged 18 or older.

September 17

“Hi, Mrs. Walker. My mom said that you wanted to interview me,” dark-haired, leggy eighteen year old Samantha Barker said, as she stood at the perfume researcher’s front door.

“Hello, Samantha. Welcome, and please come in,” Mary Walker said, standing aside to allow the cute eighteen year old brunette to enter. The older woman was wearing a synthetic silk dress that swirled nicely around her knees as she walked. “Oh, and it’s Miz or Miss, but really I prefer Mary.”

“I was kinda confused at first. I thought that you’d want me to come in to the building where my dad’s office is…”

Samantha’s guileless look gave Mary a small pang in her heart – not of regret at deceiving Samantha, but rather a thrill of excitement at the opportunity to corrupt the young girl. The first stage of her change had been completed by her mother – now the job would be finished.

“Yes, well, I must apologize. This isn’t just an interview tonight…” Mary looked sheepish.

“It’s not?” Samantha asked.

“No,” Mary said, and laughed. “I wanted to get your thoughts on several fragrances we’re looking at, and, to be honest, I try to work from home when I can. It’s just easier for me, and I find that interviews go, uh, better.”

“Oh…that makes sense,” Samantha said. She followed Mary into the living room of her chic apartment.

“That’s a lovely blouse, Samantha,” Mary said, taking the cotton fabric of the short sleeve between thumb and forefinger. “If you don’t mind my saying so, it shows your body off very nicely.”

“Thank you,” Samantha replied, her cheeks coloring slightly. She was disconcerted, as usual, at being complimented – some people just aren’t good at it, but even more so to find that she found the idea of Ms. Walker commenting on her body…well, interesting.

“I think your dress is lovely,” the cute teen added.

“Would you like some water?” Mary asked. “I’d offer you something stronger, but I find that water helps the testers keep the fragrances straight in their heads.”

“Oh, sure,” Samantha replied.

At Mary’s nod, Samantha sat on one side of a linen color fabric-covered loveseat, patting down her knee-length denim skirt to straighten it out. Modest girls do that.

The short-haired blonde woman returned with the teen’s glass of water and ice, then left and returned with a battered leather case that she set on the coffee table in front of the girl.

“I don’t want to overload your senses,” Mary said “- at least not your olfactory sense.” She giggled.

Thinking that must be some kind of perfume researcher joke, Samantha laughed politely.

“I’ve got five samples for you, and as you smell each one, I’d appreciate the first thought that comes into your head, okay?”

“Sure,” Samantha said.

Mary dabbed a piece of blotting paper with an eye dropper from the first small bottle, and then held it up to Samantha’s nose. “Tell me what you think,” she reminded the girl.

“Oh, that’s the perfume my mom sprayed me with the other night. I love it. It seems, I don’t know, kind of fresh but also kind of…sexy.” She looked at Mary in some confusion. “Although I’m really not an expert on sexy!”

“I understand,” Mary said. “But I know what you mean, here-”

Mary sat down on the loveseat next to the girl, and brought her face to Samantha’s. At first, the girl thought that the attractive older woman was going to kiss her, and was momentarily frozen in confusion, then realized that Mary wanted the girl to smell her throat, which she did.

As she sniffed, the temptation to kiss the woman’s throat was almost overwhelming, but Samantha fought it off.

“Where did that come from?” Samantha wondered.

Pulling back, Mary looked into Samantha’s eyes, her blue eyes seeming soft and warm to the girl.

“See, I wear it now too, even though it hasn’t yet come out,” the woman’s eyes lingered on Samantha’s, and then she patted the girl’s hand.

“Well, let’s try the others, shall we?” Mary said, in a more business-like manner, putting the first sample away.

“What do you call that first one?” Samantha asked. “I might want to buy it.”

“Oh, that one’s called ‘Suddenly I C’,” Mary answered.

“Oh, my!” Samantha exclaimed. “That’s the name I gave to my dad for one of the fragrances – well, ‘Suddenly’ anyway. But that’s cute, it sounds just like that song that came out when I was a little girl!”

“Yeah, funny you should mention the song, we’ll be using it in our ad campaign. The lyrics sound like a girl discovering a whole new world that she never knew existed. It works on a number of levels.”

Samantha felt that she had to correct her previous statement. “Well, I say that I gave it to my dad, but really, my mom thought of göztepe sınırsız escort it and told me to suggest it to my dad. When he got so excited about it, I kinda liked taking the credit.”

