Straight ‘A’ Student

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My name’s Amber, but my sorority sisters call me ‘Straight A’. Why? It’s really a perfect nickname, which is why it stuck. I’m a great student, straight A grades. ‘Straight’ also fits because I’m pretty predictable, not much of a rule-breaker. But unfortunately the other connotation is my ‘A’ cup breasts. Oh, who am I kidding – they’d be an A minus cup, if there were such a thing. The only A minus I’ve ever earned!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m attractive – I’m 20, blonde with blue eyes, and lean and tan from all the sports I participate in – tennis, swimming, track. And I’m OK with my body, but I’ve always been a competitive person, and whenever one of my friends – or worse, an enemy – ribs me with the ‘Straight A’ comment, I cringe a little.

Fortunately, I had found a great guy who loved me just for who I was, and never joined in the fun when our friends called me ‘Straight A’. I had met Jason in a psych class during freshman year, we clicked right away and started dating, and we were still going strong, almost two years later. He obviously couldn’t stay over at the sorority house, so I spent at least a few nights a week in his dorm room.

Last night, he had taken me out for dinner at this great Indian restaurant just off campus, and we came back to his room and went at it for a while before falling asleep in each other’s arms. His alarm woke us both up at 7 – although he was in more of a hurry than I was, his first class being at 8. No need to get up right away, I stayed in bed and watched him get dressed. I still love watching Jason when he’s naked – he has a great body. He’s tall – 6’4″ – and lean, with thick dark hair and deep dark eyes I always get lost in when we talk. He’s got a great, firm ass that I love to grab, and a wonderful cock to go along with it – long and thick enough when erect to completely fill me and then some.

“Alright sweetie, I’m going to head to class now,” he said, snapping me out of my daydream, “are you going to your 9 o’clock class this morning?”

“Yeah, I shouldn’t miss it – the professor said he’d be going over what will be on the test.”

“OK, well, just let yourself out and I’ll see you later! Do you want to go check out that new movie tonight?”

“Yeah, good idea – I’ll meet you back here at about 6 tonight.”

As he headed out the door, I had every intention of getting up and dressed, but was having one of those sleepy mornings when it felt better just to stay under the covers. Maybe just a few more minutes, I thought to myself, maybe just a few more…

A little while later, I realized I had dozed off, and quickly glanced at Jason’s alarm clock, realizing I’d be late for class if I didn’t get my ass out of bed! I quickly got up, pulled on my bra and top, and reached for my panties, but then was interrupted by the sound of Jason’s voice out in the hallway. What was he doing back at his room, had he forgotten something? And who was he talking to? It was a woman’s voice, and it sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. Embarrassed that I was still there, and curious to find out what was up, I found myself grabbing the rest of my clothes and darting into his closet, closing the door behind me. I’m not sure why I did it, really, but oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

I made myself as comfortable as I could in the closet, considering I was half naked, Jason’s closet was a mess, and illegal bahis I couldn’t let myself move for fear of making a sound.

Meanwhile, I heard Jason’s key in his door and the two voices entered the room. Wait — it can’t be — what would SHE be doing in HIS room? Now that it was closer, I recognized Danielle’s voice instantly. I really hoped she was just there to borrow class notes or return a CD or something else innocent.

See, she and I had a bit of history together. She wasn’t just the college acquaintance, the nice girl from a neighboring sorority that Jason probably thought she was. She and I went back as far as 9th grade together, and had always competed over everything — the best grades, the best time on the track or in the swimming pool, and the best guys. If I were to find out that she and Jason were somehow involved, I don’t know what I’d do. Before I could ponder this much more, I heard Jason say something that made me go cold.

“Let me see those gorgeous tits of yours, Danni, it’s been too long!”

And even worse, her reply: “I can tell you’ve been longing to fondle them again — your little Amber’s tits must leave you so disappointed.”

“Yeah — I’m crazy about her, but I’ve always been into boobs, and hers just don’t do it for me.”

“Well, I’m always happy to serve your needs, you know that.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Not so much that Danielle would be fooling around with my guy — frankly, that wasn’t much of a surprise — but that Jason wasn’t satisfied with me, but had never said anything! I had to see this to believe it, and realized that they were much to distracted to notice if I pushed open the closet door just enough to see what was happening.

I was confronted with quite an image. Standing just next to the bed, Danielle had her hand down Jason’s sweats, fondling his cock. Meanwhile, he was massaging one of her breasts in each of his hands. She was beautiful, I had to admit. Quite petite except for her D-cup boobs, with beautiful brown curly hair that cascaded down over them.

As Jason and Danielle both began to moan, I was shocked to realize that rather than being angry, hurt, or disgusted, I was actually turned on by watching them. Jason was now sucking Danielle’s left nipple, and as she arched her back in pleasure, I quietly unhooked my bra to give myself more access to mimic those sensations.

“Drop to your knees,” I heard Jason whisper, and Danielle quickly did as she was told. As soon as he had kicked off his sweats and boxers, she devoured his cock in one smooth motion, all the way to the base. Impressive. He grabbed her hair to guide her as she began quickly bobbing up and down on his ever larger, harder cock.

I had given Jason blowjobs before, and he had clearly enjoyed them, but I’d never watched before, and he and I were never this raw in our love-making. This was hot, and I needed some release. My right hand fell from my breast, traced the curves of my hip, and made its way down to my pussy. After wetting my fingertips with my own juices, I started stroking my clit as I secretly watched this live sex show.

After forcing her down onto his cock a few more times — I could hear her gagging slightly — Jason released her and she fell to one side, panting. “Are you ready to give me what Amber can’t?”

“Oh, yeah,” Danielle grunted, and climbed onto the illegal bahis siteleri bed. She was still wearing her short skirt and panties, but Jason quickly tore those off and flung them across the room, leaving her naked on his bed.

