Stranger Pt. 03

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Story Code: M/F, MM/F, Public sex, Incest, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Sex Slave, Anal, Prostitution, Group Sex, Interracial, Light Bondage


We spent the next two hours fucking in my bed, Johnny still didn’t seem like he was in any hurry to climax, every time he came close he would stop and change position and start again from the ground floor. At three o’clock, I’d just started sucking Johnny’s cock again when we heard a voice from the kitchen, “Anybody there?”

I pulled my mouth off of Johnny’s cock and shouted, “We’re upstairs!”

Now, in a small village like ours, an unlocked door was an invitation to friends and neighbours to come in, usually me shouting, “We’re upstairs” would be taken to mean, “…and we’ll be down in a minute”.

If the visitor had been one of my female friends, they would usually put the kettle on and get two mugs out of the cupboard to make coffee while I headed down to greet them. I was just about to give Johnny one last loving suck on his cock when the voice sounded again, “Which room?”

I pulled my mouth away from Johnny’s cock again and gave him a puzzled look, “Sounds like Paul, I left him running the milk through the dairy processer, he said he’d nip our cream and butter round once they were finished.”

Johnny looked at my nighty laying in a crumpled heap on the floor at the side of my bed and then he looked back at me, he gave me a wink and a grin. I looked toward the door, “We’re in my bedroom Paul.”

Paul opened the door and just stood looking at us, Johnny lying on his back, his cock erect, me kneeling between his legs bent over, my mouth an inch away from his glistening cock.

“Hi…” Paul looked at my bedroom window, “…Dad said that you two had finally got around to having fun after eighteen years of pissing about.”

I looked at the window, Ron’s telescope still standing, pointing at my bedroom window but unmanned as Ron was out playing in his toy car.

“You want a coffee Paul?”

Paul checked his watch, “I’ve got a couple of hours before afternoon milking, won’t take long either, I’ve put the girls in the meadow here, dad thought the grass was getting a little long so we’ll graze it down now and then leave it to cut for silage in September.”

I looked from Johnny’s eyes to my nighty and back, he shrugged his shoulder, he was leaving it up to me to dress or not to dress.

I hopped off the bed and stepped over my nighty, as I passed Paul in the doorway, still totally naked, Paul gave my arse a hard slap that sent me scurrying down the hallway. I put the coffee machine on and got three cups ready. Paul came in the kitchen and grinned at me, “Sorry for spoiling your fun there.”

Page 55

“No problem Paul, we were just being greedy, Johnny tells me that your…erm…dinner date with the planning officer yesterday wasn’t totally successful.”

Paul grimaced, “Well, I got agreement for ten more houses than we were originally allowed but I couldn’t get him to shift on the bricks we have to use.”

“Wasn’t a total waste of the money you paid for the prostitutes then!”

Paul grinned, “I see that Johnny told you our business secrets then!”

I grinned, “Is Luton the closest Brothel around?”

“God no, there are brothels in every town but the planning officer is from Bedford, never piss on your own doorstep so the Bedford brothels were out, I could have brought him to Kettering or Wellingborough but Luton was closer to the restaurant we were using.”

“I didn’t know there would be a brothel in Kettering! Where is it in Kettering?”

“The street girls work the London Road area, they pick men up and either take them to the car park or the cemetery gardens. The brothels are on Hawthorn Road and Roundhill Road.”

“Wow, I park in that car park on London Road, I had no idea that kind of thing went on there.”

I had to go close to where Paul was standing to get the milk that he’d just brought from the farm for our coffee and as I did he stroked my breast, he pulled me against him, I had been started sideways on to him but as he pulled me in closer it had turned me so that my back was to him, he kissed my neck and whispered, “My dad told me that you’d started taking cock up your arse, I’d be happy to help keep the door open.”

Well, Johnny had already told me that he planned an orgy on Saturday night with Paul and Suleiman, so I knew that he’d have no problem if I had a little fun with Paul today but before I had the chance to say, ‘go and ask Johnny!’ when the back door opened, “Anybody there?”

It was one of my old school friends and neighbours, Angela, I’d expect her to pop in on a Saturday or a Sunday for an afternoon coffee but not midweek, Angela was a struggling single mother who had to work through the week. Her mother looked after Angela’s daughter before and after school so that Angela could work full time.