“Well, that will be our little secret – and your mom’s, okay?” Mary said, and then impulsively leaned forward and this time she did kiss Samantha softly, on her cheek.

When she pulled away, she saw that Samantha’s eyes were closed, and her breathing was slightly ragged. She leaned in again, and kissed Samantha’s cheek again, her lips lingering this time, her breath humid and warm on the young girl’s smooth and soft skin. Samantha made no objection to feeling the woman’s lips on her, no effort to pull away.

The woman finally pulled away after lingering in contact with the teenager for long seconds, and looked into Samantha’s brown eyes. The girl’s eyes were now open and on hers, soft and slightly unfocused, then her eyes dropped to the woman’s lips, full and red with lipstick, seemingly transfixed by the symbolic representation of a woman’s genital charms so close to her own mouth.

“Your lips,” the girl murmured, as she raised her eyes again to Mary’s.

The woman chuckled. “It’s my lipstick, it’s called ‘Seduction.” Then she brought her lips to Samantha’s, gently pressing them against the young girl’s, their mouths meeting like the collision of continents, heat and moisture of the older woman’s breath mingling with the teen girl’s, bold tongue reaching out for shy, and by its touching making the shy bolder, the two dancing together joyfully.

Samantha felt her center of consciousness moving, from her eyes to her lips. Every sensation she felt stemmed from the pressure and motion between her and Mary at those two points, female lips, as well as the stroking and caresses of Mary’s tongue on hers. Mary’s mouth on hers became the only reality that she knew, as the woman and girl tenderly, then passionately, kissed, swapping saliva, breath and ultimately, emotions and passion.

Samantha felt a strong stirring in what she thought was the pit of her stomach, and then realized it was in fact her tender, tiny, pink clitoris. The shock of that realization snapped her out of her embrace with Mary.

“No…no, I can’t, I…” She didn’t know what she should say. She knew that she was enjoying the feel of Mary’s mouth against hers, of being excited by another woman – and of exciting another woman. But she knew that it was supposed to be wrong. Reluctantly, she pulled away from Mary.

Mary didn’t appear at all ruffled.

“A woman’s perfume, her lipstick, how she tilts her head – these are all things that we use to seduce our man. That’s why I think you’ll be perfect for the perfume industry – you understand how our product fits into that formula…”

“You mean, that…that kiss…you were just showing me how, um, makeup and such has appeal to people?” Samantha was grasping at any straw she could find, in hopes that Mary wouldn’t think that she was some kind of lesbian pervert.

“Yes, of course,” Mary said smoothly. “Your father was right – he told us that you’d someday work at Appeal Cosmetics. Darling, it’s in your blood.” She smiled at the girl, who visibly relaxed.

“Now, let’s try these other scents,” Mary continued, and for the next half hour, the two, woman and girl, tried the remaining fragrances, with Samantha relating her impressions. The feelings and sensations that Samantha had felt during the first test did not reoccur in the latter four samples.

“Well, we’re all done with those,” Mary said. “Would you like a drink? I’m dying for a nice, uncomplicated chardonnay, would you join me?”

“Well, okay,” Samantha said, though at eighteen she wasn’t an experienced drinker, and strictly speaking, shouldn’t have a drink then – but how easy is it for an impressionable teenager to turn down an offered drink from an adult, especially one as nice as Mary?

The two sat together on the loveseat, as Mary talked about careers in the cosmetics industry, then steered the conversation to her previous experience in the garment industry.

“One time, I was at a big showing of our company’s spring product line in Santa Barbara – of course, this was late fall as the showings are far ahead of the season, so that buyers can place their orders. Anyway, it was being held in a marina club, and we were using models from one of New York’s best agencies – all young girls from eighteen to twenty one or so – we were going for the ‘high school cheerleader’ look.”

“I was in charge of making sure that the girls made their ‘marks’ correctly – simply, that they were wearing the correct outfit and were ready to walk the runway at their appointed time. Most of the girls were experienced professionals, so that entailed little work. There was one model though, new to the business, who I had to keep an eye on. Oh, not because she was any sort of trouble maker – only because she simply didn’t know the routines. And ironically, göztepe ucuz escort since that time she’s been a cover model for that famous sports magazine swimsuit edition, so she clearly learned her trade, as well as starring in several movies in the last few years.”

