Stress Relief Ch. 03

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Kelly sat in the Jacuzzi. Her big breasts were oiled and lightly tanned. On her left, was her dad and on her right was her brother Paul. The two men were muscular and tan, although Paul was the bigger of the two, buff and after years of combat and hard active living. All three were naked and the men’s penises were fully erect.

Ms James had offered them a dish containing a small pile of 20mg Cialis tablets when they arrived.

“I know you don’t need these, but I like my men extra hard and cocky,” she said as they popped the pills.

Now Paul and Mr Bailey were massively cocky. Kelly was massaging their engorged, neatly shaven cocks under the water as Ms James watched from the deck.

“I’m going to join in the fun,” she said, stepping into the Jacuzzi.

She stood on the top step and untied the tie on her black bikini top. Then she unhooked the back and discarded the bra, exposing firm, tan breasts. She rubbed oil on her breasts, taking extra care to cover the dark, puffy nipples. She slid the black thong down her thighs to reveal a shaved, pale mound and shapely, smooth-shaven lips. As Kelly and the men watched, she rubbed oil on her pale ass cheeks and then stroked the tip of her clit with her oily fingers until it protruded between her lips.

“Mmm that feels good,” she sighed. The men were gazing, mesmerized.

“Have you had a stressful week Mr. Bailey?” Ms James asked Kelly’s dad, as she continued to massage her clit.

“Yes,” he said.

“Does Kelly help you with that?”

“Oh yes,” Kelly’s dad smiled, “Kelly is very helpful.”

“Yes, she is. Her peach is so juicy and pretty. But she told me she wouldn’t mind if you have a change of pace?” She patted her pussy. “I’m very wet and tight.”

“You’re beautiful,” Mr. Bailey said.

“Thank you Daddy,” Ms James continued stroking her dark, oily clit as he watched. “I like lots of sex,” she said, “once is not enough, The first time only whets my appetite.”

She turned to Paul, “It would be nice to have two men tonight. Are you interested Paul? Kelly won’t be jealous, she promised. I like men who ejaculate a lot and Kelly told me you often do it three or four times in a night. That got me excited. Just look at my peach, you can see she likes a lot of cream. But first I want to relieve Big Daddy. I’m a Daddy’s girl at heart.”

She blew a kiss at Mr. Bailey and descended the steps into the Jacuzzi. She spread her tan thighs and Kelly guided her dad’s bahis firmaları swollen penis into Ms James’ tight peach. Ms James sighed as his length and girth filled her. She had not been fucked by a man for months and it took a little time for her entrance to expand and relax around his rigid manhood.

Mr. Bailey was a real Daddy, she decided. His cock brought back hot memories of the first time her real Daddy had fucked her. She was such a tight young girl that he ejaculated almost as soon as he entered her. He came so much that it overflowed her lips and dripped down his shaft. That memory was imprinted on her libido. She had her first vaginal climax at the same moment, as his throbbing orgasmic cock massaged her G spot.

Ms James closed her eyes as deep erotic memories flooded her body and her peach opened and dripped. She squeezed her new Daddy’s cock with kagel contractions, and whispered, “I want to take all your stress Daddy, shoot it in your little girl’s peach.” He sighed and gripped Ms James’ firm ass and ejaculated deep inside her.

Ms James purred in his ear as he squirted in her, “Yes Daddy, I know how to make my Daddy cum, give my peach all your cream Big Daddy.”

When his last spasms had subsided she kissed him and tongued his mouth, before sliding gently off his lap. Ms James turned to Paul, who was rubbing his shaft as he watched her.

“Kelly told me you need to relieve your stress three or four times a night Paul. My peach is ready and willing for service. I want to do whatever I can to help our troops relax.”

She stepped out of the Jacuzzi and toweled herself dry.

“I’m a daddy’s girl, Paul, but my daddy hasn’t had this for a long time.” she said, gently stroking her swollen peach. “Your daddy came in it. Would you like to cum in it too?”

“Yes ma’am!” Paul said.

Ms James stepped into the house, rolling her silky, tan hips. She led Paul through the kitchen and down the hallway to her cool shady bedroom. She arranged the pillows and got on the bed.

She knelt on a pillow and stroked her clit.

“My peach smells horny Paul.” She stretched out her fingers and let him sniff them.

Ms James stuck her oiled tits out and Paul pushed her down as she spread her thighs for him. Paul’s cock was like an iron pole. Ms James gripped the base of his pounding penis and masturbated him hard inside her. Paul roared and gripped her thighs as he squirted a flood of pent up sperm in her.

Kelly and kaçak iddaa Mr. Bailey stood by the bed, watching. Kelly was massaging her father’s cock which was now fully erect again as he smelled Ms James’ hot scent. Kelly slid her father’s rigid cock inside her boss’s cum-soaked opening.

