Stir Crazy Ch. 05

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If you happen across this story and haven’t read the first four installments, what are you waiting for? All the backstory and lots of sexy escapades can be found therein. And, as always, share your comments and ratings. Yours truly, Petitmort

The morning light filtered through the Linden trees that lined West End Avenue, bathing Juliet’s apartment with a golden glow. Wearing a creamy lace camisole, Juliet walked from the bedroom, across the living room, and into the kitchen. Her sister Nikki was at the kitchen counter, chopping vegetables, her auburn hair falling luxuriously over her shoulders. A peach-colored, satiny pajama top framed Nikki’s full breasts and stopped just north of her long, shapely legs.

“Bonjour! Tu dors bien?” Nikki called out in a singsong tone. (Good morning! Sleep well?)

“Oui,” answered Juliet. “Est-ce qu’il ya du café?” (Yes. Is there coffee?)

Nikki nodded towards the French press near the sink. Juliet poured herself a cup and brought it to her lips, leaning against the kitchen counter next to Nikki.

“Qu’est-ce que tu fait?” Juliet asked. (What are you making?)

“Ratatouille aux oeufs pochés,” Nikki answered. (Ratatouille with poached eggs)

Juliet smiled. She was used to her sister, a professional pastry chef, doing magical things in her kitchen. Whenever they were together, Nikki would provide the most delicious meal in the French country style, just like their mother used to do. It was her way of expressing love and it always gave Juliet a warm, nostalgic feeling.

Nikki was slicing a half dozen chanterelle mushrooms, her knife hand moving swiftly and efficiently, chopping and scooping the mushrooms into a skillet with onions sautéing in olive oil and garlic. On the counter was an assortment of vegetables and fresh herbs.

(The rest of the dialogue is translated for the sake of the reader.)

“Where did you get all this?” Juliet asked.

“I got up early and went down to the farmer’s market on 81st,” Nikki replied.

“You didn’t have to, you know,” said Juliet.

“It’s nothing,” said Nikki. “I’m always up early. The life of a baker.”

Juliet looked at her younger sister wielding a chef’s knife like a conductor with a baton. Nikki’s satin pajama top was like a mini-dress, her full breasts pressing against the sheer fabric, revealing the delicate contours of her nipples. With her exquisite body and long bare legs, she resembled a lingerie model more than a pastry chef.

“Didn’t those pajamas come with bottoms?” Juliet teased.

“Why?” answered Nikki. “At home, Derek and I cook nude.”

Juliet took a mushroom slice and took a bite out of it.

“Sounds dangerous,” Juliet replied.

“Besides,” Nikki said slyly. “I’ve got panties on. See?”

She raised her top to reveal a thong wrapped around her shapely ass.

“Oh la la,” Juliet said. “Très chic.”

Juliet marveled at how sexy her sister was. Juliet was no slouch in the sex appeal department of course. But Nikki — she was in a class by herself.

“Have you talked to Jake this morning?” Nikki asked casually.

“Not yet. Why?”

“I was just curious,” Nikki shrugged. “How he was doing after last night.”

Juliet snapped off a basil leaf, crinkled it, and held it under her nose.

“We haven’t talked yet this morning,” Juliet said. “He’s probably still asleep. How are you feeling about last night? Do you feel like it worked?”

Nikki put her hand on her tummy.

“I don’t know,” Nikki answered. “Maybe. I feel like we should keep trying. To be sure.”

“I’m sure Jake will be up for it,” Juliet said, smiling.

“Do you think so?” Nikki asked, fretfully. “You sure he’ll want to?”

“Of course. We talked last night, after our little …orgy. Before he went back to his place to get some sleep.”

Nikki looked up with interest.

“And? What did he say?” Nikki asked.

“He said last night was unforgettable.”

“He said that?” Nikki asked. “What else?”

Juliet thought a moment.

“He said he thought you and I had one of most genuinely giving relationships he’d ever seen.”

“That’s so sweet,” said Nikki, pouting her lips.

“And he said he was glad to be able to give you and Derek the thing you wanted most. Or try to, anyway.”

Nikki nodded.

“It’s true. It is what we want most.”

Juliet moved behind her sister and gave her a hug.

“And he said he found making love to you ‘extremely erotic'”.

Nikki stopped chopping.

“He said that?” Nikki asked.

“He did,” Juliet responded. “He said the idea of making you pregnant was … what was it … the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

Nikki’s caught her breath as a tingly feeling shot through her body.

“He did seem rather excited,” Nikki said. “I certainly was. I haven’t cum that hard in a long time.”

Juliet nodded.

“He tends to have that effect. I know.”

