Student Support Ch. 04

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Non Nude

I’m sorry for those of you who’ve been kind enough to read thus far and have been waiting for too long for the next instalment. I’d also like to apologise to those who were hoping that the story wouldn’t go in the direction it now does – but it seemed the inevitable next step, if perhaps stretching credibility just a little bit further than I’m fully comfortable with. Note however, it’s only moving in that direction…

Newcomers to this story will, I think, get a lot more out of it if they read the first 3 chapters before diving in here.

All comments appreciated. The next chapter will be the last, I think, at least for a while.


“See what I mean?” said Maggie.

I looked at Liz, who nodded slowly.

I looked again at Maggie’s phone, swiped my way through the pictures once more. It was hard to deny the truth of what Maggie was saying.

There was Charlie with her around a man, outside a concert hall. There was Charlie holding hands with another man in what looked like a park. Charlie and the same guy again, laughing at a café. Charlie and a third guy, his arms around her as he stood behind her, looking very cosy and loving.

Charlie and three guys.

The guys all looked roughly the same. One wore glasses, two of them didn’t, all about the same height. All quite slim. Similar builds. And all of them were older than Charlie, in their early to mid-forties.

My age, in fact.

And yes, they all looked, to some extent – like me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but somehow no words emerged. I tried again.

“How long…?” But I wasn’t sure what the end of my question was.

Maggie, bless her, got the gist of it.

“The first one was after she left. But… she’s had other crushes before. Just one big one, really, though she never did anything about it. A teacher at school.”

“And did he…?”

Maggie looked at Liz.

“Yes,” said Liz. “He looked like you too.”

“Ah,” I said. Hopefully it sounded wise and thoughtful. If so, it was a good effort, because my head was spinning.

We were still lying on the bed, somewhat sticky from sweat and some other substances.

“I think it’s common,” I said slowly, “for girls to… idolise their fathers a bit.”

“Not me,” said Maggie.

“Nor me,” said Liz. “At least, not… not the way Charlie does.”

“But…” I said. Then I trailed off. I tried again. “So…?”

I looked at the girls questioningly. They both looked solemn. Flushed, beautiful, incredibly sexy, but definitely solemn.

“Does Charlie know… about all this?”

Maggie and Liz exchanged glances.

“It was kind of her idea,” said Maggie.

I stared at her, then at Liz, who nodded her agreement.

“You see, she knew she was going away. And she was worried about you being on your own, and not having had a girlfriend in, like, forever, and I joked and said Liz should take care of you, and Liz was too scared…”

“I was shy!”

“… Liz was too much of a mouse, so I said yes, sign me up, I’d love to take care of you. It’s something we’d… talked about before. That night we did the magazine quiz, actually. We all had to name an older man we fancied. And Liz and I had both said you, and Charlie couldn’t think of anybody, or that’s what she said, even though Liz and I had known for AGES that she was besotted by you…”

“Whoah,” I said. “You’d known for…ages?”

“Of course. It was obvious.”

“Not to me,” I said. I was thinking of all the times when Charlie had treated me with something approximating off-hand disdain. Like a faithful long-standing family servant, mainly. But a… lover? No. No clue. And I still wasn’t sure it could be right.

“Yeah, but… you were too close to see.”


“So… you started sleeping with me because Charlie asked you too?”

“No, I started sleeping with you because I wanted to fuck your brains out. But Charlie knew, and she approved, and… I think she felt it was kind of the next best thing.”

“And when I took Lizzie out? And when Lizzie and I… took things further?”

“She was OK with that too. More than OK. She always thought you and Lizzie would be a good match anyway. Better than you and me. I’m too bossy and loud, really. Whereas Lizzie will just traipse around behind you, all adoring and loving and telling you you’re perfect…”

“Hey!” Lizzie reached over and smacked her friend on her naked backside. “I’m not like that!”

“Just telling it like it is, Lizzie. But… now we know what a nympho bisexual you are, maybe you’re not such a good match after all.”

“We are!” Liz smacked her again, and Maggie wiggled her bottom appreciatively.

“You can’t have it both ways, sweetie. Oh – bad choice of words… that’s exactly what you…”

“Could we get back to Charlie?” I interrupted. “So, she knows… she knows I’ve slept with both of you?”

Two nods.

“And she’s OK with it?”

More nods.

“But you’re worried that now she’s illegal bahis feeling… what exactly? Like I’m taking her friends away from her?”