“The first time I had sex with my real daddy, I touched his cock while he slept,” Ms James whispered in Mr. Bailey’s ear. “When he awoke, he couldn’t stop himself. I was wearing my white night dress and he got it all wet. I had to take it off and then he wanted to fuck me like you’re doing Daddy.”

Spurred on by her whispered dirty talk, Mr. Bailey was slamming into Ms James.

“Oh yes Daddy, fuck your little girl,” she moaned. “You fuck your daughter Kelly all the time. I need you to fuck me too.”

Paul kneeled over Ms James as his dad fucked her and rubbed his stiff cock on her tits.

“Paul can fuck me too Daddy. I’m full of his cream and yours, father and son all mixed together. But I want more Daddy!”

Mr. Bailey fucked her savagely until he ejaculated in her dripping peach.

Then the men watched Kelly lick Ms James to a huge orgasm. Kelly had been watching everything and her peach was swollen and dripping, just like Ms James liked it. Ms James pushed her against the wall and sucked her big tits until she was panting for release. Then Ms James kissed and licked Kelly’s engorged peach until she deluged Ms James’ face and breasts with her pent up love juice.

Paul and Mr. Bailey finally left as they had to work the next day. Kelly fell deeply asleep in Ms James’ bed. Ms James lay on the sofa with a glass of wine, enjoying the heady scent of sex on her body. Her thoughts kept turning to her father. She had not spoken to him in months and she missed his voice. More deeply, she wanted him to visit her. She picked up the phone and dialed his cell.


“Dad, it’s me. Are you busy?”

“No, I’m home alone right now.”

“Me too,” Ms James said, “my friends just left and I’m missing you.”

“Yeah, I miss you too, but you know where that can lead…” her dad’s voice shook a little.

Ms James sensed his need. “I know where it leads me Daddy,” she said. “I just got fucked by two men. I’m soaked in cum and I smell like a whore.”

Her father was silent. “You’re Daddy’s dirty girl aren’t you? Let’s be quick. Jane will be home soon.”

“Ok daddy. Remember the first night I stroked your big cock? You soaked me in my kaçak bahis little night dress. And then I had to take it off and be naked in bed with you. My nipples were all sticky with your cum Daddy, remember? You licked your salty juice off my body. That made my peach all wet and puffy Daddy, do you remember? You liked the way it smelled and you wanted to kiss it? Remember? Then you got so hard and you wanted me to relieve your stress. And I did a good job, didn’t I daddy? You put it in and you were so hard and you came so much! Are you hard for me now daddy?”

“You know I am,” he groaned, “I got hard as a rock soon as I heard your voice.”

“Oh daddy, I wish you were here so I could release your stress. You sound so pent up. I’m rubbing my clit and the scent of cum is on my fingers. My pussy is all sticky with two men’s cum. I’m sniffing my fingers and my pussy smells all dirty and horny. Mmm. Just the way you like me. You always liked my scent after my boyfriends fucked me, didn’t you Daddy? I’d go out on dates with those high school jocks and they’d fuck me five times. Then I’d bring my hot little pussy home to Daddy. Did I tell you two men fucked me tonight? They both came twice. My little lace panties are soaked at the gusset. Two big men used me as a cock whore all night daddy. If you’d been here, you could have watched.”

“Oh god baby, I need you to mail me those panties, first thing tomorrow.”

“Of course I will Daddy. After they fucked me, I licked my girlfriend’s peach and she squirted on me. You’d have liked that. I gave her such a big orgasm. I smell of cock and cum and pussy. Mmm. But to make my night complete, I need you to fuck me, and smell all that cum on me. Tell me when you’re about to cum daddy. My pussy wants to cum but I’m holding it back.”

“I’m close baby, so close. Tell me what those men did to you.”

“I stripped Daddy and they stared at my peach. Just like you stared that night when I took off my wet night dress. They got me all juicy the way they looked at me. I had to let them fuck me Daddy. I couldn’t help it. I’d fuck a platoon of soldiers when my pussy gets that swollen. I wish you could smell me and fuck me. I wish you’d fly here tonight daddy. I’ll do whatever you want. Oh daddy, my pussy’s so horny, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me baby, cum for daddy,” he whispered.

“Mmmm. Oooh fuck! Oh daddy! Fuck me! Cum in me!”

“Oh yes baby, I’m coming! I’m coming so hard.”

“Mmm. That was so nice,” Ms James purred, “I’ll hang up now before Jane gets home. Remember, my peach is juicy for you daddy. You’ve got me so horny, and I’ll just have to fuck other men if you won’t come see me. Goodnight Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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