Stuck Erotica: Lucky Lock In

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Damnit, I should have paid attention to that stupid horoscope thing! I should probably stop calling it stupid while I am at it. I’m not the type of person that’s ever believed in sun signs or horoscopes, good luck and bad luck, I only believe in hard work and the rewards reaped from my actions. Well, I’m a believer now.

There was no other explanation for the train wreck of a day I had other than the horoscope I read accidentally, which warned all Pisces to put off everything important and be extra careful today. I laughed to myself and didn’t think too much of it… but now I was fuming. I was soaked, drenched from the rain, ruining the brand new tailored suit and heels I had on… but that wasn’t even the worst part.

Today was supposed to be the most important day of my life! I sat my ass down on the bottom of the stairs of my apartment building and wanted to throw a tantrum – wiggle on the floor like a child with a bad temper and no discipline.

It just had to be today of all days that the elevator stopped working and I had to climb five flights of stairs in my miserable state. I slowly began the climb up the stairs to my apartment as I continued lamenting. Why did I even waste 2000 dollars on a freaking suit when my savings were pitiful enough as it is?

Okay, I know why.

I was expecting the meeting with my boss to go well and I was hoping to get promoted, maybe a pay raise and overall boost of dignity.

I was so distracted by my miserable state that I didn’t realize someone was heading down the stairs. Not until I crashed headfirst into them, I looked up as I was getting ready to apologize to the person I bumped into but I swallowed the apology when I realized who it was.

My sorry expression immediately turned into a scowl as I looked at the person in front of me. He raised an eyebrow before walking by, his shoulder hitting mine as he passed.

“You know, some people apologize after stumbling into someone…I guess that’s something only civilized people do…I guess not everyone is a gentleman.”

Levi paused and turned back to lock eyes with me. He slowly examined my body making me blush in embarrassment as I remembered the state that I was in. He smirked slightly and grunted before he turned and walked away.

My already bad temper got worse as my pathetic attempt at directing my anger at my neighbour failed spectacularly. OK, this time maybe I was at fault too. He wasn’t looking and neither was I but this was just one of the many incidents that regularly occurred between us.

He was at fault for all my other miseries and the main reason why I was so obsessed with getting a promotion… I needed to make me enough money so that I could just throw away my deposit on this place and move out.

I stomped up the stairs, not even caring that I could potentially slip and fall to my death if I wasn’t careful with my wet heels. But I didn’t care, things couldn’t get any worse at this point.

Levi the Cacti. Yeah, I’m not that good at the rhyming thing. Basically, the guy was a prick. He was the reason I took my showers at 5 in the morning… I was tired of being sprayed with ice-cold water because he couldn’t wait five minutes before fucking up the water pressure. God, he was an asshole. He knew about the water pressure too… I had complained about it to the building manager… When that didnt work, I even confronted Levi directly. He just grunted and closed the door on my face.

I finally got up to my apartment and I headed directly to the bathroom so that I could get rid of these wet clothes and take a long HOT shower. Thankfully, the prick was out and I wouldn’t be getting any surprises today.

This guy… He would have a party every single weekend, blasting loud music until the wee hours of the morning. The stomping of feet and the crappy house music kept me up all night.

When you work as hard as I do, the weekends are a time to relax, finally get some rest and wind canlı bahis şirketaleri down. Yes, I do party and have fun some weekends but I take the party outside, maybe a good bar or something. He, on the other hand, would bring the entire bar home. I did complain about that too, I was ignored again.

I still haven’t found proof… but it was definitely him who messed with my garbage bags. I always carefully categorized my recyclables from my non-recyclables but somehow, week after week they were all tossed together like a mess.

I’m the most responsible tenant in this entire building but somehow I get scolded for the smallest things while Levi gets away with everything.

The building manager is useless. The guy does nothing but shove donuts down his throat and watch porn… I’ve been here for 2 months and he still hadn’t fixed the lights in the stairway.

Shitty apartment, shitty neighbour, shitty backstabbing boss! Should I just take all my life-savings and move somewhere else altogether? Start a new life… Maybe find a decent job where my boss doesn’t steal my hard work and take all the credit. A neighbour who I don’t have to fight all the time, maybe a decent apartment with a good, attentive owner… Ugh, Impossible.

I turned off my pipe dream just as I turn on the shower.