Maggie rolled her eyes. “We’re not fourteen! No, we still talk all the time. Well, messaging mostly. But you know what I mean. She doesn’t feel that way at all.”

“But when she comes home next time… it’s going to be pretty damn awkward.”

“We’ll manage,” said Maggie. “We’ve been friends forever, and we all love you, and we’ll work something out.”

I wasn’t so sure.

I lay back and closed my eyes. “I should never have allowed myself to get into this situation… I’m grateful, of course I am, but you’re my daughter’s friends first and foremost and if I mess that up for her…”

“Oh hush,” said Maggie. “None of us would change a thing, would we Lizzie?”

Liz shook her head. “Nothing.”

“But… Charlie… those photos you showed me… she’s looking for somebody like me?”

“And she can’t,” said Liz. “They all turned out to be jerks. She broke up with the latest one yesterday.”

I hadn’t even known there was a current boyfriend, let alone that he was an older man and he was already an ex-boyfriend.

I shook my head from side to side, in the hope that somehow the pieces of the jigsaw would all fit together. They didn’t.

Maggie spoke slowly, like she was explaining something to a rather slow child.

“We’re sleeping with you. Charlie knows that, and she’s happy about it. She even asks for details. But at the end of the day, Liz and I both feel a bit bad, because we know we’ve got something she thinks she can never have.”

There was a silence while I thought about my daughter getting “details”. Then another word registered, ringing alarm bells. I opened my eyes, looked at Liz, then at Maggie, then back to Liz.

“‘Thinks’,” I said. “There is no ‘thinks’. She can’t… have what you have.”

Liz avoided my eyes. Maggie, however, held my gaze.

“Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it,” she said.


Later that evening I sat alone on the sofa downstairs. Maggie had gone home but Liz was able to stay and she was upstairs asleep. We’d had a gentler, second session, the girls perhaps sensing that I was still adjusting to what I’d learnt. Liz and Maggie had explored each other a bit more and both now seemed very at ease with making love to each other. It was lovely to watch, of course, but half of my mind was still with Charlie.

After seeing Maggie off I’d made myself some coffee and then settled myself in the living room. I knew sleep wouldn’t come for a while. I stared at my phone. Should I text Charlie? Ordinarily I wouldn’t hesitate. We texted each other back and forth all the time, even over the most silly or mundane things. But just at that moment my daughter felt like a stranger.

But that was silly. Whatever happened, I couldn’t stop talking to her. It would break my heart. And the sooner I spoke to her, perhaps the sooner I could drag things back to something approaching normality – at least in my own head.

Hey Charlie. How’s everything? Miss you. Xx

Not, perhaps, the most poetic and sentimental of messages. Indeed, I’d probably sent the same message getting on for several hundred times over the last half dozen years. And I usually got a variation on the same message back, something like:

All good, popster. Xx


Everything’s good. Don’t wait up. Xx


Miss you too. Xx

Or, if she was feeling mischievous:

Miss you too. Xx. Now get lost, trying to score some hard drugs and I need to peddle my ass to pay for them.

What would I get this time?

What I got was this:

I hear you spoke to the girls?

Jesus Christ, Maggie! Couldn’t you have waited at least until tomorrow? I wanted to wring her neck.

Then a follow-up:

Please don’t hate me. xxxxxxx

That broke my heart.

Could never hate you. Ever. We should talk properly. Xx

A pause, then.


And that seemed to be that. My phone stayed silent for a few minutes. Then:

I can come home on Friday if you’re sure you want to see me.

I shook my head, and my reply was instant.

Of course I’m sure, silly. See you Friday. Don’t worry. Xxxxx

But should I worry, I wondered? This was getting into new, darker territory. Perhaps it was the price I had to pay for what I’d enjoyed so far. Two beautiful nubile girls at my beck and call… nobody got that lucky.

Well, I guess we’d see.

There was a noise behind me and I turned to see a sleepy looking Liz standing on the stairs. She was naked, and lovely, and perfect.

“Maggie’s already told Charlie,” I said.

“Of course,” said Liz. “No secrets between us girls.”

“No,” I said. “It would seem not.”

She held out her hand to me. “Come to bed.”

I let her lead me upstairs and we snuggled in bed together. I stroked her hair and she sighed with contentment. She reached down and curled her hand around my cock. illegal bahis siteleri

“You’ll be lucky,” I said.

