Storm Damage Pt. 03

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. So, check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help. My stories are much better because of his advice.


Chapter 10 — The Fourth of July

I am up and about before the group comes over for breakfast. I have the coffee started when Mandy and Dana stop by. They are surprised to see me up so early.

My only comment, “No way she gets me in the morning.”

Immediately a look of understanding and sadness comes over their faces.

I smile at them, “I get to spend the today with you, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. The heat will suck, but at least I won’t be lifting heavy objects. And I get to see you all day. Heather mentioned that she is coming with. She isn’t prepared for it. It’s funny, I’m worried about her. Her gold-plated world hasn’t prepared her for reality. Heather and I’ve had our differences, but I can’t be cruel to anyone, including Heather.

“She’s human, maybe the shelter will affect her, and she may need help. I won’t be watching everything she does. I would appreciate a few more eye on her as a favor to me if nothing else.”

Mandy looked me square in the eyes, took my hand, and said to me, “For you, we’ll watch her. I bet you’re right, she isn’t equipped for today. I know my first time there, I went home crying at the situation and the hopelessness. I understand. This is very sweet of you. I don’t think I would be so concerned, but I am glad you are. I agree; it’s never good to be cruel.”

She gave me a big hug, and then we start cracking eggs for French toast and making sausage patties. Within thirty minutes, everyone has begun eating or is in line to eat. The cooking duties pass as we eat or finish eating. We really have this thing down to a precise, ordered process now.

At 10:00, we start filling vehicles so we can head out to the shelter. It’s about a ten-minute drive. Everyone is quiet, nobody is excited to be doing this. Nobody has a gun to our head, we all volunteered for this. Seeing cute children is fun, it’s not all bad.

We pull into the employee parking lot, and there are four large cooking grills set up already. No charcoal is going, but I can see how everything is laid out. There are tables to hold the bins of cooked food. Then our people will add condiments and a bag of chips, it’s like an assembly line. There will be four assembly lines. They are well organized.

I start immediately by making sure the grill is level. There is an older guy there on a grill, and he is doing the same thing I am. I don’t want hot dogs rolling off the grill. The other two guys are clueless, so I help them out by leveling their grills for them. I then use two chimney charcoal starters to start the charcoal. Again, the old man knows exactly what to do, I must help the other two.

The old man and I arrange our charcoal unevenly, we want a spot for warming hotdogs. I don’t want my hotdogs burning. I try to explain to the other two, but they know better and lay them out evenly. I am just helping; I keep my mouth shut. This isn’t my gig. The old man doesn’t have the same restraint, he makes them change, so their coal is like ours and then explains to them why we do this. We can cook hotdogs faster than they can distribute them, we need cooler parts of the grill, so the hotdogs don’t burn.

They have long tongs to work with the hotdogs. That is awesome because it’s already sweltering and with the hot grills, it will be brutal. They are using the large ketchup and mustard containers. I go inside and fill up a cooler with ice and empty squeezable ketchup bottles, the reusable kind, with cold water. That will feel good later.

All too soon, people start showing up. In the beginning, it’s mostly children. They are always hungry, and some will come through the line again later. We have all been instructed to allow them. It was kind of them to tell us ahead of time. The servers get lots of instructions, especially about sanitation. We pass our health inspection, and everyone is happy.

I start my grill half full of hotdogs. It’s not scalding hot yet, but it’s warm enough. I watch them closely. I watch over everyone and once again, the old man knows exactly when to turn his hotdogs and when to move them to the warming part of the grill. With just a little prompting, the other two are soon cooking like pros.

It’s scalding hot out now. The four grills are throwing off heat, and the sun is beaming down on us. Carla came over with a water bottle for me, I have two hands going with tongs, I can’t drink it. I tell her to open the cooler and hit all of us. Inside are the squeezable bottles with thin streams of water. With some practice, she hits the mouth accurately. The first two went into an eye and up my nose. Oh well.

My three friends all look impressed and relieved with the water. I give Carla a kiss for that. The old man laughs at her dreamy reaction.

The old man starts teasing güvenilir bahis me, “Quite the lady’s man, huh? She’d do anything for you. I noticed you came here with several women.”