“Anyway, let’s call her ‘Rebecca R’, Rebecca R had gone missing – I figured that she was simply in the bathroom. Then I noticed that one of the ‘fitting girls’, those are the young – and sometimes, not-so-young – ladies who assist the models in finishing their look – making sure the outfit is perfect, the makeup and hair just so, making last minute repairs, and so on, was also missing.”

“Curious, I walked over to the ladies locker room that we had taken over for the show. Thinking that perhaps Rebecca was just finishing her preparations, and the fitting girl, Tina, was helping her, I walked into the carpeted locker room. Not seeing either, I entered further. I heard a slight noise, and decided to continue on quietly.”

“I peered around the corner of a bank of lockers, to see Rebecca on her knees and Tina lying on her back on a bench in front of her. Tina had her jeans down her legs, draped at her feet, her panties down too. Rebecca had her face between Tina’s thighs, in the girl’s vulva, licking her vagina.”

“Oh, my god,” Samantha said, feeling a little guilty since, unexpectedly, the story was exciting her, rather than distressing her.

“Yes, it was really something to see,” Mary said.

“What happened?” Samantha asked, hoping there was more to the story.

“Tina began moaning, and I could see that she was orgasming. She had her fingers on Rebecca’s head, in her long, blonde hair, and all I could think was, ‘Don’t mess up her hair!'”

Samantha giggled, and Mary looked sheepish.

“I suppose that was a silly thought, but at the time I didn’t realize there are more important things in life. Anyway, Rebecca continued licking Tina’s, um, pussy, and I could see that they were both enjoying themselves greatly.”

“Now, the reason I brought up this rather incredible story, is to illustrate that one may gather meaning from even the most remote events. I certainly wasn’t a lesbian, but from viewing those two sweet girls together, I learned a very valuable life lesson.”

“What was it?” asked Samantha, finding a strange itch beginning to make itself known in her privates.

“I think, perhaps, I should just show you what happened, you know, through your clothes, so you can know how it was,” Mary suggested.

To her own surprise, Samantha quickly agreed. Mary stood, and took Samantha’s hand. “Come along,” she said, and walked toward the bedroom. Samantha showed no reluctance in following. The two lay on Mary’s bed, on top of her duvet, and Mary rested on her side, Samantha on her back. Mary leaned her face into Samantha’s and softly kissed the dark-haired teen, Samantha at first shy, but soon, eager in returning Mary’s kisses.

Samantha sighed at once again feeling a woman’s tender, warm lips on hers, and she began comparing the feeling to Brad, her boyfriend’s kisses. Sadly, Brad was coming in second in Samantha’s estimation. When Mary began kissing Samantha’s soft, smooth throat, Samantha thrilled to the sensation – it felt like the most exquisite sensation Samantha had ever experienced – a woman’s soft, gentle lips caressing her smooth throat, her pulse racing just microns away from Mary’s warm mouth.

“Ohhh,” Samantha moaned, her body thrilling to the special tenderness of another woman’s kisses and attention. She barely noticed Mary unbuttoning her blouse.

“Just as Rebecca did to Tina,” Mary murmured to Samantha, kissing her earlobe softly, her hot breath racing over and tickling the girl’s ear. Samantha giggled. Mary’s hands were free to roam over Samantha’s upper body once her pleasant task of undressing the young girl’s top was completed. Samantha made no effort to stop Mary, and it was clear that any resistance she might have had, was fading rapidly.

‘Suddenly’ was finally having an irreversible effect on its innocent subject.

Samantha heard someone moaning, and then realized with a start, that it was she who was making the sound.

“Ohh, yes, yes, oh Mary,” she cooed, as the woman worshipped Samantha’s delicate and lovely throat, gradually moving her mouth back up to the teen girl’s mouth, their lips coming together as inevitably and smoothly as a beautiful woman takes to luxury. Samantha’s hands curled around the back of Mary’s neck as they kissed, their breasts coming together warmly, followed by Mary’s hand softly caressing Samantha’s small but perfect breasts through her virginal white bra.

“Ah, I must-”

Mary gasped, pulling at the top of one of Samantha’s bra cups. Samantha’s small, pink areola, then her pink nipple, even then stiffening, came into Mary’s view, the woman’s blue eyes widening with pleasure.

“So perfect,” she crooned, her mouth descending past the white lace kadıköy anal escort to touch the lightly freckled flesh of Samantha’s young breast, then to the more darkly pebbled nipple, sucking the nubbin into her mouth, warm, wet lips savoring sweet female flesh, salty sweet with the flavor of young innocent girl.