“I mean,” Nikki said, “don’t misunderstand me. Derek knows how to get me off … but Jake … that was a whole other level.”

“Well,” Juliet said laying her head on Nikki’s ataşehir escort bayan shoulder, “I told him to be sure to make you cum — to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.”

Nikki tilted her head to softly caress Juliet’s.

“Then I have you to thank,” Nikki said.

Nikki went back to chopping.

“Do you think we’ll be able to do it again while I’m here?” Nikki asked. “Like, later today? I’m right in my fertility window.”

Juliet chuckled and moved back to the lean against the counter.

“Your fertility window? Sounds so scientific. How do you know? Is there an app for that?”

Nikki laughed.

“Yes, in fact there is. And today’s the day.”

Juliet helped herself to a slice of bell pepper.

“Pas de problème. We sometimes do it three or four times a day. Jake’s got quite a healthy libido.”

Nikki gulped imperceptibly. The thought of having sex with Jake that often was making her feel all creamy inside.

“Why don’t you give him a call?” Nikki said. “Invite him down for breakfast. There’s plenty.”

Juliet smiled, and then went looking for her phone. Nikki leaned against the counter and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to sound too eager about getting Jake’s “help” but she felt an ache deep inside she couldn’t suppress.

And her pussy was getting wetter by the moment.

As he applied shaving cream to his face, Jake took stock of the previous night’s events. Did what he think happened, really happen? Or was it a dream? He distinctly remembered Nikki and Juliet taking turns sucking his cock. He had vivid memories of fucking Nikki like there was no tomorrow, sliding his cock deep inside her, again and again, while his girlfriend Juliet was fingering his ass. And he recalled having an orgasm for the ages.

Late last night, he had left Nikki sleeping like a baby and was headed upstairs to sleep in his own bed. He remembered kissing Juliet good night and telling her how much he enjoyed the experience. He recalled being careful not to rave too much about her younger sister.

Jake had deep, genuine feelings for Juliet. She was everything he looked for in a woman — she was bright, creative, funny, and sexy as hell. He wanted to make sure that, whatever transpired with this crazy situation with her sister, his relationship with Juliet would be undamaged. Sleeping with her younger sister would seem to be a bit of a faux pas but Juliet really wanted him to help get her pregnant and he was more than happy to oblige.

While Jake felt romantically about Juliet, Nikki touched his more carnal desires. She had beautiful green eyes, full auburn hair, and a body that was simply the sexiest he had ever seen. Narrow hips, long luscious legs, and large, perfectly shaped breasts. But there was something in the way she moved that seemed to exude sexuality.

Jake was toweling his face when his phone chirped.

“breakfast?” read the message.

“love to” he answered.

A couple minutes later Jake was letting himself into Juliet’s apartment, and feeling a tad nervous. Not job interview nervous. More like the jittery excitement when you know something really exciting is about to happen to you. Anticipation.

He found Juliet and Nikki in the kitchen. Juliet was leaning against the window sill, in her sheer cami, smiling at him. The sunlight was backlighting her, and he could see the outline of her breasts. He went over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Hey,” he said in a soft voice.

“Bonjour Jake,” called Nikki, giving him a smile over her shoulder.

“Hi Nikki,” he answered.

“Du café?” Juliet asked.

“That’d be great,” Jake said, helping himself to a cup and leaning against the window pane next to Juliet.

Nikki was in her element — standing at the stove, holding a pan and a wooden spoon, with her back to Jake and Juliet. They watched her, in her satin pajama top, moving from the stove to the cupboard, back to the stove again. Her movements were precise and efficient. As she moved, Jake watched her ample bosom bouncing beneath the satin fabric. She opened the oven door, and bent over to inspect whatever was baking inside. Her top lifted just enough to reveal the exquisite curve of her lower ass, and a hint of her pussy.

Jake felt himself starting to get hard.

Nikki placed three perfectly browned croissants onto a serving plate and spun around.

“À table,” she announced, a shock of auburn hair shadowing one eye.

Nikki removed the lid of the skillet to reveal a gorgeous mélange of mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes with a triangle of three poached eggs nestled atop like snowy mountaintops. The aroma of fresh herbs filled the room.

“Wow! It’s like we’re at a fancy restaurant,” said Jake. “If I’d known, I would have dressed for it.”

“Look at me,” said Nikki, “I’m still in my bed clothes.”

“Nikki usually cooks in the nude,” Juliet explained.

Jake pictured Nikki’s luscious naked body standing before him. His cock was threatening to poke a hole in escort kadıköy his shorts.