40 minutes later, I had taken a decent shower and actually felt refreshed for once. I realized that I hadn’t brought a towel with me to the bathroom. I turned to the towel rack only to find a single hand towel. I shrugged as I carried on with my nighttime skincare routine, naked and dripping. I lived alone. It’s not like anyone was here to see me.

My nonchalance at my nakedness was replaced with confusion as I pulled on the bathroom knob but the door was stuck. It wasn’t locked… Why couldn’t I get out of here? I pulled harder but the door still didn’t budge. I panicked as I tried turning the knob the other way, then pulled again. Nothing. The door didn’t open. What the fuck! Stupid cheap apartment.

Ugh, I didn’t even bring my phone! I began laughing, loudly, like a maniac as I became hysterical and continued to pull at the door with no avail. I banged at the door even though I knew no one would hear me. I kept twisting, turning and pulling the doorknob with all my strength… and all of a sudden the doorknob popped right off. Fuck. I slid onto the floor with my back against the door as my laughter turned to sobs.

It has been about 3 hours since then and I had moved my pity party to my tub after filling it with hot water because my naked ass was cold as heck. My head almost snapped as I heard a sound. Levi was flushing the toilet.

He was home! I jolted up and out of the tub, almost slipping. As I was about to scream for help… I stopped…

Wait.. do I want Levi, The Levi to come and rescue me from this ridiculous situation, stuck in my bathroom with a towel that could barely cover my pussy?

Fuck, how embarrassing. He’s the last person I want to owe a favour to…

But do I want to be stuck in here for… well, who knows how long. I was already starting to get hungry.

“LEVI! Are you there? I need your help! Levi?! Levi! Are you deaf or ignoring me? I need help! Levi!..”

I continued shouting till my voice became hoarse but got no reply or any indication that he heard me. I began to curse at him. I always hated how the walls weren’t sound-proof but now, it was my best chance at being rescued. I began pounding my fists against the wall that seperated our apartments and I finally heard a thump in return. I banged against the wall excitedly in reply.

” YES! Yes.. Yes, you baboon of a man. I need your help! Come on..don’t just pound back in return. Come and check up on me! The only reason I would ever be doing this is if my life were in mortal danger! Have your light bulb moment and come over here, please!” I was thankful that he couldn’t hear me as he definitely would have left canlı kaçak iddaa me trapped in here if he did. I smiled as the potential of being freed from this bathroom made me giddy and relieved.

Soon after, I heard a few knocks on my front door… I started screaming for help.

Levi quickly let himself in and after briefing him on the situation he began to slam onto the bathroom door. As the door gave way, I hurriedly covered my breasts with one arm and held the hand towel in front of my pussy with the other hand.

Levi fell into the bathroom as soon as the door opened under her brute strength. I can finally confirm that his muscles weren’t just for show and he was actually as strong as he looked. He stared at me for a second before he began to laugh.

My cheeks heated up as I stood there awkwardly, I knew I looked pathetic. I couldn’t move or walk past him without exposing myself to him.. at least more than I already was. Besides, he was covering the doorway with his huge body and the only way I would be able to leave is if he moved aside or left.

“Uhh… Thank you. I owe you one. You know the way out since you oh-so-bravely broke your way in.” I watched as Levi slowly took control of his composure and straightened again. Instead of leaving, he stepped towards me slowly but deliberately.

There wasn’t anywhere to go as he leaned closer in and handed me a towel. I ditched the hand towel and quickly covered up.

Okay, I will admit… after months of one-sided fighting, mostly from my part, I hadn’t actually realized how attractive he was. Maybe I was a little delusional from being stuck in the bathroom for the past 4 hours…

I gulped and looked down to avoid his clear blue eyes, which turned out to be a big mistake as my eyes landed on his bare chest which was as muscular as I had thought… and then to his abs and his crotch. He was wearing jeans and I was almost disappointed…I pulled out of my thoughts as Levi cleared his throat. Caught red-handed, I let out a nervous giggle. What was wrong with me? I am not a giggler.

“Uhh… I didn’t mean that in a bad way. Thank you for breaking in and saving me. Really. Who knows how long I would have been stuck in here” I trailed off as Levi leaned in closer, I could feel his breath.

I straightened my back but slumped again as my breasts threatened to spill out of the towel he just handed me. There were times I resented my double Ds and this was one of those times. If I had smaller breasts I could have easily controlled them without having a nip slip.

“So… Uh… I thanked you already… Twice… Do you want me to bend over and offer myself to you in gratitude?”

It was meant to be sarcastic but he smiled and my breath caught as I stared at his handsome face. Shit! What was happening?