“I want to fuck your big, beautiful tits long and hard.”

“Oh yeah, Jason, I love what you do with my tits!”

“Well, you know the way I like it — get yourself ready for me.”

I was fascinated — with my tiny bosom, I had no idea what they were about to do and couldn’t wait to find out! I watched, and waited, and continued to fondle myself.

Danielle was now on her back with her head on the pillows. Jason was still standing next to the bed, stroking his cock and watching her as she prepared to have her tits fucked, an entirely new concept to yours truly. She spread her legs slightly and plunged two fingers deep into her pussy, arching her back and letting out a little whimper as she did so. As she pulled her fingers back out, I could see that they were glistening with her juices, which she proceeded to smear all over her bosom. She followed this up by spitting into each hand and massaging that liquid onto her breasts as well.

Now that her tits were clearly wet, Jason joined her on the bed, straddling her chest. He placed his hard cock between her breasts, grabbed one with each hand, and squeezed them together until his cock was completely enveloped. Her hands were now free, and she quickly moved them both down to her crotch. The middle finger of her left hand was quickly busy on her clit, while two fingers of her right hand again plunged into her pussy. Jason, meanwhile, was already fucking with gusto. His cock was almost invisible to me, lost in her ample bosom, except when the very tip would seek out her waiting tongue at the end of each stroke.

As he fucked her huge breasts, Jason praised them with a seemingly endless string of adjectives — this guy was a fucking thesaurus, at least when it came to boobs — each time stressing how much bigger, better, hotter her tits were than mine. If I weren’t so ridiculously turned on, I would have been furious and overwhelmed with jealousy — especially since the tits in question belonged to my nemesis. But it was all I could do to keep up with the rhythm of their fucking, shoving first one, then two, then three fingers into my pussy with every stroke of Jason’s cock through another woman’s superior tits.

It wasn’t long before all three of us were close to cumming. I’m not sure how long it took for me to notice that I was the only one still moaning, and how much longer still it was before I opened my eyes and saw them both looking at me through the now wide open closet door.

We all just stared for a moment — Jason with his hard cock pointed at me, Danielle looking flushed and sticky with sweat, and me kneeling on the closet floor, fingers still deep in my pussy. Embarrassed as I was to have been caught, I quickly realized that Jason and Danielle were infinitely more embarrassed. I was just caught hiding in the closet. They were the ones caught cheating. I knew that I had the upper hand in this situation, if I could just figure out how to take advantage. Suddenly, it came to me — what I could say and do to beat Danielle at this little game.

Standing up and moving towards them, I said, “Jason, I understand now that I’ve left you disappointed canlı bahis siteleri in one area of our relationship, and that you’ve had to find another woman to satisfy your needs.” To illustrate my point, I reached out and pinched one of Danielle’s nipples, hard. She was powerless to do anything but whimper.

Then I continued, “But I think I know a way I can give you even more pleasure. Let’s give my ‘Straight A’ nickname a new meaning. How about you fuck my virgin ass — right here, right now. And I want Danielle to stay and watch, so that the next time she hears someone call me ‘Straight A’, she’ll know exactly what ‘A’ we’re talking about.”

Jason looked deep into my eyes, obviously shocked but also excited by this suggestion. “Are you sure?”

“Oh yeah, baby, I want you to fuck my ass, hard.”

That was all he needed, and he took my hand and led me to the bed. I climbed on and stayed on all fours, looking back at him with a sexy, inviting glance. He quickly climbed on top of me, doggie style. With no warning, he plunged into me — but it was my pussy first, with a few long, deep strokes to lubricate his cock with my juices. If we were alone, if the situation were different, he could have just stroked my pussy until we both came to orgasm. But I had a point to prove.

He pulled his now wet cock out of my pussy, adjusted his weight on the bed behind me, and then placed the tip of his cock against my tiny asshole. There was no way — what had I gotten myself into?!? But then I looked at Danielle, kept my eyes fixed on her, watched as she started to finger herself, and found my inspiration again. “Do it, Jason, I want your cock in my ass!”

He started with a few gentle prods, and then realized it was best just to get it over with — with one hard motion, he thrust at least 4 inches of his cock into my ass. The pain was excruciating, but was quickly replaced with two sensations — a wonderful new physical pleasure I’d never quite felt before, and also the satisfaction that Danielle had to watch, helplessly stroking her clit.

I could tell that neither of us would last long in this scenario — he was now thrusting hard and fast into my tiny ass, and the initial pain was gone, replaced with insane pleasure.

“Oh my god, Amber, this is so hot — I love fucking your tiny little asshole even more than Danni’s tits. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” he shouted.

I wanted to cum along with him, so I shifted all of my weight to my left arm, freeing up my right hand to reach for my pussy. With my thumb on my clit, two fingers in my pussy, and Jason’s hard cock deep in my ass, I was on the verge of the most extreme orgasm of my life. And all the while, I had kept my eyes on Danielle.

She was furiously finger-fucking herself as Jason and I both came — he shot his load deep inside of me, yet another new feeling that was spectacular, and we both fell to the bed, completely spent.

We were both too out of it to notice that Danielle had gotten up, pulled on her clothes, and was trying to slink out of the room without being noticed. I quickly came to my senses, though, and said to her, “It’s OK, Danielle — why don’t you join us again sometime soon? You can use those glorious tits of yours to get Jason all hot for my ass again.”

“Alright, Amber, you win this round,” she replied to me. Then, turning to Jason, she said “But wait until you see what I have in store for you this weekend.” And with that, she left.

Alone with Jason at last, I asked him, “So, how was that for you?”

“Well, you both were phenomenal, but I think I was the real winner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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