Angela took in the sight, me totally naked, Paul fully dressed, it was obvious that Paul had been embracing me when the back door opened and he’d just dropped me like a hot potato, “I’m sorry, Am I disturbing illegal bahis something?”

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Angela had stiffened her stance, Paul being there and me being totally naked had thrown her of off kilter a little.

“No, we were just about to have a coffee, want one?”

“I need something stronger than coffee!”

Johnny walked in, he was totally naked too, he saw Angela standing there and he turned and walked back into the living room. I left the coffee and went to the boot room, Johnny’s best dressing gown had been washed and dried, it looked a little wrinkled, I never ironed it but usually I’d be more on the ball and instead of tumble drying it I’d have hung it on the washing line in the back garden on a coat hanger so that it dried without wrinkles.

I took the dressing gown into the living room so that Johnny could cover up and I whispered, “Paul was just asking me if he could fuck me up my arse when Angela walked in on us.”

Johnny laughed, “Bet Angela was shocked to death, she’s known you since you were three or four years old, bet she never thought she’d see you happy to be nude with my brother like this.”

“Yes, she knew me from school, she knows that I didn’t even like getting changed in front of the other girls in my class.”

I left Johnny tying the belt on his dressing gown and returned to the kitchen, “So, if you don’t want coffee, what can I get you to drink Angela?”

“I could do with a brandy!”

“Celebrating something?”

“Hardly…you’ve heard of red letter days…well, today is a pink letter day!”

“Sorry, I don’t understand.”

“I turned up to work this morning to find a sign on the door that the store was closed, we all got our ‘P-forty-fives’, I’ve been doing everything I can to get another job but the agencies are only looking for people with computer skills at the moment so I’ve not got a lot of hope.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Angela, how can I help?”

“Can we have a word in private please?”

I finished making the coffee, got Angela a large brandy and guided her out into the back garden. Angela burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

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“You, I’ve never seen you so confident before, look at you, you’re totally naked in the back garden…what if the postman came round to deliver you a parcel?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Well, I guess he’d see me naked, I doubt he’d complain! So, what can I do to help?”

“Well, it’s a bit embarrassing really, when I had Poppy, you know, one night stand with a total stranger. Well, your father-in-law came on to me, made an indecent proposal…you know the kind of thing, a cottage and a job for sexual favours…well, I exploded, I slapped his face and threw him out.”

“I’m sure that you’re not the first and won’t be the last to do that.”

“Well, I managed to get a rental up the road, one of the few houses for rent in the area that isn’t owned by Clarke Properties. My mum and dad moved from their big house into the bungalow a few years back so I know I can’t move in with them and now that I’m unemployed, my landlord will evict me.”

“That will take him ages, you’ll have to be two months in arrears before he can even go to court and then that will take another two months. You’ll definitely have a job by then and anyway, you’ll get housing benefits, they’ll cover most of your rent.”

“Yes, well, actually it’s more difficult than normal…I don’t actually have a tenancy agreement, I have what’s called. ‘Permission to reside!’ and in that contract it stipulates that I have to be in full time employment. My landlord doesn’t even have to wait for me to fall into arrears; I’m just in simple breach of contract.”

“So, you want me to have a word with your landlord? Try to get you a little grace period to get a new job!”

Angela blushed, “Well, you could try that…but…I was going to ask you if you’d talk to your father-in-law and ask him if he was still interested in the same deal!”

“You mean that you’d be willing to sell yourself to Ron for a job and a cottage?”

“Normally never in a million years but I’ve been to the council, they gave me three addresses to look at, they are all in flats on that estate in Wellingborough where they put all the troublesome families, Poppy would be a target in the Comprehensive school on that estate.”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do for you, I’ll talk to your landlord first, see if he will give you a month or two to get a job, if I don’t see any hope I’ll talk to Ron.”

“Thanks Vicky, I think I could do with that coffee now!”

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I made Angela her coffee and as she took the mug Johnny said, “Hey Vicky, can you take my brother up to your bathroom and show him where the rain is coming in and staining your ceiling!”

I looked at the grin on Paul’s face and then had a thought, I pulled Angela into the boot room, “Have you had much practice since Poppy was conceived?”

“I’ve had a few boyfriends over the years but never anything regular so to speak…why?”