She chuckled sleepily. “I just like to hold it. Just the feeling I can hold it whenever I want… it’s so nice.”

A few minutes later she was asleep. I lay awake for a while longer.


Despite my reassurances, I was nervous about Friday. Thursday evening I told the girls I wanted to be alone so I could tidy up and catch up on some other domestic stuff. They came over anyway.

I glared at Maggie as she waltzed in the door with a bag of groceries. Liz was close behind her with some other bags.

“We knew you didn’t mean it,” said Maggie cheerfully. She patted me cheerfully on the crotch and disappeared off the kitchen. Liz carefully shut the door behind her then stood on tip-toe to give me a long, lingering kiss.

“Sorry,” she said. “But we really didn’t think you should be on your own.”

“I have actually managed pretty well on my own before, you know,” I said.

Liz waved a hand dismissively. “But it’s better now, right?”

And there, I suppose, she had a point.

I kept them busy. Maggie vacuuming the house, Liz cleaning the bathrooms, and I tackled the kitchen. I said I absolutely wasn’t going to cook them dinner and they had to leave by 9. They agreed this was a good plan.

At 9.30 we were on the sofa together eating pizza and watching a show on Netflix. At some point about fifteen minutes in Maggie casually unzipped my fly, fished my penis out of my boxer shorts and began to gently pump it up and down, while still seemingly engrossed in the TV. After a few minutes Liz took a turn. Still agonisingly slow, still delicious. My cock became rigid but there was no way I was going to come at that leisurely pace.

I lay back and closed my eyes and sighed.

“You OK?” Maggie, all innocence. “We could watch something else if you want.”

“This is fine,” I said.

Maggie was on my left, Liz on my right. I slid one hand into each of their laps and began to return the favour as best I could through their jeans. Liz sighed and spread her legs wider. Maggie took the opposite approach, squeezing her legs together and then shifting in her seat to better to grind herself against my fingers.

We stayed like that for several minutes more. One of us would crack soon, and ask for more, or do something to escalate it further. I was increasingly desperate for one of them to take me in their mouth, but all I continued to get was the slow, agonising, relentless stroking of Liz’s hand, then back to Maggie, then Liz again.

It was Maggie who cracked first.

She stood up, gave me an evil smile, then slid off her jeans and unbuttoned her top so it hung loose. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Then she knelt in front of Liz. “Undo your jeans,” she told her. Liz did so, and Maggie help her pull them off, taking her underwear with her as she did so.

Maggie got Liz to spread her legs. I could smell her scent. Then Maggie ducked her head and gently licked Liz’s pussy. Liz groaned and briefly her grip on my cock became almost unbearably tight. I could see Maggie’s head move in slow, circular motions as her tongue traced its way around Liz’s pussy and clit.

Then she pulled back and moved so now she was kneeling in front of me. She removed me from Liz’s grasp and took me in her mouth, wrapping one of her hands around me so she could jerk me off between her warm lips. Her other hand she pushed deep into Liz’s crotch, inserting one finger inside her and then carefully beginning to finger fuck her.

Both Liz and I moaned. Liz turned her head so she could kiss me and bury her tongue in my mouth. In front of us Maggie increased the pace, sucking me harder and fingering Liz more fiercely.

“Oh God,” moaned Liz. “Yes, like that Maggie, I’m so wet…”

I put my arm around Liz so my hand fell down over her breast. I teased her nipple through her thin shirt.

“Harder,” she said. I pinched and squeezed it more brutally.

“Fuck yes,” she said. “Keep doing that and I’m going to come.”

“Maggie’s doing a good job of fingering your cunt,” I told her. “She’s good at that, isn’t she Liz?”

“Fuck yes,” she said again.

“She’s fingering you while she’s sucking my cock,” I said. “I’m going to come in her mouth while her finger is in your cunt.”

“Oh Christ!”

“Or maybe I should fuck her. Come in her cunt and then you have to lick it clean.”

“God yes I’d like that… I just need to come first… I’m so close…”

She came with a cry that was approaching a scream, a long-drawn out wail so intense that Maggie temporarily stopped what she was doing to me to watch her friend climax. She gently withdrew her finger and licked it greedily.

“Sit on my cock, Maggie,” I said.

She looked at me.

“Say please.”

“Sit on my cock now, please, you fucking tease.”