I am honest with him, “I’m here helping rebuild their houses. My sister needed help. Before you go getting too impressed, one of them is my ex-wife. So no, not everything is perfect in paradise. There’s so much to do that the husbands and wives are all helping, and I don’t mean with the cooking. Every one of those women has helped lay floors, put up drywall, and assisted laying the tile. Each one of them is quite remarkable.”

He joshes with me, “You mean you took each one.”

I don’t like this conversation, “No. Well yes, but I am too sore most days, working sixteen to eighteen-hour days. They do show their appreciation.”

He continues, “I’ve seen all of them before but the one that’s a fashion model. Damn, she is good looking.”

I laugh at him, “Ha, ha, ha, she’s all yours. Take her. Please. She is spectacular looking. She’s also my ex. I made her come with me. Look at her, she is afraid to touch the people. This is way out of her comfort zone. It will break her eventually. That is when you have your best chance. Not much here for me, I will eventually move on.”

Vicki comes by, grabs a bottle, makes us all drink, then squirts our backs and necks. That was awesome, she gets a big kiss from me. Vicki floats back to the tables, ecstatic because of the kiss I placed on her lips. All the mothers are laughing at her reaction to me.

Heather is taking a break and playing with the kids. This surprises me, I never thought of her as the motherly type.

I look up, and there is a massive line around the block. I say, “Oh my, that’s a heck of a line. I don’t know how much more I can take in this heat. I’ll need a break in a while, do they have people to take over?”

The old man looks at me, “No, we usually just tough it out. Probably not the smartest thing though.”

I call Jake, Jack, and Fred over to us.

I explain, “I’m weak still and don’t want heat stroke. We need you guys to take over for a while, and we will rotate. This is how we are working the grills.”

I spend a few minutes showing them how I have been doing the grills, and they pick it up quick. They are all smart guys, I expected nothing less. I am a little light-headed, so I start walking to the fence. Lisa and Pauline are there to force me down.

As I am sitting on the ground, I ask Lisa, “What are you doing here?”

She smiles at me, “The hospital sent me over to watch the people and look for those that need attention. Right now, you look the worst. I’m glad you stopped, Pauline came and got me.”

Pauline is at my side with her arm around me, and she has a water bottle. The other guys are now next to me and drinking water. They look as bad as I do.

I ask Lisa, “Please find someone else for Mike, I only found three to help with the grills, he needs a break as well.”

Lisa got Gail, and she took over. She is just like a pro using two sets of tongs like she has done it her entire life. That impressed the hell out of me. Lisa took off to check up on everyone else.

We sit for about thirty minutes before getting back on the grills. Lisa explains to the husbands and Gail that they are not to come back for an hour, or they will deal with her wrath. She does not have a smile on her face.

The old man looks at me, “That’s one feisty sister you have.”

I reply, “I never spent much time around her. She is six years older than me. She’s Heather’s best friend, and Heather told me about Lisa’s house. We are still learning about each other, and you’re right. She is protective and feisty. I won’t cross her. This house project has brought us a lot closer. It’s been nice.”

He then floors me, “You fucked my daughter, didn’t you?” I give him my blank look. I have no idea who his daughter is. “Gail. She fed you fried chicken and didn’t come home that night.”

I smile big, “We did eat fried chicken that night.”

I leave the sex part alone, he knows. I don’t need to explain.

He continues, “Well. Aren’t you going to tell me about it?”

I reply with an, “Mmmmm, nope. What your daughter and I did and didn’t do is between us. If she wants you to know, she’ll tell you. If you must know, ask her. I won’t speak of anything that may or may not have happened.”

Pauline offers, “He fucked me good and hard for a very long time. He was spectacular, the best I ever had.”

The old man scoffs at her, “He’s the only man you ever had, so yes, he was your best. And your worst. Think about that!”

That confused her, but the smile could not be wiped from her face, and she kissed me again. We all got more water as Pauline hit us again with the squeezable water bottles.

Two hours later and the line is gone, we are closed. The old man marches everyone inside, and we all sit at the tables on benches, and a nice catered lunch is served. COLD sub sandwiches, türkçe bahis COLD coleslaw, COLD potato salad, and COLD soda. It was awesome. Gail and Pauline are at my sides. The wives are across from me while the husbands sit at their wives’ sides.

Lisa, Carla, and Vicki are serving. The two paramedics that came with Lisa also eat with us. I don’t see Heather.