“Help yourself to croissant,” said Nikki, as she portioned out the vegetables in three equal servings.

She was standing, bending over the table, her satin top falling open as she leaned in to serve him. Jake beheld her luscious breasts.

“That looks … so good,” Jake said, wondering if Nikki got the double entendre.

“I’m glad you like it,” Nikki said. “You can have all you want.”

Oh, she got it all right.

“Bon appetit,” called out Juliet, raising a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

“Oh,” Juliet said suddenly. “I forgot the champagne! Who wants a mimosa?”

”Sounds good to me,” said Jake.

“Pourquois pas?” answered Nikki.

Juliet pulled a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and opened it, sending the cork flying with a loud pop.

“Salut!” called out Nikki, holding out her glass.

“I love champagne,” Juliet, topping off their glasses. “It’s so celebratory.”

“Absolutely,” said Jake. “New Year’s Eve. Weddings. Champagne and sex go together.”

Juliet and Nikki looked at each other.

“Well then, let’s fill you up your glass.”

Juliet poured some more into Jake’s glass. He laughed.

“I see what you did there,” he nodded, smiling.

“We’re plying you with alcohol and then we’re going to take advantage of you,” Juliet said, playfully.

“Ply away,” answered Jake, taking a sip.

Nikki tore a piece of croissant and dipped in the juice of the ratatouille. She took a bite, and nodded.

“Parfait,” she said.

“Les oeufs sont formidable,” Juliet exclaimed. “The eggs are cooked perfectly.”

Nikki touched her poached egg with her fork.

“You need to time it just right. Once the tomatoes are hot enough, they break down and give their juice. Then, you add your eggs, cover, until they’re firm, salt and pepper, et voilà.”

“Hmmm, I like the sound of that,” Jake said. “Making a tomato hot so she gives her juice.”

Juliet smiled at him slyly. Nikki felt a tingling between her legs.

“And how are you supposed to eat the egg exactly?” asked Jake.

“They’re lightly poached,” Nikki offered, “so you can break it and mix up the yolk in the vegetables.”

“Or,” Juliet added, “you can put the whole thing in your mouth and let the goo run down your throat. That’s how I like it.”

Jake leaned back, smiling.

“You do, do you?” he said. “I guess you always had a thing for warm goo running down your throat.”

Juliet looked at him knowingly, her eyelids half closed, reveling in the memory.

“Especially when there’s a lot of goo,” she said, giving his arm a squeeze.

Nikki shifted in her seat. Her heart was thumping.

“Jake always cums a lot,” Juliet said matter-of-factly.

Jake put down his fork.

“OK then,” he said, “thanks for sharing.”

She looked up at him.

“What? It’s true!” Juliet said. “When you cum, you cum a lot. More than most men. That’s just a fact.”

Jake shrugged and picked up his fork.

“I wasn’t disagreeing, I was just saying…”

“And that’s a good thing,” Juliet continued. “Right Nikki?”

“Oh yes,” answered Nikki, her eyes fluttering. “Quite good.”

Nikki could feel her thong was positively soaked.

When breakfast finished, Jake insisted on doing the dishes himself.

“If you don’t cook, you clean up,” he said. “That was always the rule in my house.”

He stood up and began to stack the plates like the busboy he used to be in high school. He stood at the sink, rinsing and loading the dishwasher.

He could hear Juliet and Nikki laughing in the other room. It made him feel glad because he knew how much her sister meant to Juliet. He could tell she was missing her during the lockdown. Now, with things opening up, this overnight visit was a chance to catch up.

As he put the last bit of silverware in the dishwasher, and wiped his hands, Jake turned to survey the room. He was surprised to see flower petals at his feet. They were laid down purposefully, in a line, leading from where he stood, across the kitchen and into the living room.

Jake smiled and followed the dotted line of petals. They led in a playful, curving path, through the living room, around the couch, and towards the bedroom. Jake felt the rush of anticipation once again.

The petals led right to Juliet’s bedroom. The door was ajar and Jake pushed it open slowly. As it opened, he could see a blouse draped over a lampshade, an ice bucket with the bottle of champagne on the night table. On the bed, laying in a sea of flower petals, were Nikki and Juliet laying on their stomachs facing him, side by side, with their chins propped in their hands.

“Bienvenue ma chérie,” said Juliet, seductively.

“Bienvenue ma chérie,” said Nikki, equally seductively.

“Well, isn’t this a sight to behold,” said Jake, smiling.

The women were still in their lingerie, sheer satin tops with thongs that showed off their gorgeous asses. Jake felt his cock growing bostancı escort by the second.

“You see something you like?” asked Juliet.