She tutted and shook her head, but she rose to her feet and then straddled me. I was in her in one canlı bahis siteleri easy movement and she began to ride me up and down, hard and intense. I buried my face in her chest, catching first one breast and then the other in my mouth.

Within a few moments I knew I was close and Maggie obviously sensed it too.

“Come in my pussy,” she purred in my ear. “Fill that cunt up with your lovely come.”

I shot deeply into her, unloading my balls with what felt like a torrent of come. Maggie sighed with pleasure.

“Oh god… that feels so good when you do that.”

When I had finished she raised herself off me and lay back on the sofa beside me. Liz, now slightly recovered, didn’t hesitate. She took my cock in her mouth and cleaned it thoroughly, licking and swallowing every trace of come and juice from it. Then she turned her attentions to Maggie and spent the next ten minutes licking her friend clean, giving her an enormous climax in the process.

“Fuck!” said Maggie, when her breathing had returned to normal. “Jesus H Fuck!”

I gasped my agreement. Liz just smiled contentedly and then snuggled onto my lap, her bare bottom nestling deliciously against my cock.

We stared somewhat stupidly at the TV.

“We should have paused it,” said Maggie. “I have absolutely no clue what’s going on now.”


Friday came. I was distracted at work but luckily nobody seemed to notice. I had a knot in my stomach throughout the day. I loved my daughter more than anything and the thought that anything might damage that relationship made me feel sick.

It’s not going to happen, I told myself firmly. It’s just not.

I had told Liz and Maggie that they should stay clear of the house until I told them to come over. I wanted some time to myself with Charlie. At some point we would have to get all four of us in a room to discuss everything – and wouldn’t that feel awkward – but not yet.

Time dragged on. Eventually it was late enough that I could leave without attracting too many disapproving glances and I drove myself home.

Charlie’s car, which her mother and I had bought for her a few months previously in a rare display of co-operation, was sitting in the drive. I noted it had acquired a few nasty looking scratches on the bumper and I bent down to look at them.

“I misjudged the distance when I was parking.”

I looked up. There she was in the doorway, looking very small and rather forlorn, much younger than when I’d last seen her.

Ordinarily this would have warranted at least a short lecture, but now wasn’t the time.

“I’ll patch those up tomorrow. They don’t look too serious. How was the drive over?”

“It was fine.”

We regarded each other for a moment. I hated the awkwardness that seemed to have sprung up.

“Come in,” she said. “I mean – of course come in, it’s your house.”

“Our house,” I said.

She nodded vaguely and returned indoors, leaving the door open so I could follow.

I dropped my laptop bag onto the sofa. Charlie was standing by the stairs, looking very uncertain and nervous.

I opened my arms.

“Give me a hug,” I said.

She came over to me and I enfolded her in my arms and held her tight and kissed her hair.

“Let’s have some ice cream,” I said.

We sat on the sofa – there was still that faint stain recording earlier ice cream consumption – and balanced our bowls of ice cream on our laps.

“How about I go first,” I said. “But I promise you, no matter what you think, it’s all going to be fine.”

She ate some ice cream and looked at me.

“So you know about me and Maggie,” I said. “And about me and Liz… and perhaps you feel a bit… betrayed. And I understand that. So if you want me to stop seeing them, just say the word. They’ll understand.”

“Do you love them?”

I considered.

“Yes, I suppose I do. But I love you more, Charlie. Always have, always will. No contest.”

“But it’s different, with them.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Because of the sex.”

“Yes… because of the sex. Of course. It’s a different kind of relationship. You’ve had relationships, Charlie… You’re a big girl now.”

“Maggie said she showed you some of my photos. Of my boyfriends.”

“Yes, she did.”

She looked at the floor, her cheeks flaming red.

“So you can see what I’m like. How disgusting I am.”

I reached over and touched her am. I would have pulled her to me but our ice cream would have gone on the floor.

“You’re not disgusting Charlie. Never think that. It’s very common, I think.”

“What is?”

“To… idolise your father, to try and replace him with somebody who reminds you of him. There’s this complex called ‘The Father Figure’, you know – you must have heard of it. Girls who like to call their boyfriends ‘Daddy’ in the… um, the heat of the moment…”

“I didn’t want somebody who reminded me of you,” she said.

I ate some more ice cream.

“When I was with them,” she said. “Those other guys… I don’t know if I can tell you this…”

I waited.

She took a while, then took a deep breath.

“When I was in bed with them… I pretended they were you. I closed my eyes, and pretended it was you.”

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