I ask softly, “Does anyone know where Heather is? I don’t see her eating.”

Lisa answers, “She isn’t used to the heat, she was looking pretty bad, so I put her in the air-conditioned office a while ago. Last I saw, she was either crying or asleep. This has been hard on her.”

The old man went and found her, pulling her out to eat. It is evident, she has been crying. She wasn’t very hungry but did eat some.

I explain to Heather, “It helps to deal with this by talking. You know many of the adults are borderline mental cases. Healthy enough to not be in an institution, but not healthy enough to cope. There are ordinary looking people, some with children, they seem not much different than you. They had some bad luck and need some help for a while.

“Not all parents are good. Not all parents can feed their children three meals a day. There are all kinds of situations and stories. The children’s faces are innocent, they look sad.”

Gail adds, “Some won’t eat unless we provide a meal. If they miss out, they go without. There isn’t always enough food to go around.”

The old man hugs Heather, “It’s why we’re here. Today, your smile gave someone hope. Today, that food you gave them, it helped keep them alive. Today, you made a difference.

Gail announces, “We need to start shredding lettuce, chopping onions, slicing tomatoes, and forming hamburgers. Some of the hamburgers are pre-formed, most are not. You will need more space for cooking and less for warming, hamburgers take longer to cook.”

Gail smiles as she looks at me, “Gentlemen, please start your grills.” She breaks out into giggles.

Dinner is easier. We know what to do, we use more of the grill, it’s less rushed because it’s not as much moving and turning. The sun is starting to go down, so it begins to cool off. There are large lights overhead, so lighting is no issue as there is less and less sun.

Lisa has a steady stream of people asking questions. Some of the patients are scary looking, but the paramedics are big and intimidating. They stay close to Lisa. I am thankful.

The sun is long gone before we are done. Everyone is exhausted. I don’t feel well; I need to lie down.

Before I close my eyes, the old man asks me, “Son, when we started today, you helped everyone but me. Why did you ignore me? Did I do something to offend you?”

I laugh at the man, “No sir, you did nothing wrong. That’s precisely why I didn’t help. You didn’t need it. The other two needed a hand. I just wanted things to go well. Nothing personal, you are more experienced and knew exactly what to do.

“Had you been clueless, I would have offered. You weren’t, so I didn’t. No offense was intended, you did a wonderful job. I just wish I was able to help more. My warden was watching. I have to take care of myself. I don’t exactly have a good track record with that.”

Lisa adds sarcastically, “Now that’s a revelation.”


I wake up in a mansion. Lisa, Heather, and I am soaking in a giant bathtub. I am laying back on Heather and Lisa is washing my body. She is up close to me, and her breasts are rubbing into my body.

I am dazed, “How did I get here? Lisa, should you be …”

Lisa cuts me off, “Oh shut up and enjoy this. You had a long day. You’re still weak and recovering from a week ago. Your body shut down; you were exhausted. Malcolm insisted you be brought here where you could cool down and eat a good meal. His staff is making a feast.”

Lisa cleans every body part I have. Heather is doing her best to assist me by moving my arms when needed. It’s terrific laying my head back in her breasts. While this is going on, Gail comes in to check up on us. She too is naked, of course. She also gets in the tub. As you have guessed, this tub is almost a small pool, easily enough room for six.

Gail is in the water and moves to my side where she kisses me for no reason followed by a sweet giggle. She too is now cleaning me. Soon I will be the world’s cleanest guy with a cock that shines like glass.

Gail seems shy as she starts, “You have no idea how surprised I was today. My dad’s a ruthless businessman. He has only a few friends. He has an attitude still because when he was a child, he was homeless. Dad started the shelter and funds it himself. He is typically surly and mean at the property and is generally left alone.”

Gail is grinning big now, “You ignored him and kept an eye on him. You weren’t condescending or bossy. Later you had Pauline give you water and talked to him. Everyone that works there hates him with a passion. He is normally a real asshole. They were all dumbstruck by his attitude today. güvenilir bahis siteleri You treated him like an equal and told him the story about Heather.”

Gail looks at Heather, “You know Hunter has major issues with you. Ya fucking divorced him. However, he was still concerned about you and how you would handle the people at the shelter. He explained how you live in an ivory tower and weren’t prepared for the sights you saw today. You held up pretty good I think.”