She lifted Nikki’s satin top to show off her ass.

Jake swallowed. His dick was pressing against his gym shorts.

“I see a lot I like,” he murmured.

“Then come lay with us,” Juliet cooed.

She rolled onto her back and patted the space between her and her sister.

Jake obliged climbing on the bed and sliding between the two of them. Their hands were immediately on him.

He felt his gym shorts being slid off, his t-shirt being pulled over his head. In a moment, he was totally nude.

He felt lips on his skin. On his neck. His chest. On his stomach and thighs. They were ravishing him. By the time their lips found his cock, he was already fully erect.

He was laying on his back with Juliet on one side and Nikki on the other.

Juliet looked down at him with love in her eyes. She slowly lifted her cami up and over her head. Her raven hair falling over her shoulders. Then it was Nikki’s turn. She unbuttoned her pajama top, from the top button to the bottom, and then slowly opened the fabric, unveiling two gorgeous breasts with pink, upturned nipples.

“Fuck,” Jake growled.

Then it was Juliet’s turn again. Sitting up on her knees, she slowly pulled down her thong, turning sideways to Jake and arching her back, and slid the fabric over her ass. She dragged the thong across his throbbing cock.

Nikki followed suit, slipping off her thong and tickling Jake’s face with it. Jake could feel the moistness, and smell her juices.

His cock, already rock hard just from looking at these sumptuous women, started to throb. He sensed they were leading this adventure so he just lay on his back and waited for what was next.

Juliet shimmied on her knees until he was looking directly down at him. She took his face between her two hands and planted a long, wet kiss on his fleshy lips. She rose back up, looked at him lovingly, then spun around so she was straddling his face. She lowered herself down and felt his tongue find her pussy. He ate her out with a vengeance.

She looked at her sister and nodded to Jake’s huge cock as if to say “I got what I wanted, now you get yours.”

Given permission, Nikki turned to look at Jake’s body. There was hunger in her eyes. She had been waiting for this since last night. She rose up on her knees, hovering over his naked torso. Then she pounced, her mouth finding his turgid cock. She kissed and licked it voraciously, then stood it up with one hand. She couldn’t believe how heavy it was.

Nikki pivoted so she was too was straddling Jake, at his thighs. She was facing Juliet who was starting to make whimpering noises from the way Jake was probing her pussy. Nikki opened her mouth and wrapped her bee-stung lips around his swollen cock head.

Juliet watched her sister take her lover’s engorged head into her mouth. Nikki had to open her mouth wide to accommodate its size. It looked so fucking erotic. Juliet let out a moan as her orgasm approached.

Juliet’s moan got Nikki’s attention. Nikki watched her sister as she writhed on top of Jake’s expert tongue. She loved seeing her sister being satisfied by such a loving man. She drooled saliva on his big cock and coated it, readying it for her pussy.

Keeping her eyes fixed on Juliet’s, Nikki guided the tip of his engorged cock to her own dripping pussy. She rubbed the velvety along her slit and then lowered herself until it popped inside her.

“Aiiiieeee,” she cried out.

Juliet’s eyes were fixed on her sister as she took Jake’s beautiful cock inside her. Nikki was high on her knees. She had to be — he was that big. But she was slowing lowering herself, taking him in deeper and deeper. And it felt incredible.

Juliet and Nikki were face to face, breathing hard, both in rapturous ecstasy atop the same man. Jake was sucking and nibbling on Juliet’s distended clit and it was causing her to shake with pleasure. Nikki was filling herself completely with the biggest cock she had every had. She was bouncing on his huge pole, and her orgasm came quickly.

“Je vais venir!” Nikki moaned, “Je vais venir!”

“Moi aussi!” cried her sister. “Je viens aussi!”

Juliet gripped Jake’s chest and started to shake, convulsing as her orgasm swept over her. Nikki was grinding her pussy now, taking all of Jake’s huge girth and length deep inside her. She leaned back, her awesome breasts heaving, her nipples erect and pointing to the sky.

“Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu!” Nikki moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head.

Jake’s hands were all over Juliet’s hips and ass, squeezing her, pulling her down onto his face and tongue. At the same time, his hips were raising up off the bed, impaling Nikki, driving his cock even deeper into her pussy.

Their orgasms built and crested like a tidal wave enveloping a deserted, tropical beach.

When their orgasms subsided, both women leaned forward and embraced each other. Nikki was startled by how hard Juliet was breathing. Then she noticed she was breathing just as hard.

And Jake still hadn’t cum.

Eventually, the two women got off of him and lay together on the bed. They were on their sides facing each other. They started to giggle like school girls.

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