“Well, you must realise that Ron’s very illegal bahis siteleri experienced and you don’t have youth on your side like you did when Poppy was born, if it comes down to it, You’ll have to offer Ron something special…you should take every opportunity to gain experience. I’m going to get a little more experience right now; I’m going to take my brother-in-law to bed for an hour…I’ll see you later…enjoy your coffee with Johnny while I’m gone!”

I grinned at the look of shock on Angela’s face; it took her a while to process what I was suggesting for her to do…and who I was suggesting she start with.

I took Paul’s hand and pulled him from the kitchen. In my bedroom, I stripped Paul totally and I took his cock in my mouth.

“Do I take it that you don’t want me to fuck your arse?”

“Not at all…but I’m not going to suck your cock after so, A little suck…then you can fuck me in my cunt and finish off in my bum.”

Paul was similar to Johnny in size and work rate, he could hold his orgasm back very well too, I got the full hour out of him before I flipped onto my face and let him fill my back passage. Johnny opened my bedroom door as Paul was hammering me from behind. I looked up from my pillow, “What happened after we left?”

“I shagged Angela in the kitchen, I made a mess on the kitchen floor but Angie cleaned it up. I actually turned her down at first but she told me that you’d suggested she use me to practice on!”

I giggled, “She wants me to ask your dad if he’ll give her a cottage and a job and take part payment in kind and she’s desperate so I thought that you could have a little fun as well!”

Johnny clipped on the bed at my side, he kissed me and started stroking my back as Paul continued pumping his cock up my bum. I pushed Johnny onto his back and then reached back and pressed my palm on Paul’s chest, “Hold on a minute baby, let me change positions!”

Paul pulled his cock out of my bum, it looked very messy but I put that sight out of my head. I wriggled over on top of Johnny and slipped his still hard cock in my pussy. “Did you cum for Angela?”

Johnny shook his head, “I thought that you’d got hard again a bit quickly!”

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I settled down on Johnny’s cock and then reached back and pulled my bum cheeks apart for Paul and he got the message and slipped his cock up my bum. Johnny didn’t have to move, the pressure of Paul’s cock against his own through the wall of skin separating my arse from my vagina as well as the rocking back and forth of my body as Paul threw his body on top of mine. Paul did all the work and got all three of us off at the same time.

I checked the time, “The girls will be home from school any moment now so we’d better get dressed.”

I’d only just poured coffee in the kitchen when the girls ran into the boot room. They welcomed their Uncle Paul and ran up stairs to get changed, Sarah was down first, she was still buttoning her blouse up as she reached the kitchen, she was holding a sheet of paper, “Mum, Simon’s gone…look he left a note!”

Wow, I was totally surprised; I thought that it was strange that he’s missed two meals but he’d been too tired to visit me after Johnny had finished with me the night before. I read the letter, ‘Dear Aunty Vicky, Uncle Johnny and kids. I’m sorry to dash out like I did but I got a last minute cancellation on American Airlines, they rang me at five o’clock and I couldn’t find either of you in the house. I’m sorry, I had to use your account with the taxi company and they took me to Heathrow airport for the ten o’clock flight…I’ll pay you back as soon as I can! All my love Simon.’

Sarah and Dawn were both upset that Simon had gone without seeing them first, I have to say that I was a little sad too, after all, my new exciting sex life was all due to his arrival and pushing a little of his Caribbean freedom into my body!

Johnny smiled, “Don’t be too sad girls, we know where Simon lives now, perhaps we can have a family holiday on his island and visit him and his mother sometime.”

I cooked dinner and after we’d eaten I called around to Angie’s landlord’s house, he was adamant that she had to go, she’d drawn attention to him already, because she had to tell the housing people where she lived they’d contacted him to see if he was going to take her to court to get control of his property back. He’d told them that he didn’t rent out properties and that he was an owner occupier, not a landlord.

That would put a massive black mark against Angela’s name on the housing register and would mean that she’d have to stay in the private rental market, higher rents and more difficult to find.

I called at Angela’s house and told her that she was in deeper shit than she suspected she was. Poppy was watching TV in the living room while I talked to Angela in the kitchen. I closed the kitchen door so that there was no chance that Poppy could hear us, “How did it go with Johnny earlier?”

“I made a bit of a fool of myself, I was clumsy and when he made me cum…I made a real mess. I’m not sure canlı bahis siteleri I’ll ever get the hang of things.”