Samantha moaned again, the new sensation of gentle lips caressing newly sensitive nipple making its way hastily to the girl’s clitoris, overwhelming pleasure taking control away from the inexperienced teenager. Her hips moved on their own, an instinctive reaction to the pleasure of lovemaking, her body craving more, desperately hoping that Mary understood what she needed.

Mary understood only too well.

She reached under the girl, and in seconds had her bra off, her two lovely apples offered up for the virgin sacrifice. Mary planted numerous kisses on Samantha’s increasingly sensitive breasts and nipples, each touch of Mary’s mouth, lips, tongue and fingers sending a shipment of small ecstasy to be stored in the tiny clitoris, even now swelling dangerously with female pleasure.

But Mary was hardly likely to be satisfied with just Samantha’s breasts, as heavenly as they were. She lusted after the girl’s entire body, mind and soul. Mary kissed her way down Samantha’s only slightly puffy tummy, her lips caressing and inhaling both, the undiscovered country on the way to Samantha’s sweet virginal pussy.

Samantha had trouble understanding the emotions that she was experiencing, and the sensations that she was feeling, but she knew that she wanted them to go on until they washed her away in a flood of ecstasy and contentment. Mary was resolved that Samantha would be converted in that wave of Sapphic delirium to be her lover, that Samantha’s sweet young body would disclose all of its tasty secrets to her.

Mary’s fingers slipped down the rough, thick fabric of Samantha’s denim skirt, to curl underneath the sewed hem, not yet beginning to fray, into the warmth between the girl’s legs, back upward along the more heated flesh of Samantha’s inner thigh. Her thigh was smooth and inviting, and Mary ached for the moment when her lips would cover that same path, on the way to Samantha’s hidden treasure.

“No…no,” Samantha moaned, in what Mary regarded as a pro forma protest.

“Do you really want me to stop?” Mary teasingly asked the girl, her face screwed up in what could have been a sign of ultimate pleasure or ultimate torment.

“No…no, don’t stop,” Samantha pleaded, her reluctance to be touched in her most intimate places a sham, the desire for ecstasy foremost in Samantha’s mind and being. The moral upbringing she had experienced over eighteen years, washed away in a few seconds of lesbian temptation. Mary’s lips returned to Samantha’s mouth, and all locks suddenly opened.

Mary’s fingers danced over Samantha’s increasingly warm and humid inner thighs, skin pebbling from relatively cool fingertips, until the slick, wet cotton of Samantha’s panties barred entry to further teasing access. As though confounded by the fabric, Mary’s fingertips slid upwards at the hot and moist juncture of Samantha’s thighs, skating over a convenient ridge of flesh pointed toward the girl’s swelling pink clitoris.

As Samantha took in the sensation of having her labia touched for the first time by someone with sexual intent, she inhaled sharply as the pleasure of experience caressing her vaginal lips sent itself forward to the last intended target, her plump and ready clitoris, even now bulging out the fabric of her panties in its small way.

The pressure and itching of her clitoris was threatening to overtake her young mind, and she surrendered to it, not wanting to deny the pleasure. Mary’s finger continued caressing Samantha’s hot labia, then paused as it approached the temple of her clitoris, wanting to pay due to the object of worship

Mary’s fingertip circled Samantha’s clit, the pressure and sensation through the sheer cotton of her panties still almost exquisitely painful to Samantha’s ultra-sensitive pearl of nerve ending-rich flesh.

All this time – an eternity to Samantha – Mary was softly kissing Samantha, their lips locked in what Samantha would always remember as the greatest kiss she would ever experience – though there would undoubtedly be many, many more passionate female kisses in her future.

Their bodies writhing together, warm female flesh touching and frustrating, Mary wanted to bring Samantha over the edge. Her finger, softly caressing small circles around Samantha’s clit, slowly pressed across her clitoris, sensation suddenly crashing through Samantha’s groin and brain nearly simultaneously, color, scent and music exploding through her body, hips shaking in her first, very real orgasm, Mary’s expert finger directing the symphony of pleasure coursing through the girl’s nerve endings.

“Oh…oh…oh god…god…oh stop stop!” Samantha begged, pushing Mary’s hand away from her pussy. She lay in Mary’s bed, breathing heavily, catching her breath, and then looked up at Mary, inches away, a shy smile breaking out on her face.

“Oh…that was really nice,” Samantha said.

“Have you never, um, played with your pussy or clit before?” Mary asked, trying to assess the girl’s experience. “Or let your boyfriend touch you?”

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