Gail kisses me and continues, “Dad was so moved by today that he invited everyone over to the house. Trust me, this never happens. The staff is running around like crazy and is having a grocery delivery, so we have enough food. I have no idea what to expect. He and mom took off and said that we all need to be done in an hour. Everyone is doing something. It’s casual tonight, I will be in shorts and a t-shirt. After that, I have no idea.”

Gail is now shy looking again, and her hands are on her cheeks, “My parents know we had sex. I had to explain the smile. They thought I was a virgin. Mom now knows better, and dad looked mad at the time, especially since you’re just a carpenter. Be careful tonight.”

Lisa gives Heather an odd look and Heather forces my hips up to the water line. My rock-hard cock is now out of the water. Lisa wastes no time inhaling my cock. Gail lightly handles my balls and runs her hand back to my asshole. She has no qualms about sticking a finger up my ass. Lisa pulls off my cock and runs a tongue down the side. Gail leans forward and matches Lisa going up and down my cock with their tongues.

Gail moves around to my knob but does not descend. She stays on the end to play with the mushroom tip, showing it lots of pleasure with her tongue and some pressure. Meanwhile, Lisa is stroking my cock with her hand. She is careful to not hit Gail. A fact I am sure she appreciates. Heather continues to be my pillow, and her hands are drawing circles on my chest.

As Gail pulls off my cock, Lisa takes over, and Gail is now stroking my cock. I am amazed that Lisa is so bold in front of her friends. This is wrong, illegal, immoral. I should be objecting more, but it feels too good. The taboo nature of her act is driving me insane. I am close to bursting a load into her mouth. I don’t want to defile my sister, I am worried, sweating, and doing all I can to wait for Gail’s turn.

Heather says in barely more than a whisper, “She wants your cum. Fill her mouth and make your sister, your flesh and blood, your only sibling, a thrilled woman. Shoot your load. Show Gail how much cum you release. Show her you make enough cum to make her pregnant, to breed her, to breed me, to breed all of us.”

Nothing I can do about that dirty talk. It is too sick and perverted to even think those thoughts. Yet, that is precisely what I did. In my mind, I see Lisa, Gail, and Heather all sitting on Lisa’s front porch with extended bellies. I blast six large ropes of cum with no warning into my sister’s mouth. I feel humiliated for giving her no notice. I roll off Heather in shame at my actions. I can’t look at them and tears are softly flowing down my face.

Gail is around me and holding me almost immediately. Her arms are around mine like she has me under control. That is about as ridiculous as it sounds. I hear Lisa choking on my cum. Gail is laughing hard at me.

Gail laughs as she says, “Don’t worry Hunter. We heard Heather, and both of us knew you were going to blow your load in mere seconds. In my mind, I saw us three sitting on the edge of the tub here, all naked, with huge leaking tits, and extended bellies. All three of us smiling and pregnant. I know Lisa had a similar thought, I saw her suck harder. You gave her all she could handle. That’s a good thing to know if we ever want that scene to come true.”

I stand up and retrieve a few towels for everyone in the tub. They all follow me out of the bathtub and accept a towel. Gail has scrunchies, they all have ponytails for their wet hair. I love that look. There are no clothes, but there are robes for us. Gail mentions that our clothes are being cleaned.

As we exit into the hallway, everyone else is coming up the stairs in robes and their clothes in hand. A maid has our clothes and lays them out on a bed in the bedroom we were in. Everyone else is in separate bedrooms, and I am sure they’re getting dressed. We do as well. Lisa and Heather are shy which seems odd as we all just bathed together. A quick laugh from Gail gets them over it quickly as they realize how absurd their modesty is.

Malcolm and Tina, Gail’s parents, are dressed in very nice clothes and sitting in their large living room. It could easily handle twice as many people. They invite us all to sit down. Tina looks especially happy to have people over.

Malcolm has a smug look on his face as he asks me, “What did you think of today?”

Wow, me?

I shrug my shoulders, “You kept me so busy, all I remember is making hotdogs and hamburgers. I have never seen so many people. Ok, sorry, I do remember the sweltering heat and the first time Pauline squirted me with water. Oh my, that felt wonderful. I really didn’t meet or even see the people even though they were just a few feet away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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