Page 60

“What did you do?”

“I let him screw me of course, what else could I do?”

“Well, did you offer to suck his cock?”


“Have you ever sucked a cock?”

Angela looked sheepish, “I tried it once but it frightened me, I thought he was trying to kill me, almost choked to death.”

Angela was blushing a bright red now.

“Angie, there’s nothing wrong with sucking a cock, if you are servicing Ron, he’ll expect you to suck his cock and make a good job of it too and his cock is longer than Johnny’s.”

“Do you suck cocks?”

I looked around the kitchen, Angie had a large cucumber in her vegetable basket, I picked it up and took itto the sink, I washed it, dried it and then looked up at the ceiling and slipped her cucumber down my throat, I took her hand and put it on my throat so she could feel me swallowing to help the cucumber down. I took it all the way in and then let go of the end, I used my throat muscles to push the cucumber out an inch and then take it back. I finally pulled the cucumber all the way out.

“That cucumber is about the size of Ron’s cock and as you can see, there is no issue in getting it all the way in, it’s just practice. And talking of practice, I’m going out for an hour to try and do a little more practicing.”


“I’m going over to Kettering to see if I can find anyone interested!”

“I really need practice too, are you going clubbing?”

“No, a little street-work!”

Angela looked a little confused, “You can come with me if you like, see if you can pick up a few tips!”

“I have Poppy to look after!”

I opened the door to the living room. “Hey Poppy, would you like a sleepover at my house with Sarah and Dawn?”

Page 61

Poppy was well up for it, because she was the product of a single parent family she didn’t get invited to many sleepovers.

“Pack your school uniform for tomorrow as well, after breakfast you can go to school from my house.”

“Will Sarah let me go with her to see her pony before school as well?”

“She’ll even let you have a little ride if you like!”

I returned to Angela, “Find something sexy to wear, I’ll take Poppy to my house and get her settled in, I’ll get changed and come back here to pick you up.”

I took Poppy to my house and told my daughters that Poppy was spending the night, I also told Johnny that I was taking Angela out to play, his reaction was predictable, “I want to come and watch!”

I dug out my chemise, my red knicker and bra set and my freshly cleaned red patent leather shoes. I dressed and looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, my full length petticoat would never be worn under a dress ever again, I loved the way I looked showing off my underwear through my chemise.

I borrowed one of the farm’s Land Rovers, it was a Safari model that was used to take business men out on shooting parties so it was kept ultra clean inside and the usually austere seats in the rear had been converted into very plush, very comfortable seating. The backrests of the seats could be slotted in between the seats to form a king size bed in the back, no doubt Rom made good use of the Safari’s rear conversion to entertain casual girlfriends on.

I knocked on Angela’s front door, she was all dressed up, she looked beautiful, she had her best frock on and her eyes almost bugged out shen she saw how I was dressed.

“God Vicky, you look fantastic, I thought I looked the dog’s bollocks in this outfit but now I feel very much like the ugly duckling!”

I saw panic run through Angela’s body and then she snapped her fingers, “Your dress, it’s just like a petticoat isn’t it?”

I nodded my head.

“I have a petticoat that I could use too but it’s coffee coloured, not quite as see through as yours but it does have a lot of lace on the top, do we have time for me to change?”

“All the time in the world.”

Page 62

I followed Angela to her bedroom, she started at her shoes, she had blue kitten boots with a three inch spike heel in patent leather like my own shoes, she also found a blue lingerie set that was also very much like my red set, we could have been sisters as we stepped out and climbed into the Land Rover.

I stopped off at a supermarket on my way to Kettering, I bought two large boxes of condoms. Boy did I get some suspicious looks from the cashier because of my purchase and the way that I was dressed. Angie had no idea what I’d stopped off for, she just sat in the car basking in the looks that men gave her as they walked past the car.

I settled back into the driving seat and made my way into Kettering, it was seven o’clock in the evening, not dark but we weren’t in bright sunlight either. I deliberately picked my route into Kettering so that I was heading in to town on the London Road, I drove past Roundhill Road first, there were two women standing on the street corner, they saw the Land Rover and started to advertise, shaking their money-makers at me until they realised that it was a woman driving and they looked very disappointed and went back to their bored conversations, they were younger than Angie or I were but they weren’t quite as sexily dressed as us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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