“That would be good… go ahead.” My mouth opened, I was speechless at his reply. This is far away from his usual grunting responses.

“Have you heard of sarcasm? I was just..” My words were cut off as Levi leaned in and expertly adjusted my towel, covering me up. This weird tension between us was turning me on. I hadn’t had a good fuck in a while and I was already practically naked… I took his mouth in a furious kiss and he welcomed it, thrusting his tongue inside.

I briefly came to my senses a few minutes later, panting from the passionate kiss which had rendered me breathless. Damn, he was good with his tongue! Shaking my head slightly, I cleared my thoughts and glared at him.

“You’re welcome…” Levi said as his eyes roamed down my body.

I realized that at some point I had dropped the towel and I was standing bare naked in front of him. I blushed and brought my hands up to at least cover my breasts but my Levi grabbed my wrists.

“Isn’t this what you’ve been expecting? You come to me night after night in a skimpy little T-shirt with whatever little excuse you cand find…”

I opened my mouth to inform him how canlı kaçak bahis utterly wrong his assumption was but he kissed me again and my mind went blank. I was lost in his kiss. Fuck it. Who cares if he thinks I wore skimpy clothes for him or that I complained about every little thing because I wanted his attention. He was hot and I was frustrated. I pull my hands from his grip and wrapped my arms around his neck as I pulled him closer. Levi groaned as he wrapped me in his arms, his hands grabbing hold of my naked ass and pushing me closer against his hard cock. I could feel it through his jeans, and it felt enormous.

As we continued to kiss, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist, nestling his cock directly against my pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter.

Levi turned and sat me on top of the counter. He pulled away and leaned down to kiss his way from the nape of my neck down to my breasts.

He grabbed one of my breasts in his hand and took the nipple of the other in his mouth. I moaned loudly as he sucked on my nipple, expertly swirling his tongue around the hardened pink nub. I arched my back, pushing my chest more into his face as he continued playing with my sensitive breasts. At this point, I was making his jeans wet with how soaked my pussy was, I was so turned on. My breasts are truly my weak point. I could cum from just my tits being played with…

As he teased me, he slowly unzipped his jeans and rubbed his bare cock against my thighs. It was huge. The biggest I’ve ever seen and for a moment, I got nervous. My pussy quivered.

He continued sucking and licking my tits as he started to finger fuck me. Slowly inserting one finger, then two… then three as I moaned loudly with pleasure. The other neighbours could definitely hear us, but I didn’t care. My body tensed and the tightening in my belly grew.

I was about to cum when Levi stopped. He pulled back and started stroking himself… He shifted me forward to line his cock up to the entrance of my pussy.

He slammed his entire cock inside me in one single thrust, which would have hurt in normal circumstances but I was still reeling in pleasure and my pussy was extremely wet that I only felt indescribable pleasure.

He wasted no time as he pulled out immediately then slammed in again making me scream. He moved in and out of me in long hard thrusts, rapidly increasing his speed. He fucked me like I had never been fucked before, rough, hard, fast, hitting my g-spot with every thrust. It felt like he was punishing me as I moaned in his arms like a bitch in heat.

I bit and sucked at his neck as I held onto him for dear life, feeling an orgasm coming on again. I wasn’t going to let him stop this time. I held on tightly as my pussy clenched his cock. I moaned against his mouth as his thrusts became even faster and rougher as I came against his cock, now losing the rhythm as he carelessly slammed into me repeatedly. He grunted as he pulled away from my mouth. His hips tightening as he closed his eyes and his cock swelled inside me. I felt the warm gush of his cum inside me. If I was sane then I would have been worried about how we just had unprotected sex in my bathroom but after everything that happened today, this was the most normal event.

Levi put me down and I stood on my unsteady shaky legs, thinking he was going to leave now that he got what he wanted, which was fine with me. I was totally satisfied. He surprised me once again as he kneeled in front of me and immediately shoved his face between my legs and began to lick my pussy.

I was too sensitive and tried to push him away at first but he refused to budge. I surrendered to him as he made me cum for the second time with his tongue flicked my clip and thrust in my pussy.

After a few moments, he lifted me off the counter and set me on my feet. I slowly gathered myself to show him out when I realized the bathroom door had somehow jammed shut again while we were both distracted. Fuck. How were we going to get out of here now? Levi didn’t seem too concerned as he turned on the shower and gestured for me to join him…

*Author Notes:

Thanks for checking out this story! Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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